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Major Altman

Major Altman was the commanding officer of SG-5 during the mission to P3X-584. Carter and SG-5 attempted to visit the planet to investigate a gravitational anomaly in the area, but the planet's security system rerouted them to another address 12,000 light years off course. When the problem was corrected, SG-5 joined SG-1 on the return mission, and Major Altman performed the scientific analysis of the gravitational readings which confirmed the presence of a black hole with no Ori or supergate activity. The teams also discovered Khalek, Anubis's genetic hybrid experiment, in stasis in an underground lab on the planet, and Major Altman identified the brain scan component that was used to measure synaptic activity. Altman brought the brain scan device back to Earth and connected it to monitor Khalek's brain activity, however while he was adjusting the device, Khalek attempted to escape. Khalek used his telekinetic abilities to cause an electrical overload which delivered a severe electrical shock to Altman, but he later recovered from the injury.

Portrayed by: Ivan Cermak

Cross Reference: Brain Scan Device, Khalek, P3X-584, SG Teams

Episode Reference: Prototype