Point of no Return - A MacGyver FanFiction

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Point of no Return - A MacGyver FanFiction

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Hello everyone!

I´m back! As I announced a week ago at the end of Breaking Point, the new story is written and ready (well, most of it, part 1 is ready - I´m still fine tuning the rest). Thanks to 'the virus' and the shutdown in Austria it didn´t take 15 years to finish it. I had a lot of spare time... I had the internet and google Earth for research, I had some loose ends left at the end of Breaking Point, and I had the encouragement and support of uniquelyjas (Yay!!! Thanks!!!). :D So, this is the sequel to Breaking Point... (for all those who haven´t read Breaking Point, I suggest you do before staring out with this one)

I rated it 'R' because of references to what happened in Breaking Point, although nothing like it will be going on in this one... just to make sure, everyone is warned. I also warn you, that the parts will be quite uneven in length, but the flow of the story demanded that...

I plan to post a new part every two or three days. I hope you´ll enjoy and I´m looking forward to your feedback.

This story picks up about two months later...
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Re: Point of no Return - A MacGyver FanFiction

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Part 1


Just the low gurgle of the ripples the wind made on the water of the lake below the small pier. Only an occasional bird singing. The same wind rustling through the trees softly. All natural sounds. Nothing man-made.

Weeks ago the stillness had felt threatening to MacGyver. Through his brutal confinement the silence had been his cellmate. It had been there when he had been waiting for the next round of his torture. It had been there when he had tried to recover from the pain. It had been there through his recovery in the Phoenix underground infirmary, when he had believed that Pete Thornton had turned against him and he had killed Pete in his attempt to survive. Mac´s thoughts and his emotions had been roaring inside, but he had been forced to remain silent outside. Physically rescued from the torture, he had still been imprisoned emotionally.

Only after Willis and Pete had confronted him with the truth about the betrayal the silence had lessened. The incarceration had faded.

Talking to Dr. Beattie had helped him, taking down and arresting his torturer with Pete´s help had taken away much of the pressure. But even through his second stay in the infirmary, while he had been recovering from the stabbing wound and the broken ribs, he had felt the urge to withdraw and keep his distance.

Most of all from Pete, as Mac hadn´t been able to push back some of the feelings the torture had left him with. He felt guilty for not recognizing the betrayal, for not being able to work his own way out of it. At times Mac had still felt uncomfortable with his best friend around and physically close. With the help of Dr. Beattie MacGyver had worked hard on those feelings, knowing very well that Pete didn´t deserve them. He had been well aware of hurting Pete every time he had pulled back in some conditioned fearful response.

The silence had become a comfortable and comforting companion by then – able and aiding in suppressing the painful memories.

At some point, soon after Dr. Thompson had released him out of his medical care, everything had gotten too overwhelming. Pete had tried his best to be helpful, to be there whenever Mac needed him. But it had been too much. Pete had been too omnipresent, too protective, and too close. Mac hadn´t had the strength to tell him.

As soon as Dr. Thompson had permitted it – about five weeks after the showdown in Willis´ apartment – MacGyver had retreated to Pete´s cabin. Pete had been a little surprised at Mac´s request, but had on the spot allowed Mac to use it and stay there as long as he needed to.

Now MacGyver was sitting on the small pier behind the cabin, leaning against a wooden box, quite similar to what he had been doing after Mike´s accidental death. He was grateful that Pete had had the cabin rebuilt after Murdoc had burned it down. He was looking silently looking over the lake, still trying to sort through his thoughts and emotions. Now Mac was seeking the quiet solitude, hoping it would help him clear his troubled emotions. He needed to be away from everyone and everything.

He had not been able to really relax and recover at home in Los Angeles. Too much had reminded him of the past events. He had tried to distract his mind in assisting Willis with his lab work on his environmental studies.

But still, the terrifying memories had haunted him.

Up here, he had found silence. He had spent his days fishing, paddling around the lake and hiking, striving to get his hurt and weakened body back in shape. Dr. Thompson had been satisfied with the last x-rays of his broken ribs about three weeks ago, just before Mac had left for the cabin. He had allowed Mac to start his physical training, yet had warned him to remain mindful of his healing injuries, insisting that that he needed to take it easy for a few more weeks.

Exercising his body had helped MacGyver to clear his mind, at least as long as the exhaustion afterwards had lasted. He had started to get some contentment from the exertion and the emptiness thereafter. However the memories had returned after a few days on the quiet evenings; the nightmares had returned in his sleep.

Thanks to all the counseling sessions with Dr. Beattie, Mac was able to cope with it; he was able to stay in control of his emotions, the memories, the flashbacks – most of the time, he had to admit.

Very early this morning he had bolted out of his sleep covered with sweat and gasping with fear. He had found absolutely no way of calming himself down and getting back to sleep, so he had given in and settled outside on the pier, watching nature awakening slowly. It was almost midday by now. MacGyver had not moved since the morning when he´d seated himself leaning against the box.

Gazing over the lake and the woods he felt torn inside. Even though he knew that it had been a mask and a double, Pete´s face was still there in his terrifying memories. It still made his skin crawl and the hair at the back of his neck stand on end. At the same time he longed for the comfort and stabilizing support his closest friend could provide. Pete had been his mentor and almost fatherly and protective friend for so many years. They knew each other so well.

MacGyver was perfectly aware that the situation was – from a different point of view – equally difficult, trying and distressing for Pete. That was why he had put up his calm façade again and withdrawn from him. Mac wanted to protect Pete; he wanted to keep him from witnessing too much of his suffering and the troubled emotions he was dealing with. He didn´t want to cause Pete to worry too much; he didn´t want to hurt Pete with his reactions.

But Mac felt mentally and emotionally exhausted by now. He had spent hours in trying to calm himself after the disturbing nightmare and was still shaken.

Sitting there, watching the birds pass over him and the lake, MacGyver started to doubt his decision about the solitary retreat. He wasn´t so sure anymore, if getting away from all his friends and his work had really helped him improve his condition mentally. All of them had accepted his need to be alone and come up here. None of them had tried to visit or to intrude.

Mac had longed for withdrawal when he had come to the cabin almost three weeks ago. However over the last hours it seemed as if the comfortable solitude had probably turned into straining loneliness. With all this thoughts circling in his mind, MacGyver pulled himself together and slowly stood up. He had to get down to Ellard´s store anyway. He was running out of supplies.

How about using it as a test? Let´s see how I do around human beings again? Let´s see how I´ll feel…? Let´s see if I can control the fear…

With newly found resolve MacGyver went into the cabin, changed into fresh clothes and picked up his wallet and the keys for his Jeep. On his way to the Jeep and driving the winding road down to Ellard´s store he mentally made up a list of what he needed to get. Mac was looking forward to some fresh fruits and vegetables. After more than two weeks he had gotten tired of eating fish most of the time.

As expected Ellard was on the phone when Mac arrived there and entered the store, but he interrupted the conversation to welcome Mac as soon as he noticed him. MacGyver only waved back at him, signaling that he would pick up his goods on his own and Ellard could carry on with his phone call.

Mac wasn´t the only customer. Some of the locals were around, as the store had always been kind of a social meeting point. Mac barely knew them, but he managed to stay calm and relaxed while he collected his supplies. He just nodded his greeting at them when he returned to Ellard´s counter a few minutes later.

Ellard had just rung off the phone and greeted MacGyver again with a broad smile.

“MacGyver! Haven´t seen you for a long time! I was getting worried, that you might have turned into a hermit maintaining himself only on fish.” he teased.

Mac had to roll his eyes, pulled a theatrical grimace and sighed. He had told Ellard nothing about the reasons for his stay when he had arrived almost three weeks ago.

“To be honest, this hermit is getting tired of fish.” he played along with Ellard´s joke. “So I decided to return briefly to civilization to get something different for a change.”

He gestured to the goods Ellard was already packing into paper bags. After a small chat Mac paid for his supplies and wanted to pick up the bags, when Ellard suddenly turned serious. He looked directly into Mac´s brown eyes.

“Are you all right, MacGyver?” he asked. “I do remember the last time you´ve been keeping to yourself for that long. If there´s anything I can do…” His voice trailed off as he saw MacGyver´s baffled gaze.

MacGyver had to swallow hard, but then straightened himself. Ellard was an old, experienced man. Mac should have known, that he might well notice that something was off with him.

“I´ll be all right.” he replied. “I just needed some time to think. I have to sort out some things with myself. Nothing to be worried about.”

He tried to smile convincingly, but could see that Ellard wasn´t buying it. Mac decided to change the topic.

“So, I almost forgot to ask, Ellard… Did anyone leave a message for me?” he asked innocently.

Ellard only shook his head. His gaze didn´t leave Mac.

“No one.”

Only a moment later the telephone rang. Relieved by the interruption, MacGyver picked up his bags, but when Ellard didn´t react to the phone, he paused. Mac´s forged smile was gone.

“Thanks, Ellard… for everything.” he said. “No need to keep your friend waiting. I´ll see you soon.”

When Ellard just nodded silently, Mac turned, left the store and walked straight to his Jeep. He stored the bags on the passenger seat and took off to Pete´s cabin again.

So much for the test, he thought while driving. Maybe Pete has asked him to keep an eye on me…

MacGyver still wasn´t sure if he liked that thought, when he parked his Jeep close to the trail to the cabin. He got out, walked around to the other side of the car, and just as he opened the door to retrieve his supplies, he got a glance at his canvas bag, tucked away behind the front seat.

Mac froze.

He had somehow forgotten that he had taken it along over the last two and a half weeks. He had tried not to think about the files it contained. It had taken some serious persuading, but Willis had finally, yet reluctantly provided him with copies of everything concerning the past events. All they knew so far about the Asian crime syndicate, all about the guys involved, all about the camp and the evidence from there, even his own medical reports.

All the pictures, all the maps, all the lab reports. The whole story was there. And so were the questions left unanswered. They still had no clue to what project they had been after; they still didn´t know who had been behind this and why.

Mac stood silent and paralyzed for moments at the open door of his Jeep, staring at his messenger bag. At first sight it had felt like a threat, but the longer he looked at it, it started feeling like a solution. Maybe this was his way out. He had to pick up the pieces, put them together and solve the puzzle. Maybe he would find a way to pick up his own pieces and fix himself along the way as well.

MacGyver took a deep breath, reached out for the bag and took it with him to the cabin together with his grocery bags. With this new goal and new energy found, Mac spent most of the afternoon straightening up the cabin. When he was done, he reached for one of the fresh apples, he had bought at Ellard´s. It felt like a treat. Then, after another probing look at the now clear table, Mac set his canvas bag down on it and opened it up.


Hours had passed until MacGyver got up and walked out of the cabin and on to the pier. The sun had set some time ago behind the mountains, and the air was cool and crisp. He stood silent, looking into the darkness over the lake and the valley.

Digging into the files, the reports and the pictures had brought back all his carefully repressed memories to the surface. Some of it had sent his heart pounding again, had reminded him of the pain, the fear and the desperation he had been forced to go through. Especially the photos of the evidence from the camp and of himself, taken right after Willis and Pete had rescued and recovered him from the forest had been most unsettling.

Sighing, Mac adjusted his gaze to the direction where the mountain camp was located, some miles away in a neighboring valley. He had debated with himself over hiking to it in the last two weeks. It would have been a two day tour with a nightly stay in the woods. No big deal. Now, after reading all the reports, he decided against it. The forensics had gone over it with a fine comb; he had been there once together with Pete. There was no point in seeing it again.

MacGyver knew he had to take a different approach to the whole case. He focused on the questions left without an answer. He wouldn´t find any new clues at the camp or up here. He wouldn´t find any conclusion or closure at the cabin.

Only silence.

He had to get back. He had to return to the Phoenix Foundation and his friends. He had to return to work and solve this puzzle. It was the only way of putting his demons to rest and of getting back his life and his real self.

MacGyver turned, went back into the cabin and stopped at the table. It was covered with spread out pictures, open folders and reports. After a long last look at them, he gathered all the papers and files back into his bag, and then packed all his stuff together. He would get a few hours of sleep and then leave for the drive back to Las Angeles early in the morning.


It was the early morning two days later as MacGyver entered the Phoenix Foundation´s main building and headed straight up to Pete´s office.

He had arrived at his houseboat around midday yesterday and had taken some time to settle in. He had checked his email account and spent the rest of the day and half the night going through the files again. Just to make sure he hadn´t overlooked anything…

Helen greeted him with a broad smile as he passed through Pete´s front office. MacGyver stopped at Pete´s half open door and knocked on the doorframe.

“Good morning, Pete!”

Pete was sitting at his desk, deeply concentrating on some papers, but his face instantly lightened up, as he heard Mac´s greeting, looked up and saw him standing at the door.

“MacGyver! You´re back.” He waved Mac to his desk. “I am glad to see you… I was starting to get worried after all this time.” he continued, while Mac dropped into one of the chairs across the desk.

“You don´t need to be.” Mac replied with a little smile. “I´m all right. I just needed some time to think.”

MacGyver suddenly realized that his emotions towards Pete were still torn. He had been looking forward to seeing his best friend, but now, being close to him, the dreaded unease was back. The painful memories flashed back into his mind. Mac was determined not to let his inner fears show.

“Well, you look a lot better physically.” Pete observed. “You´ve been at my cabin for quite some time… Has the seclusion served you well? How are you feeling?”

Mac´s face grew serious. He took a deep breath before answering.

“I´ll be okay.” he reassured Pete. “It gave me time for some physical training, and I managed to straighten out some things in my head.”

Pete nodded.

“So, what´s your plan?”

Mac raised a surprised eyebrow.

“My plan? What makes you think, I´ve got a plan?”

“Mac, you´ve isolated yourself for almost three weeks.” Pete smiled at MacGyver. “Now you´re sitting here and seem focused. Do you want me to believe, you did return without a purpose?”

Mac remained silent for a moment; his eyes were fixed on Pete´s desk. Pete knew him way too well not to notice his slight unease.

“I want to get back to work.” Mac said flatly.

Pete sighed.

“I´m relieved to hear that and it´s fine with me, but…”

“I need to go after the syndicate.” Mac cut his friend off with a low voice, now looking directly at him.

For seconds a tense silence hung in the room before Pete spoke out again, leaning forward on his desk.

“Are you serious? Mac, there´s a whole team assigned to and working on the case. We haven´t sat back and waited while you were recovering and then in retreat. You don´t have to..”

“I am, Pete… and I have to.” Mac´s voice was even now low, but firm. “I have to know who was behind all this. I have to know what they were after and why. It´s the only way, how I will find some closure. I have to be a part of it. I need to solve this puzzle.”

Pete sat back in his chair and eyed his friend probingly. MacGyver looked focused and determined on the outside, but Pete could feel that he wasn´t quite as calm underneath his façade. Mac held his gaze.

“Is Willis still in charge?” Mac asked. “Is he still managing the research for this case?”

Pete nodded.

“He is using one of the computer labs in this building. He can brief you with the latest information.” He knew there was almost no way of holding MacGyver back when he had set his mind on doing something. He could only try to oblige him to take it easy for some time.

“Then I´ll better talk to him.” Mac replied. “Thanks, Pete.” He got up and was about to turn and leave, but Pete´s voice held him back.

“MacGyver, I can´t let you go out on your own. Not yet.”

Mac was stunned for a moment. Then he got upset.

“What…? Why…? What´s the problem with me?” he asked sharply.

“No problem, Mac.” Pete was striving to remain calm at Mac intense reaction. “But there´s Phoenix protocol to follow. You know that.”

“What protocol?” MacGyver was too focused on getting back to work on the case to understand what Pete was talking about.

“The medical checks. You´ve been injured.” Pete stated. “Your doctors have to declare you fit for field duty again. Get yourself appointments with Dr. Thompson and Dr. Beattie. If they are satisfied, then I can clear your status.”

Mac nodded. His sudden anger faded. Sure. Somehow he had completely forgotten about or suppressed the need to get the doctors okay.

“I will.”

He turned and went towards the door when Pete´s voice stopped him again.


Mac paused at the doorframe to look back at Pete. He had stood up behind his desk and smiled.

“It´s good to have you back.”

Mac returned the smile.

“It´s good to be back, Pete.”


Willis´ welcome was evenly surprised and heartfelt as Pete´s had been. MacGyver had headed straight to the computer labs from Pete´s office. Getting up to date on the case seemed more important to him than setting up appointments with the doctors.

“So, Mac, what can I do for you?” Willis asked. “What has Pete sent you out to do, now that you´re back?”

“Nothing yet.” Mac replied. “I need to get the doctors okay first.”

“Sure.” Willis nodded. “Are you feeling ready for work?”

Mac sighed and paused for a moment.

“I think so… That´s why I´m here. I need the latest information on the syndicate. What have you found out while I was away?”

Now it was Willis´ turn to remain silent for a few seconds. Then he got up and retrieved three folders from a nearby shelf before sitting down next to MacGyver again. He sighed as he set down the folders on the desk next to the computer.

“Mac, there´s a whole task force joined with the DXS working on this.” he told his friend. “Has Pete agreed with you being a part of it? You don´t need to…”

Mac raised his hand to cut him off.

“I do, Willis.” he said firmly. “I´ve been through that with Pete. I have to be a part of it.” He gestured at the folders. “Now, what have you got?”

Willis hesitated briefly, but then gave in. If Pete Thornton had given his okay…

“I guess you´re familiar with all the files I handed you before you left?”

“I´ve read through everything.” Mac nodded. “But it left some unanswered questions. Like why were they after Phoenix Research? And who was or is behind all this?”

“We´re no further on the why.” Willis admitted. “But we´ve made some progress on the who…” He opened up a folder and handed it to MacGyver. It contained a detailed dossier on Dan Ni Chen. “With him in custody, all the three letter agencies were finally willing to help and shared their information.” Willis continued while Mac flipped through the pages.

“Wow. He has quite an impressive record of being suspected but not being caught.” Mac puffed out a deep breath he´d been holding.

Willis picked up another folder and laid it open on the desk in front of MacGyver.

“So has his syndicate. He has quite a top position, yet there are others beside him.”

Mac leaned forward to go over the information.

“They are only into high-tech stuff as it seems.” he stated. “Phoenix Research would be a valuable target for them. But what project were they after?”

“We don´t know.” Willis shook his head. “None of the two, neither Chen, nor his guard have answered any questions during interrogation.”

MacGyver sat back and thought about what he´d seen and heard silently for a few moments. Then he looked at the third folder still lying closed on the desk.

“What´s in there?”

“Only some addresses, locations and plans of property and land ownership we were able to tie to the syndicate.” Willis shrugged. “Nothing helpful so far. Everything perfectly legal. The mountain camp of course, a business building and a warehouse in the harbor district and a house with some acres of land south of Big Sur.”

MacGyver picked up the folder and went through the pages. His mind started automatically considering possibilities and ways to get in and out of the properties and buildings as he looked at the blueprints.

“Can I keep those?” he asked after a few minutes.

“I can get you copies.” Willis replied. “They should be ready for you in about one hour.”

“No need to hurry…” Mac nodded. “I´ll be back in the afternoon. I´ll try to get my doctors okay in the meantime. Thanks, Willis.”

He got up and left for his own office. Soon after arriving there he had fixed appointments both with Dr. Thompson and Dr. Beattie. Until he had to leave for the one with Dr. Thompson he sat alone at his desk, recalling what Willis had shown him and considering what might be his next steps.


Meeting Dr Thompson in the lab complex hadn´t been much of a problem. The doctor had taken another x-ray of his ribs and even had made an ultrasound examination to be sure the ribs and the stabbing wound had healed thoroughly. The physical check of MacGyver´s whole body had also included a cardiovascular test on a treadmill.

In the end Dr. Thompson had smiled relieved and had told Mac that he was impressed by his swift improvement of condition, had declared him fit for duty and had advised him not to return into his care any time soon. He would send his report to Pete Thornton immediately.

On his way back to the Phoenix headquarters MacGyver decided to pay a visit to Chen at the prison tomorrow morning. His appointment with Dr. Beattie was scheduled for the afternoon, which left enough time for the drive to the high security prison just outside of Los Angeles.

Things were different now, Mac thought. Maybe I can get some answers, where anyone else didn´t.

The stuff is already there. I just find a different way to use it.
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Re: Point of no Return - A MacGyver FanFiction

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Glad you and your stories are back!

Great beginning....of course I am hooked and will be waiting on pins and needles for the next chapter...... :D :D :D
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Re: Point of no Return - A MacGyver FanFiction

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As for the pins and needles - welcome to another rollercoaster read... :roll:
The stuff is already there. I just find a different way to use it.
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Re: Point of no Return - A MacGyver FanFiction

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Thank you , bluegirl !!! Love your stories .
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Re: Point of no Return - A MacGyver FanFiction

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Part 2

When MacGyver arrived at the state prison on the next morning, he remained sitting in his Jeep for a few minutes and kept staring at the visitor´s entrance.

After he had picked up his copies of the files from Willis yesterday, he had set up his visit to Chen via telephone with the prison´s officials from his own office. He had then returned to his houseboat and gone over every detail of the files, absorbing all the new information. Seeing Chen and asking some serious questions had seemed like a good idea last evening.

Right now, he wasn´t so sure about it.

The prospect of once more confronting this man, even though Mac knew Chen wasn´t able to harm him anymore, still sent his heart pounding and made his adrenaline flow. The frightening memories came back to his mind.

Have I really thought, I´m over and done with it, he asked himself. I should have known better. Mac took a deep breath and pulled himself together. Come on, MacGyver, If you think you´re ready to get back to work, you gotta be able to do this, he chided himself mentally.

He puffed out a breath, got out of the car and walked inside the prison through the door of the visitor´s entrance. The guards behind the window eyed him probingly, but also greeted him instantly. Mac nodded at them and returned the greeting.

“Good morning. Name´s MacGyver. I´ve announced my visit. I am here to talk to Dan Ni Chen.” He showed his Phoenix identity card.

One of the guards checked a list and then nodded to his colleague. The second guard waved MacGyver through the next door and conducted the usual security check-up. Mac had to leave his Swiss army knife with the guards at the entrance before he was allowed to proceed to the rooms where the visits could take place. MacGyver had to wait for a few minutes until another guard led him to one of the rooms.

“The rooms have video, but no audio surveillance.” the guard told him. “Do you need assistance, or do you want to talk to him alone?”

MacGyver took a deep breath.

“I´ll be fine on my own, thank you.” he replied.

“I had to ask, sorry.” the guard explained. “It´s not very common for the victim to meet the accused in prison.”

“I´m also part of the investigation team.” Mac held his gaze calmly.

The guard nodded.

“Just knock on the door, if you need anything. I´ll be right outside.”

With that he opened the door to the room for MacGyver. Mac hesitated for the blink of an eye before he entered the room and heard the door close behind himself. His concentration and all his senses narrowed to the table in the middle of the room and the man sitting chained to it on the other side. The sight instantly sent a shiver down his spine, but he was determined not to let it show.

Chen looked up at him. The bright orange color of the prison clothing and the cuffs and chains fixed to the table did change his appearance, however MacGyver´s mind instantly filled with scary and anguished memories at the sight of his face. For a brief moment Chen seemed to be surprised, when he saw MacGyver, but then a satisfied grin broadened on his face.

“MacGyver! At last.” he welcomed Mac. “I knew you would come to see me. Have a seat.”

MacGyver´s thought´s ran wild. Slowly he sat down on the chair opposite to Chen.

“It seems you have recovered well.” Chen continued. “What can I do for you?”

Mac had a hard time controlling and pushing back his memories and emotions and instead focusing on why he had come here. He needed answers. He had to gain control of the conversation. Fast.

“I´m fine.” he replied to Chen. “I´m here because I´ve got some questions for you.”

“Questions?” Chen chuckled. “Why should I answer any of them? What have you got to offer?”

“That depends on your cooperation…” Mac took a deep breath and tried to put some pressure on Chen. “Why were you after Phoenix research? What project were you assigned to steal?”

Chen´s grin grew even wider.

“Cooperation?” he asked slowly after a few moments of silence. “Your means of encouraging cooperation are not quite as convincing as the ones I am used to.”

MacGyver felt the hair on the back of his neck stand on end with Chen´s subliminal hint. He had to think faster. Time for a bluff. Hopefully Chen would buy it.

“That´s possible.” Mac answered. “I guess the heads of your syndicate would do more than just convince you. So would their customers.” He paused to observe Chen´s reaction to his attempted threat.

Chen´s smiling poker face stayed in place.

“So? I´m in here, have you forgotten that? How could they reach me?”

Mac knew he had to raise the stakes. He also knew that Chen certainly had some way to contact his syndicate men outside the prison, and so would they.

“We might move you to another, less secured prison.” he suggested. “We might let get word out on the streets on where you are – I´m sure they know you have failed your assignment…”

Chen remained silent. His smile turned stone cold. After a few moments he laughed briefly.

“You would be willing to put me in the risk of getting killed, if I don´t answer your questions?”

Now it was MacGyver´s turn to keep up his poker face and wait. Another tense silence hung in the room for endless seconds. Then Chen leaned back in his chair as far as the chains would allow him.

“Nice try, Mr. MacGyver.” he said. “But my information on you is quite thorough. Even after all that happened, you would never do that. You´ll always follow proper legal procedures… You´re bluffing.”

His voice sounded cold and controlled as it had been back on that mountain. MacGyver couldn´t help it. He suddenly felt trapped again, yet tried desperately to stay calm and hold Chen´s gaze.

“I won´t answer any of your questions.” Chen continued. “But I appreciate your visit. I was a pleasure meeting you again. It did give me a good impression of what I have accomplished. Now I know that I still own your mind.”

MacGyver felt another shiver running down his spine, yet managed to remain quiet on the outside.

“I guess you know how to contact me, if you should change your mind.” he said flatly as he got up and knocked on the door.

He had to admit, this was of no use. He wouldn´t get any information from Chen. When the door opened, he left without obvious haste. He didn´t want to give this man the satisfaction of seeing him flee.

“Goodbye, MacGyver.” he heard call Chen after him before the guard closed the door.

Mac stood frozen for a moment, staring at the floor.

“Are you okay?” the guard asked from behind.

Mac flinched as he snapped out of his dark thoughts. He looked up at the guard now standing beside him.

“Yeah.” he replied. “I´m all right. Thanks.”

After he was out of Chen´s sight, MacGyver hurried to get through the security check and out of the prison. It was only when he was back sitting in his Jeep that he realized his hands on the steering wheel were shaking. He sat there silent for minutes, striving to regain his composure, thinking about what had happened. He hadn´t been properly prepared. He had had no adequate leverage against this man. Chen had caught him emotionally off guard once more.

He had to find another way to solving this puzzle. A look at his watch told him, that he had some time to spare until he had to meet Dr Beattie.

Maybe Willis has come up with some new parts to the puzzle since yesterday, he thought. With new resolve found, he started the engine of his Jeep and headed to the Phoenix Foundation´s headquarters through the Los Angeles traffic.


“Mac!” Willis was surprised. “You´re back that soon?”

MacGyver had used the drive to the Foundation to focus on the case again. He had thought about every detail of the files, had managed to push back the feelings his visit to Chen had brought to the surface. Until he arrived at Willis´ lab, his calm façade was back in place.

“I´ve been through everything yesterday.” he told Willis. “It was a long evening, but I couldn´t let go. You know, I can´t leave a puzzle alone.”

“I certainly do.” Willis nodded. “What have you come up with?”

“They questions are the same.” Mac shrugged. “I was hoping you would have anything new.”

Willis got up to get a folder from another desk.

“Only a few new names with some connection to the syndicate.” he explained while handing it to Mac. “Wasn´t too much time since you left yesterday afternoon.”

MacGyver flipped through the pages, scanning the information on every person. Most of them where unfamiliar to him, but two names and pictures intrigued him. Willis noticed the slight change in Mac´s expression.

“What´s the matter?” he asked. “What have you discovered?”

“I´m not sure…” Mac muttered, his gaze still fixed on the pages. “I can´t place it yet. Somehow those two seem familiar. I´ve come across those names earlier, but I can´t remember where or when.”

“You´ve messed with Chinese criminals earlier?” Willis frowned.

Mac looked up at Willis. He was searching his memories.

“I was forced to steal the Ming dragon by soviet agents long ago.” he recalled. “I returned it, of course… I´ve supported the Chinese student movement. I had to rescue Mei Jan out of the Chinese consulate… but those two don´t fit Chinese officials.” He sat back while going back in his mind.

“Another encounter was more of a personal matter. A kid from Santa Monica, a friend of mine, was to be sold to some rich Chinese magnate by a local low life from Chinatown. The boy was suspected to be the reincarnation of a legendary Chinese prince. Of course, it was a fraud.”

His eyes were looking into some unknown distance. Suddenly his focus returned to the printouts.

“Luke… That´s gotta be it.” he stated.

Willis raised his eyebrows puzzled. “The kid from Santa Monica?”

MacGyver didn´t react at once. Then he snapped out of his memories.

“No.” His voice trailed off.

“Luke Chung. Pete and I were asked to help investigate a hostile take-over attempt on a shipping company. Luke´s grandfather was the owner of Jade Dragon Inc. I got to know Luke after a murderous attack on his grandfather which unfortunately at last succeeded. Luke was the heir to this company. They went after him subsequently and I was assigned to protect him. A Hong Kong cartel was behind everything. They had business connections around here, but we were able to stop them.” Mac explained to Willis, excited with the new discovery. “That was in ´88. Can you access the case files from here?”

Willis picked up on MacGyver´s excitement and turned to the computer right away.


He started typing quickly in order to get access to the Phoenix archives. Only minutes later they had found the file and read through it on the monitor. Mac was the first to notice.

“There.” He pointed to the screen. “I knew I´ve read those names before.”

Willis leaned back and looked at MacGyver.

“You know what that means, do you?” he asked.

“The syndicate is most likely part of that Hong Kong cartel.” Mac nodded.

“That was not what I meant…” Willis replied.

Mac remained silent and held Willis´ gaze.

“I know, Willis.” he answered after a few moments. “We´re up against a much bigger enemy than we expected. They know about the Phoenix Foundation, they know about Pete and me, and they´ve had enough time to do their research on us.”

“What can I do to help?” Willis excitement had faded a bit with the discovery of their opponent.

MacGyver glanced at his watch and remembered he had an appointment. He got up and retrieved his jacket.

“Turn loose on that cartel. I´ll need every bit of information that you can get me.” he said. “I´m sorry, I´ve got to leave. Dr. Beattie is expecting me. I shouldn´t be late. I´ll see you tomorrow.”

Dr. Beattie´s lab wasn´t too far away, but Mac realized he was getting a little nervous while he was walking to it. He´d known the doc for quite some time; he trusted her. Nevertheless her judgment might be getting in his way. He knew that he had been through a lot mentally and emotionally. After his long weeks of recovery he felt ready and resilient enough to get back to work. His visit to Chen this morning had been unsettling, but he had managed to keep his composure. Mostly.

MacGyver needed Dr. Beattie´s okay for his return to field duty. He had to convince her, so she would convince the always worried and protective Pete Thornton. Concentrating on that task and bracing himself mentally, Mac knocked on the door and entered the doc´s lab. Dr. Beattie´s smile was wide and honest as always.

“MacGyver! Right on time. It´s good to see you again.” she greeted him while she got up and reached out to shake his hand. MacGyver gladly took her hand and returned the smile.

“It´s good to be back, doc.” he replied.

Dr. Beattie nodded and gestured to a chair opposite to hers.

“Have a seat.” she offered casually while she seated herself again. “You´ve been at Director Thornton´s cabin for almost three weeks. It´s been quite a while since our last session. Is that why you are nervous?”

MacGyver had just sat down, as she asked that question. For a brief moment he froze, feeling like she was able to see through him. Was his unease with the situation really that visible? Then his face lightened up again. There was no point in trying to deceive her. He would just have to show her his best available mood.

“I guess so.” he admitted. “You´re the one to convince Pete that I´m ready to get back to work.”

“That´s true.” she said, with her smile still on. “Dr. Thompson has passed on the report on your physical assessment. He is satisfied with your results. Your retreat has obviously served your body well. Has it also helped you mentally?”

“Yeah, I think so.” MacGyver nodded. “I´ve had some time to think everything through and straighten things out in my head.”

“Like what?” Dr. Beattie was interested.

Mac sighed and leaned back.

“Like running away from everything and isolating me won´t be any solution.” he told the doctor. “The solitude gave me the much needed distance for a while and allowed me to calm down. But I have to get back to my life and my work. Just sitting around isn´t like me.”

The doctor´s face turned a little more serious.

“How frequent are the nightmares?” she asked out of the blue.

Mac hadn´t been prepared for it. He hesitated for a moment before he answered.

“They come and go. I almost never know when to expect them. But I am able to cope with them. Thanks to the suggestions we´d worked on in our last sessions.” His mind suddenly snapped back to the second to last night he had spent in Pete´s cabin and the time he had been forced to sit and recover outside on the pier. Dr. Beattie´s voice returned him to the present.

“I´m pleased to hear that it works. How about flashbacks?”

“It´s been a while since the last one.” Mac managed to smile again.

Dr. Beattie nodded.

“Good. Have you been to the camp again?” she asked. “We´ve talked about it. It is close to the cabin, right?”

“It is. A two day hike there and back again.” Mac recalled thinking about it. “But I didn´t go. It would have been no use. I´ve been there with Pete.”

The doctor considered his words and eyed him probingly for a moment. Then her professional smile returned.

“What about Pete?” she continued questioning him. “I guess he´s relived that you´re back.”

MacGyver tried to relax in his chair. He thought back to yesterday morning and how torn he had felt while seeing Pete for the first time after his isolation.

“He is.” he answered. “He´s still worried… He´s still set on protecting me.”

“Do you mind?”

Mac was surprised by Dr. Beattie´s question.

“Well, no.” he replied on first impulse. “But he should know that I am able to take care of myself.”

Dr. Beattie noticed his sudden change and the slight frustration in his voice.

“How did seeing him feel?”

“He was happy to see me…” Mac said, but was cut off by the doc´s direct look.

“How did it feel to you?”

Mac held his breath for a second. “Good.” he answered quickly then. “After almost three weeks of solitude it feels good to see all my friends again and get back to actually doing something.”

The doctor´s face turned serious. “You are determined to go after the men behind all that happened yourself?”

“Yeah.” MacGyver nodded.

Dr. Beattie considered her next question carefully for a few moments.

“How did your visit to Chen work out?”

Mac was stunned by her words. He had talked to no one about it.

“What? ... How do you know?”

“After you had announced your visit, the prison´s officials checked back with Director Thornton, as they didn´t know you yet.” Dr. Beattie explained. “They wanted to be sure about your authorization. The director told me about it.”

Mac was speechless for seconds. They had been acting behind his back? He felt the same sudden anger like yesterday in Pete´s office well up. He flexed his fingers nervously.

“It worked out fine.” he answered flatly after some time. “But I didn´t get any new information from him. He won´t reveal anything… Why didn´t Pete tell me about it?”

Dr. Beattie sighed, then smiled warmly. “He is trying to protect you.”

MacGyver wanted to object, but she held up a hand to keep him quiet.

“He was concerned that you might push yourself too far. But he didn´t stop you. It was my decision to ask you about it.”

MacGyver´s expression stayed dark. He remained silent. All of a sudden the assessment seemed to have mixed with another counseling session.

“MacGyver, no one expects you to be over and done with your thoughts and emotions so soon after such an experience.” the doctor continued. “It´s been only two months since Chen has been arrested. And you can´t expect Pete Thornton not to be worried about you anymore. He had nearly lost you.”

MacGyver got up with the tension building up inside him and paced the lab. The memory of the ‘fake Pete’ trying to strangle him and then falling off the cliff was back in his mind.

“I know.” he said in a low voice after a few moments. “I had lost him… after he had tried to kill me… from my point of view.” Mac turned to look at Dr. Beattie across the lab. “I can´t undo that memory. I´ve accepted that. But by now I know that it wasn´t real.”

“How about feeling that it wasn´t real?” Dr. Beattie stayed calm and patient.

“It´s getting easier. It´s working.” Mac assured her. Most of the time, he added silently to himself.

“MacGyver, you´ve been in many tight spots and life threatening situations before. You´ve always found a way out of it. You are good at that.” Dr. Beattie addressed him. “Only this time, the tight spot is within yourself. It was forced into your mind by the torture. You need to find a way to deal with it. It is the only way to really overcome this experience. Repressing it won´t do you any good.”

MacGyver straightened himself.

“I am trying to deal with it.” he insisted. “That´s why I need to get back to work on the case. It will help me to find closure if I get some answers and find the people who were behind all this.” He took a deep breath. “But right now it feels…” His voice trailed off.

“Feels like what?” the doctor asked quietly.

MacGyver looked directly at her. She noticed the slightly hurt look in his eyes when he continued.

“It feels like I´m not trusted to do my work anymore.”

Dr. Beattie sighed but smiled at him.

“You know that this assessment is standard procedure for all Phoenix operatives after any serious injury.” she reassured him. “It has nothing to do with our trust in you. In fact I believe that Pete Thornton´s trust in you is unshakable.”

She paused a moment to let her words sink in and watched how the hurt look in Mac´s eyes faded.

“The main question is, MacGyver…” she continued afterwards. “Do you trust yourself? With all that you´ve been through, with all the emotions remaining… Are you feeling ready to get back to business?”

For a brief moment Mac´s face darkened, but then his determination was back. He inhaled deeply.

“I do, doc.” he responded with a firm voice. “I am ready.”

Dr. Beattie nodded and stood up. “Thank you, MacGyver. I will talk to Pete Thornton.”

Mac picked up his jacket and shook hands with Dr. Beattie. “Thanks, doc.”

He was about to leave the lab as the doctor´s voice made him stop at the door.

“You know you may call me any time, MacGyver…”

Mac turned to look back over his shoulder. He nodded.

“I appreciate that.” he said. “Goodbye, doc.”

On the way to the parking garage where he had left his Jeep MacGyver shrugged into his jacket and took a glance at his watch. It was only late afternoon. He thought about it for some seconds after he had started the Jeep, but then took off to Chinatown. He had plenty of time left to visit an old friend.


It took a little while of walking and looking around to find what he had been searching for, but finally MacGyver spotted the old car with the open trunk and the man with the flashy Chinese coat. He was talking to a tourist couple about some small statue, praising it´s fine craftsmanship. Mac had to smile while he waited. Some things obviously never changed. After the Chinese had convinced the couple and they had bought the statue and left, MacGyver slowly approached him.

“Hello, Sam!” he greeted the man smiling. “Still in business, hm?”

The Chinese turned around surprised, a smile flashing on his face.

“MacGyver! Good to see you! What brings you to Chinatown?” he returned the greeting. “Have you lost another wish child?”

They shook hands while Mac shrugged apologetically.

“Unfortunately I´m not here for pleasure. I´m working on a kind of tricky case and was hoping you might have some inside information for me.”

Sam´s smile stayed bright.

“Whole Chinatown is getting more and more tricky these days.” he replied. “But I´ll try my best. How can I help you?”

MacGyver took a deep breath.

“I´ve had a very unpleasant encounter with a Chinese syndicate.” he explained. “They specialize in high-tech thefts. Their target was the Phoenix Foundation´s research branch, but we don´t really know what in particular they were after. They seem to be tied to some Hong Kong cartel. I came across this cartel years ago, but I need to know what they might be up to now.”

Sam´s face had turned more and more serious while Mac had been talking.

“When you say years ago, is it possible that you are referring to the Jade Dragon Shipping incident?” he asked.

Mac nodded surprised.

“I am… but how do you know about that?”

Sam started to unbutton his coat.

“You gave that cartel quite a setback.” he explained. “It made ripples through the whole Chinese community. Life in Chinatown got a lot easier. At least for some time.”

Mac raised a questioning eyebrow. “For some time? What do you mean by that?”

Sam shrugged out of his coat, folded it neatly and put it into the trunk, over the remaining statues.

“They had to regroup, build new connections and get a new base of operations. They are back, MacGyver.”

Sam was obviously getting nervous. He cautiously checked their surroundings and looked over his shoulder. Mac instantly noticed it.

“Sam? What´s the matter?”

“They are putting pressure on whole Chinatown.” Sam´s voice had dropped low. “They threaten restaurant owners and local low lives. They deal with weapons and drugs. Even prostitution and slave-trade is on their agenda. They are really dangerous.”

Mac nodded.

“So they´ve got their fingers into everything. But what are they up to at the moment?”

Sam took a small step back.

“Rumors say they are trying to expand their drug business. But Mac, please, you should really not mess with them. You´d better be careful.” He was truly worried.

“They started messing with me, Sam… I will be careful.” MacGyver sighed with a grim look and shook hands with Sam. “Thanks for your help.”

The stuff is already there. I just find a different way to use it.
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Re: Point of no Return - A MacGyver FanFiction

Post by bftlovesRDA »

Ooohhhh looks like Mac is headed for another deep adventure......will continue waiting on pins and needles for more!

Great chapter, bluegirl. Thanks. Looking forward to the next one.
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Re: Point of no Return - A MacGyver FanFiction

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Hello Bluegirl,
Great story.
I see the actors , actions and locations right in front of me.
Looking forward to more.

From Monika with love
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Re: Point of no Return - A MacGyver FanFiction

Post by bluegirl »

Monika wrote: Thu May 14, 2020 6:48 pm Great story.
I see the actors , actions and locations right in front of me.
If I´ve accomplished that, I´ve reached one of my most important goals, thanks a lot! :D :D :D

Just asking, have you also read Breaking Point?
The stuff is already there. I just find a different way to use it.
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Re: Point of no Return - A MacGyver FanFiction

Post by Monika »

bluegirl wrote: Thu May 14, 2020 7:10 pm
Monika wrote: Thu May 14, 2020 6:48 pm Great story.
I see the actors , actions and locations right in front of me.
If I´ve accomplished that, I´ve reached one of my most important goals, thanks a lot! :D :D :D

Just asking, have you also read Breaking Point?
Dear bluegirl,
I hadn´t read "Breaking Point" before. :roll: :roll:
But when I started it yesterday (May 15th) couldn´t stop.
For me it was like diving into an unpublished Episode of MacGyver. With all emotions: Tears, hatred and anger. (Sorry)
But also joy about the deep friendship between Ma, Pete and Willis.
Thanks for that.
:lol: :oops: I think each of us here inthe forum would have been there for MacGyver day and night. :oops: :oops: :oops:

Please go ahaed and let your imagination run wild.

From Monika with love
"As long as I always think of you and wish me somethings which I think is unattainable, there is no reason to be hurt by others."
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