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Plant of P6J-908

Among the early crises faced by the newly promoted General O'Neill was a life-form brought back to the base for study by SG-8 during a routine mission to P6J-908. Dr. Lee headed the research project and was especially enthusiastic about the plant's potential as a means of solving world hunger. Within 20 minutes, a seed would develop into a young plant that responded dramatically to any kind of visible light. By the second day, the plant had grown to fill the lab and the hallway, and was being kept at bay by a machete. Hours later it had taken over the entire level, and even a blow torch had minimal success at halting its progress. As the airborne spores spread through the ventilation shaft, the plant entered the walls, and by the third day it had cut off all power to the control systems including the ability to dial the gate.

A solution for the infestation was discovered when Dr. Lee determined that a strong level of gamma radiation would eradicate the plant. The gamma radiation also revealed the deliberate sabotage of a ZPM recovered from Camulus, thus saving the planet from potential annihilation. Dr. Lee is confident that the plant has been completely eliminated from the base, and the protocol for returning alien life-forms to the SGC has been amended.

Cross Reference: Bill Lee, Zero Point Module

Episode Reference: Zero Hour