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General Bauer

Major General Bauer temporarily commanded the SGC when General Hammond was forced to step down due to pressure from the NID. He had been handpicked to carry out the agenda of rogue elements within the NID by using the stargate to procure alien technology. He dismantled SG-1, assigning Carter to weapons research, Daniel to a consultant position, Teal'c to SG-3, and O'Neill was given leave. In his aggressive pursuit of alien technology, he ordered the development of a naquadah-enhanced nuclear weapon which was tested off-world and nearly destroyed the SGC by transmitting radioactive energy back through the gate. When General Hammond returned to his position at the SGC, General Bauer was relieved of his command.

Portrayed by: Lawrence Dane

Cross Reference: George Hammond, Naquadah, NID Rogue Operation

Episode Reference: Chain Reaction