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Dr. Myers

Dr. Myers, the lead entomologist at the Gamma Site, had been working with his partner, Dr. Pullman, to study the off-world insect specimens known as R75. Although the insects fed on plants, the handful of specimens in Dr. Myers's lab showed no interest in eating until he introduced a sample of meatloaf into the container. Instantly, the insects became active and devoured the meat, triggering a massive reproductive cycle. Within hours, the few dozen insects had become thousands, and they were carnivorous. The R75 insects breached containment, and Dr. Meyers exercised the disposal protocol, eliminating them via the bio-hazard disposal chute. However, a single specimen bit Myers on the left arm, apparently laying eggs in him which incubated, hatched, and fed on Myers as a food source, triggering another reproductive cycle. Although Myers checked out fine at the infirmary, he collapsed shortly afterward, and as he was being transported to the gateroom in a bio-hazard rescue pod for quarantine on Earth, thousands of insects poured out of his mouth, killing the doctor, spreading across the gateroom, and triggering a lockdown.

Portrayed by: Tony Alcantar

Cross Reference: Gamma Site, Colonel Pearson, Dr. Pullman, R75

Episode Reference: The Scourge