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King Arkhan

At his request, Harry Maybourne had been relocated by the Tok'ra to a peaceful planet among simple people who enjoyed a medieval lifestyle. There he discovered the ruins of a temple and stone pillars that contained Ancient writings that told of future events. Maybourne was able to interpret the writings, based on a complicated lunar calendar, and he shared the prophecies with his people, who honored him as a seer and made him their ruler, King Arkhan the First. Maybourne had also shared with his people the design for a new water mill, new medicines, a legal code, and an irrigation system, for which he was respected as a worthy leader.

The planet had once been a source of naquadah and had fallen under the domain of the Goa'uld Ares. Two years after Maybourne's arrival, however, Ares faced defeat by Ba'al, and he returned to reclaim his former world as a sanctuary. SG-1 arrived in advance to evacuate the population, however the people had faith in their king's prophecy which told of the current year, "Commencing the third moon of the 54th cycle, the oppressors of old will return to seek dominion over the land. Those of a distant world will come to vanquish the evil and restore order once again." SG-1 determined that the script on the temple walls was a historical record compiled by an Ancient who had once used a spacecraft and a time travel device to travel through time to study the evolution of life on the planet. Because the writings were only a couple of hundred years old, they concluded that the Ancient had traveled to the future and then back to the recent past to leave the written record of future events. SG-1 was able to find the Ancient's abandoned spacecraft, and when Ares's mothership and Jaffa arrived on the planet, SG-1 engaged them in battle and defeated them, just as the prophecy had foretold. Following their victory, Maybourne declined SG-1's offer to relocate, choosing instead to remain as King Arkhan the First among his people, and his wives.

Portrayed by: Tom McBeath

Cross Reference: Ancients, Ancient Spacecraft, Ancient Time Travel Device, Garan, Harry Maybourne, Trelak

Episode Reference: It's Good to Be King