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Lizan was an unscrupulous trader and arms dealer with no sympathy for the Jaffa who had enslaved his people for generations, however he was not above doing business with the Jaffa for a price. Following the sabotage of a peaceful Jaffa leadership summit, Teal'c set out to avenge the deaths at Dar Eshkalon, and his search led to Lizan as the source of the explosive devices that had taken 30 lives. Threatened with his life, Lizan eventually revealed to Teal'c that Ba'kal was the Jaffa scum to whom he had sold the explosives. After Teal'c killed Ba'kal, he returned to Lizan and demanded to know the location of Arkad, the Jaffa whom Ba'kal had served. Teal'c threatened torture and promised that death would be the reward for revealing the information he sought, and eventually Teal'c located Arkad's homeworld, where he faced his enemy and found his revenge.

Portrayed by: John Tench

Cross Reference: Ba'kal, Dar Eshkalon

Episode Reference: Talion