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An Accumulated List of MacGyverisms That Have Appeared in Each Episode


MacGyverism Disarmed a missile with a paper clip

MacGyverism Made a time-delay fuse to fire a suspended rifle using a stick, string, rubber band, & matchbook

MacGyverism Made a rocket thruster from a flare gun and escaped with a parachute

MacGyverism Used a laser to light a cigarette

MacGyverism Disabled laser security using cigarette smoke and a prism from binoculars

MacGyverism Used a fire hose and water pressure to move a collapsed girder

MacGyverism Used scrap wood to test a door for heat

MacGyverism Used a ripped shirt as a mask against toxic gases

MacGyverism Hot-wired the pump controls to evacuate toxic gases

MacGyverism Stopped a sulfuric acid leak using milk chocolate candy bars

MacGyverism Made a bomb with a cold capsule, sodium metal, and water

MacGyverism Flashed the main power controls to send a signal in Morse code


MacGyverism Used an electromagnet to steal a briefcase and a gun

MacGyverism Used a crowbar to escape from a crushed car through the trunk

MacGyverism Used a forklift to capture thieves in their car

MacGyverism Created a chain reaction diversion using a signal flare, airplane tire, life jacket, and a life raft

MacGyverism Used a signal flare to blow up a truck

MacGyverism Used a mirror and a whistle to send a signal

MacGyverism Exploited a fear of snakes to commandeer a jeep

MacGyverism Used a decoy to direct a jeep into a pit

MacGyverism Used a road block to trigger rifles to fire remotely at jeep tires

MacGyverism Used a log swung from a rope to knock soldiers from their jeep

MacGyverism Used jeep exhaust and bamboo filled with fire ash and rice alcohol to create tear gas

MacGyverism Used a cable and a jeep winch to bring down a helicopter


MacGyverism Stole a horse using an airlift by helicopter

MacGyverism Stopped a truck using lightbulbs sandwiched between wood to simulate a flat tire

MacGyverism Created a chemical explosion using salt, sugar, weed killer and battery acid

MacGyverism Used an unmanned bulldozer to knock down a guard tower and create a barbed wire barricade

MacGyverism Created an explosion by igniting paprika with a match

MacGyverism Made a magnifying glass using a bent hair pin dipped in wine

MacGyverism Used slices of a credit card to alter the timing of a traffic signal and cause a traffic jam

MacGyverism Taped a radio to a police radio and elevated them with balloons to jam police radio signals


MacGyverism Retrieved the key to a locked door by pushing it through the keyhole and drawing it back on a map.

MacGyverism Used a rolled up map as a pea shooter.

MacGyverism Used a metal rod rolled inside a map as a weapon.

MacGyverism Escaped by sliding down a sand dune on a map.

MacGyverism Used a map and duct tape to patch a bullet hole leak in a hot air balloon.

MacGyverism Evaded a live electrical securitysystem using a camera strap with a plastic clip.

MacGyverism Ignited plastique using a camera flash on the timer setting.

MacGyverism Created a diversion with a church bell, fireworks, a candle, and a camera strap as a delayed fuse.

MacGyverism Prevented a pursuit by using a jeep winch to connect two jeeps together.

MacGyverism Made a periscope using a rear view mirror and a compact.

MacGyverism Set a trap to catch a lizard for dinner.

MacGyverism Created a diversion to steal a jeep by tossing Kate at one of the guards.

MacGyverism Created chemical fog by burning oil with an overheated jeep engine.

MacGyverism Used leather straps and duct tape on the steering wheel, shift, & gas pedal to drive a jeep by itself.

MacGyverism Made smoke bombs by igniting oily rags in metal drums that rolled downhill.

MacGyverism Escaped during the diversions by rolling downhill in a barrel and swimming across the border.


MacGyverism Created a diversion using a paper clip and thread to unzip a woman's dress

MacGyverism Used powdered soap and a shoe polisher to grind down dice

MacGyverism Hid loaded dice in a Virgin Mary

MacGyverism Used an electrical cord to secure a closed door

MacGyverism Shattered the tops of compressed gas canisters to rocket-power a beverage cart

MacGyverism Removed the magnet from a phone for Chris to sabotage the roulette wheel and slot machines

MacGyverism Removed the stone from a ring for Chris to mark cards on the sharp points

MacGyverism Caused a short circuit by rewiring an electrical panel to an alarm clock as a timer

MacGyverism Used a hanger, mirror, duct tape, and string to temporarily disable a security camera

MacGyverism Picked a lock (twice)

MacGyverism Used cigar ashes to make a laser beam visible

MacGyverism Rerouted a laser beam using fiber optics

MacGyverism Freed a pet bird as an excuse to trigger an alarm and summon security

MacGyverism Recreated musical tones on crystal wine goblets to open a vault

MacGyverism Used part of a lamp to funnel diamonds down a drainpipe to a waiting car trunk

MacGyverism Rigged a small car to parachute out of an airplane at nearly 30,000 feet


MacGyverism Stole a towel from a clothesline using a Swiss Army knife and thread as a fishing line

MacGyverism Super heated shower water over a campfire as a distraction

MacGyverism Opened a locked door by using a log as a lever to lift it off its hinges

MacGyverism Soaked a rope in kerosene so that it could be easily burned after making an escape

MacGyverism Ran barbed wire across a river to puncture and sink pursuing rafts

MacGyverism Made an electric arc welder from a generator, jumper cables, and two half dollars

MacGyverism Twisted a rope with a bamboo pole to winch up a heavy canoe and free a trapped woman

MacGyverism Built a flame thrower with a garden hose, pipe, and chemically thickened gasoline

MacGyverism Made nitromannite explosive from nitrate fertilizer, plant cellulose, and acid

MacGyverism Made a protective suit from netting, a melted garden hose, and duct tape


MacGyverism Made a thermite torch using a magnesium bicycle, iron rust, and a highway emergency flare

MacGyverism Used a spare airplane part as a "lateral cranial impact enhancer"

MacGyverism Made smoke bombs from fertilizer, upholstery batting, starting fluid, newspaper, duct tape, & matches

MacGyverism Used a fire hose to fight off pursuing vehicles

MacGyverism Used part of a meat hook as a screwdriver

MacGyverism Forced open a lock by melting ice with a lightbulb & sending the water down a metal rod & cardboard to refreeze & expand inside the lock

MacGyverism Forced open a door with a side of beef

MacGyverism Used a remote controlled airplane to deliver another smoke bomb soaked in olive oil

MacGyverism Used a rope to trip and tackle the thief

MacGyverism Prevented an airplane from taking off by riding the rudder


MacGyverism Fixed a fuse with a gum wrapper

MacGyverism Recited Curie's Law as a distraction before straightening and splinting a broken leg

MacGyverism Used a plank for support to walk across collapsing floorboards

MacGyverism Tested the viability of nitroglycerin by flinging a small sample against a metal drum

MacGyverism Built a cushion for nitroglycerin from plywood, wagon springs, wire, rope, and sand

MacGyverism Replaced the linkage spring of a truck with the spring from a ballpoint pen

MacGyverism Instructed Laura to use a thermos to keep nitroglycerin from becoming overheated

MacGyverism Recreated hellfighting equipment with pipes, a jeep, refrigerator, thermos, nitroglycerin, & a pulley


MacGyverism Used a paper clip to help hotwire a car

MacGyverism Picked the lock of a car trunk with a Swiss Army knife

MacGyverism Used a lug wrench to loosen the lug nuts of car wheels to delay pursuit

MacGyverism Used duct tape to attach pieces of wood to form a channel

MacGyverism Used wood scraps and a buzz saw to create a diversion for escape

MacGyverism Used the reverse setting of a vacuum to blow a cloud of sawdust as a diversion for escape

MacGyverism Released the latch on a ladder to trigger falling boxes as a diversion for escape

MacGyverism Used string to remotely activate a switch

MacGyverism Cut the fluid hoses of a car with a Swiss Army knife

MacGyverism Used dry ice, soda, and "fizzy dealies" to imitate smoke and trigger a building evacuation

MacGyverism Used a rented tow truck to tow and abandon a disabled car to delay pursuit

MacGyverism Picked a door lock with a Swiss Army knife

MacGyverism Used a rod and string to make a trip wire on the stairs

MacGyverism Blocked a door with an armoire

MacGyverism Used a telescope, rags, cleaning fluid, camphor balls, and a match to make a rocket-powered harpoon

MacGyverism Used a pulley on a wire cable to create a zipline for escape


MacGyverism Picked a door lock with the awl blade of a Swiss Army knife, behind his back, without looking

MacGyverism Used a toaster oven and a bag of ice as a trigger for precariously balanced pots as a distraction

MacGyverism Used vegetable oil on the floor to create a slippery surface to delay pursuit

MacGyverism Used a hose as a trip wire

MacGyverism Used a chaise lounge as a restraint

MacGyverism Checked for intruders using a special light to make footprints visible on a treated doormat

MacGyverism Floated hollow reeds on a piece of wood to simulate someone breathing under water

MacGyverism Made a blow gun from a hollow reed and a whittled dart dipped in sap from a Urtica plant

MacGyverism Used the sharp edge of a stone as an ax to chop the branch of a tree

MacGyverism Took out a jeep using a stuffed vest as a decoy and a falling branch

MacGyverism Made landmines from pinecones and pine pitch lit by a match

MacGyverism Made a natural antibiotic by mixing crushed pyrite (iron sulfide) with clay

MacGyverism Created spontaneous combustion by igniting floating grain dust

MacGyverism Sawed partially through a wooden beam to cause the support to collapse

MacGyverism Harry created a decoy by remotely tugging on a curtain with a wire

MacGyverism Harry simulated the sound of gunfire by throwing pine nuts into a fire


MacGyverism Made a fishing lure from a gum wrapper

MacGyverism Made a giant slingshot from bed springs and a bed frame

MacGyverism Used a belt buckle as a screwdriver

MacGyverism Used a belt to carry water into an electrical outlet as a distraction

MacGyverism Sharpened a knife on the edge of a metal basin

MacGyverism Created an explosive decoy with a radio, a car battery, a TV tube, and jumper cables

MacGyverism Used a fire hose as misdirection to create the impression of an escape

MacGyverism Created a decoy by letting the air out of a car tire with a nail

MacGyverism Knocked out the enemy by kicking open a car door

MacGyverism Used a smoldering rope and a smoke detector to create a decoy

MacGyverism Knocked down the enemy by releasing suspended water bottles onto plywood and barrels

MacGyverism Made a magnet by striking a metal rod against a fire hydrant


MacGyverism Turned a coffin into a jet ski

MacGyverism Used a Swiss Army knife to test if a metal gate was electrified

MacGyverism Used a suit of armor as a test if it would trigger a trap

MacGyverism Used a metal bowl and an electric juicer to make a rotating antenna

MacGyverism Used kitchen gadgets to heterodyne a radio frequency with an electronic jammer causing static

MacGyverism Wired and taped together a series of batteries as a power pack

MacGyverism Motorized a kitchen cart with a rubber band and electric mixer powered by a battery pack

MacGyverism Wired and taped together pieces of armor for the cart as a diversion

MacGyverism Used the bottle opener blade of a Swiss Army knife to pry the hinges off a door

MacGyverism Used a motorized cart and pieces of armor to redirect the motion-activated guns

MacGyverism Made a smokescreen from vinegar, baking soda, and CO2 from a fire extinguisher

MacGyverism Made an early warning system barricade with random pieces of junk metal and ductwork

MacGyverism Used a Swiss Army knife to test for electric current in the fuse box

MacGyverism Rewired the electrical panel and fuse box to cut off the master power source

MacGyverism Used a mirror as a periscope

MacGyverism Triggered a water tank as a water cannon


MacGyverism Determined that residue on the exploded gas tank was magnesium oxide

MacGyverism Short-circuited an electronic time clock to speed up the clock

MacGyverism Used a Geiger counter to locate stolen uranium inside concrete

MacGyverism Used a handgun as a wrench


MacGyverism Used a remote controlled robot to make a 21st century breakfast

MacGyverism Repurposed a cargo net into a rappelling line

MacGyverism Used a sharpening stone and cork to open and seal a tube of neon gas

MacGyverism Used a tube of neon gas to withdraw phosphorus powder from a vacuum

MacGyverism Neutralized acid using a pastry tube, liquid oven cleaner, and low fat milk

MacGyverism Used psychology to determine which fuse would disarm the bomb


MacGyverism Escaped from German officers by speaking dreadful German and distracting the dogs with a dead bird

MacGyverism Repaired brakes by filling the brake cylinder with power steering fluid, while riding the hood at 140kph

MacGyverism Used an ultrasonic beam to shatter eyeglasses and disable a shooter

MacGyverism Created nylon using adipic acid, hexamethyline diamine, iron particles, and a magnetic field

MacGyverism Used spinning wires, mirrors, and a spiral ash tray to induce relaxation and to assist in memory recall

MacGyverism Built a defibrillator with candlesticks, electric cords, and rubber floor matting for insulation


MacGyverism Escaped from a holding cell using a coat rack, coat hangers, a chair and a conveyor belt

MacGyverism Picked a handcuff lock with an earring

MacGyverism Evaded capture by speeding up a merry-go-round and then jamming the mechanism with brass rings

MacGyverism Created chemical fog using rat poison, soap flakes, and tile cleaner

MacGyverism Created a time delay fuse for an explosion using lard, newspaper, oven cleaner, and natural gas

MacGyverism Created a highway hazard by mixing diesel exhaust with water to form an immiscible liquid


MacGyverism Disarmed a booby-trapped mechanism on a satellite data capsule

MacGyverism Used pieces from a downed satellite to build a hang glider

MacGyverism Used a scarf and a rock as a slingshot

MacGyverism Propelled a tank of butane as a projectile by shattering the top with a ladle

MacGyverism Repaired a water pump by wrapping the plunger with material to make an airtight vacuum

MacGyverism Used a rope and a loosened post to bring a shed crashing down on the enemy

MacGyverism Knocked out the enemy by hitting him in the face with a shovel

MacGyverism Destroyed a jeep by making "artillery" using water, a wedge, and a fire extinguisher to fracture a large rock


MacGyverism Used psychology to determine Kate's computer password: UGLY DUCKLING

MacGyverism Used a painfully amplified sound oscillator to deter the enemy

MacGyverism Used Kate's clue and FAA tracking of a SAR-SAT signal to determine Kate's location

MacGyverism Kate used a battery and jumper cables to create an arc welder to cut through iron bars

MacGyverism Used hydrocarbons from a spray can to cool down heated iron bars

MacGyverism Used electrolyte acid from the liquid in a cactus to power a radio

MacGyverism Used two radio antennas, batteries, wire, watches, and the sun to triangulate a position

MacGyverism Used two jeep mirrors, a binocular lens, and focused sunlight to heat a rifle shell and blow up a jeep

MacGyverism Reconfigured the missile guidance system to target, intercept, and destroy the test weapon


MacGyverism Convinced an engineer to let him board a moving train

MacGyverism Made a little girl's doll with a sock, a handkerchief, and a pen

MacGyverism Used a jar of olives, salt, seltzer, and a jug to distract and disable the enemy

MacGyverism Ignited the local moonshine with a match to force the enemy to jump off the train

MacGyverism Booby-trapped the control panel circuits on the train to overload

MacGyverism Made a high-pitched whistle from a bottle spout to distract the horses

MacGyverism Built a lie detector from a sphygmomanometer and an alarm clock

MacGyverism Threw his boots to create a distraction

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