Breaking Point - a MacGyver FanFiction

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Re: Breaking Point

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very good chapter. you did a good job in showing the emotions that all different characters of the story feel. looking forward to the next part... 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
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Re: Breaking Point

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Thanks, bluegirl, for that chapter. Glad to see Mac is making progress in his recovery. Well done.
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Re: Breaking Point

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I second what Jack(s) said about showing everyone's emotions. Obviously, this isn't just about Mac anymore. I also love that you're taking time to walk us through his recovery. Unfortunately, even though his is now physically healing, it sounds that perhaps the hardest part is yet to come as he deals with the psychological aspect and all the questions, etc. He'll have to go through a lot more before this adventure ends and I am enjoying the journey you are taking us on.
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Re: Breaking Point

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Hello again, 48 hours have passed - here´s the next part for all of you to read

Mac´s road to recovery - physically, metally and emotionally - is kind of rough and bumpy, but fortunately he has friends caring about him

Part 8

It was the evening of day seven when Pete, Willis and Dr. Thompson met in the monitoring room, discussing how to continue.

“I can´t allow that yet!” Dr. Thompson exclaimed upset.

“But we do need some answers!” Pete replied. “One of the men got away when we stormed that camp. We won´t be able to track him down without a better description. The one we arrested still isn´t talking. We need MacGyver´s help. And he has a right to know the truth.”

“He isn´t up to it!” the doctor insisted.

“I haven´t tried to ask him…” Willis tried to calm the tense atmosphere. “He wasn´t mentioning anything from himself. Talking to him and being with him feels like he´s locking up all his memories and emotions to himself. He won´t reveal anything if I don´t press him to.”

“I need to talk to him.” Pete demanded.

“Pete, he still thinks you´re dead!” Willis reminded him.

“I believe, he thinks he´s killed you.” Dr. Thompson added. “You can´t just go in there. He´s still too weak. We can´t risk that.”

Pete sighed deeply. He knew Mac well enough to know how disturbed he must be feeling. Pete hated the current situation.

“I might try. The doctor might try.” Willis suggested. “Maybe he´ll talk to us.”

“But we have to be careful given the fragile trust he has in us.” Dr. Thompson explained. “He´s trying hard to pretend that he´s okay to us, but he´s definitely traumatized. I don´t know how long he will be able to keep up his composure. It´s slowly using up his strength.”

“It´s MacGyver we´re talking about!” Pete said angrily. “He´s a fighter. He always comes through!”

Willis and the doctor looked at him quietly for a moment. Then Dr. Thompson laid a hand on Pete´s shoulder.

“I know what he means to you. That´s why I´m being extremely cautious. I don´t want him to break down.”

Pete wanted to protest, but inside he knew the doctor was right. The dreading situation was using up his nerves and strength as well. He slowly sat down in front of the monitor showing his sleeping friend, fixing his gaze on the image.

“We´ll give it a try tomorrow.” Dr. Thompson told him softly. “I don´t want to wake him. Willis and I have to run some lab tests. Can we leave you alone here? Will you be okay?”

Pete nodded absently. “Yes, I´m all right. I just want to stay here for a while.”


Pete had been watching silently for about an hour when MacGyver started having nightmares again. It hurt Pete deep inside to see his friend suffer but not to be able to help him. He had to watch Mac moving around in his bed, curling up, stretching out, turning from one side to another. He was trying to push away things only he could see in his dream while moaning in his sleep. It lasted only a few minutes, then Mac lay quiet again. But while moving he had also pushed the blanket that was supposed to cover him and keep him warm away. It had slipped off him and now covered only part of his legs.

Pete noticed it, also seeing the bandages and bruises on Mac´s torso. Uncertain what to do Pete first sat quietly, waiting. He knew very well that he was not supposed to go in there. After some time the screen´s picture showed that MacGyver was starting to shiver from getting cool. Still being weak, his body was more vulnerable to the cold than usual. Pete´s concern grew rapidly.

No nurse around, the doctor still running tests in the lab. Pete had to act.

After all, MacGyver was asleep, he wouldn´t notice Pete covering him with the blanket. He would leave the room immediately after it.

Pete took a deep breath, got up and hurried to the room opposite to the corridor. It felt strange sneaking as silent as possible into the sick-room of the man he was so familiar with. Trying to avoid being heard or even seen by Mac didn´t feel right. Pete stood frozen for a few moments just inside the door, watching MacGyver for the first time without a monitor since days. He cautiously closed in on the bed. Mac´s eyes were shut; he was breathing regularly and slowly, lying on his side, facing Pete. The blanket had folded up behind his back.

Standing beside the bed Pete saw all the exhaustion and pain the torture had caused in MacGyver´s pale face. He seemed to be peaceful in his sleep, but the wounds dressings and the lines etched into Mac´s face told a different story. A shiver running over Mac´s whole body reminded Pete of why he was here – where he shouldn´t be. Careful not to touch MacGyver he reached over him for the blanket, pulled it up to his shoulders and covered his whole body again. Pete deliberately tucked in the blanket around Mac´s shoulders and neck and started to retreat right after it.

But it was too late. MacGyver had felt the slight touch. He moved his head a little and blinked his eyes open as Pete had only reached the door and pulled on the handle.

MacGyver´s mind was still horrified with the episode of nightmares he´d had. Now pictures of his cell filled his sleeping head. It was cold, terribly cold. He felt the shivers running through him. Pete had been there in his dream again, tormenting him with electric shocks. The trembling he felt was partly caused by the cold, partly by the fright. Through his dazed mind between really sleeping and being wide awake he noticed something covering him. Something was touching him softly. Someone had to be moving that something. Was he not alone in his cell anymore?

Slowly he turned his head to see who was there. His eyes needed a moment to focus on the man who was already at the door. What he saw instantly set off all his alerts.



A sudden wave of shock and adrenaline made him bolt up and back in his bed. He slipped over the edge backwards and fell to his knees and hands, not being strong enough to stand. The IV got ripped out of his arm by the tube of his infusion. Mac felt the burning pain; his whole body protested wildly against the sudden movement. A wave of vertigo hit him. But this was about surviving! MacGyver forced himself up on his feet in the next blink of an eye and rushed to get further away. That door was the only entrance and escape he realized in his panic. He crashed backwards into the wall after a few yards; his head colliding hard with it. Mac felt a sudden stinging pain in his back, stars dancing in front of his eyes he went down to the floor. He lay in the corner of the room trembling with fear, breathing hard in shock and pain, desperately fighting the darkness that threatened to take over. His vision blurred totally; Mac had to close his eyes.

No, he thought, not now. I have to get away! I have to stay alert!

Gasping he tried to turn, to curl himself up, to protect himself, to get up. But it was no use. His body wouldn´t obey. MacGyver collapsed to the ground again.

Pete froze in shock as he saw MacGyver´s reaction. It all happened within seconds. He had never expected something as intense and fierce. Only a moment after Mac had collapsed, he felt someone brush past him, as the door opened and then someone grab his arm and shove him to the corridor. Just then he saw Dr. Thompson´s darkened expression.

“Director or not, get out of here!” he ordered angrily, then turned on his heels and hurried back in to look after his patient.

Pete was left alone in his shock, feeling like someone had stabbed his heart, his stomach tight as a knot. He had endangered MacGyver. He had made a huge mistake.

MacGyver was still frantically fighting the darkness as he heard steps rushing to him. Someone crouched down.

“Mac!” he heard that someone call him through the ringing in his head. In the next moment he felt a gentle touch on his shoulder. Being trapped in his shock he didn´t care who it was. He desperately tried to push and knock away whoever was close to him without looking. But his arms were caught fast and spread out. One against the floor, the other against the wall.

“Stop it, MacGyver!” the same voice ordered, but Mac was still in his survival mode. He kept struggling with all the energy he had left against the one holding him.

“Mac, look at me! It´s me! It´s Willis. Stop fighting!”

Mac´s resistance ceased slowly though his body remained tense. He turned his head to look at that voice. His eyes had trouble focusing. The room seemed to be moving around him. He recognized Willis facing and holding him; Dr. Thompson was standing a few yards behind him. He recognized the room he had been in for a week by now. His gaze searched frightened around the room and then fixed on Willis.

“What happened, Mac?” Willis asked softly.

Mac´s trembling intensified as his last memory popped up in his mind. No, I can´t tell them, he decided quickly. That´s impossible. It couldn´t have been real. I must have been dreaming.

Still disoriented he took a few deep breaths and then answered: “I don´t know… Maybe that last dream was feeling too real…” He wasn´t lying. It still felt very real.

Willis slowly released his arms and put one of his arms around the back of his neck to help stabilize Mac´s head. MacGyver´s heart was racing as the doctor also knelt down and felt for his pulse.

“Was anyone here when you entered the room?” Mac suddenly asked them. Am I still having hallucinations?, he asked himself inside.

Willis and Dr. Thompson exchanged a quick look.

“No one.” Willis reassured MacGyver. “Whatever spooked you, it must have been that bad dream. Try to relax. Everything´s fine. You´re safe.”

All of a sudden MacGyver´s shock and his emotions took over. He couldn´t control the panic any longer, even with Willis and Dr. Thompson at his side. He turned to lie on his side, curled up a little. He covered his face with his hands to hide the tears welling up in his eyes. He was unable to keep his body from shaking. He heard Willis´ voice trying to calm him. He heard the soothing words. He felt his comforting touch at his shoulders and stabilizing his head.

It took a few minutes until Mac regained control over his body and emotions. Now thinking calmer and more logically he assessed, it must have been a dream. Wiping off the tears he raised his head a little, looking up. MacGyver´s eyes found two concerned faces.

“We´d better get you back to your bed.” Dr. Thompson suggested. “I´d like to have a look at your back.”

Mac nodded weakly. None of the two men pressed him further to reveal what he had seen in that dream. None of them mentioned his short emotional collapse. They were being patient and regardful as they had been over the last days. With the help of the two men he got up. They assisted him in lying down comfortably on his side, and Willis covered him with the blanket.

“I´ll be back in a few minutes.” Dr. Thompson told them. “I´ve got to prepare everything for changing the dressings and bandages. I had it scheduled for tomorrow morning, but I´d rather like to do it now.”

When Dr. Thompson left the room, he found Pete still standing stunned in the corridor some yards away.

“In here!” he ordered him into the monitoring room which also held a lot of medical supplies. “You were damn lucky.” he continued after Pete had closed the door behind him. Then he started to collect the dressings and bandages he would need to care for Mac´s wounds out of the drawers.

“He was going through a bad nightmare. His blanket had…” Pete started to explain, but was cut off by a warning look of Dr. Thompson. He had stopped moving around and now turned to face Pete.

“I don´t need no explanation.” he answered sharply. “Mac could have hurt himself real bad. Fortunately he trusts us. He believes that what he saw was part of his nightmare. But we all got a glance at his real mental condition behind his carefully kept up façade.”

He turned again to pick up the last items and then left to take care of his patient.

Pete slowly sat down in front of the monitor. He was still in shock about Mac´s reaction to him. And he felt guilty. He never wanted to cause any harm to MacGyver, but in his attempt to help him, he had probably done just that.

When Dr. Thompson returned, Mac had settled down a bit. He was still shivering and his face was pale. After a probing look the doctor set down the supplies on a table behind MacGyver´s back and came back to face him. He brushed some of Mac´s damp hair back from his sweaty forehead and felt for his temperature.

“Shall I ease the effects of the shock?” he asked softly.

Mac turned his head to look up at him, attempting a weak smile. He was starting to master his self-control again.

“No, thanks. I think I can handle it.”

“All right.” Dr. Thompson nodded and returned to the other side of the bed.

“You need to lie a little more on your front. I guess you know the procedure by now… Or do you want to sleep through it? I could…”

Mac shook his head. “No. I´ll be okay.”

Then he adjusted himself on the bed to allow the doctor access to his injuries. Dr. Thompson pulled back the blanket and cautiously felt all over MacGyver´s back. When the doctor started to cut open and remove the bandages, Mac closed his eyes and bit back a moan. Willis instantly took one of Mac´s hands, holding on to it, his other one ready to assist the doctor if needed.

“You were lucky.” Dr. Thompson declared after exposing his whole back. “Only one of the deeper cuts has torn open and is bleeding, but it won´t need new stitches. Could have been a lot worse.”

He pressed some gauze on to the bleeding wound which made Mac gasp in pain and squeeze Willis´ hand.

“I´m sorry.” The doctor apologized as he felt Mac´s body tighten under his hands. “I have to stop the bleeding.”

MacGyver only nodded silently. As soon as he had closed his eyes minutes ago, pictures had started to flash into his mind. Although his senses had been affected by the drug most of the time, he recalled every moment of every hit, of every shock, of every cut or slash. His mind played the memories over and over while Dr. Thompson was at work. It wouldn´t stop even as he forced himself to open his eyes. He started shivering again. Willis and the doctor noticed it immediately.

“Mac, are you all right?” Dr. Thompson asked.

MacGyver took in a deep breath. “Fine.” he answered, while he tried to straighten his back a little. “I´ll live.” He suddenly felt extremely tired. As Dr. Thompson had finished treating all of his wounds and started to put on fresh dressings and bandages, he closed his eyes again and gave in to the darkness that swept over him. Willis was the first to notice him going limp. He squeezed his hand worried.

“Mac? MacGyver!”

“Don´t!” Dr. Thompson stopped him. “Let him sleep. It´ll be a lot easier for him. He desperately needs to rest.”

He finished bandaging MacGyver´s back and then asked Willis to help him turn Mac over and performed the same procedure on the injuries on his front. At last he set up a new IV and took care of Mac´s arm, where to other one had been torn out.

Willis also felt worn out by the time they were finished. He nodded automatically as the doctor asked him to stay with MacGyver, but he didn´t know how long he would manage to stay awake. The last days, the last weeks had been eating on all of them. He settled into his chair, held contact to Mac with one of his hands and soon dozed off.


Against expectation MacGyver felt rested when he woke in the morning. A night´s sleep without any bad dreams had served him well. When he opened his eyes his first gaze went to the clock, then he noticed something beside him. Looking down he saw Willis in his chair, his arms and head resting on the edge of Mac´s bed. He had to smile and then touched Willis´ arm softly with his hand.


Willis was startled awake, a little disoriented at first. “What… where…” Then his eyes found MacGyver´s smile.

“MacGyver! You´re awake!” he exclaimed with relief. “How are you feeling?”

“I was going to ask you the same thing.” Mac answered. “I´m fine. A lot better than yesterday evening.”

“You gave me a heart attack yesterday.” Willis looked intensely at him.

Mac´s smile was instantly gone. “Yeah, me too.” After a little break he added: “You look like you need to get some sleep. IN a bed.”

Willis rubbed his eyes, nodding. “You´re right. But first I need to tell Dr. Thompson that you´re awake. I´ll see you later.”

He got up, put on his glasses and left the room.

Only a minute later Dr. Thompson came in.

“Good morning!” he greeted Mac. “Willis told me, you´re feeling better?”

Mac nodded while the doctor checked all his vitals. “Yeah. I´ve been sleeping quietly as it seems. Did you have anything to do with that?”

“I just aided it.” Dr. Thompson smiled apologetically. “The shock you´ve experienced, did most of it. You were exhausted, also mentally. I just made sure it would last all night… to give you enough time to rest.”

“Oh…” Mac raised his eyebrows. Dr. Thompson could see, that Mac wasn´t sure if he liked the doctor´s decision.

“Listen, MacGyver, I was planning to get you out of this bed and move your body a little today or tomorrow, but wanted to do it slow, cautious and with assistance. Do you think you´re up to that? Given what happened yesterday?”

The sudden change of topic interrupted MacGyver´s thoughts about the medication. The memory of those frightful minutes flashed back into his mind. His expression darkened.

“MacGyver?” the doctor asked concerned as he didn´t respond.

Mac looked up at him, managing to lighten up his face again. “Yeah, sure. I´m fine.” he replied.

Getting out of this bed; being allowed to move around. That was something to look forward to. So far he had only been walking from his bed to the bathroom in his sick-room, and only with help. Increasing his radius of action was encouraging.

Until Willis returned in the afternoon, his day had followed the usual routine.

“Dr. Thompson had told me, that he allowed you to get out of here.” Willis greeted him. “But we have to stay on sub-level two.” He set down a well known sports bag on a chair. “I´ve been at your houseboat and got you some clothes.” He couldn´t tell Mac, that Pete had been there to get Mac´s favorite stuff.

“Thanks, Willis.” MacGyver carefully sat up in his bed.

“So, let´s get you dressed and out of bed.” Willis encouraged him. He handed Mac a t-shirt, sweat pants and sneakers and helped him steady himself as he slowly got out of bed after putting them on. MacGyver felt dizzy for a few moments as he stood upright. He had to hold on to Willis.

“Are you okay? Are you up to it?” Willis asked.

MacGyver took a deep breath and straightened himself.

“Yeah, I´m fine. Just needed a little time to adjust myself to being vertical again.” he explained. “Let´s go.”

Slowly, carefully they made their way to the corridor and along it. At first MacGyver had to lean on Willis for support, but he got more confident with every step. His leg wound had been healing well. He could feel the sting, but it wasn´t bothering him too much. Halfway down the corridor Mac was walking on his own. Yet his strength was limited, so they soon ended up back in the monitoring room with coffee for Willis and herbal tea for MacGyver. Being alive had just started to feel comfortingly normal again to MacGyver as Willis started asking questions.

“MacGyver, you really scared us yesterday… What happened?”

MacGyver froze in the same moment. He knew it had been bound to happen. He wasn´t able to talk his captivity. Not yet.

“I guess, I just overreacted to a bad dream.” he tried to brush off the question. “I´m fine.”

Willis look still showed deep concern. “Those nightmares keep tormenting you.” he insisted. “Mac, you´ve been gone for three weeks. Your injuries tell some story. But none of us really knows what you´ve been through. Don´t you want to talk about it?”

MacGyver kept his eyes on is mug, his expression suddenly darkened.

“No.” he answered with a low voice, staring into the distance at something only he could see.

“You know, it might help you getting rid of those dreams.” Willis tried again, but Mac didn´t react.

His memories replayed in his mind. The rapid change of being tortured, questioned, escaping and killing Pete made him breathe faster. Willis noticed it.

“Mac, you don´t have to handle this on your own. We´re here to help you.” Willis pressed on.

“Willis, I said no!” Mac suddenly shouted angrily at him. “I don´t want to, I don´t need to talk about it!”

The outbreak was so abrupt that it made Willis wince and draw back from his friend. Mac was also surprised by his intense reaction. He took a deep breath, licking his lips nervously.

“I´m sorry.” he continued after a short pause, his voice again low and soft. “I didn´t mean to snap at you… Listen, I know all of you are trying to help… But I can´t… I just can´t talk about it. Not yet.” He tried to avoid looking at Willis and took a sip of his tea.

Willis needed a moment to relax, then laid a hand on Mac´s shoulder.

“That´s okay.” he accepted the apology. “Take your time.”

They both sat in silence while finishing their hot drinks. Afterwards Willis escorted MacGyver back to his room. But after getting back into his bed Mac asked him to leave him alone. He felt Willis hesitate.

“Willis, I´m fine. Really.” Mac reassured him. “Thank you for getting me out of here. But right now I´d like to be alone. I need some time to think… and I´m a little tired.”

Willis nodded, but his face showed some doubt.

“All right, I´ll see you tomorrow.” he said before he left.


With MacGyver now sometimes walking around, Dr. Thompson had declared sub-level two off limits for Pete Thornton. He, Pete and Willis had to meet at the lab they used for all the evidence and its investigation at sub-level three. Three days had passed since the ‘evening incident’ and the doctor had finally forgiven Pete´s mistake. Again they were discussing how to proceed.

“Pete, I´ve tried several times during the last days.” Willis told him. “He won´t talk to me.”

“But we have to get through to him somehow.” Pete sighed deeply. “I can´t stand watching him suffer like this anymore.”

“I´ve tried getting him to talk to Dr. Beattie, but he has locked up to that offer.” Dr. Thompson added. “He keeps telling us that he´s okay. He has improved physically, yet he is still considerably weakened. After three weeks of torture he has some catching up to do. But I have to admit his mental strain is not helping it.”

The three men looked at each other quietly for a moment.

“But how do we confront him without risking more damage?” Pete asked what they were all thinking. “I can´t just walk into his room…”

“No way. We have to be very cautious.” Dr. Thompson addressed Pete. “He´s not only traumatized by the experience of being tortured, but his well known world has been destroyed by that ‘other you’.”

“But he´s still MacGyver.” Willis suddenly joined in.

Pete and Dr. Thompson looked at him puzzled.

“What do you mean by that?” Pete asked.

“He´s curious. He´s nosy. He´s scientifically interested.” Willis explained. “Maybe I can get him down here on one of our walks with something he will be interested in. Maybe I can confront him with parts of the evidence. Step by step. Maybe he will open up to it…”

Pete nodded slowly, considering the thought. “That might work…”

“Or cause him to break down.” Dr. Thompson wasn´t convinced.

Pete and Willis looked at each other.

“We have to try.” Pete finally told the doctor. “I can´t go on, not letting him know what really happened. He has every right to know.”

Dr. Thompson nodded, yet remained skeptical. He held the gaze of Pete and Willis for a few silent moments.

“Both of you should know that it´s a dangerous game, you´re intending to play.” he answered. “Be careful not to break him.”

Pete took the warning serious. But he had known Mac for many years. He knew how strong his friend´s resilience was.

“I know, doctor.” he replied. “But it´s MacGyver we´re talking about. We´ve got to give him every chance to get his real self and his life back. We have to trust him, that he´ll use it…”

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Re: Breaking Point

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Thank you , bluegirl . Another great part ! :)
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Re: Breaking Point

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I feel so sorry for Pete!! I think you write his character especially well! Also glad to see Mac healing physically, but they have to start getting into his head, after all, that weird brain of his is the biggest weapon he's got. Like Willis basically said, they've gotta let him be MacGyver!! Really looking forward to where this is headed now that Mac is starting to slowing return to normal (whatever "normal" is for that man!! LOL!!)
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Re: Breaking Point

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Thanks bluegirl. Another outstanding chapter. Looking forward to more.
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Re: Breaking Point

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Thanks everyone for your encouragement! I REALLY appreciate it! This one and the next two parts were probably the most challenging to write. I thought a lot about rewriting them, because they are kind of 'dramatic'. But what happened to Mac is dramatic and I finally decided to show it...

Returning to some kind of 'normal' is going to take quite an effort for Mac, Pete and Willis - you´ll know more on friday... ;)
The stuff is already there. I just find a different way to use it.
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Re: Breaking Point

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Here we go again...

Pete and Willis are planning to get through to MacGyver, carefully, cautiously, slowly - but with Mac involved, will it work out as planned...?

Part 9

On the following day Willis spent the whole morning preparing the lab. Until midday everything was ready. Upon entering the room it wouldn´t arouse suspicion. On the table next to the computer lay only a few manila envelopes and folders. Willis had put the evidence from the torture in sturdy cardboard boxes on the shelves on the side of the room. The silicone masks from Pete´s double were hidden in a separate box in the back corner of the shelf, together with the pictures and videotapes they had retrieved. They had found another mask as they had searched the camp ten days ago, along with photos and videotapes showing ‘the real’ Pete Thornton. Obviously Pete´s double had used those to practice his role, in order to be able to fool MacGyver´s already drug- and pain-confused mind. The shelves on the other side of the room held a microscope with some soil samples. Everything was set up.

Pete arrived shortly after noon and went straight to Willis´ lab. The two men stood silently for a few minutes, after greeting each other, looking around the room, assessing their idea for a last time.

“Do we really think this will work? Will he look around while I pretend to set up another test?” Willis asked nervously. “Will he even follow me down here?”

“I don´t know.” Pete sighed. “But if there´s some part of the MacGyver we know, that´s still intact, it should work… It has to work…”

“Do we really have to trap him like that?” Willis added. “I don´t feel to good about it… I know, it´s been my idea, but…”

“I don´t like it either.” Pete cut him off. “But I hate seeing him now. I hate letting him believe that he was tortured by me. I hate letting him believe that he killed me. For MacGyver´s own good, we have to end this. We have to try. We have to do everything possible to get back the MacGyver we know. And we have to go after the men who did this to him.”

After another reassuring glance at Willis, Pete left for the neighboring lab where they had set up a surveillance monitor for their ‘trap’. Willis remained alone. He needed a few moments to calm himself and to prepare mentally for what he was about to do. Then he nodded to himself and went to see Dr. Thompson and MacGyver.


Dr. Thompson was with MacGyver as Willis arrived at the sick-room. He greeted the two men.

“Good to see both of you! How is our patient doing, doctor?”

Mac´s smile was a little lopsided. “I´m fine.”

Dr. Thompson looked first at MacGyver then at Willis.

“He´s improving.” he answered Willis´ question. “We were able to remove the stitches in his back this morning. His injuries are healing well. He may feel a little more tired than usual because of the procedure. He´s still weakened, also due to the weight loss during the captivity.”

Mac had remained silent during the doctor´s explanation, but now he added with a grin: “What he´s saying is I´m fine.”

Willis had to smile, but the doctor shot him a warning look.

“Don´t overdo it today.”

Willis hesitated for a moment. Should we better wait until tomorrow?

“Can I take him for our afternoon walk?” he asked.

“You can.” Dr. Thompson looked at him intensely, knowing what Willis and Pete were planning. “But be careful with him.” Then he left Mac and Willis.

Willis stood silent, watching Mac as he slowly sat up in his bed.

“Would you mind handing me the sweatshirt?” Mac asked, pointing to a chair in the corner.

“Sure.” Willis picked up the sweater from that chair and handed it to Mac, who put it on cautiously. “Mac, are you up to it? Dr. Thompson said you might be tired.”

MacGyver froze for a moment, then looked at Willis, trying to seem determined.

“I am fine.” he confirmed. “Willis, I´m looking forward to getting out of here at least once a day. It helps me train my body and its circulation again. I need to get back in shape. Let´s go.” He swung his long legs out of the bed and reached for his sneakers.

Willis stepped aside to assist him, feeling a little sting to his heart. He was about to lure his friend into an unpleasant trap. He knew, he had to do it, the outcome would hopefully be a relief to all of them, yet it felt like betrayal. And the doctor´s warning had reminded him of the risk they were taking.

As usual for the last days MacGyver held on to Willis´ arm for the first minutes. He felt the strain from removing the stitches quite clearly, but he wasn´t going to admit it. He was determined to cope with it. Mac let go of Willis as his steps slowly got more confident. After walking around the corridors of sub-level two for some time they took a break sitting down in the small kitchen with their usual coffee for Willis and herbal tea for MacGyver. Mac had soon noticed that Willis was a little off-center today.

“What´s going on, Willis?” he used the break to ask. “Something wrong?”

Willis suddenly felt trapped himself. Had he really believed, he could hide his unease from MacGyver? He took a quick look at his watch to avoid Mac´s probing gaze.

“No.” he replied. “Just waiting for some results of a test that I started in the morning. Should be ready by now.”

Mac nodded. “Urgent?”

Willis shook his head. Now or never, he thought. “No, I just need them for a simulation.” he replied. “Only scientific curiosity, you know. I´m waiting to see, if the research matches my theory.”

“Oh.” Mac raised his eyebrows and nodded in understanding. “What´s it about?”

Willis sighed. Baited and hooked, he thought. Time to reel him in.

“It´s just my usual soil and groundwater stuff. Searching for patterns in the spreading of chemicals and toxins.” he answered.

“Can I have a look at it?” MacGyver was instantly interested.

Willis looked up from his mug.

“I am using a lab at sub-level three, but I surely can get the papers up here. Dr. Thompson hasn´t allowed you to leave this level so far.”

“I know.” MacGyver sighed deeply. After a small pause he added with a boyish grin: “But does he have to know that we´ve been down there?”

Willis looked at him surprised. That had been easy. Yes, the nosy part of MacGyver is still there, he assessed to himself.

“I don´t think that´s a good idea…” he replied.

MacGyver was already exited by the idea.

“Willis, you´ve told me that I´ve been a captive for three weeks, I´ve been down here for ten days. I need to see and think about something that has no connection to that. Please…”

Willis looked at him silent. Again he felt the sting to his heart. MacGyver noticed it, but he mistook it for compassion.

“I´ll take the blame, Willis. I´ll tell the doc, I talked you into it.” he continued. “Please, let´s go.”

Willis hesitated another moment, then nodded. “All right…but you did talk me into it.”

MacGyver´s grin widened, he shrugged apologetically as he emptied his mug. Willis also drank the last of his coffee and then they both got up and left for the elevators. Willis´ key card allowed them access and they descended to the next level. Willis had a hard time hiding his inner tension as he guided MacGyver to the prepared lab. Opening the lab door with his key card gave him a moment to take a deep breath. Coming up was the most important and most crucial part of his and Pete´s plan.

When he entered the lab Willis went directly to the computer, took a quick look at the monitor and then headed for the printer. He had set up the computer and readied a print-out to be waiting for him. Willis retrieved the papers, returned to the computer and sat down in front of it.

MacGyver followed him slowly, leaving the door open, looking around the room. He noticed the folders and envelopes on the table, the microscope and the door leading to the adjoining room that was housing the more sensitive analysis equipment. Stepping closer to Willis and the computer he also saw the cardboard boxes on the shelves on the other side of the room. It felt comfortingly familiar to be in a lab again. Releasing a deep breath Mac glanced over Willis´ shoulder. Willis was typing results from the print-out into some input mask on the screen.

“This will take only a few minutes, Mac.” Willis told him. “I´ll be right with you…”

Mac nodded and straightened himself. He took another, closer look around the lab. He walked around the table and looked into the microscope. Mac saw some soil sample with others still waiting next to the microscope. He rose up after a few moments, as leaning forward made him feel every one of his wounds. Turning around the boxes on the far side of the room caught his attention.

Quite big for soil and water samples, Mac thought while he approached them. Willis noticed where Mac was headed in the corner of his eye. His pulse shot up.

“More samples in here?” MacGyver asked, just as he lifted the lid of the first of the boxes. What he saw made him freeze at once. He recognized the contents of the box very well. For a moment his heart seemed to stop, as all the memories washed over him. The box held iron cuffs with dried blood on them, and the stick they had used to electrocute him. MacGyver took an involuntary step back; the lid dropped out of his hand. He didn´t see how Willis stopped typing and slowly got up. He didn´t hear Willis talking to him at first. His mind was blocked with the pictures of his brutal confinement flooding into it. He didn´t realize that Willis had closed in on him, until he softly touched his arm. Mac winced and stepped aside.


Willis saw he was trembling, his eyes filled with fear and his face frozen with shock. Bit by bit MacGyver regained some self-control. His mind was still on overdrive tough.

“Where did you get these from?” he asked with a low, hoarse voice. He felt trapped again.

What does Willis know? What does the Phoenix Foundation know? If they had found the camp, had they also found Pete´s body? Why has no one questioned me so far? What the heck is going on here?

The questions kept rotating in his head rapidly. Mac had to concentrate hard to hear Willis answer.

I am in charge of coordinating the lab investigation.” Willis explained. “I got those from the camp, after they had searched it thoroughly. Along with the other evidence. Soon after we had found you.”

Mac tried to calm down his ragged breathing. He couldn´t stop his hands from shaking.

They had to know… but who were they?

“They?” he heard himself ask after a few moments. Now his heart was racing. He heard Pete´s voice echo in his head: Willis has been cleared. He knows nothing about this. Really? Or had Pete also been wrong about that? Have I made a mistake in trusting Willis?

The thought sent a cold shiver down his spine. He took another step away from Willis, his eyes still fixed on what lay in that box. He had not expected to see remains of his torture in here. Nor had he been prepared for it. Willis didn´t follow him.

“Only the finest of our Phoenix Foundation operatives and forensics.” Willis told Mac. “Handpicked by and together with…” Willis hesitated for a moment then continued: “With Pete Thornton.”

As Willis mentioned that name, MacGyver felt like someone had hit him hard into his stomach. His head and heart seemed to explode.


For a moment his legs seemed to give way before he steadied himself to avoid falling.

That is impossible! How?

He could barely breathe. He looked at Willis in pure shock.

“What?” It was merely a whisper. “It can´t be…”

Willis moved to the shelf and opened another one of the boxes.

“MacGyver, I need to show you something.” he told Mac as calm as possible, observing him closely. “You have refused to talk about what happened, but regarding your reactions and the evidence… We believe that those men made you believe Pete was one of them. That Pete was part of the torture. That he tried to kill you… But that´s not true.”

Mac´s mind was still running berserk. Now confusion added to it.

“I´ve known Pete for many years, Willis.” he tried to argue. “Don´t you think I´d recognize him?”

“You have been tortured.” Willis sighed. “You were weakened and in pain. You were drugged.”

Mac didn´t respond. His gaze was locked on the box.

“It was a double.” Willis continued after a short break. He reached into the box, took out one of the silicone masks and showed it to Mac.

“They used silicone masks. We took this one off the dead guy that had fallen off the cliff.”

He laid it aside and took out the videotapes and pictures.

“They had pictures and tapes of Pete to help that man practice his role. So they would deceive you.”

He spread out the pictures next to the mask and then retrieved another folder.

“We took pictures of that dead man wearing the mask.”

Willis also put them next to the mask, but then stepped back to allow MacGyver a closer look. He didn´t want to put too much pressure on him by being too close.

MacGyver was paralyzed for a few moments. His mind refused to comprehend what Willis had just told him, just as it had at first refused to accept Pete´s appearance in the camp. Cautiously, like in slow motion he went a little closer. His whole body was trembling, he was still breathing hard. Mac didn´t dare to touch the mask, as if it would be able to hurt him. More and more memories flooded his already confused mind. The panic of being hurt and tortured again threatened to take over. His memories collided with what he saw lying on that shelf.

Could it be true? But how? I´ve felt Pete´s hands around my neck, I saw him falling… Can´t I trust my own memories anymore? Am I going crazy? Or had they really been able to deceive me? I didn´t kill…?

“Are you telling me, I didn´t …” MacGyver began to ask slowly, while turning to face Willis. He didn´t finish the question, but froze again, staring at something behind Willis. His eyes widened with shock and his face instantly went pale.

Willis turned to see what had gotten Mac´s attention. Pete was standing in the open doorway, frowning, his face marked with a mixture of deep concern and pain. He tried hard not to let his hurt show, instead managed to sound calm and comforting.

“No, MacGyver. You didn´t kill me.” he answered the most pressing question on Mac´s mind.

Hearing Pete´s voice loosened MacGyver´s paralysis. He straightened himself, swallowed hard and stepped back from the shelf. The memories of Pete stabbing his back with his own knife, of being pushed over the edge by him, of Pete trying to strangulate him took over. Mac had to close his eyes for a moment and shook his head in an effort to clear his mind. But he couldn´t control the fear of being hurt and having to fight for his life any longer. He stepped further away from Willis, trying to get as much distance as possible between the two men and himself. His eyes frantically scanned the room, but the only way out was blocked by Pete. Like a cornered, hunted animal he prepared himself it fight for his life.

“I was never there.” Pete continued, as he took a step into the lab. “It was a fraud. Please, try to believe us. Look at the evidence.”

MacGyver´s eyes switched rapidly between Pete, Willis, the silicone mask and the pictures. Shivers were running over his body; he felt vertigo rising within.

“But I saw you… I heard you… How can I?” Mac´s words were only a hoarse whisper.

It tore Pete´s heart to watch his friend like this. He barely managed to sound quiet.

“Those men weakened you with the torture. They disturbed your senses with the drug. They knew exactly how to use your mind and your emotions against you.” he explained. “They tried to break you mentally.”

MacGyver didn´t respond. His thoughts were rotating faster and faster.

“You saw me kneeling next to that dead double, before you ran off.” Pete tried to convince him further. “Do you remember that?”

Mac nodded shakily. That was the one memory that he had not been able to place yet. He had accepted it as a hallucination caused by the drug.

“I and Willis came to your rescue.” Pete carried on.”We had only seen a body from the helicopter. We didn´t know you were close by. We didn´t know that we would find that double. We didn´t know what had happened to you…”

Mac still remained silent, his breathing ragged. Pete and Willis saw him sway a little. They realized, they were acting dangerously close to the edge of how much Mac could take.

“MacGyver, we´ve been the best friends for many years. Deep inside you got to know that I could never do something like this to you. I would never hurt you. You´ve got to know that.” Pete tried again. “Please, believe me… Don´t tell me they were successful in breaking you apart… Please…” His last words were choking with the tears welling up in his eyes.

MacGyver didn´t move. He was still shaking. His gaze was now fixed on Pete. His mind was confused with his memories, his fear and what he´d just seen and heard. What Pete had told him made sense, logically. He felt torn inside. Pete´s last words had touched something he had buried deep inside his heart. He desperately wanted to believe him. But the part of his mind that had not calmed down all the time he´d been here, was on high alert. Mac was hardly able to control it. He tried to straighten himself.

“It wasn´t you…?” he asked doubtingly. He could see the tears in Pete´s eyes.

“No, Mac.” Pete replied with a breaking voice. “I´ve been searching for you… I´ve been trying to get you back…”

MacGyver felt a wave of relief as part of his mind accepted that he had been betrayed. He sighed, yet had to close his eyes as the dizziness all of a sudden intensified. As he opened them again his vision blurred. Mac tried to grab something to steady himself, but the table and shelves were too far away. Fighting the darkness creeping up he tried to focus on Pete again.

“Pete…?” It was only a whisper. Mac wanted to reach out to him, but the darkness and vertigo swept over him and he collapsed unconscious to the ground. He didn´t hear Pete calling out his name scared.

“MacGyver!” Pete rushed past Willis and crouched down beside him. He put one hand around Mac´s neck, steadying his head and the other one to his shoulder. “Mac! Come on!” He felt for Mac´s pulse. It was racing, but strong.

Willis closed in right after Pete.

“I´ll get the doctor.” he told Pete after a quick look, got up again and hurried out of the room.

Pete abruptly felt uneasy. Had he pushed too far, too early? Had he put MacGyver´s life at risk again? Had he been able to successfully reach out to his friend? Seeing Mac lying limply on the ground sent a shiver down his spine. He had to blink the tears out of his eyes, tried to focus and calm down. Pete carefully pushed some damp hair off Mac´s sweat-covered forehead. His skin felt clammy.

“I´m sorry, Mac.” he told him, tough Mac would probably not hear it.

But only moments later MacGyver stirred. Moaning he took a few deep breaths, his face marked with pain. Pete was still there, steadying Mac´s head with his hand.

“Easy, MacGyver, take it slow…” he attempted to comfort him.

His mind was still confused, as MacGyver slowly came out of it. His injured back hurt, but why had he fallen? Pictures played back into his head. He wasn´t sure at first, if his last memories were real or if it had been another frightening dream. As he tried to move his head, he felt someone holding him softly. It felt somehow familiar. Just then he heard a voice that set off all his alarms. He opened his eyes and saw Pete hovering at his side. Without thinking, he struggled to get up and away, but he was too weak. Pete held him at shoulder and neck, gently pushing him down. Mac´s body was tense and shivering within the blink of a second.

“Quiet, Mac, please…” Pete asked him softly.

MacGyver had grabbed on to his arms and tried to pull them away. His grip loosened only a bit.

“It´s me, pal. It´s Pete.” Pete tried to calm him. “Remember, what we just told you?”

Slowly MacGyver´s frightened mind cleared bit by bit. One after another he sorted his memories and started processing them. He let go of Pete´s arms and allowed his body to relax a little. His gaze remained locked on Pete´s face.

“I´m so sorry, Mac.” Pete told him. “I wish, you´d never have had to go through this. I wish I could have prevented it. I wish we could have found you earlier.”

MacGyver was still breathing heavily, still shivering. He saw the pain in Pete´s eyes quite clearly. Out of the blue the relief was back in his head and heart. His troubled mind accepted the facts. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes to fight the last remains of his fear. It was almost gone when he looked up at Pete.

“Pete.” His body eased up further and he held on to one of Pete´s arms again. “It wasn´t your fault…” His hand squeezed Pete´s arm.

A relived smile widened on Pete´s face, still mixed with concern.

“Oh, thank God.” he exclaimed and eased his grip on Mac´s shoulder. MacGyver tried to rise up, but he wasn´t strong enough yet.

“Wait. Let me help you.” Pete stopped him. He wrapped one arm around Mac´s shoulders and helped him sit up a little, resting Mac´s head against his arm. MacGyver gazed up at Pete and held on to the arm supporting him.

“Thanks, Pete.” he said, then relaxed into Pete´s hold and hid his face in the fabric of Pete´s coat. Shivers were still running up and down his spine. He felt Pete pull him even closer, cautiously holding him with both arms.

“It´s okay, MacGyver. It´s over.” he heard Pete´s soothing words.

Mac held on to Pete as all the memories and emotions of the last four and a half weeks washed over him. All the events were catching up on him. It lasted for minutes until his relief had gotten back the upper hand against his fears. The adrenaline rush wore off and he suddenly felt extremely exhausted. The vertigo was back with full force. Even the floor seemed to move. Mac struggled to calm his breath and raised and turned his head to look at Pete. His gaze was unsteady. His face had gone pale again.

“Pete?” he asked weakly. “I guess I could use some help… I´m not…”

Pete was there supporting Mac´s head fast.

“It´s okay.” he cut Mac off. “Willis already went to get Dr. Thompson when you passed out. They should be here any minute. Just hang on.”

A small smile played around Mac´s lips. His eyelids were getting heavy.

“That´s good.” he replied with a low voice. “Don´t worry, Pete… I´ll live… I just need to… rest.” His words got interrupted by the shivering.

Pete tried to return the smile, but just as Willis and the doctor entered the room, Mac´s eyes closed and his body went slack again. Dr. Thompson quickly kneeled down opposite to Pete, instantly feeling for Mac´s pulse on his neck.

“What happened, since Willis went to get me?” he asked.

“He regained consciousness soon after Willis left.” Pete´s eyes stayed locked on MacGyver. “He needed a few moments to remember and accept what we had told him. I´m afraid, the relief was a shock to him. I had to hold him for minutes until he recovered from it, but just as you came in, he passed out again.”

The doctor nodded and laid a hand on Mac´s forehead.

“Lay him down.” he ordered Pete while turning around to his case. He checked Mac´s blood pressure and shone a penlight into his eyes as he carefully opened his eyelids.

“Pupillary reflex is normal. Good.” Dr. Thompson stated, feeling for the temperature on MacGyver´s cheeks and neck. His skin felt cold, yet was covered with sweat.

“Willis, get the nurses down here with a stretcher. Fast.” the doctor ordered without looking up. He turned to his case and hurried to fill up a syringe. “Pull up his sleeve.” he addressed Pete, who was stared at him alarmed, but obeyed fast.

“Doctor, what´s wrong with him? What´s going on?”

Dr. Thompson didn´t react but quickly found a vein on Mac´s arm and emptied the syringe into it.

“Raise his legs a little.” he said.

Pete got one of the boxes from the shelf and put it under Mac´s feet and ankles. Then he returned to face the doctor, who was again checking Mac´s pulse. Pete´s tension grew with every second.

“Dr. Thompson!” he demanded. “What´s wrong with him?”

Dr. Thompson reacted only a few moments later.

“He´s gone into a severe physical shock.”

Pete was stunned. “What?” he asked unbelieving. “But how? He was recovering and stable…”

“I´m afraid it´s caused by the mental shock.” Dr. Thompson explained, fully concentrating on his patient, constantly monitoring his condition. “Since he´s here and awake, he has tried his best to keep up a calm façade, to hide his emotions from us. MacGyver has made an enormous effort in making us believe that he´s okay. This has drained a lot of his energy. Confronting him with the truth has most probably used up his remaining strength. When he started believing you, his relief suddenly reduced the adrenaline flow that´s been keeping him under tension. That´s what made him collapse. With the tension gone he´s totally exhausted and worn out.”

He looked up as he heard the stretcher rolling on the corridor and saw Willis and the nurse entering the room.

“We´ve got to get him back upstairs and under surveillance fast.” he told her.

Willis worry grew instantly as he hadn´t heard the doctor´s explanation.

“Doc, is he in danger?”

Dr. Thompson´s gaze fixed for a moment at Pete and Willis; his expression dark and serious.

“Not yet.”
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Re: Breaking Point

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A brilliant chapter, bluegirl! Thank you. Still looking forward to more!
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