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Taldor means "justice." It is the judicial body that rules the island states of P3X-775. The island states had been at war when Linea created a sickness that killed half the population. She came promising to save the rest, but the disease spread, island to island, and became a plague. By the time Linea was caught and sentenced, she had destroyed half a world.

As a judicial body, the Taldor believe in zero tolerance for all crimes, essentially granting a single sentence, life imprisonment on Hadante, for nearly all offenses. As a result, their world has virtually no crime. The inhabitants, who are far more technologically advanced than Earth, were not seen by SG-1, but were only heard as voices within the tal'al, or speaking area. When SG-1 visited P3X-775, they were found guilty of trespassing and carrying weapons on ancient grounds, and of aiding a murderer. As with all criminals, they were sentenced to life imprisonment on Hadante.

Cross Reference: Hadante, Stan Kovacek, Linea, P3X-775, Roshure, Simian, Vishnoor

Episode Reference: Prisoners