Paris Manga 3.4 December 2022

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Re: Paris Manga 3.4 December 2022

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Glad you folks got to see Richard and Amanda, and that they were so wonderful in person. Sorry to hear about the bad organisation, seems it's all about the money these days, not the stars meeting their fans, as one of you said, Richard was annoyed about fans having to leave disappointed. I haven't been to a convention in many years, and don't think I could afford it now either! Happy Christmas to all here, and a bright and Happy New Year!
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Re: Paris Manga 3.4 December 2022

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Hello! Didn't have time to post any remark or feeling about Paris Manga.
As everyone knows now, there was... NO organization and I felt bad for Richard first and then for Amanda ( sorry, Mrs Tapping, my heart belongs to Richard/Mac/Jack-s- ;) .
What I remember was the cold of the first day and the stifling heat the 2nd day.... :shock:
I remember too that on the scene, the host (the same one who said they had never made as many admissions as with Richard at Paris Manga in 2018 - which lasted only one day, that he was their "best-seller"...) said to the mike, watching Richard "we’ll let him sleep" ....What a lack of consideration and politeness!
Sometimes ( in fact very often) I feel sorry to be French...For several reasons... We aren't known for being multilingual people but having a so called interpreter who didn't translate more than 2 words :oops:
Interpreter who told me at least 3 times each day at the autographs ( she was sitting next to Richard )" we don't have time, m'am, please go, please go out, please we don't have time..." Sorry, girl, I had 2 autographs each day, so please, leave Richard signs I was about to tell her but... Richard himself told her, then, each time, and from the corner of his eye obviously withholding his annoyance, could you speak less loudly and be polite, we are talking with Madame and that doesn't prevent me from signing....... I was lucky enough to be on the first people each time and had everyhing, included the 5 photographies ( including one shared with Karine ;) ) but I must say that Paris Manga all included was my Christmas gift from my family and I enjoyed it so much, despite all the inconvenients. I have to say too that the poor staff members didn't know themselves what to do, where to go, where to send people and so on... May be they didn't have a meeting before to know all that... But they were very helpful with tired people, bringing chairs. But effectively, they didn't speak English or any other language for most of them... At the M&G - 15 mns....^^- , the famous interpreter as Karine wrote, was only there to tell Richard it's time, it's time... . I was at Stuttgart Convention in 2019 with some of you and frankly, despite the broken air-conditioning ( around 40° there.... :shock: ) I don't have any memory about such a bad organization it was in Paris. In 2018, as wrote a fan here, Richard stayed until 10 pm to sign autographs but people who had to go the same evening didn't get theirs... FYI the Stuttgart M&G lasted around one hour with selfies with Richard or pics taken by the waiter because, yes, we had some drinks and small snacks included in the M&G price... In Toulouse ( 2016 ) M&G lasted 30 minutes and we had snacks and drinks too. Same in Lyon. Paris, take example!!!!!
Hopefully, we met other fans, well-known or not at all, just by their name sometimes and it was really nice. I will remember the smile, the kindness, the happiness of Richard who was apparently delighted to see his fans and recognized some of us, as usual and the disponibility and smile of Amanda that I met for the first time. I just saw her closer at the autographs but listened to her speaking to her fans.
I’m sure we all still have stars in our eyes ;)
By the way, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2023 to everybody!
Life is too short not to have fun. My way of life! :D
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