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Re: DVDs for sale

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rwullert wrote: Wed Oct 21, 2015 9:33 pm Hi,
I'm new to the RDA forum and noticed that you're selling some DVD's. I would be interested in Emerald point
and Pandora's Clock. Let me know how to order these from you. Thank you.

Hi rwullert...
I’m also new to the forum and wonder if you ever got copies of all EMERALD POINT episodes? If so, please reach me at Go4ItIL at AY OH EL. Thanks! Rick
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Re: DVDs for sale

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I would like a copy of Firehouse DVD if there is one available.
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Re: DVDs for sale

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whalefan444 wrote: Wed Jul 01, 2015 1:59 am Here is an updated list of the DVD's that I have left:

PLEASE NOTE: Some of the prices have been lowered - and all prices includes shipping.

1) EMERALD POINT N.A.S. (copied from videotape onto DVD) -1983 (6 DVDS that has all the episodes)
Price: $35

2) ORDINARY HEROES (copied from videotape onto DVD) - 1986
Price: $20

3) THROUGH THE EYES OF A KILLER (copied from videotape onto DVD) - 1992

4)LEGEND (comes in package with label) - 1995
Price: $30

5) PAST THE BLEACHERS (copied from videotape onto DVD) - 1995
Price: $20

6) FIREHOUSE (copied from videotape onto DVD)- 1996
Price: $20

7) PANDORA'S CLOCK (copied from videotape onto DVD) - 1996
Price: $20

8) GATECON 2008 DVD (original DVD)
RDA Featurette
Interview with Paul Watson
Sea Shepherd Panel with Watson/RDA
*also will include the other Gatecon DVD with Jan Newman and Paul Brown, with appearances by Garwin Sanford, Alex Zahara, Dan Payne, Gary Jones, Gary Chalk, Dan Shea, Dean Haglund, - Cliff Simon, Andee Fizzell, Steve Bacic and Corin Nemec
Price: $30

9) STARGATE SG - 1 : Children of the Gods (Final Cut - Original DVD) rereleased in 2008
Price: $20

A collection of his television appearances throughout the years. Some from the MacGyver era, Legend, Jay Leno, Vicki Gabereau, Saturday Night Live and of course, Stargate SG-1 among others. There are 6 DVDs in all.
Price: $30

If you're interested - please feel free to PM me.

I would like a copy of the Firehouse DVD if you still have one.

Thanks, Doug
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FOR FREE (shipping only): MacGyver DVDs

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Grimey wrote: Fri Nov 01, 2019 3:25 pm Hello German fans!
I would like to sell my MacGyver DVDs, shipping only in Germany in order to save environmental resources.

Komplett: Staffeln 1 bis 7
Gekauft ca. in 2014 für 139€
Ton und Untertitel jeweils wahlweise deutsch oder englisch
Copyright 2011 CBS Studios, TM, Registered and Copyrighted 2011 by Paramount Pictures
Zustand: sehr gut

Bevor ich die DVDs bei ebay reinstelle, wollte ich zuerst in dieser sympathischen Runde fragen, ob jemand Interesse und einen Preisvorschlag hat (gerne auch per PM).
Before putting it on ebay, I wanted to ask here for interested fans and price suggestions.

Die guten, alten Folgen haben mir viele tolle Momente beschert, aber jetzt hab ich wieder mehr Möglichkeiten, im Real Life durchzustarten und damit andere Prioritäten.
Wer kann sie gerade besser gebrauchen als ich?

I'd like to offer my MacGyver DVDs!
All 7 seasons complete
English / German / Subtitles
Very good condition

I loved to watch those when I was tired of everything, but now my life is easier again and I don't need them anymore.
I would be happy to make someone happy! 😁
You will have to pay only the price of the shipping.
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