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Ernest Littlefield

Dr. Ernest Littlefield, the fiancé of Catherine Langford, was an associate of Catherine's father, Dr. Langford, and part of the research team that first activated the stargate in 1945. He was the first man to step through the gate when the team successfully activated it using a manual dialing procedure, but he traveled to P3X-972, where he was lost and presumed dead. His disappearance was explained as an accidental death in a lab explosion, and the research program was abruptly shut down.

For 50 years, Littlefield lived completely alone on the uninhabited planet, attempting to decipher an alien device he referred to as Heliopolis, which held a collection of ancient knowledge. He likened his quest to Tantalus, a king in Greek mythology who was banished to Hades and forced to stand in water that receded when he tried to drink, a study in everlasting, unending temptation. After more than 50 years alone, Littlefield was discovered by SG-1 during a rescue mission to the planet. He was reunited with Catherine Langford, and returned to Earth.

Portrayed by: Keene Curtis, Paul McGillion

Cross Reference: Heliopolis, Catherine Langford, Dr. Langford, P3X-972, Stargate

Episode Reference: The Torment of Tantalus