hi....new here....

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Are you new? Say hello!

Post by MacBeth »

I just realized we don't have a new "Getting to know you" thread yet!

Are you new to the forum? Say hello! Are you an old hand? It's a new forum, say hello anyway! 8-)
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Re: Are you new? Say hello!

Post by Mac/Jack#1fan »

Haha, I'm in the "not new" category, but I'll just say hello anyway. Like you said, its a new forum :D

So, hello to everyone! Hi all the friends that came over from the old forum, and a hello and welcome to all new friends :D
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Re: Are you new? Say hello!

Post by cmbj67 »

Hello everybody. It's good to talk to people from all over the world. ;)

And welcome to all new members :D
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Re: Are you new? Say hello!

Post by PamK1950 »

Well I'm not that old or new, so I guess I'm a middler.
Anyway to all the newbies, welcome to the family. ♥ ♥ ♥
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Re: Are you new? Say hello!

Post by Annelies »

Hi there, I'm old and new, and just love to have a new forum!! So glad to see many friends back in the new forum and glad to see new people here to, WELCOME!!!!
Lots of love,


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Re: Are you new? Say hello!

Post by tvero80 »

Actually if you go to the old forum you'll see I'm the latest registered (registered on March 24, n°1940).

So I'm new here although I was a 'guest' for years .

So hello everyone .I'm French and you may guess my first name thanks to my username !!!
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Re: Are you new? Say hello!

Post by Jediferret »

I'm newer-ish. LOL

I was on the other forum for about a year. :D Anyway, HI! For those who don't know me, I'm Katie (aka Jediferret). *waves*
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A "Hello" from Switzerland - Es Grüezi us dr Schwiiz.

Post by Alexandra »


I'm new - but read for a long time with. I love especially the photos of Rick.

My name is Alexandra and I am 43 years old. I work in a lab, make chemical emergency and fire department and I am Transporthelfer (job in the rescue). I have 3 cats and 4 budgies and fishes. I've got a small garden and love to dig in the earth.

I watched MacGyver on TV for the first time in the summer of 2011. Then wanted to know how the actor currently looks like and looked on the Internet. And well ... since I like Rick. I know only a few episodes Stargate and of MacGyver two seasons. But I know Fairly Legal and Raising Hope.
Unfortunately, I could never meet him in real life. I want to get to know him in any case. Hug him and tell him what a wonderful man he is. I think he looks very sexy. Did I reveal too much? :oops:

My mother tongue is Swiss German. My English is catastrophic and I often have to take a dictionary to post or to read in this forum. Otherwise, I'm learning Spanish at the time... and English in this forum. :D

This is me ... any questions? Let's have it.

En liebe Gruess - A dear greeting
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Re: Are you new? Say hello!

Post by Caty »

Hi to the newbies and hi to all my friends here, old and new Image

I guess I'm a middler, too. Not so long in the forum but it has been a few years already.
I never get tired of watching Rick in any kind of tv show like MacGyver, Stargate or anything else.
And I also never get tired of talking, actually writing, and reading about him or watching the photos and searching for new photos.

I confess, I'm a RDA-fan through and through Image
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Re: Are you new? Say hello!

Post by marthig »

OK so since it's not yet a year since I subscribed to the old forum I guess I am as some have already said a "newbie-ish" so hello to all dear Rick fans old and new, big hug to all :D
Simply Martha :D
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