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"Tender Dances" composed and performed by Elisabeth Millenaar
Video by KateR

"Fond memories of my father and our "dances" inspired this music. I lost him so suddenly last spring that composing the music helped me to get through the first terrible months of missing him and to celebrate our relationship. My father was a wise man who will live forever in my heart. Every time I sat down to work at this music, images and feelings seemed to float within me, and through the music into the room where I was working. It is now my favourite hideout in the house. Some of the pictures that you see are from my own childhood, impressions of a love and understanding I wish all fathers and daughters could share."

"Tender Dances" is the gift of Life and Music. Dads and daughters dance their own special dances, one leading the other and changing roles according to the music. I wish you: Tender Dances! -- Elisabeth Millenaar