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Re: Breaking Point

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So, Mac and Pete are on their way to make sure Willis is safe...

Part 12

Willis´ apartment was located in a five-story building in a quiet area north of Los Angeles. The flight didn´t take all too long. The pilot set the helicopter down on the parking lot of a shopping mall two blocks away. MacGyver was out of the helicopter as soon as it touched ground and passed around it to where Pete had just climbed out of it.

“I saw his car parked in front of the apartment building.” Mac hurriedly said. “Willis must have arrived at home by now.”

He wanted to rush off into the direction of Willis home, but Pete managed to grab his arm and stop him. He felt Mac´s body stiffen instantly.

“I know.” he replied, looking intensely into Mac´s face and eyes. Pete knew he had no way of holding him back. He could only cover his tail, as always.

“MacGyver, please… be careful…” he asked with deep concern.

Mac covered Pete´s hand with his own. His face grew even more serious.

“I will, Pete.” he nodded reassuring. “I promise…”

With a sigh Pete released MacGyver´s arm and watched his friend turn on his heels and run off to Willis´ apartment. He was, once again in all those years he knew MacGyver, deeply impressed by his courage.

MacGyver´s heart was pounding as he ran towards the apartment building. Inwardly he told himself that it did because he was still weakened, his body still in recovery. He tried not to admit that it did because he was afraid, but he felt it clearly. Mac slowed down as he reached Willis´ car, catching his breath and examining the car for anything suspicious. The engine was still warm. Willis couldn´t have arrived too long ago. Mac crouched down to look under the car, but everything seemed perfectly normal.

As MacGyver got up and gazed up to the windows of Willis´ apartment, he became aware that his hands were shaking. He closed them into tight fists, froze for a moment, then opened them again and flexed his fingers.

There´s no time for that, he chided himself mentally, fighting the upwelling fear. Not now! Stay focused!

Knowing that Pete and Jonas, the Phoenix operative who had been flying the helicopter, would be following him as fast as they could after securing the helicopter, MacGyver rushed into the building and up to the third floor. He was familiar with the building layout from his previous visits. He knew the way to Willis´ apartment by heart because he had helped him in moving in.

MacGyver felt every bit of the last weeks while he ran up the stairs. His heart was racing and his cracked rib was aching badly as he reached Willis´ door. He knocked impatiently, while he took deep breaths, striving to calm himself down, physically and mentally. Willis needed a few seconds to get to the door. He looked surprised as he opened it.

“MacGyver? What are you doing here?” he asked. “Aren´t you supposed to be at the safe house?”

MacGyver steadied himself at the doorframe, still out of breath.

“I was.” he answered as Willis allowed him to enter the apartment. “Is everything all right with you?”

“Me?!” Willis exclaimed as he closed the door behind Mac. “Look at yourself! What´s going on? Why are you here?”

MacGyver took a quick look around the apartment, then took another deep breath and turned to face Willis.

“We finally have a name matching our fugitive. He is Dan Ni Chen, member of a Chinese crime syndicate. They are specialized in technology theft. He tried to break into the computers at Phoenix research.” he explained. “They are after some project of the L.A. labs. As he didn´t get the access codes from me, he quite likely might be looking for another way in.”

“We raised security to the highest level.” Willis shook his head. “I don´t see how…”

“You are in charge of the security for the computer system?” Mac cut him off.

“Yes, I am. That´s why…” Willis agreed.

“You know the codes.” Mac stated.

Willis nodded again, this time remaining silent. He didn´t like the direction of Mac´s train of thought.

“You would know a way to hack the computer system from the outside?” MacGyver asked.

Willis looked at him stunned.

“Are you suggesting this Chen might be after me?” he asked with a frightened tone in his voice.

Willis remembered the condition they had found MacGyver in, very well. Knowing what this Chinese man was capable of scared him. Mac´s suggestion that he might be the next target of this man scared him even more. MacGyver´s eyes were still scanning the apartment.

“I´m afraid, yes” Mac replied. “That´s why I´m here. Pete and I are just being precautious.” He laid a hand reassuring on Willis´ shoulder.

“Pete?” Willis was still staring shocked at MacGyver.

“He should be here in a few minutes together with our pilot.” Mac started to search through every room of the apartment. “Did you notice anything strange on your way home?”

Willis remained standing stunned in his living room and shook his head.

“Nothing.” he answered. “But I guess I wouldn´t…”

Willis didn´t finish the sentence because all of a sudden all the lights in the apartment went out. MacGyver instantly felt the adrenaline rush into his veins as everything went dark. His mind hit overdrive. He was at Willis´ side with a few swift steps, grabbed his arm and shoved him towards the kitchen.

“In here, fast.” he whispered. “Get down. Take cover.”

MacGyver nearly closed the door behind them, leaving only a small crack. He rapidly scanned the kitchen, opening and closing the closets. He found sturdy rubber gloves under the sink, chili and pepper powder within the spices and a bottle of vinegar. Willis was observing him with a puzzled look in the dim light that filtered in through the window.

“Do you have any baking soda?” Mac asked barely audible.

Willis nodded mechanically and pointed to a jar on the counter, next to the stove. His eyes were wide with shock. Mac quickly retrieved it and crouched down again.

“What are you doing?” Willis managed to whisper.

“Cooking a little surprise.” Mac responded under his breath. His home-made teargas had worked well years ago when he had gotten into a supermarket robbery. He poured chili, pepper and soda powder into the two gloves.

Both men froze instantly as they heard the front door close. MacGyver slowly put down the gloves, listening intensely. He signaled Willis to stay quiet while he got up for the kitchen thread. Mac cut off two pieces with his Swiss army knife and motioned Willis to hold the gloves up for him. Mac partly filled them with vinegar and hurried to tie the open end tightly shut. Then he shook them lightly, watching how the gloves inflated and increased their size. Satisfied with the result, MacGyver signaled Willis to stay back and down and turned to the door.

His hands were shaking again and he felt shivers running down his spine. He managed to hide it from Willis, but only just. Mac had a hard time fighting back his memories and his fear, knowing who was most probably in the apartment now. Slowly he approached the door, each of the gloves in one hand. Since they had heard nothing apart from the front door moments ago, he had no idea where in the apartment their attacker might be. One finger resting on the handle of the door, ready to open it, he waited while trying to memorize the room layout. Only a few seconds later Mac heard something drop to the floor at the far side of the living room.

Now or never!

In a swift movement MacGyver pushed the door open, took one step into the living room and threw one of the gloves across the room in the direction of the sound, aiming head-high. He realized too late, that no one was there. The glove burst with a bang when it hit the wall.

At the same very moment Mac felt someone grab his other arm tightly and turn it around. The second glove fell to the ground harmless. Mac gasped in pain and felt a sharp pull on his arm only the blink of an eye later. Being completely unprepared for and attack from this side, he was thrown against the wall violently. His head crashed on to the hard surface and he dropped to the ground dazed. Mac desperately fought to stay conscious and tried to get up on his hands and knees. So far he had not even seen his opponent.

In the next second a forceful kick to his chest drove the air out of his lungs and made him cough. The next kick sent a sharp, stabbing pain through him, as he felt his cracked rib and the ones next to it break. MacGyver bit back a painful cry as the third vigorous one let him drop helplessly to the floor. He was lying on his stomach, not able to move, gasping for air, frantically trying to keep the darkness that threatened to take over away. He had to stay awake; he had to protect Willis – at least until Pete would catch up.

Mac sensed someone kneel down next to him, grab his wrist, turning and bending his arm up against his back to immobilize him. He arched his body, striving to avoid the pain in his arm and the shoulder, but had to groan as his attacker leaned over and on him.

“Hello, MacGyver.” The man said in a low voice only audible to him and Mac. “What a pleasant surprise. I wasn´t quite finished with you. I´m sorry to say it, but you left a little early… Now, up on your feet.” He pulled on Mac´s twisted arm and his neck, forcing him to rise.

MacGyver didn´t have to see the man that was holding him. He recognized the voice instantly. It made the blood in his veins freeze. While Chen forced him to get up until he was standing, all his memories of the torture rushed back into his mind. Mac couldn´t suppress the panic and the trembling anymore. Time seemed to stop. He was paralyzed, barely able to stand on his feet, unable to act.

Suddenly he felt something cold touch his neck and press against his throat.

“I can feel you do remember me…” the Asian continued. “I still own your fear… I can still control you… You are still my prisoner…”

He dragged MacGyver backwards and turned him around, using him like a shield. MacGyver was trapped in his frightened mind, filled with pictures of his three weeks on that mountain. His ragged breathing felt like someone was stabbing him because of his broken ribs. His vision blurred, he couldn´t even reply. He felt the cold blade cut slightly into the skin of his neck.

“Mr. Willis?” Chen suddenly raised his voice. “Would you mind joining us? Otherwise I´d have to hurt MacGyver.” After a small pause he added to Mac: “But you know that, don´t you?”

He dropped the knife below Mac´s collarbone and slowly pushed the tip of the blade into his flesh. MacGyver desperately tried to remain silent. He had to close his eyes and felt his legs weaken. He couldn´t avoid a hoarse moan as the steel nearly touched his ribs. When Chen pulled back the knife, Mac managed to open his eyes again. Tears of pain blurred his sight, but he saw Willis standing in the kitchen doorframe. MacGyver felt his own blood slowly oozing down his chest, warm and sticky. He saw Willis terrified expression, but was still caught and frozen inside his panic. The knife returned to his throat.

“I need some information from you.” Chen addressed Willis.

Willis took a small step into the living room.

“Please… don´t harm him…” he pleaded.

“That depends on your cooperation.” Chen replied coldly. A shiver ran down Mac´s spine. He had heard that sentence before. He knew what was to come next.

Willis raised his hands a little in defense.

“I will cooperate.” he hurried to answer. “I´ll tell you everything… Just don´t hurt him anymore… Please, release him…”

Mac´s eyes locked on Willis face. Mac´s panic mixed with desperation.

Don’t risk the Phoenix Foundation for me…

He almost imperceptibly shook his head. No, he mouthed silently to Willis. Don´t do it, please.

Chen seemed to enjoy the fear he saw rising in Willis.

“I don´t think, I can let him go yet…” he smiled while drawing the cut on MacGyver´s neck a little deeper and causing him to cringe back.

“Chen! Drop the knife!”

MacGyver winced at Pete´s shout from the main door. Chen swirled around, keeping Mac in front of him. Mac almost lost his balance and footing with the sudden pain of being rudely dragged around. He had to close his eyes again, groaning as his trembling intensified.

Willis was stunned when he heard the shout, but relieved as he saw Pete Thornton and Jonas, his pilot, at the door, their weapons drawn and aimed at Chen and MacGyver. He instinctively stepped back to the kitchen at the sight of the guns. Chen needed a moment to take in the new threat.

“I´d rather say, you should better drop your guns.” he replied with a stone cold voice. “I might cut him into pieces…”

The knife dropped to Mac´s side and he started pushing the blade into his body again.


Mac heard Pete call out to him and all of a sudden Dr. Beattie´s words during one of their last sessions echoed in his mind, pushing back the memories a little.

There´s always a way. Don´t stop looking for it. That´s what your good at, MacGyver. Just keep on fighting the fear. Don´t let it control you. Don´t let it control you.

Don´t let it control you…

As the hurt in his side got worse, that last sentence played over and over in his mind. Gradually getting more intense than his memories and the panic, it suddenly loosened his paralysis. MacGyver forced himself to raise his head and open his eyes. Moaning with agony, still trembling, he fixed his gaze on Pete. Their eyes locked, Mac could see the sorrow in Pete´s face. An idea rose in Mac´s mind. They still had one chance.

MacGyver tried to direct Pete´s attention to the second glove, which was – still blown up like a basket ball – lying only a few feet away from his and Chen´s feet. A small gesture of his free hand was all that Mac managed to do. Even though the light was dim, Mac sensed Pete´s understanding. With a final effort he braced himself for what he intended to do.

Chen felt Mac´s body stiffen, but he mistook it for a reaction to the pain he was causing. Pete straightened himself and let his weapon drop a little. Jonas followed his example reluctantly.

“All right… Just don´t hurt him anymore…” Pete addressed Chen.

As he saw Pete lowering the gun, Chen´s grip on Mac´s arm loosened a bit, feeling he had the upper hand. That was exactly, what MacGyver had been hoping and waiting for. Then everything happened within a flash.

“Now, Pete!” Mac croaked.

Pete quickly took aim and fired at the glove. It exploded with a bang and sprayed Chen and MacGyver with the home-made teargas. Caught off guard, surprised and trying to protect himself, Chen almost let go of Mac´s arm, allowing him enough room to pull out of the immobilizing hold and turn sideways. Unfortunately Chen didn´t pull back the knife. MacGyver felt the blade enter his body even deeper as he tried to turn away from his torturer.

Then a second shot rang out. To MacGyver it felt as if Chen was being torn away from him. Mac watched him groan and fall and took a staggering step backwards as in trance. Just then he realized the burning ache on his face from his own mixture and the severe pain in his side caused by the knife that was still there. He felt for the wound with his hands automatically, touched the cold steel and his warm blood. Suddenly everything blurred, his knees gave way and he dropped to the ground.

MacGyver heard Pete and Willis call his name, but it sounded strangely distant. He heard steps rushing to him. In the next moment someone grabbed his shoulders.

“MacGyver!” Pete´s voice sounded desperate. “Oh, no…”

He felt for Mac´s pulse on his bloodied neck and then quickly assessed his injuries. Mac noticed it, but he was too weak to react. Staying barely aware consumed all his energy left.

“Willis, get me some towels. One of them wet. And call Dr. Thompson. We need him here fast.” Pete ordered. “Jonas, make sure that Chen is secured and call an ambulance for him. Then inform the DXS to pick him up.” Then he focused on MacGyver again.

“MacGyver, please, hang in there… stay with me.” he pleaded.

Only seconds later Mac felt an excruciating wave of pain rushing through his body as someone pressed a folded towel on the wound with the knife. He cried out in agony; his body started shivering. He could hardly breathe as the pressure also reached his broken ribs. His hand found the hand holding the towel, grabbed on and tried to pull it away. The pressure lessened only a bit.

“Don´t, Mac.” he heard Pete say. “I have to stop the bleeding.”

MacGyver turned his head towards Pete´s voice and blinked his eyes open. He could see Pete´s worried face only through a haze.

“Please… let go…” he managed to whisper between shallow breaths. “Some ribs… are broken… You´re pressing… on them… I can´t… breathe…” He had to cough, which sent his whole body shaking.

Pete instantly released the pressure, relieving Mac of the worst of the pain. His second hand went to MacGyver´s neck where it helped stabilize his head.

“I´m sorry.” he apologized.

MacGyver tried to blink the haze away, wanted to focus and cling on Pete´s face while Willis came close on his other side. He gently tried to wash the burning mixture off Mac´s face. Mac slowly turned his head to look at him.

“Are you all right?” Mac asked hoarsely.

Willis laid the cool and damp cloth on Mac´s forehead and managed to smile for a brief moment.

“Yes, MacGyver. I´m okay.”

“Sorry for the mess…” Mac continued with a small boyish grin. “I guess I´ll have to renovate your living room.”

Willis only nodded silently.

They all heard a groan from Chen as Jonas was attending to his bullet wound after cuffing his hands securely. MacGyver tried to rise, striving to look at him, but Pete gently held him down.

“Easy, MacGyver. Stay down. Don´t move.”

Mac´s gaze locked on to Pete. “But…”

“It´s over.” Pete cut him off. “After that gas bomb of yours had exploded and you had turned away, Jonas hit him in the shoulder. He won´t threaten you again. You did it.”

MacGyver´s face went serious.

“I couldn´t… have done it… alone…” he whispered, his voice breaking. He felt himself getting weaker and more tired with every moment. “Thanks, Pete…”

He held on to Pete´s hand on the towel again. A feeble smile of relief showed on his pale face. Pete remained silent for a second and then he returned the smile.

“Just hang in there, pal.” he reassured. “Help is on the way. Dr. Thompson should be here any minute. You´ll be fine.”

MacGyver nodded weakly. He felt the darkness creeping up again. The exhaustion of the last day was catching up and taking its toll on him together with the pain and the blood loss. But the terrifying pictures had left him along with the panic, at least for the moment. His mind relaxed with the knowledge of his torturer not being able to cause harm anymore.

Pete is safe. Willis is safe. I am safe.

He let out a deep relieved breath. The adrenaline rush was also over and he felt himself getting tired and cold.

Going into shock, I guess, he thought. A little too much activity for my first day out of the hospital…

Just then the oblivion took over and he went unconscious.

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Re: Breaking Point

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Very exciting chapter! Well done! Love the MacGyverism!! Looking forward to the conclusion!!
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Re: Breaking Point

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Great chapter (again !) , bluegirl ! Love it !
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Re: Breaking Point

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LOVE this chapter, bluegirl! Very very good! Thank you!!!!!
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Re: Breaking Point

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Sorry for the little delay - I had to go to work early today, but here we go! The final part, the conclusion, picking up the pieces...

Part 13

Once again, MacGyver woke in silence. It took him a few seconds to recognize the low constant beeping of the heart rate monitor. His whole body felt kind of numb, his head light and dizzy.

Must be the medication, he thought.

The next thing he noticed were the tubes reaching into his nose, providing him with extra oxygen. Then he felt his bandages, the softness of the bed he was lying in and its warmth. A slight sting in his abdomen, just where the blade had been, was the only unpleasant sensation. With a small moan he started to move his hand to touch the wound, but was stopped by someone taking his hand and holding on to it.

“Shh… Lie still… It´s okay.”

Mac turned his head towards the voice, he´d heard and opened his eyes. Slowly Pete´s face came into focus.

“Hey, Pete…” he greeted his friend hoarsely. Mac´s mouth and throat felt dried out.

“Hello, MacGyver.” Pete managed to smile. “Good to finally have you back.”

Mac could see deep concern in Pete´s face. He looked as if he hadn´t slept for a long time. Mac´s eyes scanned the room and recognized it quickly. He was back in the underground lab complex, most possibly back in Dr. Thompson´s care.

“How long have I been out?” Mac asked.

“Almost a whole day.” Pete sighed. “It´s the evening of the next day. We were starting to get worried when you didn´t regain consciousness after the anesthesia for your surgery wore off… How do you feel?”

“A little dizzy… still weak.” Mac replied after reconsidering his condition. “But also somehow rested for a change… I don´t remember having any nightmares.”

“I´ll take that as a good sign.” Pete´s face lightened up a bit and he paused for a few moments. “You were quite lucky. The blade missed all your vital organs. Dr. Thompson only had to stop the bleeding, put the broken ribs back into place and suture all your wounds. You lost a lot of blood, but they could partly replace it. Your recovery should be swift, if there aren´t any complications.”

MacGyver nodded relieved. “Good to hear…” But then another thought came into is mind. “Pete, where´s Willis? How is he doing?”

“I sent him off to get some sleep a few hours ago.” Pete answered. “He was a little shaken. He´s not used to being a target.”

“I should talk to him.” Mac suggested with a serious face. “I can well imagine him being off center.”

Pete had to smile as he observed his friend.

There. The MacGyver he had known for so many years was back. Always caring more about the wellbeing of his friends than his own.

“You will, Mac.” he laughed. “I´m sure about that…”

Mac looked up at him puzzled.

“Pete? What´s the matter? Why are you laughing?”

Pete shook his head in disbelief but also relief. After a moment his face went serious again.

“I knew you´d be concerned about Willis as soon as you´d wake up… and I´m grateful for it…” he explained. “But MacGyver… What about yourself? … After all you´ve been through… How are you feeling? … What about your emotions?”

The directly asked questions caught MacGyver off guard. All the memories of his torture and of last evening came back all of a sudden and flooded his mind. Pete saw his face freeze and his eyes fill with fright. MacGyver stared blankly into the distance and remained silent, not knowing how to respond to Pete. Pete took MacGyver´s hand into both of his, holding it tight but also gentle.

“You put up quite an effort to make me believe, you´re okay. You don´t want me to worry… Didn´t you think I´d notice that it is only a calm façade? … Especially after yesterday at the camp?” he asked softly. “MacGyver, we are friends. Have been for a long time… please, don´t cut me out of it. Seeing you suffer like this hurts me as well. Remember what you said long ago to me: If you got problems, I got problems.”

MacGyver´s gaze slowly came back and focused on Pete.

“I am not going to abandon you, MacGyver. I haven´t lost any of my respect for you. In fact you impressed me once more with your mental strength.” Pete continued after a short pause.

“Mental strength?” MacGyver frowned and asked bitterly. “Pete, I was paralyzed with fear yesterday. I couldn´t fight Chen. He caught me off guard although I should have been prepared. I was unable to act!” His voice was cynical and disappointed.

“But you fought your way out of it!” Pete sighed. “Your idea saved Willis and yourself and made Chen´s arrest possible!” He paused again and took a deep breath, striving to remain calm yet also strong for his friend. “Chen and his guys must have come really close to breaking you, but you didn´t give up on yourself… Don´t you surrender now… It´s going to be hard work to overcome this experience, Mac. Locking up your memories and emotions will not undo them… I want you to know, that I am there for you and I will be. No matter what, I am going to help you through this… I won´t give up on you.”

MacGyver remained silent. He was overwhelmed by Pete´s speech. He felt very fortunate to call Pete his best friend. He knew and understood him deep inside, sometimes more that Mac liked to. MacGyver´s troubled dark brown eyes found and locked on to Pete´s eyes. Slowly, weakly he put his second hand on top of Pete´s hands.

“Thanks, Pete…” he said with a low, soft voice. “I appreciate that.”

A single tear of relief was trailing down his cheek. MacGyver finally allowed himself to relax with Pete keeping him company, to feel his fears, emotions and his weakness. For a few minutes the two men held on to each other quietly. There was no need for any more words at the moment. Knowing he was safe, MacGyver soon drifted off into a quiet, restful sleep.


A few days later Dr. Thompson allowed MacGyver to get out of bed. His injuries were healing well and his condition had stabilized.

“But be careful.” he advised Mac with a warning look. “Don´t overdo it. We don´t want your stabbing wound to open again and start bleeding to your inside. I don´t want you back on my table.” The doctor turned to face Pete. “I rely on you to watch over him. Make sure, he doesn´t carry it too far.”

“I will, doctor.” Pete nodded.

With a short, doubtful glance at MacGyver Dr. Thompson left them alone. Almost instantly MacGyver sat up slowly at the same time swinging his long legs out of the bed. Pete was just getting a sweat shirt for Mac as he saw him slipping out of bed and trying to stand on his feet. MacGyver froze as a sudden wave of dizziness washed over him. He had to grab on to the bed, sit down at its edge and close his eyes when the room started to move. Pete was at his side with a few fast steps and held on to his shoulders. He helped MacGyver steady himself.

“Slow down, Mac!” he chided. “You heard the doctor. Take it easy. I am here to help you. I don´t want you getting hurt again.”

MacGyver shook his head trying to clear the vertigo away and then slowly raised it to look at Pete. He took the sweater out of Pete´s hand and carefully put it on. Leaning against the bed he waited for the dizziness to subside. He smiled lopsided.

“I appreciate that…” Mac said. “I guess I´m a little more weakened then I expected… Might still be the blood loss.”

Pete returned the smile and offered Mac his hands to hold on while he rose from the bed.

“Might be the last few weeks.” he replied with a fatherly protective tone in his voice. “You´ve been through a lot. You should take your time to heal. There´s no need to rush anything.”

Pete´s hands supported MacGyver while walking, and Mac had to lean on his friend for some time. It took a few minutes until he felt stable and confident enough to walk on his own. Pete watched him closely. Soon they took a break in the small kitchen on sub-level two with coffee for Pete and herbal tea for MacGyver. Pete could clearly see that his friend was in pain.

“Are you all right?”

MacGyver stared at his cup of tea, his concentration directed inwards. His stabbing wound was aching; the broken ribs sent throbbing waves with every movement, every breath. He didn´t want Pete to worry tough.

“I´m fine.” he told Pete. “Just as I said before, I´m just a little weaker than expected.”

Pete observed him breathing shallow.

“Are you sure there´s nothing wrong? Nothing serious?”

Mac sighed and then smiled at Pete.

“Pete, I´m fine.” he reassured. “It is my first time out of bed since the surgery. The painkillers are wearing off slowly. I just need to pause and rest for a few minutes.”

Pete´s gaze stayed probing and disbelieving. MacGyver noticed it and decided to change the topic.

“Pete, do you know if anything is wrong with Willis?” he asked. “He visited me only briefly on the morning after I woke up here, soon after you had left. He seemed to be in a hurry, and I haven´t seen him since then.”

Pete raised his eyebrows in surprise.

“I know nothing about any illness or problem.” he replied. “He should be at his regular work duties. Finishing off the lab investigation of the evidence connected to Chen.”

“But it´s been days…” Mac insisted. “Why isn´t he seeing me like before?”

Pete shrugged.

“I don´t know. The lab results from him keep coming in on schedule. I´ve only spoken to him over the phone yesterday.”

Mac remained silent, lost in his thoughts, again staring at his mug.

“You´re really worried about him, are you? Pete asked.

MacGyver looked up at Pete.

“Yeah, Pete, I am.” he admitted. “When I woke up after the surgery you said, he was shaken. I saw his frightened look when Chen put him under pressure by threatening me. Perhaps he´s a little more than ‘shaken’. I need to talk to him.”

“I can ask Dr. Beattie to talk to him.” Pete suggested. “It could bring up too much of your memories if you try… You are still working on coping with the last weeks yourself, remember?”

MacGyver´s dark eyes grew haunted. He was staring into the distance, silent for minutes. Pete´s concern intensified with every moment. After a few minutes he laid a hand on MacGyver´s arm.

“MacGyver? … Come back to me, will you?” he asked.

MacGyver flinched at Pete´s touch and snapped out of the pictures that had again flooded his mind. He gazed at Pete first bewildered, but then the confusion and fear was replaced with resolve.

“But that´s the point, Pete.” he continued and explained. “He found me on that mountain. He was with me through my darkest time, when I thought you had turned against me and I had killed you. He was in the line of fire with me a few days ago. I know exactly, what might have shocked him. I´ve also been through it. I´ve been a part of it.”

Pete held his gaze and sighed. Mac had a point.

“All right, I´ll try to get him to see you.” Pete gave in. “But for now let´s get you back to your bed. You look exhausted. You need to rest.”

MacGyver only nodded. He wanted to go and see Willis on the spot, but he knew that he was not physically up to it yet. The throbbing in his chest had grown worse, while sitting here. He could barely breathe. Lying down would take the strain off his broken ribs and the wound. Mac emptied his tea, let Pete escort him back to his sick-room and help him settle in his bed.

“Try to get some sleep.” Pete advised as he helped Mac covering him with the blanket. “I´ll talk to Willis.”

Mac nodded with closed eyes, trying to calm down the pain. He was worn out with the exertion of walking around. Within moments he was sound asleep.


Three days later MacGyver had still neither heard from nor seen Willis. He had promised Pete to see Mac as soon as possible, but he never showed up. Dr. Thompson wasn´t too enthusiastic about it but when Mac kept insisting on it, he allowed MacGyver to go down to sub-level three on his own to pay Willis a visit in his lab. Now equipped with his own key-card again, Mac entered the elevator and leaned against the side wall. He still felt weak and tired easily. He was still thin and sensed every cut, bruise and injury. But the hurting had lessened to a bearable level and, reconsidering the events, Mac had to know how Willis was doing.

Approaching the door to Willis´ lab he remembered what had happened three weeks ago, when he had been here for the first time. The worst part of his torment had ended. Despite the pain that he still felt and the fright nonetheless lingering caused by his memories, since then he knew that he had not killed his best friend. The thought of it tough even now sent a shiver down his spine. Willis had later on admitted that it had been his plan and Pete had followed along with it. MacGyver hoped he would be able to help his friend, just as Willis had helped him.

Mac knocked on the door and tried the handle, finding it unlocked. He slowly pushed the door open realizing that the main room was empty. He stepped inside the room and closed the door behind himself. Just as he turned around again and prepared himself to call out for his friend, Willis came out of the adjoining room. His eyes and concentration were fixed on a print-out; he had only heard the door open and close.

“I told you, it will take another two hours to get the final results!” he said impatiently, obviously expecting someone else. He had not seen Mac yet.

MacGyver had to smile at the familiar sight of Willis in his lab coat, focusing on his research.

“That´s okay. It´s not that important…” he replied softly. “I rather came here to see you…”

Willis froze in his tracks at the sound of Mac´s voice. His look shot up from his papers to MacGyver, at first shocked, but then he managed to smile momentarily.

“MacGyver! What are you doing down here?” he asked teasingly. “Has the doctor allowed you to take a bigger expedition?”

“Kind of…” MacGyver shrugged apologetically, while he answered. “Since I haven´t seen you for days, I got a little worried.”

Willis continued his way to the computer and sat down.

“Worried? Because of me? You don´t need to be.” he brushed off Mac´s comment, trying to seem busy. “I´ve just had a lot of work to finish.”

MacGyver closed in on the table, taking a seat across it facing Willis. He had noticed that Willis´ body language had tensed after the initial, surprised stare. He avoided looking directly at MacGyver. Mac could sense his unease.

But why…?

“The DXS is pressing to get all final results on the Chen case, and my regular studies had to wait because of it.” Willis continued to explain. “I know, Pete has told me you wanted to see me, and I promised, but… I´m sorry, MacGyver. There was just no time left for it.”

MacGyver remained silent. He watched Willis with intense and probing eyes. Willis could feel his piercing gaze even though he didn´t dare to look at him. He opened a manila folder and started to work on his computer as if nothing had happened.

MacGyver watched him for a few minutes, then reached out and closed the folder with a swift motion. He blocked Willis from opening it again by keeping his hand spread out flat on the folder.

“MacGyver, what are you doing?” Willis seemed to be upset. “I need to finish…”

“Willis!” MacGyver cut him off by calling out his name sharply.

Willis froze, but kept staring at the hand that still lay on that folder. The wrist showed only recently healed scars from Mac´s imprisonment.

“What´s wrong with you?” Mac continued in a much softer voice. “Talk to me!”

“Nothing.” Willis hurried to respond. “I´m all right. It´s just the…”

“Nothing?” Mac echoed, again interrupting him briskly. He had to tear down Willis´s defenses to get to the real problem. “You´ve been with me every day on my first stay here and now I don´t get to see you for about a week?”

“Well, Pete´s able to be here with you now, so I decided to get some work done.” Willis tried to argue.

MacGyver sighed and slowly pulled back his hand. He had to sit back in his chair to reduce the pressure on his chest. The sudden movement of closing the folder had reminded him of his injuries. The throbbing had gotten worse. He hardly managed to hide it from Willis.

“That´s why you don´t even look at me?” he asked, his voice again soft. “Willis, it´s me. It´s Mac. What´s going on?”

Willis eyes remained fixed on the desk. He didn´t move apart from breathing.

“You´ve been there for me in my most difficult time.” Mac carried on. “You´ve helped me getting through it. I am grateful for that… Please, tell me… let me help you.”

“You´ve got enough to cope with.” Willis suddenly replied with a very low voice. “I´ve seen it. I don´t need to add to it.”

MacGyver sighed deeply, his brown eyes still fixed on his friend.

“That´s true.” he admitted. “It will take me some time to really pull through it, physically and mentally. But that doesn´t mean that I don´t or I can´t care about my friends.”

When Willis didn´t react, Mac decided to directly get to where he suspected the issue.

“Has what had happened in your apartment really frightened you that much?”

Willis winced and suddenly looked up stunned at MacGyver. For the first time, he realized how pale Mac´s face was, but how determined he seemed.

“I guess, I´m not used to being involved in the front row.”

“I guess not.” Mac smiled at him.

“Well, you should be.” Willis said bitterly. “I´ve read most of your mission reports over the years… But I saw your panic… You couldn´t even move… I couldn´t stand watching how he hurt you. I knew what he was capable of… I remember the condition I found you in on that mountain… I knew when he was done with you, I´d be next…” His voice grew faint until the end. His gaze dropped to the table again, locking on his own hands.

MacGyver´s expression turned grave.

“You´re right.” he answered after a small break. “I am used to being in dangerous situations. But that doesn´t mean, I´m not afraid anymore… I have to admit, this time was different… given all that had happened to me. My fear did control me. I was unable to act at the time I recognized Chen as my torturer. But I knew I was there to protect you. I fought my way out of it, mentally and emotionally. I had to if I wanted to save you.”

“But that almost cost you your life!” Willis exclaimed. “That couldn´t have been your plan! How did you suppose I´d carry on if he had killed you in front of me?”

Mac smiled to himself. He had found the sore spot, finally.

“It was definitely not part of my plan.” he responded gently. “Hopefully you would have kept me in good memory… Willis, that is, what happens sometimes. We both got out of it, alive. Chen is arrested. He can´t cause anymore harm to us. That is what counts…”

He leaned forward and put his hand on Willis´ arm with a firm pressure. Mac paused for a few seconds.

“I promised you, I´d renovate your living room. I´m sorry for the mess I caused. The physical traces will be gone as soon as I am allowed to get out of here.” Mac teased him afterwards, trying to ease the tense atmosphere.

Willis looked at Mac´s hand, for the first time really and fully smiling.

“Pete has already taken care of that. As soon as the forensics were done. He couldn´t bear the sight of your blood on my carpet.” he replied. Then he looked directly into MacGyver´s eyes.

“You were willing to risk your life for mine? You could have died in saving me…” His voice was quiet now, but still unbelieving.

“That´s what I do for the people I care about, Willis.” Mac nodded reassuring. “But we don´t need to make a habit of it, all right?”

He held out his hand and Willis gladly took it, holding it tight.

“Thank you, MacGyver. It´s challenging, but it´s good to have a friend like you.”

Mac smiled at him with relief. The light had returned to his deep brown eyes.

“You are very welcome, friend…”

***** The end *****

Thanks for reading, thanks for commenting, thanks for staying through this rollercoaster ride/read ;)

I really appreciate it!

If anyone is interested, I can provide you with a pdf, just PM me your email adress.
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Re: Breaking Point

Post by tvero80 »

bluegirl wrote: Sat Mar 07, 2020 7:38 pm ***** The end *****

Thanks for reading, thanks for commenting, thanks for staying through this rollercoaster ride/read ;)

I really appreciate it!
THANK YOU, bluegirl !! Sad this fanfiction is over . But I hope you'll carry on writing (and sharing here ) new stories ! You are so talented !
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Re: Breaking Point

Post by uniquelyjas »

Very well done! I'd say I'm sorry to see this journey end, but I am glad I won't have to read about Mac suffering so much!! As tvero80 said, I wouldn't be against reading more from you. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I know it was bit of a tough decision on your part, but it was the right one as far as I'm concerned.
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Re: Breaking Point

Post by Jack(s) »

👏👏👏👏👏 well done. loved the whole story very much. it is sad that this FF is finished but i also hope that you will post more. thank you so much for sharing you talent with us
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Re: Breaking Point

Post by bftlovesRDA »

Thank you, bluegirl, for this fantastic fanfiction! It was all very very good and very well written. I do hope you will write more...and if you do, please post it here.

I would like a pdf file so I will send you a PM.

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Re: Breaking Point

Post by bluegirl »

THANKS to everyone for your applause!

It makes it worth the work! Yes, it was a though decision on my side - when I was writing FF long ago nobody, never ever was allowed to read it but me. It was all and only for myself. But yes, it was the right decision to share it with you - I love seeing, how many of you enjoy what I created.

As for more stories... I was afraid all of you would ask for more...

I know I left some questions unanswered, I know I left enough room for imagination and building another story based on this one - not on purpose I have to add. I have to admit my subconcious - and sometimes my concious mind have started working on a sequel, but I have no way of telling how long it will take to finish it. As I stated right at the beginning of this thread - this one was in my head - in different versions - for about 15 years. So don´t rush me. :lol: :lol: :lol:

I hope it won´t take as long this time... :roll: :roll: :roll:
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