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Rya'c is Teal'c's son whom he left behind on Chulak with his wife Drey'auc when he betrayed Apophis and joined SG-1. Teal'c had hoped to save his son from slavery as a Jaffa, however, when young Rya'c was dying of scarlet fever, Drey'auc arranged for his prim'ta to secure the healing powers of a symbiote. Teal'c interrupted the ceremony, but was forced instead to give his own symbiote to his son in order to save his life, and Rya'c remained behind on Chulak under the training of Master Bra'tac.

As a trap for Teal'c and the Tauri, Rya'c was kidnapped by Apophis, brainwashed with a powerful agent similar to nish'ta, and fitted with two false teeth containing a biological organism capable of wiping out all life on Earth in less than a week. However, Rya'c was rescued by SG-1, the organism was neutralized, the brainwashing was reversed using the electrical charge of a zat gun, and Rya'c was sent with his mother to live in safety in the Land of Light.

Eventually Drey'auc and Rya'c returned to the Jaffa, choosing to be with their own people and to live in the harsh conditions of the Rebel camps. Drey'auc died in the camps, and Teal'c was reunited with his son, now bitter over his mother's death. After an uneasy reconciliation, Rya'c joined Teal'c and Bra'tac on the mission to destroy Anubis's Ancient weapon, and he proved himself to be a warrior by commandeering a death glider and destroying the weapon himself. Rya'c chose to remain with Bra'tac and further the cause of the Rebel Jaffa, but when he and Bra'tac traveled to Erebus to recruit Jaffa to their movement, they became prisoners of Ba'al and were forced to work in the death camp until they were rescued and Erebus was liberated by SG-1.

During the mission to the Hak'tyl, Rya'c met and fell in love with Kar'yn, a young Hak'tyl warrior. Despite Teal'c's disapproval and insistence that Rya'c was too young to know how love inevitably weakens a warrior's resolve, the pair were betrothed with plans to be married in three days. When the Hak'tyl were forced to abandon their planet, arrangements were made for the wedding to take place at the SGC, and following a reconciliation of father and son, Bra'tac presided over the Rite of Everlasting Union between Rya'c and Kar'yn. Before returning to the cause of the Rebel Jaffa, the couple planned to celebrate their honeymoon, or shim'roa, where Teal'c and Drey'auc had once celebrated theirs.

Portrayed by: Neil Denis

Cross Reference: Anubis's Ancient Weapon, Apophis, Bra'tac, Chulak, Drey'auc, Erebus, Fro'tak, Jaffa, Kar'yn, Rebel Jaffa, Teal'c

Episode Reference: Bloodlines, Family, Redemption, Orpheus, Sacrifices