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Re: Breaking Point

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Another great chapter! It's so good to see the "old" Mac returning! I KNEW he couldn't stay away from poking around the lab...he's too nosy for his own good!! So now he believes Pete is Pete, etc. but he's in physical danger again *sigh* Waiting patiently for more.....
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Re: Breaking Point

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brilliant... great... way too much praise for me - this is more than I ever expected to recieve! I´m flattered, I feel honored, THANK YOU! :D :D :D It is so rewarding.

There are still four parts to come - next one is due on Sunday morning CET
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Re: Breaking Point

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It is sunday - it´s time for the next step on the rough road to recovery

Part 10

Together they returned MacGyver to his room on sub-level two. Dr. Thompson connected him to the heart rate monitor, breathing and blood pressure surveillance and supplied him with more meds to keep his weak circulation going. Pete never left Mac´s side. No matter, what Dr. Thompson would or could have said, he was determined to be there for his friend.

Only a few hours after returning him, MacGyver´s condition had turned stable and started improving again. Pete had sent off Willis to get some rest at that point, whereas Pete and the doctor had stayed with Mac the whole time. It was close to midnight, when MacGyver stirred, moaning lightly. Both men were instantly on their feet, but Dr. Thompson shot Pete a warning look.

“Stay back at first.” he ordered with a low voice. “We have no idea how he will react. I don´t want to cause another shock.”

Pete nodded, stepped back into the far corner of the room and sat down again, while Dr. Thompson took his place at Mac´s side. He laid one hand on MacGyver´s forehead, brushing back his unruly hair and feeling for his temperature.

“Shh, MacGyver.” He tried to calm him. “Easy. Take your time.”

MacGyver´s head slowly turned to the familiar voice he heard. His mind was a little confused; he felt his injured back and cracked rib quite clearly. He blinked his eyes open and focused on the doctor´s concerned face.


Dr. Thompson´s hand slid down to his neck and checked on his pulse.

“Yes, MacGyver.” he answered. “How do you feel?”

Mac needed a moment to reply, assessing himself.

“Exhausted… Somehow feeble… A little dizzy.”

“That´s understandable.” Dr. Thompson nodded. “Do you remember what happened?”

Mac started searching his mind. I am back in my room now, but why? How?

“Willis came to get me for my afternoon walk.” he recalled slowly, his eyes now looking into some unknown distance, unsteadily sorting through his memories. “He had told me about some soil tests he was conducting. I talked him into taking me to his lab on sub-level three.” He shrugged apologetically at the doctor. “When we got down there…”

He suddenly went silent, his eyes moving rapidly, concentrating to his inside. Mac´s breathing speeded up for a few seconds, then he held his breath. His jumbled memories washed over him, in a flash sliding back into their places. MacGyver abruptly focused on Dr. Thompson, tried to rise up quickly, but the doctor held him down at his shoulders.

“Don´t! Stay down! Slow, MacGyver…” Dr. Thompson ordered.

Mac stared at him with eyes wide open, the sudden pain in his back not mattering at all.

“Pete!” he asked excitedly. “Where´s Pete?”

Pete didn´t wait for permission or approval from the doctor; he was on his feet at once.

“Right here, MacGyver.”

MacGyver´s head shot to the other side; his eyes searched the room and quickly found Pete Thornton in the corner. His hand reached out and he tried to get up again.

“Pete…” he sighed relieved.

Pete was at his side with a few quick steps, grabbed MacGyver´s hand and held on to it. His other hand went to Mac´s shoulder gently pushing him back on the bed.

“Dr. Thompson said, you should stay down.”

MacGyver´s breathing was still labored but he held on tightly to Pete´s hand. His gaze was fixed on his best friend.

“It´s okay, Mac. Try to relax.” Pete continued. “I won´t be going away. I won´t leave you.”

Mac took a few deep breaths, striving to calm down his racing heart and his breathing. Dr. Thompson had observed MacGyver and the monitors showing his vitals sharply, but now his tension also reduced a little. He saw clearly how strong the bond and friendship between the two men were. The doctor knew very well, this would not take the experience and the memories off MacGyver. Healing his mental injuries was a huge task that still lay in front of him. But at least the darkest and most painful memory had apparently lost its potential to burden his soul anymore. The fright would return as would the nightmares, however for now Dr. Thompson was relieved. MacGyver knew that his life and his friends were still there and that he could still trust them and himself. This fact would make his recovery a lot easier, physically as well as mentally.

Dr. Thompson sighed and straightened himself. His hand left MacGyver´s neck, where it had been monitoring his pulse. That movement drew Mac´s attention to him. He turned his head to face the doctor. Dr. Thompson smiled at him.

“It looks as if the two of you don´t need me at the moment, so I´ll leave you alone. As it is the middle of the night, I´ll get some sleep. Remember, you told me, you´re exhausted, so don´t overdo it.” Then he looked at Pete. “He needs to rest. Don´t you keep him awake.”

Both men nodded, so he left the room. After the door had closed, Mac looked at Pete and squeezed his hand a little. Again he felt a wave of relief rush through himself.

“Thanks for getting me out of this, Pete.” Mac said with a low, soft voice. “Thanks for not giving up on me.”

Pete smiled. “Thank you for finally returning to me.” he replied. “And you did get out of there yourself, remember?”

“I wouldn´t have been able to do it without the uproar.” Mac´s expression instantly grew dark with the memory. “Must have been you and your team…” He paused for a moment, giving Pete the opportunity to nod. “I didn´t care about the reason at that moment.” he continued. “I was acting on pure survival instinct… Pete, they made me believe…” Mac wasn´t able to finish the sentence as his emotions took over. A shiver ran down his spine, his eyes were staring blank into the distance as his memories surfaced once more.

Pete gently squeezed his hand and his shoulder.

“Shh, Mac… It´s over.” Pete addressed him. “Please… come back to me… listen to me… you´re safe now…”

It took some moments until MacGyver managed to push back the images in his head. Slowly his eyes focused on Pete´s face. He sighed deeply and had to close them for a few seconds. His vision blurred a little with tears welling up in his eyes as he opened them again. Pete was still there. It had not been a trick of his mind.

“Quiet, MacGyver.” Pete tried to calm him further. “Don´t rush it… Take your time… We don´t have to talk about it now… you rather need to rest.”

MacGyver nodded weakly. He felt every bit of his exhaustion; his eyelids were getting heavier.

“Pete, please, stay…”

“Shh.” Pete cut him off. He had seen Mac getting tired. “It´s okay… sleep, MacGyver… relax… I´ll be here when you wake up. I won´t leave you.” he reassured Mac smiling.

MacGyver returned the smile feebly. Pete felt his body relax and saw him close his eyes. His breath became slower and more regular. Mac drifted off into a quiet sleep. Pete held on to Mac´s limp hand for a few minutes before placing it gently on the bed. He pulled a chair close to MacGyver´s bed and settled into it, preparing to watch over him at least for the rest of the night. Pete would be going nowhere soon. He wasn´t going to leave his best friend alone.


“Pete, I need to see it!” MacGyver was a little upset.

“I don´t think that´s a good idea.” Pete replied, trying to stay calm. “And so do your doctors.”

MacGyver slammed his hand on the table, got out of his chair and started pacing the lab on sub-level three. He stopped at the far end of the room and turned to face Pete.

“So that´s your plan… Getting me out of one cage and putting me into another?” he asked angrily.

“Mac, it’s a safe house, no cage.” Pete still managed to answer him quietly. “Please, be reasonable. I told you that one of the guys is still out there. You gave us a good description, but we don´t have any lead on him yet. He could still be after you.”

MacGyver closed in on the table until he was standing opposite to Pete.

“But it´s not very likely that he´ll be in that camp on that mountain. You also told me, you´re observing it. So, what danger could it cause if I go back there? With company?”

He leaned forward with his hands on the table, his brown eyes fixed on Pete.

“Pete, I´ve got to see it. Without the drugs, without the pain, without being captive.”

Pete sighed deeply. After confronting MacGyver with the truth about the double, his recovery had been much less complicated. He had agreed to talk to Dr. Beattie fast and his physical progress had also speeded up with the lessening mental pressure. So yesterday, only two weeks later Dr. Thompson had agreed with Pete Thornton to release MacGyver into one of the Phoenix Foundation´s safe houses. There, they agreed, they could still watch over him, but slowly allow him to return to normalcy.

Dr. Beattie had also agreed. She was still concerned because Mac made every effort to convince everyone that the experience of having been tortured didn´t bother him anymore. However, talking to him one on one felt a lot different. He had opened up a little to her, had told only her some details about what had happened on that mountain. But even to her, he tried to hide his emotions and his real feelings. She knew it was part of his personal process of dealing with the experience. After the initial relief of Pete still being alive, Mac had also withdrawn from him. He was keeping up his composure, making everyone believe he was fine.

Dr. Beattie had talked to Pete about it. She had warned him, that Mac would quite likely push himself too far too soon. Pete watched MacGyver worried as he was pacing again.

“I just know I have to do it. I have to put those images to rest.” Mac´s eyes were haunted as he faced Pete.

“Are you sure about this?” Pete asked with a probing look at him.

“Yes, Pete.” MacGyver held his gaze and took a deep breath. “Maybe I can come up with something, you had not noticed up there. Maybe we can find more clues that will lead us to that Asian, together… Will you support me? … Or will you lock me up?”

Pete felt a sting to his heart.

“Mac, it´s not about locking you up.” he tried to argue. “We´re trying to protect you.”

Now MacGyver´s face turned sad. “After all those years we´ve known each other, after all we´ve been through together, don´t you think I can take care of myself?”

Pete had to sigh. “I know, you do, but…”

Mac raised one hand to cut him off.

“So? Dr. Thompson has allowed me to leave. Do I have to find my own way out of here and up to that camp? … Or will you help me?”

Pete still looked at MacGyver with deep concern. He knew very well, his friend was stubborn when he had made up his mind. He also knew that Mac was capable of working his way out of the labs or any safe house. After a few moments of consideration he gave in and nodded to Mac.

“All right, if you really insist on doing this… I´ll make the arrangements.”

MacGyver´s face showed no smile. Inside he knew it wouldn´t be an easy trip to make. To the outside he wanted to seem determined. He didn´t want Pete to worry about him.

“Thanks, Pete.”

Pete slowly got up, constantly observing Mac.

“Come on, I´ve got to make some phone calls and you´d better get dressed and ready for our trip.”


Pete had arranged for a helicopter and two Phoenix operatives waiting for them outside the lab complex. MacGyver knew both of them from previous assignments. One of them was their pilot and both of them were supposed to guard the camp from the outside as long as Mac and Pete would be searching it.

Getting out of the underground installation felt good to MacGyver. He was no longer forced to sit around and wait. Knowing that the corpulent Asian man had been able to flee had become unbearable to Mac over the last days. Even though Dr. Beattie had warned him of serious flashbacks, he had to go after that man. Letting him get away was no option to MacGyver.

The longer the flight took, the more withdrawn Mac became. Pete noticed it soon. He had a watchful eye on Mac´s condition the whole time.

“Mac, are you all right?” he asked some minutes before they would reach their destination.

Mac had been silently looking out the window. He had recognized Widow Canyon passing below them. Pete´s voice made him snap out of his considerations.

“I´m fine, Pete” he replied. “Just keeping track of where we are going. It´s so close to Widow Canyon. No wonder it felt familiar to me as I was escaping the camp.”

The helicopter made its way through the neighboring valley up along a slope. A rocky wall stretched up until the end of it. Mac grew silent again, his expression turning dark.

“That´s where we found you and that double.” Pete explained while pointing to a certain spot along the rock face.

MacGyver´s eyes followed his gesture. He drew in a deep breath and held it for a few seconds. Even with Pete sitting right next to him, the memory of that guy chasing him, strangulating him and then falling off the cliff haunted him. All of a sudden he felt Pete´s hand on his arm.


MacGyver flinched and looked at Pete tense and with pain in his eyes. He took another deep breath before answering.

“I still see you trying to kill me … I still see you falling … I can´t help it…”

“Give it time…” Pete sighed and squeezed his arm gently. “You can´t undo your memories by will…”

Mac only nodded as the helicopter passed the spot and ascended along the slope. Minutes later a building came into sight. At the upper end of the rock wall, situated right at the edge was a large wooden camp. The helicopter circled above it, allowing Mac a full view around it, before it landed on a clearing close by.

MacGyver hesitated a moment; he needed the time to pull himself together mentally. Then he got out of the chopper, closely followed by Pete Thornton. Mac walked towards the camp immediately. Pete had to hurry to keep up with him.

Mac slowed down as the building came into sight through the trees. He stopped a few yards away from the front door. He had never seen this part of the camp, but knowing what he was about to see inside sent his heart pounding fast. He could hardly keep his emotions under control with all the memories of his captivity welling up. Pete´s voice made him wince and draw back a little.

“Do you still want to do this?” Pete saw the pain and fear in Mac´s dark eyes clearly as Mac looked at him. “Are you sure about this?”

MacGyver swallowed hard before answering: “I don´t want to, Pete… I have to.”

His eyes went back to the building, scanning it for every detail that might be important. Mac was about to walk to the door as Pete´s voice held him back.

“Allow me just a moment, Mac, please.” he asked. “Before you go in there, I´d like to give you something.”

MacGyver turned back to him and raised his eyebrows puzzled.

“Since your old one is evidence now…” Pete continued. “I got you a new Swiss army knife. Hopefully I picked the right model with all your favorite tools.” He reached into his pocket and held the new red pocket knife out to Mac.

MacGyver´s face instantly froze with fright. He involuntarily took a step backwards away from Pete. Pictures, sounds and the feeling of Pete stabbing his back with the knife suddenly flooded his mind. He wasn´t able to control it at first. Then he held his breath concentrating on the thought that it had been the other man, the double. But in his memories the man still had Pete´s face.

Pete lowered his hand with the knife as he saw Mac´s reaction. He had not expected something like it.

“Mac? … What´s the matter? … What´s wrong?

MacGyver released the breath, he had been holding, and part of the tension also gradually left his body. He managed to take his eyes off the pocket knife and raised his gaze to Pete´s face.

“I´m fine.” he replied slowly. “Just remembering something… the last time I saw my old one, the other ‘you’ was first stabbing my back and then stopped my attempt to escape with it.”

Pete´s shoulders slouched. “I´m sorry.” he apologized. “I didn´t…”

Mac cut him off with a wave of his hand.

“It´s okay, Pete.” A small smile played around his lips. “You had no way of knowing…”

He reached out his hand and Pete handed him the knife a little hesitantly. MacGyver turned it around for a few moments in his hand, checking what tools it held. His expression relaxed.

“I love it.” he said as he shoved the Swiss army knife into the pocket of his jeans. “Thanks, Pete.”

Mac focused on the door again, steeling himself mentally for what he was about to see. He knew he had to be careful, the last moments had just shown him how fragile his composure was. MacGyver slowly closed in on the door, while Pete exchanged glances with the two operatives that had now caught up with them.

“I don´t want any surprises while we are in there.” he ordered the men. “Make sure, that the camp is safe.”

Then he followed MacGyver to the door. Mac had already opened it and went inside. He entered the dim corridor. Inspecting them for every detail he made his way through every room, one after another. Pete tried to stay close without hindering him and observed Mac´s condition closely. After all it was only his first day out of medical care.

MacGyver remained silent for most of the time while walking around the camp. He only shared some of his memories and possible hints in short statements to every room with Pete. While being captive he had only seen the corridor, his cell, the bathroom and the large room at the end of the corridor. He remembered those quite clearly.

They had discussed all the evidence during the last two weeks and now Pete shared his information about where and what had been recovered while they were looking around. Pete could see the tension building up inside MacGyver with every minute although he tried hard to keep up his calm façade. He avoided the larger room and showed Pete the back exit first, where he had managed to escape. But after that it was the only one left over.

MacGyver´s hands were shaking as he touched the handle of the door leading to the room where he had been tortured. Pete noticed it.

“Mac, you don´t have to…”

MacGyver´s glance cut him off. His eyes were filled with a mixture of pain and fear but also determination. He puffed out a deep breath, pushed the door open and entered the room. Pete followed him up close, leaving the door open. He didn´t want to raise the pressure by shutting the way out. In the last weeks he had noticed that closed doors made Mac feel uneasy.

MacGyver stayed close to the wall while walking around the room. He noticed that the table was still there, but the shackles mounted to the wall were gone. Only some dried up dark stains on one wall and the floor showed where he had been bound and brutalized. All his memories were coming back into his mind, getting more intense with every moment. He had to concentrate hard to keep his fear under control. Mac remained close to the table, scanning it with his eyes.

“Have you checked the table for fingerprints?” he asked Pete with a hoarse voice.

“We´ve tried.” Pete answered as calm as possible. He could see Mac´s body trembling by now. He could barely imagine how hard he was fighting back his memories. “Nothing conclusive so far.”

“Try again.” Mac sighed. “Take it to the lab. Both of them have touched it. More than once. There has to be something we can work with.”

As he looked up to the side wall he froze, suddenly staring blank into the distance. His most unsettling remembrance had returned.

“Mac?” Pete asked, instantly concerned and alert. “What is it? … MacGyver?”

Mac didn´t react, but slowly went over to that side wall, like on autopilot. He searched for a moment, found the mechanism and slid the door open. Pete was stunned and surprised. They had not found the sliding wall weeks ago, shortly after MacGyver´s escape. First he was impressed by the view, then he noticed the edge of the cliff was right behind where the wall had just been. The next thing Pete saw was the sturdy wooden beam that reached out over the abyss and the rope hanging down from it. He went a little closer noticing that the end of the rope was stained with dried blood. Then he saw MacGyver standing close to the edge, somehow frozen, paralyzed, staring down into the depth blankly.

MacGyver´s mind and feelings were blocked by his last memory of this room. He felt the rope binding his wrists; the huge guard was pulling and shoving him close to the edge. He felt the wind on his skin and playing with his hair, not knowing up from down. He heard Pete´s voice urging him to confess in his head. He felt hopeless and broken again. Panic rose in him and took over. Pete was about to push him over the edge… to his possible death…

Pete´s focus abruptly changed to his friend, who was obviously reliving a memory.


As Mac didn´t reply or even react a bit, Pete slowly went closer to him. He became aware of his pale but sweaty face and the shivers running over his whole body. Pete knew about Mac´s fear of heights. Had they really used it?

“Mac?” he tried to reach out to him once more. Mac still didn´t seem to notice that Pete was there. He didn´t answer, so Pete tried to gently take his arm. He wasn´t prepared for Mac´s reaction.

MacGyver fiercely knocked Pete´s hand off himself, pushed Pete away and panicking drew back into the room.

“No!” he shouted. “Don´t! Please, don´t do it!”

Pete needed a moment to regain his balance and avoid falling off the cliff. As soon as he was safe he concentrated on MacGyver again. Mac had retreated a few steps into the room. His whole body was trembling and his eyes were filled with terror and shock. He was still staring into the abyss. The memory of being pushed over the edge, of almost falling to his death had control over his mind and senses.

Pete saw that he was swaying a little as he cautiously approached him.

“MacGyver, please … listen to me.” he reached out to him. “It is over … come back to me … no one will harm you.”

Mac took another unsteady step backwards, but then his knees buckled and he fell to his hands and knees, breathing heavily. Pete felt the sudden urge to rush to him, but kept his caution.

“Mac, it´s me. It´s Pete… please, believe me … you´re safe.” he kept calming MacGyver. “It´s over … it is only a memory … you can get out of this … come back to me.”

A little hesitant Pete crouched down and laid first one, then both hands on MacGyver´s shoulders. Suddenly Mac´s shocked eyes fixed on Pete. Pete felt his body shaking with fear.

“What happened?” he asked softly. “Mac, please tell me what you see… Don´t cut me out of it… Let me help you… what did they do to you?”

He squeezed Mac´s shoulders gently and steadied him as he saw his gaze return to present time.

“I was bound at my wrists…” Mac told Pete with a shaky voice. “You pushed me over the edge… I would have fallen to my death if the rope had not held me… it felt like being ripped apart…”

Pete sighed deeply.

“You know I didn´t do this. Do you remember the double?” he asked. “You know I am here to help you through it…”

MacGyver only nodded slowly; a part of him still seemed paralyzed. Pete pulled him compassionately into his arms, feeling how tense Mac´s body was. At first Mac hesitated, still trying to hide his emotions, but then he buried his face into the fabric of Pete´s coat at his shoulder. After a few moments he held on to Pete allowing himself to be comforted. It took minutes before he felt somewhat safe again.

Pete was patient. He just held MacGyver quietly in his arms until he felt him calm down. Seeing his friend like this was heartbreaking to Pete. Inside he had to control once more his rage against the men who had done this to MacGyver. After a while Mac raised his head and eased himself out of Pete´s embrace. He straightened himself and fixed his eyes on the edge of the rock and the opening again.

“Mac, are you all right?” Pete didn´t fully let go. One of his hands still held on to Mac´s arm.

MacGyver´s face was pale as he shot Pete a short, shy look, like trying to apologize for the outbreak. “I´m fine.” he nodded, gradually regaining his self-control. “The memory just returned too sudden, too intense. It took over… I couldn´t distinguish past from present…” He still was a little disoriented and stunned. He had never expected the flashbacks to be that overwhelming.

He cautiously got up, closely followed by Pete. MacGyver again approached the abyss with Pete staying close by, deeply concerned. Mac held on to the sliding wall as he reached the edge. This time he was able to control the vertigo and his fear of falling. After some moments of looking down into the depth he closed the wall and turned to face Pete. He managed to smile shyly and reached out to take Pete´s hand.

“Thanks for getting me out of it.” he addressed Pete. “Thanks for being there.”

Pete held Mac´s hand tightly in both of his but remained silent. Pete recognized that Mac´s ‘I´m fine’-composure was back up. MacGyver was back to trying to show no weakness and locking up his emotions to himself. Only minutes ago Pete had gotten a glimpse at the terror that still was present under the thin veneer. It did nothing to ease Pete´s worries about his best friend. He sighed.

“We´ll better get you out of here.” he suggested. “We´ve been through every room, and I guess, it has been enough stress on your first day out of the hospital for you – and me.”

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Re: Breaking Point

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very very good chapter. very interesting to see the psychological part and how the stress effects both Mac and Pete. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
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Re: Breaking Point

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Thanks, bluegirl, for this latest chapter. So glad Mac is back to trusting Pete....but can understand Mac's flashbacks. Very good chapter.
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Re: Breaking Point

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So glad Mac has finally accepted Pete!! But he keeps pushing himself with wanting to investigate, hide his feelings, etc. He's made a lot of progress, but if he keeps this up I'm sure a setback is in his future.
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Re: Breaking Point

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Well, there is still one of the bad guys on the loose... and only three more parts to come! Mac is trusting his friends again, but can he trust himself? Is he back to his own self so soon, given what he had to endure? :roll: :roll: :roll:

Thanks again for your feedback! I appreciate it!
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Re: Breaking Point

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It´s time for Mac to get some rest and slowly return to normality... slowly?

Part 11

On their way back to the helicopter MacGyver reluctantly agreed to be taken to the safe house, at least for a few days. The safe house, Pete had chosen, was situated in a rather remote area of the hills north of Malibu. It was secluded, yet had a beautiful view towards the Pacific Ocean from its terrace. The pilot set the helicopter down in the garden while several men emerged from the house. MacGyver looked at Pete in surprise.

“That much personnel?”

“I´m not taking any chances. Mac.” Pete explained with a serious expression. “I want you to be safe. They are here to protect you and the house you´re in. You know all of them from previous assignments.”

Mac shot him a doubtful glance.

“I´ve ordered them to keep an eye on you and the place, but not to pester you. They are professionals, remember?” Pete continued. “I´ve got to get things going, so we can follow the hints you´ve given me. I don´t need to show you around, do I? You should remember the house. Your stuff is already there…”

MacGyver nodded and prepared to get off the helicopter.

“I guess, I´ll see you later in the evening?” he asked.

“As soon as everything is on its way.” Pete confirmed. Mac wanted to open the door, but Pete held him back at his arm. “MacGyver, please, promise me you will stay put…”

Mac turned to look at him directly. His eyes showed his inner turmoil, but he smiled at Pete.

“Promise… for now…”

Then he left the helicopter without giving Pete the chance to reply. MacGyver hurried to the house as the helicopter took off. He greeted all the men and went inside. Mac remembered the house very well. He and Pete had used it on various missions. He knew the room layout so he went directly to the kitchen, prepared himself a glass of orange juice and returned to the living room.

MacGyver flopped himself on the couch and looked out through the open glass doors. All Phoenix operatives had returned to their positions guarding him and the house. He could no longer see them, but knew they were there. It felt safe yet strange. Usually he was the one looking over someone in danger. He had accepted that Pete was right about some protection. Although Mac would never admit it to Pete, inside he knew that he was far from being back to his old self. He didn´t want Pete to worry, but he had to confess to himself that he felt mentally unstable and vulnerable.

MacGyver took in every detail of the extraordinary view. He enjoyed sitting there alone and quiet. For many weeks he had not been able to breathe fresh air or look into the distance. Now he started to really feel the end of his captivity and his new freedom. No more walls surrounding him, shutting out the outside world, holding him a prisoner. The relief of a wide open space allowed him to relax. Sitting there, he gradually realized how tired he was. He felt the strain of the long helicopter flights and the mental exhaustion from searching the camp. He tried to push the inner unrest away by concentrating on his physical condition. He noticed that his cracked rib and the pulled shoulders were aching, as well as some of his only recently healed wounds did. After all it was his first day out of medical care…

MacGyver sighed, emptied his glass and set it down next to the corner of the couch. He adjusted himself into a horizontal position on the couch, still keeping an eye on the wide open doors and the view over the ocean. Within minutes he was sound asleep.


After some hours the nightmares returned. Being to the camp had brought back his carefully suppressed memories to the surface. He was reliving the moments of being pushed over the edge by Pete´s look-a-like, of being strangulated by him and of being stabbed by him over and over again. He was frightened. After a while his exhausted mind went quiet, but the images stayed lingering. His dark, cold cell was surrounding him in his dream; the walls were slowly closing in on him. All the feelings and images made Mac shiver in his sleep.

Suddenly he felt something covering him from his feet upwards, wrapping close around his whole body. As it reached his shoulders, the fear of being immobilized made MacGyver wake up startled. He bolted up and pushed away whatever was enveloping him. Someone grabbed his upper arms, steadying him, holding him tight. In his frightened and disoriented state Mac tried to free himself, no matter where he was and who was holding him. He didn´t even look at first.

“Easy, MacGyver! Look at me!” Pete called out to him. Then his voice turned soft and soothing. “It´s okay… It´s me, Pete… You´re safe… No one will harm you.”

MacGyver´s eyes were wide with terror as he found and focused on Pete´s face. Gradually he realized that he was still lying on the couch of the safe house north of Malibu. It had only been Pete who had attempted to cover him with a blanket. It had gotten dark outside since he had dozed off. Slowly the terror left his brown eyes and his body relaxed. Pete noticed it and let go of Mac´s arms. MacGyver let himself drop back on to the couch, drawing a deep breath. He covered his face with his hands and then ran them through his unruly hair, sighing.

“I´m sorry, MacGyver.” he heard Pete apologizing. “I didn´t mean to wake you. I saw you shivering in your sleep and …”

Mac cut him off with a wave of his hand.

“It´s okay… I´m fine.” he replied. He opened his eyes and prepared to get up. As he looked up at Pete´s face, he saw it lined with concern. MacGyver sat up and swung his long legs off the couch. Pete stood up and took a step backwards to allow him enough room.

“Pete, you worry too much.” Mac managed to smile at him. “It was only a bad dream… I´m all right.” he tried to brush off Pete´s unease. He retrieved his empty glass, got up and went to the kitchen.

“Have you got any news for me?” he asked over his shoulder casually changing the topic.

Pete followed him. “Yes and no…”

MacGyver had just opened the refrigerator, but now turned to look puzzled at Pete, his eyebrows raised in surprise.

“Yes and no?” he repeated Pete´s words.

“After I dropped you off here, I sent a forensic team to the camp.” Pete explained. “They went after every one of your hints and took the table to the lab. You were right, Mac. They found two sets of fingerprints on it. One of them is matching my dead double. With a little help from the police and the FBI we now have a name for him. He was a hired local low life. No connections to any bigger crimes so far. There are only a few cases of trickery and assault on his record.”

Mac turned to the refrigerator and filled his glass with orange juice again. He closed the door and leaned against the kitchen counter behind him, facing Pete but subconsciously keeping his distance.

“What about the second set?”

“I certainly had to dig deeper for results on him.” Pete sighed. “I had to pull on a lot of strings to get this information. Even the DXS got nervous when I asked for help…”

“Yes?” Mac pressed a little impatient.

“Together with your description and connecting him to the Asian man we arrested, we finally have got a name. And the organization he is working for.” Pete continued. “Both of them are tied to a Chinese syndicate specialized in technology theft and espionage. The name of our fugitive is Dan Ni Chen.”

He pulled a photo out of the pocket of his jacket and showed it to MacGyver. Mac face instantly froze at the sight of his torturer.

“That´s him.” he managed to say with a low voice, a shiver running down his spine. Pete noticed it and pocketed the picture fast.

“Their target was Phoenix Research. We still don´t know what project they were after, but it seems since their first attempt failed… they took you to get the information about how to get inside our computer systems… Their research on you that we found in the camp was quite impressive.”

Mac stared into the distance, considering the new information.

“It certainly was…” he agreed. “They knew about my help in building up the security for the computers. At first, they asked for the access codes…” His voice trailed off and he shook his head. “But why would they bring up you? … Accusing me of selling off classifieds?”

“Well, you are able to be remarkably stubborn.” Pete sighed. “I guess they realized it would take more than physical pain to break your resistance and your spirit.”

Mac´s haunted eyes suddenly focused on Pete, but he remained silent.

“Mac, their research on you and on us had to be thorough to pull this off. We´re still trying to figure out, where all their information on us came from.” Pete continued. “This Chinese syndicate came into the intelligence focus soon after the initial attack on the research department. But they are really good at covering their tracks. That´s also why it took three weeks to find any connection to that mountain camp and find you. To be honest, it was a long shot; I had no real clues to you being up there.”

Pete paused for a moment as he saw the pain returning into MacGyver´s eyes. Mac made every effort to keep his memories under control, while looking at Pete.

So, I have been lucky again, he thought.

“Mac, I´m sorry for what you had…”

MacGyver cut Pete off with raising his hand.

“You´ve got nothing to be sorry for.” he assured Pete. “I know you did everything possible to find me. Even if it was a lucky assumption… After all, you did get me out of there…”

He looked at his orange juice and took a sip.

“So, now that we know who this Chen is, do we have any lead on him?”

“I´m afraid, no.” Pete shook his head. “He vanished into thin air. He might be out of the country by now.”

MacGyver raised his gaze again.

“I managed to escape. He failed his contract and his assignment.” Mac stated. “I don´t think he´ll give up that easily. Not after all the effort he took so far. I am sure, he´s working on another way to get what he or his syndicate wants.”

Pete´s look grew doubtful.

“How could he?” he asked. “The security for the research division and for the whole Foundation has been raised to maximum. There´s only a handful of people in the whole Phoenix Foundation, that would know how to access the system from the outside now. Only one person is in charge for each lab complex.”

Mac´s eyes were fixed on Pete. Pete recognized the look. Mac was following an idea.

“I guess, he knows that.” Mac replied. “And their initial attack focused on the L.A. labs. They are after something we are working on right here… Pete, you do have those codes.”

His eyes widened with worry, but Pete shook his head.

“I can only get inside from a Phoenix computer terminal. You know, I wouldn´t be able to hack any computer system.”

Both of them stood silent for a few moments, reconsidering their train of thought. Pete was the first to speak.

“This is going to lead Chen to…”

“Willis!” MacGyver finished the sentence with a shocked expression. “Oh, no…”

He glanced at his watch and noticed it was past 9 p.m... Mac quickly set his glass aside and hurried for the telephone in the living room.

“Pete, contact the labs through the helicopter!” he called over his shoulder. “If he´s still there, tell him to stay! He´ll be safest there. I´ll try to reach him at home.”

He saw Pete run to the helicopter outside while he dialed the number of Willis´ apartment from memory. He listened to the ringing tone but got no answer. Willis was a known workaholic. It was common for him to stay in the lab until late evening. Nevertheless MacGyver´s stomach turned into a tight knot. He felt the terror of his torture rise inside.

If Willis would have to endure something similar to that…

MacGyver tried to shake off the thought as he put down the receiver. He heard the helicopter engines roar to life in the garden. Pete and his pilot were getting ready to take off. Without a second thought MacGyver ran outside. He was not going to leave his friend to this Chinese syndicate. Mac reached the handle of the helicopter´s back door and pulled it open, just as it was about to lift off the ground. He jumped inside and slammed the door shut.

The pilot had seen him coming; he was only stunned for a moment and then looked at Pete. But Pete turned and stared shocked at Mac.

“MacGyver, no!” he called out. “You´re staying at the house.”

“Is Willis still in the lab?” Mac asked, raising his voice over the roar of the engine and ignoring Pete´s order.

“No.” Pete answered. “He left with his car about 20 minutes ago.”

“Then let´s go!” Mac replied fast. “We´ve got to get to him!”

Pete´s face grew serious.

“Mac, I am not taking you along. I´m also your boss, remember? You promised me you´d stay at the safe house.”

He saw a mixture of resoluteness, pain and fear in Mac´s dark eyes.

“I´m sorry, Pete. I can´t. I won´t abandon Willis.” MacGyver´s voice was determined. “I´m coming with you… Don´t try to stop me.”

Pete held MacGyver´s stare for a few seconds. They had no time for a discussion. And it would be useless; Mac had made up his mind. Pete knew that look of his best friend. Reluctantly Pete nodded to the pilot.

“Go... Hurry.”

Then he turned again to MacGyver who just settled into the back seat. Mac looked up after fastening his seatbelt.

“Mac, are you sure, you´re up to whatever might happen?” Pete asked deeply worried. After what he had seen today at the camp, he was really afraid of the possibility that Mac would have to confront his torturer.

MacGyver was silent for some moments. He still kept fighting back his memories and his fear by concentrating on saving Willis.

“I have to, Pete.” he replied with a low voice, his words trailing off. “For Willis.”

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Re: Breaking Point

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Poor Mac sure didn't get much rest! Of course, that's his own fault though of course he would insist on helping Pete find Willis. Great chapter! I loved the interaction between Pete and Mac!
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Re: Breaking Point

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Thanks bluegirl, for this chapter. Very good. Looking forward to more.
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