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Lord Mot was a Goa'uld, and the Canaanite god of death. According to mythology, he was defeated by Ba'al and forced to live in the underworld. Among the Goa'uld, there had probably been a power struggle in which Ba'al had defeated Mot and forced him into servitude. Since then, Mot had been stockpiling naquadah, preparing to move against Ba'al, and hoping to move up to the rank of System Lord by destroying Earth and earning the favor of Anubis. Acting as Ba'al's emissary, Mot ruled P4S-237, forcing the inhabitants to continue mining naquadah long after Ba'al had abandoned the planet. He captured SG-1 on the planet and prepared an ambush to attack Earth, however, he was killed by Natania, who had helped SG-1 to escape. With Mot's death, SG-1 was able to help free the people of P4S-237 from the Goa'uld.

Portrayed by: Victor Talmadge

Cross Reference: Ba'al, Chazen, Ellori, Goa'uld, Natania, P4S-237

Episode Reference: Prophecy