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K'tano claimed that he was once the First Prime of Imhotep, and that he had killed his lord as a false god. He gathered a diverse army drawn from the Jaffa of at least six different System Lords and established a rebel base on Cal Mah to fight for freedom for all Jaffa. A charismatic leader, K'tano taught that one must strike with single-minded purpose towards victory without regard for one's survival, and he demanded blind faith from his followers. Both Teal'c and Bra'tac believed that K'tano represented the future hope of the Rebel Jaffa movement, and they sought SG-1's help in supporting his cause. In reality, however, K'tano was the false identity of Imhotep himself, whose true intention was to raise an army to overthrow the System Lords and gain power for himself. When his deception was exposed by Lord Yu, he was killed by Teal'c in the rite of Joma Secu, a ritual challenge for leadership.

Portrayed by: Rick Worthy

Cross Reference: Bra'tac, Cal Mah, Imhotep, Joma Secu, Rak'nor, Rebel Jaffa, Tara'c, Yu

Episode Reference: The Warrior