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Joseph Faxon

Ambassador Joseph Faxon, who had been chosen to negotiate a trade agreement with the Aschen, developed a fondness for Carter. In one version of history, he and Carter were married, and he maintained an important position as Earth's off-world ambassador under the Aschen Confederation. He was aware of the Aschen decision to limit population growth, but did not realize their intention to eliminate the human race. He reluctantly cooperated with SG-1's plan to change Earth's history by sending a note back in time and preventing any contact with P4C-970. History was altered, and in the new timeline, Faxon's negotiations with the Aschen were influenced by the warning note from the future. When the Aschen duplicity was uncovered, Faxon gave Carter a chance to escape, and he remained behind on P3A-194 as a prisoner of the Aschen.

Portrayed by: Christopher Cousins

Cross Reference: Aschen, Borren, Mollem, P3A-194, Time Travel 2010

Episode Reference: 2010, 2001