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New watching order

Posted: Mon Aug 14, 2017 5:29 pm
by MacGyverGod
Tired of watching them in the same order or in need of a new watching order? I have just quickly made this watching list. By sorting out all the dates and combining them from all seasons into like a monthly watching order. And yes, I'm sorry, but it's true, Honest Abe is the earliest aired episode in all seasons. Not exactly one, I would like the start with either, nor Tough Boys for that matter. If you ever intend to watch it in this order, yes, cheating with the two-parters is allowed, but you don't get to watch another episode on the day part 2 aired, sorry. :P I did notice some episodes of different seasons aired on the same day as well.

September 16: Honest Abe.
September 17: Tough Boys.
September 18: Legend of the Holy Rose part 1.
September 21: Lost Love part 1.
September 22: The Human Factor.
September 23: The 'Hood.
September 24: Humanity.
September 25: Legend of the Holy Rose part 2.
September 28: Lost Love part 2.
September 29: Pilot, The Eraser. (Woohoo, double feature)
September 30: Obsessed.

October 1: The Gun.
October 2: The Black Corsage.
October 5: Back From The Dead
October 6: The Golden Triangle, Twice Stung. (Woohoo, double feature)
October 7: The Prometheus Syndrome.
October 8: Twenty Questions.
October 9: Cease Fire.
October 13: Thief Of Budapest.
October 14: The Coltons.
October 16: Second Chance.
October 19: Ghost Ship.
October 20: The Gauntlet, The Wish Child. (Woohoo, another double feature)
October 21: The Walking Dead.
October 22: The Wall.
October 26: Fire and Ice.
October 27: Final Approach.
October 29: Lesson in Evil.
October 30: Halloween Knights.
October 31: The Secret of Parker House.

November 2: GX-1.
November 3: The Heist, Jack of Lies. (Woohoo, double feature)
November 4: Good Knight MacGyver part 1.
November 5: Harry's Will.
November 6: Children of Light.
November 9: Jack in the Box.
November 10: Trumbo's World, The Road Not Taken. (Woohoo, another double feature)
November 11: Good Knight MacGyver part 2.
November 12: MacGyver's Women.
November 13: Black Rhino.
November 16: The Widowmaker.
November 17: Last Stand, Eagles. (Woohoo, a third double feature)
November 18: Deadly Silents.
November 19: Bitter Harvest.
November 20: The Ten Percent Solution.
November 21: Blood Brothers.
November 23: Hell Week.
November 24: Hellfire, Silent World, MacGyver - Trail To Doomsday. (Wow, triple feature)
November 28: The Outsiders.

December 2: Split Decision.
December 3: The Visitor.
December 5: On A Wing And A Prayer.
December 8: The Prodigal.
December 11: Two Times Trouble.
December 12: Collision Course.
December 15: Three For The Road.
December 16: Gunz 'N Boyz.
December 17: Squeeze Play.
December 18: The Madonna.
December 21: Blow Out.
December 22: Target MacGyver.
December 30: Off The Wall.

January 4: Kill Zone.
January 5: Phoenix Under Siege.
January 7: Jerico Games.
January 8: Serenity.
January 9: The Survivors.
January 12: Family Matter.
January 15: Nightmares, Live and Learn. (Woohoo, double feature)
January 16: Deadly Dreams.
January 18: Early Retirement.
January 19: Soft Touch.
January 21: The Wasteland.
January 22: Deathlock.
January 23: Ma Dalton. (Happy birthday, Rick)
January 29: Flame's End.

February 1: Thin Ice.
February 2: Birthday.
February 4: Eye Of Osiris.
February 5: Countdown, Log Jam. (Woohoo, double feature)
February 6: Cleo Rocks.
February 9: Pirates.
February 11: High Control.
February 12: The Enemy Within, The Treasure of Manco. (Woohoo, another double feature)
February 13: Fraternity of Thieves.
February 16: Out In The Cold.
February 18: There But For The Grace.
February 19: Every Time She Smiles, Jenny's Chance. (Woohoo, a third double feature)
February 20: The Battle Of Tommy Giordano.
February 23: Out In the Cold.
February 26: Deep Cover.
February 27: The Challenge.
February 29: The Odd Triple.

March 2: Partners.
March 4: Blind Faith.
March 5: To Be A Man.
March 7: The Negotiator.
March 12: Ugly Duckling.
March 13: Runners.
March 14: The Spoilers.
March 18: Faith, Hope and Charity.
March 19: The Lost Amadeus.
March 23: Bushmaster.
March 27: Gold Rush.
March 28: Mask of the Wolf.

April 2: Slow Death.
April 6: Friends.
April 8: Strictly Business.
April 9: Hearts Of Steel.
April 10: The Invisible Killer.
April 16: The Escape, Rush To Judgement. (Woohoo, double feature)
April 18: Rock The Cradle.
April 24: Brainwashed.
April 25: The Stringer
April 27: D.O.A. MacGyver.
April 29: Trail of Tears.
April 30: A Prisoner Of Conscience, Passages. (Woohoo, another double feature)

May 1: Easy Target.
May 2: The Endangered.
May 4: For Love Or Money.
May 6: Hind-Sight.
May 7: The Assassin.
May 8: Renegade.
May 9: Murderers' Sky.
May 14: MacGyver - Lost Treasure of Atlantis.
May 15: Unfinished Business.
May 21: Mountain of Youth.