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Keenin is the young son of Officer Pharrin of the Stromos, a cryogenic ship built to carry the survivors of Talthus to Ardena. Keenin knew that for 12 years, since before he was born, his people were preparing to evacuate their doomed planet. His father had been permitted to bring his son with him, but his mother had not been chosen by the lottery to join them. When the Stromos crashed on P2A-347, Keenin's body was one of several that died as the cryogenic compartments began to fail. Desperate to preserve as many of his people as he could, Pharrin downloaded the consciousness of at least a dozen passengers, including Keenin, into Daniel Jackson. When Pharrin was convinced to restore Daniel in exchange for saving the last of his race, he absorbed the personalities from Daniel within himself, thus preserving the soul of his son.

Portrayed by: Ryan Drescher, Michael Shanks

Cross Reference: Martice, P2A-347, Pharrin, Stromos, Talthus, Tryan

Episode Reference: Lifeboat