Starting Point - a MacGyver FanFiction

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Re: Starting Point - a MacGyver FanFiction

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Good morning everyone!

Since I woke up quite early on this Sunday... and felt like getting up and in front of my laptop... ;)

A quick recap - they´ve reached the cave, taken care of Mac´s wounds, and Pete had figured a way to help MacGyver warm up (a kind of personal one, since he was the only 'source of warmth' around ;) ). They´ve also finally reached the point of calling each other Mac and Pete...

So, let´s give them a little time to breathe... and to get accustomed to each other a bit further...

Here we go (and for all of you reading along - I´m still looking forward to your comments and feedback!)

Part 7

It had taken a while until MacGyver´s heavy breathing had slowed down and even longer until he´d finally fallen asleep. It had felt kind of endless to Thornton until the young man had stopped trembling and his skin hadn´t felt cold and clammy anymore. Although he´d already grown tired and worn out by then, Thornton had stayed enveloped in the sleeping bags with him for another hour before he´d loosened his hold around MacGyver. He had made sure the younger one was sleeping soundly and had been very careful not to disturb him when he´d eased himself away from Mac, laid him down, and wrapped him into the sleeping bags once more.

MacGyver had stirred only a little bit but calmed down quickly while Thornton silently observed him. Pete let out a relieved sigh and gingerly got to his feet. He stretched some kinks out of his back and then bent down to pick up his revolver and their water bottles. A glance at his watch told him it was already early evening and he knew he´d better go to refill them before it got too dark outside.

Thornton shot MacGyver a probing look and then quietly walked off toward the cave entrance, hoping the young man would remain asleep until his return. He had spotted a small creek during their hike from the river and planned on going there so he wouldn´t be away for too long. He concentrated on the rocks while climbing downward, but as soon as he strode off along the slope his thoughts also wandered off.

Thornton was truly relieved that MacGyver was finally resting… and hopefully also recovering. Pete had been surprised several times today by how the young man had kept going – despite getting beaten badly, despite getting injured, despite almost drowning and suffering from serious hypothermia. The beating he´d witnessed would have weakened most of the well-trained and seasoned agents Pete knew beyond the point of not being able to carry on anymore, especially after 24 hours without food or water – but MacGyver had not only carried on, but stayed vigilant, had quickly conjured up a ‘diversion’, as he´d called it, to save Thornton´s life and the camera, and been willing to put his life on the line while doing so. Against all odds, the rookie had survived the rapids and still found the energy to deal with pain and cold.

Pete had to admit he was thoroughly impressed by how MacGyver´s physical and mental stamina had allowed him to come through all he´d endured. And he also had to admit to himself that his attempts at keeping some professional distance from the young man were failing poorly. He remembered the evening when he´d sought out MacGyver after Dr. Gorman´s ‘torture’ lecture. Thornton had grown to like the man already by then, whereas MacGyver had refused to fully open up to him during some parts of their conversation.

Probably also trying to keep some respectful distance from me, from his new boss, back then, Pete mused. And now, he´s already gone through some real-life torture scenarios… food and water deprivation… physical pain… on his first solo assignment. He was still striving to keep his distance a while ago when he was so insecure about me sharing some body warmth. But in the end, he chose to trust me…

Thornton sighed deeply when he reached the creek a couple of minutes later. He knelt down and refilled the canteens, noticing some bloodstains on one of them. The one, MacGyver had used to wash the blood off his leg… Pete took a moment to wipe the outside of the bottle clean in the creek´s cold water and then stood up.

He´d hated causing the young one that much pain while taking care of his wounds although he knew there had been no way to avoid it. He´d hated watching how Mac had struggled with the agony and refused to cry out. Pete had been shocked when he´d returned to MacGyver only minutes after he´d left him to rest, only to find him on his feet so soon after nearly losing consciousness. Thinking back, Thornton now regretted snapping at him angrily in his surprise.

Thornton drew in a deep breath, straightened himself, and turned to hike back to the cave. He climbed up and reached their camp in the back of it, where he set down the canteens carefully, mindful of making any unnecessary noise. Satisfied to find MacGyver still sleeping soundly, Pete sat down on the somewhat even spot he´d placed his roll mat on. He leaned against the cave wall, so he could keep an eye on the young man while getting some rest himself. It was hard to tell in the little brightness the camping light provided, but MacGyver´s face seemed to have regained some color. He looked quiet, although the strain he´d gone through was clearly visible on his features.

Pete Thornton had been in the intelligence business for quite some time now and he´d made friends before during his work. But he also knew it was a dangerous thing to do. Because he´d also lost some of those friends due to the perilous nature of their work. While he silently watched MacGyver sleeping, Pete realized that without even attempting to do so, the young man was on the verge of overthrowing his struggle to stay emotionally detached.

Internally, Thornton scolded himself for it and shrugged off the thought. He´d get MacGyver to the helicopter alive, make sure he got into medical care as soon as possible, and then he´d concentrate on the films. The pictures, MacGyver had taken should provide some valuable information, judging by what Mac had related so far. With some luck, the DXS would finally be able to shut down the arms dealer network.

Pete shot the young man a last probing look before he allowed his eyes to fall closed and dozed off.



Then a low sound that he couldn´t place at first.

But next, as MacGyver slowly woke up, a serious throbbing in his wounded leg made itself known. He hardly suppressed a quiet moan and blinked his eyes open. At the sight of the cave roof above him, all the events of the last day flooded his mind. MacGyver drew in a deep breath to cope with the memories, mentally pushed back the pain, and then let his head drop sideways, toward the sound he´d heard only moments ago.

His eyes found Pete Thornton leaning against the cave wall, eyes closed, head lolled to one side, fast asleep, snoring softly. A brief smile flashed across MacGyver´s face. After how long his boss had to have been on the move today, he could very well imagine him being exhausted.

Then Mac took a few moments to internally assess his own condition. His leg hurt, although he couldn´t really tell if the reason was his sprained knee or the injuries above and below it. Probably both, he mused. With every breath, the bruises Moreno and his men had caused were aching and his head was pounding. He sensed some lightheadedness, but at least the icy cold was gone. He´d stopped shivering. The realization that he wasn´t freezing anymore made MacGyver sigh with relief. All in all, he felt a little better than before, and he guessed he had to thank his boss for it.

He´d been caught totally off guard and unprepared emotionally when the older man had gathered him up close earlier to warm him up. At first, Mac had felt truly uncomfortable with it. When he thought back now, he understood that Thornton had prioritized improving his condition over pushing him into an awkward situation… and he´d also found the right words to help him relax. But he still wasn´t sure what to make of Thornton´s following words.

Partners? … Earned his respect? … I still feel as if I disappointed him… as if I nearly blew my assignment… as if I´ve failed… He had to come out here to rescue me… I doubt I could have made it out of Moreno´s prison any time soon… I could just as well be dead by now… and all the evidence lost… hadn´t Thornton found me this morning.

The thoughts still rotated in MacGyver´s head when the camping stove and the sealed pot caught his eye. His empty stomach instantly made itself known, effectively cutting off the thoughts about his boss. MacGyver drew in a deep breath, gingerly wiggled one arm free, and managed to pull the zippers partly open. As soon as he had gained more room to move, he pushed himself up a little and turned sideways. He bit back a pained gasp when his leg protested vehemently against the movement.

Only a second later, Mac glanced up at Thornton to make sure he hadn´t disturbed him. When he saw his boss still snoring, he cautiously rose to rest on his elbows. He slid closer to the cooker and pot, taking the sleeping bags with him to keep at least the lower half of his body warm and protected. MacGyver stretched out one arm to reach for the matches lying close to his backpack and lit the stove. He checked the contents of the pot before he adjusted the size of the flame and placed the pot on top of it.

Mac stirred the soup every couple of moments while heating it with a spoon he´d found laying on top of the pot, and every once and again shot Thornton a quick look. When the liquid was hot but not boiling yet, Mac turned off the camping cooker. He gave the warmth a minute to even out while he sat up and settled himself comfortably. He tried to be quiet when he started to eat, but after a couple of moments, the metallic clattering of spoon and pot got through to Thornton´s sleepy mind.

At first, Pete Thornton stirred only slightly, but then he tensed with alarm and his eyes snapped open. His right hand simultaneously flinched up to where his revolver was hidden. MacGyver winced with his sudden and intense reaction but then both men froze, staring at each other silently.

“Whoa!” Mac said cautiously after a moment and defensively raised his hand with the spoon. “It´s just me… eating… I warmed up the remaining soup.”

Thornton blinked, realized there was nothing wrong and no danger imminent, and then relaxed. He drew in a deep breath and let his hand sink down from the gun´s handle again.

“I´m sorry,” MacGyver apologized before he returned to eating. “I didn´t mean to wake you.”

“It´s alright,” Thornton waved his apology off while he glanced around the cave. “I didn´t mean to fall asleep that deeply. I meant to keep an eye on you.” His focus narrowed on MacGyver again. “I guess, I should be relieved by seeing you up and eating. How are you feeling?”

“A little better,” Mac said between two spoonfuls of soup. “Not freezing anymore.” He paused and looked up at Thornton. “I appreciate your help.” It took some concentration from him not to add the ‘Sir’, he´d gotten so used to, at the end of the sentence. He gestured at the soup with the spoon. “Shall I leave some for you?”

A brief smile crossed Thornton´s face with the young man thanking him for sharing his body warmth. “No, thanks,” Pete answered and stiffly got to his feet. “You need it more than I do. You want something else afterward?”

“Not yet.” MacGyver shook his head. “For now, I don´t think my stomach can handle more than this… maybe later.”

Pete Thornton nodded and gazed toward the front of the cave. He was concerned about the bad weather he´d noticed closing in earlier.

“I´m gonna check outside,” Pete said after a glance at this watch. The evening had gotten late by now. “I saw a lot of clouds gathering earlier.” He explained when MacGyver raised his eyebrows questioningly, and then strode off.

The sun had set a while ago, and it was almost completely dark outside when Thornton reached the cave entrance. The sky was now entirely covered with thick clouds and the wind had picked up speed. He saw lightning flashing in the faraway distance and sighed. Pete fervently hoped the storm would have passed until the morning. They were high up on this mountain and MacGyver´s injuries and condition wouldn´t make it any easier to get down the slope and across the valley to the pick-up site. Slippery or wet ground or even rain wouldn´t be helpful either. But apart from that, the woods seemed quiet. With the bad weather coming up, they should be relatively safe from Moreno´s men patrolling the area, at least during the night.

With a short huff, Thornton stepped back from the edge and returned to MacGyver. The young man had finished his meal, laid down again, and was trying to adjust both sleeping bags around himself when Pete arrived.

“We might be in for another storm during the night,” Pete said as he crouched down and helped MacGyver wrap himself up.

Mac´s eyes were tired when he looked up at his boss startled by those words, but he pushed himself up instantly.

“Whoa!” Thornton stopped his attempt with one hand on his shoulder. “What are you up to?”

“If we gotta prepare for rain, wind, and cold…” Mac explained, resisting to let himself be pushed back to the ground. “You´ll need a sleeping bag too. I´ll manage with one.”

Thornton held MacGyver´s exhausted gaze silently for a few moments and tried to judge the young man´s condition… behind the façade, he carefully kept up for his boss.

“MacGyver, I´ve got my padded coat and the roll mat.” Pete then stated. “I´ll be alright.”

“But I…” MacGyver tried to argue but was cut off by Thornton´s stern look.

“You need the warmth more than I do,” the senior agent insisted. “Now lie down and get some more sleep. Tomorrow will be a hard day. Especially for you.”

MacGyver drew in a deep breath and held it for a few seconds as he thought about objecting once more, but then decided against it. He had to admit, the older man was right. He was still considerably weakened. He gave in, relaxed into a lying position, and puffed the air out of his lungs. The throbbing radiating through his leg also reminded him that he had to rest and recover.

Pete closed both zippers and got up again. Mac´s eyes followed his superior to where he sat down on his roll mat and reached for some of their remaining food. The warmth of the soup in MacGyver´s stomach mingled with the coziness of the sleeping bags and made his eyelids grow heavy. He only saw Thornton pull a small hunting knife out of his backpack and cut off a slice of jerky before his eyes fell closed and Mac drifted off into an exhausted sleep.


Silence greeted MacGyver again when his mind slowly surfaced from the velvety darkness for the next time. Little by little, his foggy mind remembered what had happened last afternoon and evening – not knowing yet how much time had passed. He cautiously drew in a deep breath and took a few moments to internally assess his condition. Kind of automatically, he compared how he felt at the moment to back then and was relieved to notice that it hadn´t worsened. His overall exhaustion had lessened, as had the constant aching throughout his body. He even sensed a bit of hunger.

With another deep breath, MacGyver slowly blinked his eyes open and was greeted by a little, dim daylight shining around the bend and painting shadows on the cave´s ceiling. So the night had passed. He´d slept through it, although he sensed the blurry echo of some unsettling dreams lingering in the back of his mind. Gingerly, he turned his head to the side and glanced around himself. He saw Thornton´s place on his roll mat empty and all their stuff readily arranged for packing.

Mac wiggled one arm free and slid the zippers of both sleeping bags down a little. With a low moan, he pushed himself up to one elbow and turned to reach for the water canteen, Thornton had left within his reach. He moved slowly since he didn´t want his body to remind him of the beating he´d taken on the day before. MacGyver sat up, drank a few large gulps, and set the bottle down with a long sigh.

Carefully, he straightened himself and prepared to get up, when he suddenly heard steps nearing through the cave. Reflexively, his body tensed up, only to relax a moment later, when he recognized Pete Thornton coming around the bend. Pete slowed his steps a little when he noticed MacGyver was awake.

“Good morning!” Pete greeted as he set down the freshly refilled water bottles next to their backpacks. He scrutinized Mac closely while he crouched down.

Without planning to do so that often, Thornton had checked on the young man several times during the night. He´d been startled awake by the storm raging through the area as well as by MacGyver moaning in his sleep. Pete had observed him and was convinced the young one had gone through a few nightmares during the night. It hadn´t been bad enough to justify waking him and Pete wasn´t going to mention it now either. He fervently hoped his rookie wasn´t remembering much of it.

“How are you feeling?” Pete asked.

“Morning,” Mac replied slowly. “Alright… I think. A little hungry.”

Thornton shot him another long, probing look.

“I´ll take that as a good sign,” he then nodded. “Since it´s already mid-morning. But I let you sleep. You needed the rest.”

MacGyver raised his eyebrows surprised and glanced at his watch. Past 10 a.m. A bit of alarm rushed through him, knowing that hiking to the clearing where the helicopter would pick them up would take a few hours… even under normal circumstances. But with his injuries slowing them down…

“We need to get going,” Mac said quickly as he raised his eyes back to his boss. Thornton had turned to their stuff.

“Yes… We should,” the older man answered while he gathered some of their food supplies and then concentrated back on MacGyver. “But you gotta eat some breakfast first. You´ll need the energy.” He sensed that Mac´s temperature seemed a little above normal when their hands met briefly as he handed over the food. He´d already noticed that Mac had moved the canteen he´d left behind for him. Pete gestured toward it. “Have you emptied that one?”

“Not yet.” MacGyver shook his head as he took a bite of the bread. “You went to refill the other ones?” he asked after he was done chewing.

“Yes.” Pete nodded. “And had a look around. The storm has passed. It´s not raining anymore. Also haven´t spotted any patrols so far. All seems quiet.”

He turned to their belongings once again, rolled up his mat, and started packing while MacGyver ate. All the heavy or delicate items went into his own backpack, leaving only a couple of lightweight things for MacGyver´s pack. Mac watched him quietly for a while before he got curious.

“The camera just went into your pack...” he stated. “Did you find all the films I kept hidden within my stuff?”

“Yes… last night, while you were asleep,” Pete replied, not looking up from his task. “Five rolls, not including the one in the camera.”

“Right.” Mac nodded and focused back on his meal.

As soon as Thornton was done with the heavier pack, he got up and took it to the front of the cave before he returned to MacGyver.

“I´m afraid, your boots haven´t dried up completely yet.” The senior agent stated as he knelt down again. “I placed them near the camping cooker, but without a fire burning throughout the night…” His words trailed off when MacGyver looked up at him.

“I´ll manage,” the young man answered and ate the last bite of his breakfast.

He reached for his boots, opened the sleeping bags fully, and gingerly moved his long legs out and on top of them. Pulling a bit of a pained grimace, he slipped into his damp shoes and tied them. His wounded leg protested against the movement, and Pete wordlessly offered his help when MacGyver prepared to get up. Mac held his breath and bit back a moan when the older man pulled him to his feet. He needed a moment to steady himself and nodded at his boss as soon as he felt secure on his feet. Some lightheadedness returned, now that he was standing upright again. Thornton only let go of him after a long, measuring look.

“I´m gonna pack the last of our stuff,” Pete stated. “Then I´ll help you.”

MacGyver balanced himself with one hand against the cave wall and took some weight off his injured leg. He briefly focused toward the cave´s entrance and then found Thornton´s gaze.

“Thanks,” he said in a tone he wanted to sound confident. “But I´ll be alright… I think.”

Mac tried to smile reassuringly but sensed that the senior agent doubted his words. Nevertheless, Thornton nodded and crouched down to gather the sleeping bags and roll mat Mac had been resting on. MacGyver drew in a deep breath and allowed himself a moment to find some determination within himself before he limped off to the front of the cave.


They had made it down the rock face quite similar to how they´d climbed it the day before. Thornton had eased MacGyver down with the help of his shoulder holster, had then let the lighter one of the backpacks slide down across the rocks, and MacGyver had caught it. As soon as Thornton had also made it to the bottom with the heavier pack, they´d started their hike down the mountain. Pete had shouldered the heavier backpack whereas MacGyver had insisted on carrying the second one. But MacGyver had at least agreed to the senior agent helping him along when the terrain had gotten too rough.

They´d been on their way for about one hour, when MacGyver stopped, steadying himself against a tree with one hand. He was panting heavily and took the weight off his injured leg, yet straightened himself the moment he became aware that his boss had turned around and was standing next to him and scrutinizing him. Pete Thornton saw some sweat glistening on MacGyver´s face and noticed how the strain was getting to him despite the well-trained man´s best efforts to conceal it.

“Need a break?” Pete asked.

Mac looked sideways at the older man. Their eyes met briefly and MacGyver saw concern in Thornton´s questioning gaze.

“Just a few moments,” Mac answered and drew in a deep breath. “I´m fine.”

Thornton nodded silently although inwardly he wasn´t buying the young man´s ‘I´m fine’-act anymore. He reached for the water bottle dangling from his belt and wordlessly offered it to MacGyver.

Mac took it with a grateful nod and leaned against the tree with his shoulder. He opened the canteen and took a few large gulps while he let his gaze wander around their surroundings.

After a couple of moments, his dark eyes caught on a large fallen branch laying several yards away. Instantly, his mind started considering its size and form. Pete noticed his sudden shift in concentration.

“What are you up to?” he queried with a sideways glance at his rookie. “By now, I know that look. You´re thinking of something.”

MacGyver nodded a little absently, his mind still caught up with the idea forming in his head.

“Hand me that branch, will you?” he asked after another quiet moment.

Thornton´s gaze followed Mac´s and he took the few steps over and picked up the wood. He eyed it briefly before he dragged it to MacGyver.

“So?” Pete said as he took the water bottle and gave Mac the branch. “What now?”

“Can I borrow your hunting knife?” Mac asked as he turned the wood in his hands, giving it a closer look now.

Thornton froze briefly before he set down his backpack and dug the knife out of the side pocket.

“What happened to that small, red pocket knife of yours?” Thornton queried as he handed Mac the knife.

“Thanks… Moreno took my Swiss Army knife after my escape attempt.” A little wistful expression crossed MacGyver´s face. “Gotta get a new one once we´ve made it home.”

MacGyver broke off a couple of smaller side branches and trimmed the wood to a length of more or less five feet with the hunting knife. He cut a side branch close to the top to about one foot and rounded all its edges. He´d only worked on it for a few minutes, then eyed it all over again, and handed the knife back to Thornton. The older man had been watching his doing with interest. A smile widened on his face before he stuffed his knife back into the backpack.

“Now I get it!” Pete exclaimed. “You made yourself a crutch.”

MacGyver leaned on his makeshift crutch a little, tested how it felt, and probed if it would carry his weight. Then he raised his gaze to his boss and shot him a lopsided smirk.

“Yep. Should make getting to the clearing a lot easier.” he grinned.


It was only a little after midday when MacGyver stopped for the next time. They had made it about halfway down the mountain when Mac leaned against a tree once more and strove to slow his breath. Thornton had been a few steps ahead and turned back instantly when he sensed MacGyver was no longer following him. He only looked back questioningly at first, yet when he saw the young man starting to cough, he hurried the few yards up to his side.

Pete noticed how pale Mac´s face had gone since their last brief stop and saw his skin damp with sweat. MacGyver had just regained control over his breath when he felt Thornton´s hand on his shoulder. He raised his head, met Thornton´s concerned gaze, and squared his shoulders.

“I´m fine,” he stated, trying to quench his superior´s worries.

“Yeah… Sure.” Pete sighed sarcastically. He quickly scanned their surroundings with his eyes. Undergrowth and dense bushes close to the tree Mac was leaning against provided some cover. The place was suited quite well for taking a break. His eyes returned to MacGyver´s.

“You do need to rest, though,” Pete said with a small squeeze of Mac´s shoulder. “Give me your pack and then sit down.”

MacGyver held his gaze silently for a long moment as he internally assessed their situation. They had almost six hours left until they had to meet the helicopter. Under normal circumstances, it would have been a more than comfortable amount of time. But considering his weakened condition and how it slowed them down… they didn´t have a lot of time to spare for breaks. On the other hand… if he didn´t take a break in time, MacGyver wasn´t sure if he would be able to stay on his feet for this long at all. So far, he was still striving to conceal it from Thornton, but he had to admit to himself that the strain was getting to him, more than it usually would.

MacGyver nodded quietly and gave in. He gingerly shrugged off his backpack, set it down, and let Pete help him lower himself to the ground. He stretched out his injured leg in front of him and leaned back against the bottom of the tree´s trunk with a sigh, his crutch lying beside him. Mac closed his eyes and willed the pain in his leg to lessen, now that he could fully relax it, but it didn´t quite obey. He heard Thornton´s clothes rustle as he also settled down and got rid of his pack.

“Water?” Pete asked softly after a few moments.

MacGyver´s eyes drifted half-open again.

“Please.” He nodded tiredly and took the bottle Pete held out for him.

Thornton watched him drink silently and with serious concern. By now, after he´d eased Mac down, he was sure that the young man was running a fever. He´d felt the heat through the shirt while holding on to his arms.

“Hungry as well?” Pete probed further while he was trying to gauge how much of a façade his rookie was still putting up for him. Mac set down the canteen and drew in a deep breath before he answered.

“Not really,” MacGyver said. “Just need to rest.”

Thornton puffed out a deep sigh. He noticed the reddish tint, Mac´s skin had taken on next to the edges of the bandages covering the wounds on his leg. Not a good sign. Especially when combined with his fever, the coughs, and the amount of pain MacGyver tried to hide.

“Alright.” Pete decided to grant the young man some time to recover. “I´ll keep watch.”

MacGyver nodded once and then let his head drop back against the trunk. Pete observed as Mac closed his eyes before he stood up again. He stepped a little out of their cover and let his gaze do a sweep of the area. So far, they had been lucky. No patrols from Moreno had been around. He just hoped it would stay that way. They still had quite some distance to cross and with all the signs pointing to MacGyver´s condition not getting any better, Pete was worried if the man would even be able to make it to the clearing; if he´d even be able to hang on for that long.
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Re: Starting Point - a MacGyver FanFiction

Post by bluegirl »

Sunday morning again! Hello!

Here I am with a new chapter!

The last one gave MacGyver and Pete a little time to breathe... but now it´s time to raise the stakes and the tension again, don´t you think? ;) :shock: 8-)

Part 8

Tree and rock had grabbed his leg as in a vise. The rushing cold water was enveloping him completely and pushing him down. Mac was desperately trying to hold on to anything that would allow him to ease the agonizing pull on his leg, was frantically trying to grab on to something that would allow him to yank his leg free. His lungs were screaming for air and burning like hell when suddenly a hand was laid on his forehead and held his head in place.

The abrupt terror of being restrained underwater made MacGyver fight even harder and flinch away from the touch. But then a voice was there with him.

“Easy, MacGyver… it´s okay… you´re safe. You´re dreaming.”

The words were spoken soothingly. The voice was familiar. Mac instinctively knew he could trust its bearer.

“Come out of it, will you? This is a dream! Wake up!” The voice now firmly urged him on. “Breathe! … Come on, slow deep breaths!”

The hand returned to his forehead, not holding him anymore, but feeling for him now. MacGyver tried to draw in a deep breath and noticed with relief that he could. He wasn´t caught underwater. But his body was still tense when he turned his head toward the voice and blinked his eyes open. It took a second for him to recognize the face of his boss hovering next to him.

“Sir?” he croaked between raspy breaths and relaxed further with the realization that he´d just been dreaming.

Thornton sighed with the formal address and also with how hot the young man´s skin felt to his touch.

“I thought, we had an agreement on this… kid.” he admonished mildly.

MacGyver frowned at him and slightly narrowed his eyes. He needed another moment to fully return to the present and remember what Thornton was talking about. Then he sucked in one more deep breath.

“Sorry, Pete.” Mac apologized hoarsely. “Yeah, we do.”

“Good.” Pete agreed, trying to keep his tone light. “Bad dream, hm?”

MacGyver nodded silently as Pete pulled back his hand, but then a shiver shook him unexpectedly. He pressed his eyes shut and moaned with the fiery blaze of pain the tremor sent through his leg.

Pete Thornton´s hand was on his shoulder in an instant. Oh no, he thought as his earlier worries were confirmed. Probable signs of an infection… please, don´t let it be his lungs.

MacGyver was still occupied with pushing back the pain a little when he sensed Thornton squeeze his shoulder to get his attention.

“Have you got trouble breathing?” Pete queried.

Thornton´s sudden question sounded so worried that Mac´s eyes snapped open and he quickly raised his head.

“What?” He frowned at his boss. “No… it´s no problem at all.”

Thornton´s face grew even more serious with MacGyver´s answer. He watched as another shiver sent a fresh wave of suffering through the young man.

“MacGyver… you´re feverish… you´re hurting… where?” Pete asked after it had passed. “And don´t you tell me you´re fine!”

Mac´s frown deepened as he internally took stock of his condition. I´m feeling lightheaded… a little dizzy even… I´m feeling hot and cold at the same time… the throbbing in my legs worsens with every tremor… but is all this a reason to run scared like that? He was still occupied with sorting the thoughts in his slightly fuzzy brain, when Thornton grabbed on firmly to his second shoulder as well.

“Mac!” Pete demanded an answer. “Talk to me! Where?”

Their eyes met and MacGyver saw deep and serious concern in the older man´s expression. Mac sucked in a sharp breath when his trembling intensified once more.

“My leg,” he admitted with a low hiss. “Below the knee.”

“I´ll better check on it.” Thornton sighed and let go of Mac´s shoulders. “Turn that leg a little, will you?”

MacGyver didn´t obey at once.

“Hey, it´s really not that bad…” he tried to assure but was cut off by a stern look from the older man. One of Pete´s hands was already resting on his lower leg.

“Are you honestly trying to convince me that your condition isn´t getting worse?” Thornton asked tersely.

MacGyver held his superior´s intense gaze silently. No, he couldn´t honestly deny that fact. He knew the kind of pain radiating through his leg. Some fear crept up in him as a memory from his service in Vietnam surfaced in his mind. He slowly let out a deep breath to keep it from showing on his face.

“Good,” Pete said firmly when Mac didn´t answer him and then concentrated back on the younger one´s leg. “Now let me see.”

Gingerly, MacGyver complied with Thornton´s request, leaned back against the tree, and closed his eyes. He held his breath reflexively as he sensed Pete push the fabric of his pants aside and probe around the bandage with his fingers. MacGyver gritted his teeth when his boss cautiously removed the bandages and dressings that covered both wounds. Pete froze for a moment at the sight of the injuries. The bandages had kept any swellings at bay, but Mac´s skin was of angry red color and covered with a mixture of dried-up blood and secretion.

“That doesn´t look good.” He then assessed as he felt along the edges of the tears in the young man´s skin.

MacGyver opened his eyes and bit back a pained gasp.

“Looks infected,” Mac stated dryly after he´d gotten a good look at his leg´s condition. “Explains the fever.”

Thornton looked sideways at him, incredulous at how calm the young one seemed despite their discovery.

“Well, I didn´t pack any antibiotics into my first aid kit,” Pete said after a beat. “Don´t remember seeing any in yours either.”

Mac just quietly shook his head while he examined his leg with one hand.

“Then, I suppose, next you´re going to tell me how to forge some out of the things we´ve got at hand.” Thornton continued exasperatedly with a gesture toward their backpacks.

“Unfortunately not.” Mac shook his head once more, careful not to worsen his headache all too much. His expression turned pensive. “But there are two other options.”

For a split second, Thornton saw fear flashing in MacGyver´s eyes before the young man schooled his features again.

“So?” Pete asked expectantly, choosing not to mention it.

“There´s a special plant growing in these woods.” Mac looked up and met the senior agent´s gaze as he answered. “It should help fight the infection… We passed a patch of it not too long ago.”

“Alright.” Pete straightened himself. “I´ll go get it. What do I need to look for?”

“Narrow-leaved coneflower,” Mac told him, fully concentrated again. “It grows about two feet high and is flowering purple. Hard to overlook.”

“I think, I´ve heard of it.” Thornton nodded.

“I´ll need its roots,” MacGyver added.

Pete moved both backpacks within MacGyver´s reach and got up.

“I´ll be right back,” he said and hurried off toward where they had come from.

MacGyver sighed deeply as soon as the older man was gone. He hasn´t even asked about the second option, he thought as his concentration narrowed on Thornton´s backpack. Mac reached over and pulled Pete´s hunting knife out of its side pocket. He turned it probing in his hands before he opened the pack and dug out the camping cooker and the remains of their first aid kits. He also quickly found the pot and then scanned his surroundings with his eyes for a suitable stone.

MacGyver found one soon and dragged himself over to retrieve the rock. He fetched the water bottle and thoroughly washed off all remaining soil from the stone before he placed it in the pot. He then settled closer to the backpacks, grabbed a few swabs and the antiseptic fluid, and cleaned the mixture of blood and secretion that had wept out of his wounds since Pete had bandaged them yesterday off his leg. The tears opened up again as he wiped across them and instantly, the familiar, white-hot burning pain the antiseptic fluid caused was back.

MacGyver bit back a groan and pressed along both wounds to make sure whatever fluids were still buried under his skin got out. He then took a closer look at both, once again bleeding injuries, and sighed. Using only the plant to fight back the bleeding and the infection wouldn´t be sufficient. He had to use option two as well.

He had just found and removed a splinter he had missed on the day before when he heard steps nearing through the forest. Reflexively, his body tensed with alarm, and he reached for the stone he´d placed in the pot. MacGyver got ready to get to his feet but had made it only up on one knee when Pete Thornton´s voice sounded from beyond the bushes.

“It´s me, MacGyver.” Pete hissed. “I´m back.”

Mac quickly relaxed and puffed out a breath as he sat down. Only a moment later, Pete appeared at the edge of their hideout, holding a few plants in his hand.

“I´ve brought the whole plants with me,” he stated a little out of breath. “So you can make sure, it´s the correct one. I already washed off the dirt in the creek close by.” Thornton eyed all the items, MacGyver had prepared, a bit puzzled as he knelt down.

MacGyver recognized the large plants carrying a couple of purplish blooms instantly and smiled up at the senior agent.

“Perfect,” he confirmed.

“So, what do we do next?” Pete queried with a gaze around all the items arranged.

MacGyver reached for the knife and the pot and met Thornton´s questioning look as he handed them to him.

“You take the roots and cut them into small pieces,” Mac explained as he settled down and rested his injured leg above the good one.

Pete went to work quickly but shot MacGyver a probing sideways glance. His long fingers were examining his knee. After a minute or two, Pete was done and looked up waiting for MacGyver to tell him the next step of the procedure. MacGyver took back the knife from him and handed Pete the stone in exchange.

“Now please squash those pieces,” Mac asked and reached for the camping cooker.

Thornton instantly concentrated on his task and noticed out of the corner of his eye how the young man lit the flame and adjusted its size.

“So you´re going to brew some tea out of this?” Pete wanted to know without looking up.

“Nope.” MacGyver´s reply was curt and tense. He picked up the knife and started threading the blade back and forth through the flame.

Pete Thornton froze when he noticed his doing. A memory from many years ago popped up in his mind. During some ‘first aid in the field’-training, he´d heard about another way of treating infected wounds. His eyes widened with shock as he realized what MacGyver´s doing was leading to and he raised his head.

“What the…?” he gasped. “What are you…?”

“I gotta cauterize it.” MacGyver cut him off while his concentration stayed on the blade. “That mashed root will help but it´ll take too long until the symptoms ease up. Cauterizing it will also stop the bleeding. I gotta be able to keep going if we wanna meet the helicopter in roughly five and a half hours.” he then explained seemingly calm.

“You can´t be serious!” Pete exclaimed. He couldn´t believe what he´d just heard. “This is crazy!”

Finally, MacGyver looked up and met Pete´s incredulous stare.

“I´m not looking forward to it either,” he answered low after a couple of seconds.

Again, Pete noticed a hint of fear in the young man´s dark eyes before Mac quickly hid it under his determination. Pete drew in a deep breath.

“Listen…” he then offered cautiously. “If you really think this is necessary… I could…”

“No.” Mac cut him off again and turned back to the knife. “I know how and where the splinters were stuck. I gotta do this myself.”

Pete scrutinized MacGyver for a few more moments and then returned to squashing the roots.

“You seem like you already know the routine…” Pete probed hesitantly after a bit of silence between them. “Have you had to do this before?”

“Yeah.” Mac nodded. “Remember when I told you I got shot in ‘Nam? … Well, infections are kind of given if you´re wounded and trying to make it through the jungle alone.”

Thornton had expected an answer like this but the lopsided grin widening on Mac´s face surprised him.

“What´s so funny about that?” Pete asked.

“Actually, nothing,” MacGyver replied after a second, still smiling. “I just remembered something… I nearly melted off the grip plates of my Swiss Army knife while heating the blade back then. Had to replace them once I got back home.”

He glanced sideways at Thornton and then focused back on the blade. The steel was starting to change its color. The silvery surface had taken on a yellowish tint that was heading toward purple.

Still far from glowing but definitely hot enough to treat those wounds, Mac noted mentally. Time to get it done and over with.

He straightened himself a little, drew in a deep breath, and placed the fingers of his free hand right and left of the tear so he could spread the gash open.


The sound of Pete´s voice stopped him. MacGyver looked up and met the concerned gaze of his boss silently.

“What do we do with those roots when you´re done?” Pete wanted to know.

“Apply it to the wounds and cover it with gauze,” Mac explained flatly. “Then wrap it all up again.” His voice was tense once more. The boyish grin from moments ago was gone from his face, replaced by carefully guarded resolve.

Thornton nodded, but eyed him with deep worry, quietly trying to ask if he was really sure about this, if he truly meant it.

MacGyver didn´t react but returned his concentration to the blade and nervously licked his lips. His breath sped up subconsciously. He tightened his grip on the knife as he removed the blade from the flame. He sensed Thornton turn off the gas and then move closer to his side, ready to step in should his help be needed. Mac swallowed dryly and gritted his teeth as he spread the wound´s edges. He knew it would hurt. Real bad.

He drew in a deep breath, held it, and froze for a second, but before he could change his mind, MacGyver forced himself into action.

As soon as he inserted the blade into the wound the pain became excruciating. He almost lost his firm grip on the knife´s handle and his vision blurred with tears filling his eyes. Mac barely avoided crying out when he pressed both sides of the injury against the heated steel for several seconds. A wave of nausea washed through him once he noticed the smell of his own burnt flesh in his nose. With trembling hands, he released the pressure and quickly treated the second wound in the same manner.

MacGyver couldn´t fully recall the moment he´d lost control later on, but all of a sudden sensed Pete wrap one arm around his shoulders and grab the knife from his hand to keep him from hurting himself. Thornton dropped the hot knife aside, crouched down right next to Mac, and drew him sideways against himself in an attempt to steady the swaying young man.

Mac´s breath came only in short gasps with the lingering agony, and his eyes were glassy and distant when he glanced up at Thornton. Clinging on to consciousness, he tried to straighten himself, tried to reach out for the pot, the gauze pads, and bandages, but Pete held on tight to him and stopped him with his free hand.

“Whoa, MacGyver. Take it easy.” The older man ordered softly.

“But… I need… I need to cover it.” MacGyver mumbled in protest. He knew he was on the verge of passing out. He had to complete his task before the darkness took over his senses.

“It´s alright. I´ll cover your wounds.” Pete promised. He felt MacGyver´s pulse racing under his fingers where he´d grasped his wrist. “You´ve done more than enough.”

MacGyver´s vision started to black out at the edges during Thornton´s words. Dizziness and nausea grew overwhelming. He drew in deep breaths to fight at least the latter while the pounding in his head worsened. He couldn´t hold himself upright anymore and sensed his head drop onto his superior´s shoulder. No… his partner, he remembered abruptly in his mind.

“Pete…” Mac gasped through his despair, still having the urge to do something about his injuries. “I gotta…”

“I´ll take care of it.” Pete cut him off and clasped MacGyver´s moving hand into his. He cradled the young man against his rotund body. “I´m right here. I got you.” Pete reassured him. “You´ll be alright.”

MacGyver´s body stiffened momentarily as a wave of shivers rushed over him. He couldn´t suppress a moan any longer. His eyes fell closed as Pete´s words fully registered in his mind. Suddenly, despite his agony, he felt safe. He squeezed Pete´s hand holding his a little gratefully, then gave in and let himself drift off into oblivion.

Pete Thornton sighed deeply as he looked down at the motionless body in his arm. After a couple of moments, Pete let go of the limp hand and used his now free hand to steady MacGyver´s head while he cautiously laid the young man down. His thoughts ran wild as Thornton turned to tend to Mac´s injuries. A lump formed in his throat when he took in the burn marks on MacGyver´s leg. His chest had already tightened while he´d watched the young man treat himself.

So much for staying emotionally detached, Pete chided himself.

Once again, he was impressed by how his rookie had dealt with the situation. He´d conquered the fear and the agony with true courage, but not the slightest bit of false bravado. Determined to do whatever was necessary, even if it meant going beyond his limits, even as he´d almost blacked out… he´d still struggled to carry on. He´d only been stopped by Pete´s firm intervention.

With another sigh, Pete reached for the pot, the gauze pads, and the bandages. Carefully, every once and a while glancing sideways at MacGyver´s face, he covered both wounds according to Mac´s instructions. The young man didn´t stir at all. He also remained still when Pete took off his coat and wrapped it around MacGyver. Pete sat back, observing his rookie for several moments, before he grabbed a cloth and dabbed the sweat off MacGyver´s face and neck. He just hoped the young man wouldn´t remain unconscious for too long.


The soft rustling of the wind in the trees was the first thing that made it back into MacGyver´s mind. Then the echo of a searing pain reminded him of why he´d passed out. Mac sucked in a raspy breath and tried to stretch a little while lying with still closed eyes, but froze instantly when the hurting got very real again. He groaned low and, only a second later, heard steps hurrying closer.

Pete Thornton´s concentration shifted abruptly when he heard MacGyver´s groan behind him. He´d been observing the forest surrounding them, been watching out for patrols Moreno might have sent out, but now he turned and rushed to MacGyver´s side. He saw Mac´s agonized grimace as he crouched down at his side and softly laid one hand onto the young man´s shoulder.

“MacGyver?” Pete addressed him. “You with me again?”

Mac was still way too exhausted to flinch away from the touch he hadn´t expected. He slowly turned his head toward the voice he´d recognized and let his eyes drift open.

“Hey,” he replied feebly. “Guess, I am.”

“Oh, thank God.” Pete sighed as the pain faded from MacGyver´s face.

“How long have I been out?” Mac breathed as soon as his eyes had properly focused and his foggy mind had cleared a bit. Pete glanced at his watch.

“Just about half an hour,” he told MacGyver. “How are you feeling?”

“I´m alright,” Mac replied automatically when he realized how much time they´d lost. Some alarm rose within him and he prepared to sit up. “We´d better get going.”

But Pete´s firm grip on his shoulder didn´t allow him to. MacGyver´s dark eyes found Pete´s concerned gaze. The older man was scrutinizing him closely.

“Take it easy,” Thornton ordered quietly. “Slow, MacGyver.”

The stark contrast between Mac´s pale skin and the purplish bruise covering his cheekbone worried Pete. But the young man´s gaze steadied and his breathing evened out during the next few moments. Thornton had mused about finding a suitable hiding place for the rookie and returning to him with a rescue team as soon as he´d met the helicopter while MacGyver had been unconscious, yet now, as he saw the determination in Mac´s expression he knew his idea wouldn´t work out. MacGyver would never agree to being left behind. He´d never agree to just sitting around, to waiting for someone to pick him up.

With a small sigh, Pete lightened his hold on Mac´s shoulder. His hand stayed with him though, securing him as the young man gingerly pushed himself up to a sitting position. Pete caught his coat as it slipped down, but instantly held it out to MacGyver.

“Pull this on.” he offered.

Mac needed a moment to push back some throbbing in his head and then looked sideways at Thornton with questioningly raised eyebrows.

“You´re still feverish.” Pete continued firmly. “We need to keep you warm. I´ll be okay.”

MacGyver took the padded jacket with a single nod and slipped into it while Thornton got up. Pete cautiously pulled him to his feet, then bent down to pick up the crutch and handed it to MacGyver. He waited a moment until Mac had found a secure footing before he shouldered his backpack and also grabbed Mac´s. MacGyver automatically reached out for it, but Pete only eyed him probingly.

“No,” Thornton stated after a couple of seconds. “I´ll carry them both. You´ve got to use your energy for staying on your feet while we´re getting off this mountain.”

Mac puffed out a breath and quenched his sudden urge to argue. His boss was probably right.

“Alright,” Pete said when Mac didn´t answer. “You ready?”

“Yeah.” MacGyver drew in a deep breath. “Let´s go.”


Pete Thornton took the lead once again and was careful to pick a trail MacGyver would be able to follow while leaning on his crutch. The senior agent glanced back every now and then at his rookie, making sure he was okay. Pete was quite certain he shouldn´t classify Mac´s condition as ‘alright’ anymore, but the young man made every effort to appear as such. The remnants of his self-treatment had needed only a couple of minutes to fade once they´d been on the move again.

Well, at his age, I used to bounce back a lot easier as well, Pete mused with a little regret.

They had made good progress so far, but all of a sudden, MacGyver hissed his name from behind.

“Pete, take cover!” Mac whispered alarmed. “Now!”

Thornton froze with surprise for the blink of an eye but then hurried to drop behind a dense thicket. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw MacGyver hide next to a huge tree, pressing his back against its trunk. Pete looked up at him puzzled. He had no idea what the young man had noticed, what had triggered his alarms. MacGyver´s eyes met his after a second.

“Patrol!” he hissed. “Way above… to the right.”

Pete carefully turned behind the bushes and rose a little, just enough to glance in the direction Mac had indicated. It took a couple of moments for him to spot what had worried his rookie: Two of Moreno´s men, a lot higher up on the slope, both heavily armed and searching the area. Pete lowered himself again and turned to MacGyver.

“We gotta hide here and wait until they´re out of sight,” Pete suggested. “This thicket will conceal our presence.”

MacGyver seemed to consider his idea and glanced down to where he and Pete had to continue their way.

“It would, but we don´t have enough time left.” Mac shook his head. “We gotta cross relatively open terrain real soon… they can easily spot us from up there for quite a while.”

“We don´t have a lot of time left for any detours either,” Pete argued.

“I know.”

Mac glanced around the tree, up to Moreno´s goons. His expression had taken on that focused, concentrated look Pete had come to know by now. Thornton waited quietly for MacGyver´s idea to take form, yet at the same time, he was bewildered by how, in his weakened condition, the young man had still been vigilant enough to even notice Moreno´s patrol. Especially since those two were still quite far away and hardly audible at all.

MacGyver observed Moreno´s men for a couple of moments and then scanned the whole forest surrounding them. He compared his memories of this side of the mountain to what he saw. The outline of a plan grew in his head.

“We gotta split up.” he then stated out of the blue, without even looking at his boss.

Pete had just screwed the cap off his water canteen but froze baffled at MacGyver´s words.

“What?” he gasped exasperatedly. “We can´t!”

“You´ve got the camera and the films in your pack. Getting those out of here is our most important goal.” MacGyver continued low without taking his eyes off Moreno´s patrol. “You´re the one who can make it easier to the helicopter in time. I´m slowing you down.”

“Yes, the films are important.” Pete had to give him that. “But I am not going to…”

“They still don´t know about you even being here.” MacGyver cut him off. “We gotta use that. I can lure them away… keep them busy… and give you a better chance to reach the helicopter unseen… and safe.” Mac heard Pete draw in a sharp breath.

“How?” The senior agent asked perplexed after a second. “You´re in no condition to take on those two alone.”

“I´ll think of something.” MacGyver quickly brushed his question off, still concentrating upward.

“No!” Pete snapped after a beat. He was starting to get furious at the young man for not seeing how dangerous his plan was. “I am not going to leave you behind! This is nuts! You can´t just…”

“Pete!” MacGyver didn´t give him a chance to finish, but finally turned around and pinned the older man with an intense stare of his brown eyes. “You´re not leaving me behind! You´re taking the evidence to safety. Think about the hundreds and thousands of lives that could be saved if we can take down the arms dealer ring thanks to the information on the films. I´ll manage… and if I get delayed for some reason, just return with the helicopter to the same spot three hours later.”

Pete Thornton held MacGyver´s stare quietly for a couple of moments. Despite his battered condition, the young man´s dark eyes were full of energy and unwavering determination. Silently, Pete had to admit, he had a point… and he knew this forest quite well. Although Pete couldn´t imagine how it could be done, he was surprised to find himself trusting his rookie to come up with some diversion for Moreno´s men. But it worried Pete if he could do it without putting his life on the line once more.

Suddenly, Pete Thornton realized that he cared more about getting the young man out of here safe and alive than about completing their assignment and that his concern, once again, had caused him to get angry at MacGyver. Mac, on the other hand, still seemed to put the intel he´d gathered and the people who could be saved by putting it to good use first and foremost. And he seemed to trust Pete to keep it safe. The senior agent drew in a sharp breath and forced himself to quench his personal feelings. Inwardly, he chided himself for even allowing those kinds of emotions.

If he thought through it logically, MacGyver was right. They had a better chance of getting the information out of here if they split up. Still, he hated the idea of leaving Mac to deal with those goons alone. With no chance to help him.

MacGyver had watched Pete´s inner struggle silently for a few seconds and now glanced up at Moreno´s patrol over his shoulder. When he deemed it safe, he pushed himself off the tree and closed in on Pete. Protecting his wounded leg, Mac crouched down at his side and reached for his backpack.

“I know, you don´t like the idea,” Mac said low while he dug string and wire out of a side pocket of his pack. He was still thoroughly focused but his expression had softened when he looked up at Pete. “But I´ll be okay… my main concern is getting the films out of here.”

“Although you´re a sharp thinker and have got a remarkably bright mind …” Pete stated a bit frustrated. “You are also incredibly stubborn, you know that?”

Mac shot him a quick lopsided grin. “You´re not the first to tell me that,” he responded dryly.

“Alright.” Pete agreed to Mac´s plan with a deep sigh as he realized he had no chance to change his rookie´s mind. “I´ll do it. I´ll be there.” He reached for the revolver in his shoulder holster and offered it to MacGyver. “But at least take this one,” he said firmly. “You might have to defend yourself.”

MacGyver instantly froze and subconsciously drew back a little from the older man. His eyes locked on the gun in Pete´s hand.

“No, thanks,” he answered low after a beat. His expression had grown dark in the blink of an eye. “I´ll find another way to defend myself.”

“But you´ll probably need…” Thornton tried again but couldn´t finish.

“No, Pete!” Mac interrupted him sharply. “I don´t need those things.”

MacGyver´s intense reaction surprised Pete a little. He let his hand sink while he scrutinized the young man for a couple of seconds. He saw a mixture of pain, grief, and disgust flash in Mac´s dark eyes. Something terrible had to have happened in this young man´s past he didn´t know about… yet. Slowly, he stuffed the gun back into its holster.

“Someday…” Pete sighed. “I´d appreciate it if you told me the reason why you despise guns that much.”

MacGyver drew in a deep breath and squared his shoulders. For a moment, grief had the upper hand in his eyes before he hid his emotions under his determination.

“Someday,” he replied. “But let´s get out of here first.”

“Alright.” Pete nodded his agreement. “You seem like you already have a game plan.”

“An idea,” Mac answered with a glance toward Moreno´s men. “Nothing solid yet… but I´ll...”

“You´ll think of something.” Pete ended MacGyver´s sentence. “Right?”

Mac´s head snapped back to his partner with surprise. Their eyes met and slowly a mischievous grin crept onto the young man´s face.

“Right.” MacGyver stuffed the string and wire into his pants pocket. “May I borrow your knife?”

“Do you think it´ll still cut properly after you´ve heated the blade that much?” Pete raised his eyebrows inquiringly.

“It should do for what I´ve got in mind.” Mac´s grin widened a little when Pete handed over the knife. He also gathered his fishing pole from where it was strapped to the side of his backpack.

Pete watched with a mixture of curiosity and concern how the young man got to his feet again, adjusted his makeshift crutch, and gazed upward at the patrol.

“Give me a few minutes,” Mac said. “When you see them hurry off…”

“I leave.” Pete cut in.

“Be careful until you reach the valley floor,” Mac advised. “You won´t have a lot of cover until you´ve reached the dense forest growing there.”

“You be careful.” Pete retorted sharply as he grabbed MacGyver´s backpack and stood up. MacGyver´s gaze returned to Pete and their eyes locked for a long moment. Thornton noticed the sparkle in his rookie´s brown eyes. Is the young man really enjoying all this, Pete asked himself incredulously. His outward expression softened. “Good luck, MacGyver.”

“Thanks.” Mac nodded with a smile. “To you as well. See you at the clearing.” With that, he disappeared through the thicket.

Thornton slowly let out a deep breath once MacGyver was gone. The young man´s stamina and steadfast dedication to completing his assignment – no matter what the cost may be – at the same time fascinated and worried Pete. Despite his outward nonchalance, Pete didn´t doubt that Mac was aware he was putting himself in a life-threatening situation – once again. The rookie´s willingness to face that danger, to put his life on the line for the greater good impressed the senior agent. He only hoped that Mac wouldn´t push his limits too far and remain lucky – once more.
The stuff is already there. I just find a different way to use it.
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Re: Starting Point - a MacGyver FanFiction

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wow what an emotional chapter the cauterizing the wounds took me back to the episode "to be a man" in season 1 except this time he was doing it himself ouch!!
macs determination is always surprising and there rust in each other is pretty strong even now incredible friendship
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Re: Starting Point - a MacGyver FanFiction

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ergomac23 wrote: Sun Jun 11, 2023 9:43 am wow what an emotional chapter the cauterizing the wounds took me back to the episode "to be a man" in season 1 except this time he was doing it himself ouch!!
macs determination is always surprising and there rust in each other is pretty strong even now incredible friendship
Yep, I always thought his reaction to Ziva telling him 'It has to be cauterized' in 'To Be A Man' was very 'low-key' - as if he already knew what awaited him. Also because you can see the fear in his eyes once she approaches him with the glowing iron...

And yes, their trust in each other is growing... ;)
The stuff is already there. I just find a different way to use it.
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Re: Starting Point - a MacGyver FanFiction

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Wow - really super enjoying this bluegirl!!! :D :D :D

So like Mac to put himself in danger again by sending Pete to the helicopter pick-up with the films as a priority whilst he distracts the bad guys.......can't wait to see how it plays out....

8-) 8-)
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Re: Starting Point - a MacGyver FanFiction

Post by bluegirl »

JB5 wrote: Sun Jun 11, 2023 6:16 pm Wow - really super enjoying this bluegirl!!! :D :D :D

So like Mac to put himself in danger again by sending Pete to the helicopter pick-up with the films as a priority whilst he distracts the bad guys.......can't wait to see how it plays out....

8-) 8-)
So glad you like it! 8-) 8-) Unfortunately, there´s only little feedback this time, so I´m very grateful for every bit of it! :D

But I´m sorry, you´re going to have to wait until next week to find out how (or if) this 'plays out'... Wouldn´t be a true MacGyver-like adventure without some trouble on the way home, right? ;) :roll: :o
The stuff is already there. I just find a different way to use it.
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Re: Starting Point - a MacGyver FanFiction

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Hello Bluegirl
:o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o WOW
Even if I don´t leave a comment after every part, I can assure you that I read everything. Some passages even twice.
I´m always amazed by the stories and your talent.
Thank you for sharing both with us.
Eagerly waiting for the next part.

From Monika with love
"As long as I always think of you and wish me somethings which I think is unattainable, there is no reason to be hurt by others."
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Re: Starting Point - a MacGyver FanFiction

Post by bluegirl »

Monika wrote: Sun Jun 11, 2023 8:14 pm Hello Bluegirl
:o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o WOW
Even if I don´t leave a comment after every part, I can assure you that I read everything. Some passages even twice.
I´m always amazed by the stories and your talent.
Thank you for sharing both with us.
Eagerly waiting for the next part.

From Monika with love
Thank you so much! 8-) :D 8-)

But please... leave comments, share your feedback - the more detailed, the better! The more insight I get about what my readers think about my stories, the better those stories will get!
The stuff is already there. I just find a different way to use it.
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Re: Starting Point - a MacGyver FanFiction

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bluegirl wrote: Sun Jun 11, 2023 2:48 pm
ergomac23 wrote: Sun Jun 11, 2023 9:43 am wow what an emotional chapter the cauterizing the wounds took me back to the episode "to be a man" in season 1 except this time he was doing it himself ouch!!
macs determination is always surprising and there rust in each other is pretty strong even now incredible friendship
Yep, I always thought his reaction to Ziva telling him 'It has to be cauterized' in 'To Be A Man' was very 'low-key' - as if he already knew what awaited him. Also because you can see the fear in his eyes once she approaches him with the glowing iron...

And yes, their trust in each other is growing... ;)
true his reaction to Zia did seem subdued at first so makes sense he had been through it before 🤔
also in your story he didn't bite on anything as he was cauterizing his wounded leg :? like he did in to be a man that stick that Zia gave him
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Re: Starting Point - a MacGyver FanFiction

Post by bluegirl »

ergomac23 wrote: Mon Jun 12, 2023 9:32 am
bluegirl wrote: Sun Jun 11, 2023 2:48 pm
ergomac23 wrote: Sun Jun 11, 2023 9:43 am wow what an emotional chapter the cauterizing the wounds took me back to the episode "to be a man" in season 1 except this time he was doing it himself ouch!!
macs determination is always surprising and there rust in each other is pretty strong even now incredible friendship
Yep, I always thought his reaction to Ziva telling him 'It has to be cauterized' in 'To Be A Man' was very 'low-key' - as if he already knew what awaited him. Also because you can see the fear in his eyes once she approaches him with the glowing iron...

And yes, their trust in each other is growing... ;)
true his reaction to Zia did seem subdued at first so makes sense he had been through it before 🤔
also in your story he didn't bite on anything as he was cauterizing his wounded leg :? like he did in to be a man that stick that Zia gave him
Well, that gunshot wound supposedly was more severe and went a lot deeper than the tears caused by a wooden branch :roll:
The stuff is already there. I just find a different way to use it.
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