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Eye of Tiamat

The Eye of Tiamat is one of six jeweled artifacts of legendary power. Named for the winged serpent of the Babylonian creation myth, it is a large jewel which endowed Marduk with great magical abilities. The Russian stargate team sought the Eye of Tiamat on P2X-338, but it was lost in the collapse of ziggurat. Anubis later acquired the Eye of Tiamat, as well as the five other Eyes, and used their collective power to gain dominance over the System Lords.

Cross Reference: Anubis, Anubis's Superweapon, Alexander Britski, Eye of Ra, Valentine Kirensky, Lieutenant Marchenko, Marduk, P2X-338, Russians, Russian Officers, Lieutenant Tolinev, Major Vallarin, Colonel Zukhov

Episode Reference: The Tomb, Full Circle