Eyes of a Killer

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Re: Eyes of a Killer

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bftlovesRDA wrote: Sun Dec 04, 2016 6:20 am The first time I watched Eyes of a KIller - I couldn't watch it all - it was so scary. And I don't like scary movies.

But, then, I managed to watch it again. And if you watch it purely for the reason to appreciate RDA's acting ability - that is why I like it. It showcases RDA's ability to be more than a one dimensional actor. Also, there is a video of an interview with him about his preparation for this movie....and where he explains why he did the movie.


He had to "work his butt off" to be in shape for this movie. And boy did he get in good shape!!! :oops: :oops: :oops:
Best thing about that was the quick behind the scenes of MacGyver! Anyone know what episode that is?
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Re: Eyes of a Killer

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zoeryan wrote: Fri Oct 19, 2018 11:35 pm I just watched this for the first time - I have to say the movie had me going, for a minute I believed it was going to be the nice guy friend and not RDA (wishful thinking lol). Lots of actors take bad guy roles to switch it up after doing one type of character a long time, so that's not unusual. I also am not as much of a fan of seeing actors I like turning psychotic, if I ever rewatched it would probably be just the first half. I have to say for an industrial designer she wasn't great at blueprints, and that apartment was sooooo bad, RDA was indeed a master builder! :lol:
When I saw this movie I thought the same thing; that the other guy was going to be the bad guy. It was creepy, but great acting.
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Re: Eyes of a Killer

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CMac wrote: Sun Feb 21, 2016 9:36 pm Ooo photos! That makes it even better! :D Thanks for posting!

Even though this movie scared the heck out of me, I will probably watch it again today. As you could tell by my first post, I loved it.

Did anyone else feel a little sorry for his character? A part of him seemed more like a sad, messed-up guy that was almost "possessed" by forces beyond his control, which reminded me of Amityville Horror (again, another creepy true story where a man killed his family in the house and then the new owner almost felt driven to do the same thing to his family). Then again, he was so smooth and manipulative that's how he would probably want you to feel before he lured you into a trap--again, like Ted Bundy did. Also, along with the Hitchcock theme running through this movie, there was definitely some references to Psycho--the mother obsession, the shower scene, the spooky angles in which the apartment was shot. I may be reading too much into it for a TV movie, but I can't help myself. I was a Lit major and took a film studies class. ;) Overall excellent film, made more so by the exquisite Mr. RDA himself! :oops:


When I watched it, I confess that I was quite scared, but with Rick ultra visceral and perfect performance.

And in reality, I realize that the character has a hidden frustration, despite his aggressive psychopathy, he lets out an unassisted need for attention at times. And this really awakens in us pity towards his restrained silence. It's as if he had already gone through countless frustrations, which he didn't know how to deal with and killing became a weapon of defense, when he seems to try to kill the situation of his own pain.
The character treats the victim with total control, but loses focus, when a another character on the scene, he reveals a pain or need for attention.

This is not a defense, but it could probably have been a description of the script, which Rick managed to translate with mastery and extreme intelligence, knowing how to dose it with total balance and concentration.
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