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Authorization Codes

The SGC is a highly secure facility. In the event of emergency situations, procedures are in place to recognize unidentified incoming travelers, to lock down the facility, or to activate an autodestruct sequence. These situations require that special authorization codes be entered into the computer. Specific authorization codes can change for security reasons. Previous codes include 81452667 to abort the autodestruct sequence. Personal authorization codes include 445-243-978-0 for Hammond, and 132-543-777-4 for O'Neill. The signal code response when analyzing an incoming IDC code has been 7062957-0282002. When setting the destruct sequence to disconnect the stargate from the black hole, two individual authorization codes were required, for O'Neill 81452667, and for Cromwell 10432772.

Cross Reference: Autodestruct Sequence, GDO, IDC, Security Lockdown

First Introduced: The Enemy Within
Significant Episode Reference: Fire and Water, Prisoners, Message in a Bottle, A Matter of Time