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Se'tak, a Jaffa who bore the tattoo of Ba'al, rose to power as the leader of the Jaffa High Council following the death of Gerak. As the Ori began their invasion of the galaxy, Se'tak convinced the Council that their only hope for survival against the armies of the Ori was to use the Ancient device on Dakara to unmake living beings on the worlds that had fallen to Origin and to capture Ori warships to rebuild their own fleet. Despite the adamant objections of Teal'c and Bra'tac, the weapon was activated through the stargate without regard for the innocent inhabitants that were being annihilated on other worlds. Landry joined Bra'tac on Dakara in an attempt to convince Se'tak that incidental genocide was not the solution to the Ori invasion and that the use of the Ancient device violated the prior agreement between the Tauri and the former Jaffa leadership, but Se'tak no longer felt bound to the prior leadership or to the agreement, and he insisted that the circumstances justified the deaths of countless thousands.

On one such targeted world, Se'tak sent a contingent of Jaffa under the command of Bo'rel to claim the abandoned Ori warship, unaware that Adria had survived the attack. SG-1 had also boarded the ship, but when Adria regained control and piloted the warship to Dakara, Se'tak's distrust of the Tauri convinced him that SG-1 had killed his warriors and was using the warship to force the Jaffa Nation to relinquish the Ancient device. Outraged, he ordered that Bra'tac and Landry be taken prisoner, and he threatened to retake the ship, avenge his warriors, and lay siege to Earth. Bra'tac and Landry retreated through the stargate and SG-1 beamed aboard the Odyssey and escaped as Se'tak ordered the weapon to be fired into orbit. His own Jaffa aboard the Ori warship instantly vanished, but Adria was unharmed, and in retaliation she fired the ship's weapons at Dakara. Se'tak's actions led to the destruction of Dakara and its weapon, and left the High Council in disarray and the Jaffa Nation in jeopardy. Se'tak is presumed dead.

Portrayed by: David Andrews

Cross Reference: Bo'rel, Bra'tac, Dakara, Dakara Weapon, Jaffa, Jaffa High Council, Jaffa Nation

Episode Reference: Counterstrike