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Tablet and PTD

The Goa'uld tablet uses a page turning device (PTD) that physically rearranges raised symbols for each new page as the device it passed over it. A tablet found on Argos told the history of Pelops and the Chosen, written in an archaic Goa'uld dialect. A tablet found in Nirrti's lab on Hanka detailed her experiments to create hok'tar. The tablets found on PY3-948 and in Ma'chello's laboratory were inscribed in a dialect similar to Latin which referred to "In'trom Popra Cursor're", or "to enter by infiltration," and the page turning device had been designed to activate Ma'chello's Goa'uld killing inventions. Several of the tablets and devices have been returned to Area 51 for study.

Cross Reference: Argosians, Hok'tar, Ma'chello's Inventions

Episode Reference: Brief Candle, Legacy, Rite of Passage