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bonne et heureuse année 2022
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Re: voeux / Happy New Year !

Post by tvero80 »

I suppose it's too soon for some of you ... but ok for others ( Australia AND New Zealand for example ;) ) . Anyway I wish Kate and Rick and you fans a : HAPPY NEW YEAR !! 🎉🎊🍾 :D :D


Ring a bell ? ;)
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Re: voeux

Post by Daicy »

Happy new year everyone.
Daicy :)
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Re: voeux

Post by Wathorighh »

Happy New Year everyone! 🍾🥂🎉🎆 We're in 2022 for a bit over an hour now.

I had the same wish like the year before and something many people are probably hoping for. 😉 I hope all your wishes will come true in 2022.
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Re: voeux

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happy new year everyone :D :D
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Re: voeux

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HaPpY NeW 2022! May this year bring Peace, Happiness and every dream come true for everyone!
Life is too short not to have fun. My way of life! :D
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Re: voeux

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Mmm.. I like everyone's New Year Post. Mine was more Halloween than fireworks. It's scary how people go off on their own with other plans and you don't hear about it until the next morning. Makes me appreciate the simple ambiance of hand held sparklers alone under the stars than having to feel awkward around college guys.

Yep, those sparklers were amazing.

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