FedCon Bonn 26th May - 28th May 2023

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Re: FedCon Bonn 26th May - 28th May 2023

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Hi guys, if you would like a pic of mine from fedcon in better quality, just tell me. There is an id on top left of each pic.
Trying to find out, how to send me an email without publishing here. Coming back to this problem if you are interested ;)
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Re: FedCon Bonn 26th May - 28th May 2023

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Sorry for chiming in a little late about Rick’s memory. Just a little anecdote to add:

At Steel City it was cold, so I borrowed a red hoodie with a college name on it from a friend. I was wearing it during the photo op, and Rick asked about the college, so my friend told him a little about it (Olivet, the second coed college in the US). The next day I took the pic for him to autograph and he recognized the hoodie. He was very proud of himself. Puffed out his chest and said “I remember!” and was grinning like a kid with a prize. Then repeated the story my friend told the day before. .

I was impressed, because there were a lot of people there, and that hoodie was just one of many. He remembered more than I did.
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Re: FedCon Bonn 26th May - 28th May 2023

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Great story, GWhite! :D I'd guess that while details from MacGyver and SG-1 episodes are hazier for him than for many of his fans (which seems to be a trait shared with many actors about their past series), his memory may not be as bad as at times he has said it is! (Besides, maybe you, your friend, and the red hoodie were more memorable than you thought!! ;) ) jp
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