Flames over Phoenix

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Flames over Phoenix

Post by Jack(s) » Fri Sep 18, 2020 4:02 pm

Next, FF is coming right here. Thanks for waiting so patiently as it took me far longer than anticipated to start on it. This Fan Fiction is not my idea. The idea to it came from my Beta one day who ask me if I can write her a FF about it. So she gave me some bullet points what she liked to had in it. The name of this FF was also her idea. I just wrote a story to it. I am not finished with it but I was thinking if I make a start you guys who may like my writing have something to read. As always, comments are appreciated. Have fun guys, here comes the first part...
Flames over Phoenix

It is a sunny morning over the wild of the Rocky Mountains. Everybody is going about their business. So are the officers in the Cheyenne Mountain Base deep under NORAD.

Colonel O`Neill was sitting in his office working on some long-overdue reports. Touching the bridge of his nose with thumb and index finger, he felt a headache coming along. SG1 was on stand-down for a couple more days after the last mission had been quite stressful and exhausting. Checking his watch, he beamed as he saw that it was already lunchtime and as if his tummy knew, he heard a rumbling sound. Jack made the decision to check on his teammates and ask them if they want to tag along for something to bite when his phone rang.
Hesitating in mid-step, he looked at the door and then the phone back to the door. “Ah for crying out loud”, stomping back to his desk, he picked up the phone.

“O`Neill, that’s better be important,” he barked into the receiver.

“Sorry, Sir. Yes of course right away.” Jack put the receiver back down. Taking a deep breath, he left the office to meet his CO, General Hammond, Commander of the base.

A few minutes later and he knocked on the heavy grey office door. Been here quite often - he knew the little room with the meeting room attached very well.

“Come,” was the word he was waiting for.

“General,” he greeted Hammond.

“Colonel, take a seat.” He closed the file in front of him and took a different one out of the top drawer of his heavy dark wooden desk.

“Yes Sir.” Jack sat himself down, going around in his mind what it could be that was so important.

“I’ve got a question for you son.” Hammond cleared his throat and opened the file. “What do you know about operation Raptor X304?”

“Sir?” Jack looked at him in surprise, “It’s a new fighter jet combination, a further improvement of the older Model F-302. I heard about that project and they are nearly finished with the building of the prototype. If I am right, they used the F22 Raptor A as a base this time.”

“Very good, Colonel. Well, the prototype is finished. They need a test pilot.” George could see how the eyes of the Colonel started to sparkle. “You are the most experienced pilot we have with those type of jets. The question is, are you willing to do a test flight?” Jack checked his commander`s face and took his time with his answer to raise the tension a bit.

“Jack be aware, this comes not as an order. It is your decision only.” Hammond stated in a soft tone.

“Come on now, General. How long have you known me? Of course, I want to fly this bird. No question about it. Tell me when and where and I will be there.” Jack put one of his boyish grins on his face while beaming full of excitement.

“Ok, I will pass the message on and let you know. That’s all for now, Colonel.” Hammond closed the file and dropped it back into the top drawer where he had gotten it from in the first place.

Jack left the office in a good mood, despite his headache. Still hungry, he made his way to Carter’s lab. Standing in front of the elevator, he waited till the car came. Officers, technicians, and security persona were passing by. Jack greeted every one of them and realized how busy the SGC could be on some days.

The lift came and he jumped in. Humming a little tune, the young officer who was already in the cabin looked at him strangely.

“All right there, sergeant?” Jack offered to have a conversation.

“Yes Sir.” He looked onto his shoes and clamped his hands around some files even more.

“Whatcha having there if I may ask?” The Colonel was now curious about those files.

“Confidential, I am not allowed to talk about it, Sir” he offered and hoped that the senior officer would drop the subject.

“You do know I’ve got the highest clearance.” Jack`s good mood begun to fade.

“Sir, I am aware of that, but these are medical files and I am still not allowed to talk about them.” He grinned shyly.

“Why not say it in the first place?” Jack felt annoyed by now and how the kid toyed with him.

“Sorry, Sir. Will not happen again, Sir.” the Sergeant was ever so glad when he could escape the car on the right level to the infirmary. As the young man had left, Jack only could shake his head. He never had seen him before so he must be new. The Colonel had reached the level where Carter’s lab was stationed. In a few quick steps, he strolled in, as casually as possible.

“Hey Carter” he greeted his teammate and 2IC.

“Hey Colonel.” the Major looked up from one of her artefacts she had just been working on.

“Whatcha doing?”

“SG 11 had brought this little gem back from their last mission to PX231-05. I am just trying to find out what it does and how we can use it,” she explained, realizing too late that his attention had already shifted. “What can I do for you, as I am assuming you are not here to check on what I am working on.”

“Care for lunch?” Jack nearly touched a different artefact but saw Sam’s face and pulled his finger away.

“Sure, you got a special occasion for asking?” She made a few notes on a piece of paper at the same time.

“Do I have to?”

“No, Sir. You don’t,” Sam smiled at his surprised look.

“We can ask Daniel and Teal`c too if you are feeling uncomfortable to be seen just with me,” he offered.

“It’s ok. But if you like, I can give them a ring. Only takes a few seconds. Teal’c should be in the gym giving some defense classes to some of the newbies and Daniel is probably sticking his nose in some books.” She took the receiver off the hook already.

Jack walked a bit around with his hands in his pockets. He used this method quite often to stay out of trouble and not touch something he wasn’t allowed to touch.

“Sir, they’re both coming. We can meet them in the cafeteria.” She announced after the second call was made.

“Good. Let’s go then. I am already starving.” Jack whined.

“Carter got a question for ya. Why is there is no sign on my uniform where it says Colonel or deputy Commander of the base?” He asked out of the blue.

“Sir?” The Major caught off guard with that question had to bite her lip to not start laughing. That might not go down too well with her CO. “Why do you ask? And, no, I don’t know why it is not labelled on your uniform. You should put a request in, maybe someone can do something for you,” she suggested.

“Ah, I had a kid in the lift on the way to you. He tried to play with me when I asked him about some files he was carrying. Never saw him before. So, he must be new here and he doesn’t know who I am.” Jack explained already getting annoyed again by the memories.

“Hmm, we have quite some new personnel here, Sir. Maybe he isn’t familiar with all the faces yet. It’s not like on a cruise ship where there is a big wall where all the senior officers and their rank and position are explained.” Sam tried to reason.

“We should then. A bit more respect would be nice of the kids around here,” the Colonel stated.

“Sir, is everything ok?” Sam looked at him in concern.


“Because this was just a stupid little incident. The kid will learn his way around, but you are making it out like you want to court-martial him. That’s not really you, is it?”

“Got a headache,” he mumbled and looked on the floor.

“Ah, no wonder then.” Sam felt where the wind was coming from now. She knew her friend and the commanding officer were well and knew that when he had a bad headache he was easily annoyed and cranky.

“Daniel and Teal`c are not here yet. But over there in the corner is a nice quiet area. Let’s sit there.” Jack suggested and headed already to the designated area not waiting for a reply.

Sam grabbed some salad and a dessert for her lunch and joined the waiting team member at the table so he could get what he wanted. Maybe something to eat would help him and his headache to calm down.

Jack stood in front of the bain-maries and found it very difficult today to choose from the selection. He was hungry but nothing seemed appealing to him. on the end he just settled with a beef sandwich and a pumpkin pie.

Daniel and Teal`c arrived a few minutes afterwards and with their choice of lunch sat next to the rest of SG1. The chatting was been light and humorous. Teal’c even filled them in on the training he had given to the first group of recruits and that he could not wait for the second group after lunch. The Jaffa seemed to enjoy the new task he had been given among the SGC.

Jack was back in his office and stared down at the pile of files he still had to work through. Massaging his temples, he took a deep sigh and opened the first folder.


Two days later

Jack was in his office and had still been busy working through his reports. In between he had been given an assignment. He had to work out a scenario for an upcoming training about a foothold situation in the SGC. He had enjoyed that but now he was back to his boring reports. He had asked his files if they could not write themselves alone, but he never got an answer of them.

The phone rang and he welcomed the distraction. Picking up the receiver he had the General on the phone who asked him to join him in his office.
Knocking at the door, he entered after the call. “Morning, General, you wanted to speak to me?” Jack sat in the visitor chair on the side opposite Hammond.

“Yes, Colonel. I got the information you will need for your test flight.” He grabbed a piece of paper from near his phone.

“That’s very soon. Wasn’t expecting it that fast. What did the Air Force do? Drink a few cans of Red Bull?” he smiled sheepishly.

“Very funny, Colonel. You will go in one week to Peterson. From there, you take a flight down to Nellis Air force base in Nevada. General Hook will
then be giving you further instructions.” Hammond gave the note to Jack who looked at it as if he didn’t understand what was said to him a minute ago.

“Thank you, Sir.” Jack stood again and shoved the paper in his pocket.

“You’re welcome, son. Have fun.” He smiled at the excitement which came from his second by now. Jack strolled back to his office taking his time just to avoid that nasty paperwork.


1 week later

Jack had his bag packed and with an early night and a good sleep he was up very early. Taking his cup of coffee outside, he watched the sun rising. The beams gave the sky an orange pastel coloured tang. He listens to the birds chatting to each other. Life could be so beautiful. It certainly had his moments.

The Taxi was picking him up at 08:00. Checking his watch, he still had about two hours’ time. Sitting on his bench, he closed his eyes. He was taking all the peace of mother nature on board that he could get. Moments like this he cherished the most. No distraction, no annoying little archaeologist who babbles the whole time in a speed as when there wasn’t going to be a tomorrow, no drama and no responsibility. It was just him out here.


hope you like what you have read...
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Re: Flames over Phoenix

Post by bftlovesRDA » Fri Sep 18, 2020 4:36 pm

Awesome jacky! Absolutely wonderful. Cant wait for more!

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Re: Flames over Phoenix

Post by Monika » Fri Sep 18, 2020 7:16 pm

Hi Jacky,
yes, a new FF.
The beginning makes you want a lot mote. :P :P :P :P

From Monika with love
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Re: Flames over Phoenix

Post by Jack(s) » Sun Sep 20, 2020 3:27 am

Thanks for the reviews, the next part is coming. over this and the next part, there are some technical facts. I used google for it and hope there are accurate, if not. I am sorry I do not intend to offend someone. have fun...
The time was finally here. The Taxi driver played his horn. Jack had rechecked again if his house was secured, and after he was satisfied, he jumped into the waiting car.

At Petersons, a young blond lieutenant was already waiting for him. She was assigned to help him with the clearance he needed and the rest of the paperwork to get him safely down to Nevada. Jack had never been there and was ready for a new adventure.

Last night he had talked to his Major on the phone. They had joked around, and Jack had promised to bring something back for her. He didn’t know what, but he would find something she would like. That’s when he told her that he would be a few days down in Nevada.

After everything was ready, he stepped on board a Lockheed C-130H Hercules USAF 96-7325 731st AS 302nd. This transport plane wasn’t the most comfortable one, but it got the job done and brought him to his destination.

Jack sat in a corner. He had his peace there and would not get in the way of other personnel. The flight took about two hours of his time but when he arrived, he was as happy as a kid under a Christmas tree could be.

The sun was shining and a welcoming 24 degrees (75,2 F) been waiting for him. Once he got off the plane, Jack put his sunglasses on and he looked for the reception desk to report himself for duty. Another few minutes later and after lots of forms were filled in, he was taken to his workplace for the next three days.

The first glimpse the Colonel got of the new fighter jet left him in awe. The jet looked more like the F-22 Raptor, but her wings was curved like the X-302. Butterflies starting to be flying around in his stomach and he could not wait till he could get in it and fly that aircraft.

“Colonel O`Neill, I assume?” Major General Charles S. Corcoran reached out to greet his guest.

“Colonel Jack O`Neill, reporting for duty, Sir” Jack greeted the commander of this base with a textbook salute.

“Nice to have you here, Colonel. I trust you had a good flight?” he studied the Colonel from head to toe.

“Yes, Sir. The flight was pleasant. You got nice weather here.” With that, he took his sunglasses off and shoved them into one of his pockets.

“What is your first impression?” The General smiled and gestured with his left arm towards the jet.

“She is a beauty. If she flies as she looks we will have a lot of fun with her.” Jack replied already full of excitement.

“How about we have a coffee first and talk. Later in the afternoon, you will have a briefing with our chief engineer about the functions. Tomorrow you can take her for a spin.”

“Is there cake?”


“Yes, with the coffee. Will there be cake?”

“Yes, we will have cake. Any preferences Colonel?”

“Chocolate would be good.”

“That can be arranged.”


“Shall we?” The General gestured with his right hand in the direction they needed to go.

“After you, Sir.” Jack followed the older man, still looking around and making mental notes.
Just a few minutes later the two officers had reached the General’s office. General Corcoran walked around his desk and picked up the phone to order coffee and cake.

“Please, Colonel, have a seat.” He invited Jack while he was waiting for his opponent to pick up the receiver.

“Thank you, Sir,” Jack dropped his pack in a corner and sat. Looking around the office he saw lots of picture frames with badges and medals. Behind the big dark wooden desk was the flag of the United States to the left and to the right was the flag of the United States Air force on display. Jack realised that it wasn’t much different at all to what he was used to from General Hammond.

He waited patiently until the General had finished his phone call and sat down. The General took a piece of paper and a pen for notes and scribbled something on it.

“Would you like to tell me a bit about yourself, Colonel O`Neill?” he looked at his guest expectantly.

“Not much to tell you, General. I am just a guy who is lucky enough to be in the Air Force.“ replied Jack evasively.

“Colonel, you don’t fool me. The Pentagon would not send a greenhorn down here to test fly the most expensive aircraft we have developed so far. I know there is more to it. I tried to check your file but for some reason, it is classified. I just wanted to know with whom I am dealing with here.” He
stated dryly.

“Sir, I know my file is classified and as you should be well aware of it is for good reason. I was in black ops in my younger years. That’s all I can tell you.” Jack didn’t like where the conversation was leading.

“What you are doing now, or is this classified as well?”

“I am working at Cheyenne Mountain, well known for deep space telemetry.”

“Hmm,” the General played with his pen in his fingers.

“Sir?” Jack repositioned himself in his chair. He had realised it wasn’t the most comfortable visitor chair at all.

“Just wondering what a guy who is into deep space telemetry is doing down here and is apparently the best pilot for that aircraft the Air Force has right now.” He looked at Jack with the hope of finding a clue to what he wanted to know.

“Well, Sir, keep wondering. I can’t tell you any more than I did already.” For Jack, the thematic was through and he wished the coffee and cake would arrive. That would give him something to do besides answering awkward questions. His wish came true as he heard a knock at the door.

“Come,” the General called.

“Sir, the ordered refreshments.” A young sergeant stepped into the office with a tray full of assorted little cakes, a pot of coffee, two cups and a bit of milk.

“Thank you, Sergeant Conner. Leave the tray here.” He pointed at a spot, on top of his desk.The young officer left, and the General started to prep the coffee.

“Sugar? Milk?” he waved with his left index finger over the ingredients.

“Nope, just black will do me fine. Thank you very much, General.” Jack took the cup and helped himself to a piece of chocolate cake.

“What for experience do you have in flying then, Colonel?” the General continued his questionnaire while sipping on his coffee.

“I was a test pilot for a few years and do it still, occasionally. I think I just like the excitement of trying out new aircrafts.” Jack admitted.

“You are one of those guys who get their adrenalin kicks out of that sort of thing, huh?” he smiled understandingly.

“I guess so.”

The General had a few more questions which Jack answered very evasively. Not very happy about the lack of information, the General had to get within himself into the agreement he would not learn anything of interest and called the conversation to an end.

“I guess, I have to do more work now Colonel O`Neill. It was a pleasure meeting you. Your briefing in the afternoon will be in hangar two where the jet is standing. I will call for Sergeant Connor again. She will show you your quarters for the next few days.” With that he stood and saluted the Colonel with respect.

“Thank you, General Corcoran. The pleasure was entirely mine.” He saluted and after grabbing his bag, left the office.

“Colonel O`Neill?” Sergeant Connor called him from the other side of the long floor in the building.

“Yes, Sergeant. I believe you’ve got the honour of showing me my quarters.” He smiled and greeted her with another salute as he received one.

“You are standing correct with that information. If you would like to follow me, please,” she turned around and led the way to the quarters where the senior officers were housed.

After the Colonel was shown his room, he inspected every corner. It was very clean, exact to the point how he liked it, clearing the contents of his bag into the cupboard.

His little room had just the basics of what was needed. A bed to the right with a nightstand and a simple small lamp on it. On the opposite side was his wardrobe. In the middle was a window where he could see outside the start and landing strip.

He knew that Nellis Air Base one of the busiest Air Bases which had been operated by the USAF. The clearance was for 24/7 and if he would still have been a kid, he would have made that one of his favourite spots for plane spotting.

After checking the time, he had about an hour till his briefing about the new jet. Looking at the shower in his little bathroom which had been attached to his room, he decided that it would do him good to freshen himself up. Afterwards, he would change out of his uniform in some more comfortable clothes.

About a half an hour later, he was ready for new things to discover. Jack had changed into his blue BDU`s with no signs on his arms. When he had asked the General about what he was thinking, both men had agreed on no patches at all. This would hopefully disconnect any suspicious questions from the start.

Casually, he walked over to the side where the hangars had been based. At the side, there was an old F-14 for the show. This was his favourite fighter jet to fly. But he also liked the F-18. As faith would have had it, he never had the pleasure of the F-18 or F-22.

As he walked further, he saw an F-22 Raptor in hangar one. Standing just outside on the sideline he was getting itchy to get closer. But with no personnel inside, he didn’t want to be rude and just walk up to the aircraft.

Jack was standing there for a few minutes admiring the jet as the sound of a voice travelled to his ears.

“Sir? Can I help you?” an engineer stepped up closer to the Colonel.

“Sorry, I was just admiring the beauty of this bird. I had never the chance to see the Raptor up that close. I didn’t want to intrude or anything,” Jack explained.

“And you are?” the Lieutenant questioned suspiciously.

“Colonel Jack O`Neill” Jack was trying not to put one of his mock grins on as he saw the body stiffen of his younger opponent.

“Sir, you must be the test pilot of the new development everybody is talking about. How can I help you?” He saluted to the senior officer in front.

“At ease and yep, that’s me. I didn’t know I was famous already.” Jack grinned now from ear to ear. Saluting back, he looked past the junior officer.

“I was wondering if I may get closer to the F-22 over there. Just to have a look around. I promise I will not touch anything.” He raised his hand while imitating the greeting from the Vulcans. “Scout’s honour.”

“I am sure that will be fine as you are the test guy. Come on then.” At first hesitating, the young man led the Colonel to the big massive grey looking steel machinery.

“Wow, she is amazing” Jack looked at the aircraft as they came closer.

“She is 18.90-meter-long and 5.09-meter-high Colonel. Her wingspan is 13.56 meter wide. Her Horizontal tail span is 8.84 meter, I believe. Her speed can reach Mach 2 class with a maximum range of 1,600 nautical miles when there have been two external fuel tanks attached. The power comes from two F119-PW-100 turbofan engines with two-dimensional thrust vectoring nozzles which produces an Engine thrust of 15,876 kg.” the young officer explained proudly.

Jack was just standing in awe with his hands in his pockets. Slowly he walked around and underneath the aircraft, taking in every little detail.

“The F-22 construction is 39% titanium, 24% composite, 16% aluminium and 1% thermoplastic by weight. It is the first operational aircraft to combine supercruise, supermanoeuvrability, stealth, and sensor fusion in a single weapons platform.” He explained further.

“This is brilliant. I can’t wait to fly the X 304 tomorrow and see what she can do.” Jack’s eyes sparkled. He checked his watch and realised that he had to go if he didn’t want to come too late to his briefing about the newly developed bird.

“Thanks so much for the tour. Much appreciated. I am sure I will see you around in the next couple of days.”

“You’re welcome, Colonel. I am sure looking forward to tomorrow, to see how you find it to fly the new bird we have.” He smiled and waved him goodbye.

Jack walked over to the hangar, where his briefing was arranged. He still had a couple of minutes, but he would rather be a bit early than too late. He hated when someone was too late, so he wasn’t going to do it to other people.

As he reached his destination, he saw a few officers standing in a little group chatting on the right side to the entry.

“Excuse me.” Jack walked up to the little crowd. He saw heads turning towards him. The talking had stopped.

“What can I do for you, Sir?” one started to offer his help.

“Colonel Jack O`Neill. I am here for a meeting about the new X 304. Can you guide me in the right direction?” He couldn’t make out a rank of the officers he had in front of him. There was no rank attached to the uniform. Inside his head he rolled his eyes. He always had the same problem. It never stated Colonel on his uniform either.

“Welcome Colonel O`Neill, I am Major Sanders. This is Captain Franks and Captain Murphy.” He pointed at each of them while the introduction went on. “Nice to meet you. I assume you are the test pilot.”

“Your assumption is correct.” Jack waited for the direction to come that he had been asking about.

“Colonel, if you like to follow me, please. I will brief you on any and everything you need to know for tomorrow. Afterwards, we have a flight simulator and Captain Franks and Captain Murphy will explain everything to you again, so you can get a feeling about what awaits you tomorrow.” The Major explained while walking across the hangar to the briefing room. “Coffee?”

“Yes, please. Black nothing in it,” Jack replied and looked at the X 304 while walking past.

“Take a seat Colonel. I will make your coffee.” Major Sanders pointed to a few chairs in the far corner and disappeared in a little room in the back. Jack could hear the water boiling in a kettle a few seconds later.

Looking at the walls, he saw some awesome photographs of fighter jets in action. Taking a seat, the coffee arrived, steaming hot in a white cup.

“Colonel, this is your briefing manual. We will go through everything together but just in case you would like to refresh your memory tonight, you can read it again.” Sanders smiled and passed on a big booklet that looked more like a movie script to Jack than a manual to a test flight.
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Re: Flames over Phoenix

Post by bftlovesRDA » Sun Sep 20, 2020 6:17 am

It's getting good! Mega thanks, Jacky! Loving it already.

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Re: Flames over Phoenix

Post by tvero80 » Sun Sep 20, 2020 11:14 am

THANK YOU for this new fanfiction , Jacky ! :)

Veronica LAKings

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Re: Flames over Phoenix

Post by Jack(s) » Sun Sep 20, 2020 3:20 pm

Thanks B and V you are more then welcome :D :D :D :D
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Re: Flames over Phoenix

Post by Jack(s) » Mon Sep 28, 2020 2:45 pm

Next part comes right now, sorry for the long wait. I was a bit busy... but for that, it is longer as well. Have fun reading... (Section contains slight whump and research via google, no intention to offend anyone)
“I got a question, Major. How come the M304 will be tested here in Nevada at Nellis Air Base and not in California at the Edwards Air Force Base. I was under the impression that this was the test flight centre.” Jack wondered and waited patiently for the other officer to answer.

“As far as I know, Colonel, because it is such a secret development and only a few do know about it. Edwards Air Force Base is a very busy place with the United States Air Force, United States Navy, NASA, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Royal Air Force and the Royal Netherlands Air Force jumping all over it to test what they need to.” He explained calmly.

“Ah,” was all the major got out of Jack as a reply.

“Shall we start?” Sanders grinned at Jack’s face as he opened the manual on the first page.

1 Background
2 Introduction
3 Data
4 Briefings Overview
4.1 Objectives of briefings
4.2 Timeliness of briefings
4.3 Techniques for conducting effective briefings
5 Takeoff Briefing
5.1 ATIS
5.2 NOTAMs
5.3 Weather
5.4 Dispatch conditions affecting takeoff performance
5.5 Takeoff performance limitations
5.6 Weight and balance data, load sheet review V.6
5.7 Runway condition and wind
5.8 Takeoff data
5.9 Noise abatement procedure V.9
5.10 Departure route
5.11 Navaids setup — use of automation
5.12 Rejected takeoff briefing
5.13 Fuel policy
6 Taxi to Active Runway Briefings
7 Cruise Briefing(s)
8 Approach Briefing
8.1 Aircraft status
8.2 Fuel status
8.3 ATIS
8.4 NOTAMs
8.5 Top-of-descent point
8.6 Approach chart
8.7 Airport diagram
8.8 Use of automation
8.9 Use of aircraft systems
8.10 Landing and stopping
8.11 Taxi to gate
8.12 CAT II and CAT III ILS briefing
8.13 Deviations from SOPs
9 Go-Around Briefing
10 Key Points
11 Associated OGHFA Material

Jack scanned it through and let out a deep sign. This was a lot to cover and he felt he had been back at the academy.

“Sure Major. Let’s start” Jack took another sip out of his cup.

The next three hours the two officers talked about all the above points and Jack made a few notes. His head was banging by the end, but he felt well prepared for the flight simulator which he would attend next with the two Captains he had met earlier.

“Thank you, Major Sanders. It was very informative, and I hope that we all can gain more data tomorrow.” Jack saluted the Major and left after receiving his salute back.

Back in the open space, he took a deep breath of fresh air. The sun was standing still high and her beams spread a lot of warmth.
Walking over to the building where the training simulator was standing, he watched as a transport plane made its way to the runway. He knew that new pilots were trained here and wondered if this was a normal cargo flight or a training flight.

As he had a few spare minutes left, he watched as the plane took off. The noise of the Lockheed C-130 Hercules echoed long in the air after it was just a small point in the distance. He smiled and continued his way.

Arriving at the training centre Captain Murphy was already waiting for him. “I see you survived the lots of information the Major has thrown at you. How is the head?” He smiled understandingly.

“Feeling good, the fresh air helped,” Jack confessed and followed Murphy into the building.

After a short walk, both officers had reached the big spacy room where a box was placed in the middle. It was up high in the air and the hydraulic stilts it was standing on made it look like one of those AT-AT right out of a Star Wars movie.

“Here we go Colonel. Captain Franks will now introduce you to the cockpit. Whenever you are ready, give the signal. I will wait for you at the control panel.” Captain Murphy explained.

“Thank you, Captain,” Jack walked to the simulator. Franks was already waiting for him to go over the instruments with him.

“Colonel, are you familiar with the cockpit of a F-22?” Captain franks questioned.

“Only from pictures. I never had the pleasure of flying one or even of sitting in it,” Jack answered truthfully.

“Well, we made the cockpit of the M 304 Raptor similar to the cockpit of the F-22 Raptor to make it easier for new pilots to get used to it.” he explained. “Sit yourself in it. I will help you to adjust the seat as it looks like with your long legs we will need it.” He grinned and held the seatbelts out of Jack’s way to make it easier for him to take his position.

A few minutes later the Colonel was all strapped up, the instruments explained, and he was ready to go. Giving to Murphy the signal, he was about to start a completely new adventure.

The screen showed Jack what was outside. He had to roll out of the hangar, onto the runway. Wait for clearance from the tower and bring the X 304 up in the air.

“Should be a piece of cake,” he mumbled to himself.
Captain Murphy took the part of the tower and was standing in constant and direct contact with the aircraft.

“Colonel, you have a go. Take her out,” Murphy announced and followed on a little screen next to his controls what the Colonel saw and on another screen what he did. On a third screen he could see the plane from the outside. Everything was being recorded and later they would show it to the Colonel and go over it, piece by piece and see if there was something that could made better or different.
Jack enjoyed the ride very much. He tried different settings and manoeuvres. He was in there for over an hour and as he was finished and ended the simulation, he was soaking wet. He concentrated so much that the sweat just ran out of him. But he had fun and would not miss it for the world.

“Colonel O`Neill, how is your first impression?” Captain Franks wanted to know.

“Sweet!” he exclaimed.
Captain Murphy looked at him as if he never had heard of that word before. Jack had noticed it and explained, “It means, if the real version tomorrow flies like the simulator today, then we will all have a lot of fun with this new toy.”

“Ok, well, would you like a little break or do you want to continue the evaluation, Colonel O`Neill.” Captain Murphy wanted to know. The blond officer clicked a few buttons on his control while waiting for Jack to answer.

“A short break and if you would be so kind as to tell me where the bathrooms are. I need to freshen up a bit.” Jack answered with an apologetic smile. Even he didn’t know right now for what.
A few minutes later he returned. Freshened up and feeling better he had a bit of a look around on his way and had seen more photographs of all sorts of planes starting and landing on this base.

“Captain Murphy and Franks had been waiting and had opened the files already to work through it. After jack had joined them again, he got the first glimpse of his flight.

“Colonel, how did it feel for you. I know you already stated it earlier, but I have to look everything down here in the protocol to get the most data possible.” Franks requested.

The whole evaluation part took another two hours of the daytime and by the time they were finished it was already way after 19:00. Jack had gotten some serious compliments about his flying which made himself proud even though he would never admit to it.
Back in his quarters, he took a long hot shower. Afterwards, he sat at the little table under the window and had gone over what he had learned today. The test flight was scheduled for 10:00 the next morning and he wanted to be prepared in the most possible way for the real flight. Anything other than that would be a disaster and he would never live that down back in the SGC.


The next morning came and Jack woke up early. Using the time for a light breakfast and going over his paperwork once more. With still a bit of time left, he had a little walk in the fresh air before heading to the hangar with the prototype of the X 304.

The hangar door had already been pushed open and as the Colonel got closer, he admitted to himself that with a bit of fantasy, the aircraft looked like a bird of prey. The nose down and the curved wings gave the impression as if the fighter jet would take off on its own in a minute.
It was only 09:30 by the time he reached his destination. Major Sanders worked already on the last data and checked the flight route again.

“Good Morning, Colonel” he greeted the approaching officer.

“Back atcha,” Jack smiled and looked around.

“You excited Colonel?” Sanders looked up from his papers.

“Sure, flying is always exciting, don’t you think?” Jack questioned while putting a confused facial expression in place.

“You are right, flying is exciting. Free up there with the birds. A dream comes true every time,” he smiled while agreeing with Jack.

“You got a list for the pre checks? I would like to go over them myself if that`s ok. I know you probably have a bunch of engineers who are working on it but….” He trailed off as the Major took a big bundle of papers from a nearby site and thrust them into Jack`s hands.

“Of course, Colonel, I was thinking that already. That’s why I have the papers here for you.” He grinned and turned his attention back to his laptop.
Jack looked at the booklet he held in his hands. `Pre-Check List for Prototype X 304’ was standing in big letters on the cover. Opening up to the first page, a list with the sights welcomed him. Flying over it for now he read everything from General work procedure and Weather Safety to NDI / Oil Analysis, Fire protection & prevention and electric safety.

All in all, the List was divided into 27 chapters. With no further ado, the Colonel started to get to work. He wanted it to check all for himself and now was the time.

Jack needed about 30 minutes for his check to be completed. A few mechanics helped him and explained some features a bit closer.
As the time got closer, he became nervous. A feeling he hadn’t known for quite a while. He was happy to fly again and to be up in the air where he was free but if something would go wrong, would he survive? Jack knew better, he pushed his thoughts to the back of his mind, his concentration now completely focused on the task at hand.

He was asked to fly the bird for the first time because he was the best. It was time to show the world what he could do and not to disappoint the people who worked and built this beautiful piece of machinery.

He looked around one last time before climbing up into the cockpit. A mechanic helped him to get strapped in and as everything was in place and secured, the cockpit closed above him. Jack looked around. The view from up here was different. In front of him he saw lots of different buttons, lights, and switches.

“Charlie Cobra, this is tower, can you read me?” the tower called to the Colonel for the first time.

“Hello tower this is Charlie Cobra, hearing you loud and clear” Jack responded with a broad grin on his face.

“Nellis Tower, Charlie Cobra, at Hangar 2, information Yankee, X 304, request engine start.” Jack started to talk to the tower to get the show on the road.

“Charlie Cobra, Nellis Tower, start approved” the reply came immediately.

“Start approved, X 304,” the Colonel replied and signalled his understanding. Pressing a few buttons, the engine came to life with a big roar.

“Nellis Tower, Charlie Cobra, at Hangar 2, request taxi.”

“Charlie Cobra, Nellis Tower, taxi to holding point C1, runway three zero.”

“Taxi holding point C1, runway three zero, Charlie Cobra.” With the last confirmation, Jack got his aircraft into motion. Slowly, it rolled out of the hangar under the cheering of the personnel standing on the sidelines to watch the flight everybody was waiting for.

‘Charlie Cobra, after departure left turn, not above 3000 feet, squawk 1752.” The tower gave further information while Jack taxied to his destination.

“After departure, left turn, not above 3000 feet, squawk 1752, Charlie Cobra.” Jack confirmed what he heard.

“Charlie Cobra readback correct” the tower approved.

After a few minutes, Jack reached his destination. As he lined himself up, he continued his communication with the tower. “Charlie Cobra, at holding point C1, ready for departure.”

“Charlie Cobra, line up runway three zero.” The tower checked again.

“Line up runway three zero, Charlie Cobra.”

“Charlie Cobra, cleared take off, surface wind 270/10 kts.” The tower gave Jack the last information.

“Cleared take off, Charlie Cobra,” the Colonel confirmed and started to take up the necessary speed he needed to have a smooth take off.

‘Charlie Cobra, contact Nellis Radar on 133.40,” the tower requested.

“Newquay Radar 133.40, Charlie Cobra,” he confirmed and fiddled with his radio till he found the requested frequency.

“Nellis Radar, Charlie Cobra departing to the west, climbing to 2000 feet request Basic Service,” Colonel O`Neill informed the personnel on the other
side of his radio.

“Charlie Cobra Basic Service,” came the confirmation.

“Basic Service, Charlie Cobra” Jack confirmed again and enjoyed the smoothness he experienced so far. The seat was unusually comfortable for a jet fighter.

The sun was high up in the sky, the blue colour seemed even deeper than usual and there was not a cloud as far as he could see.
He knew where he had to fly to undertake the aircraft some of the basic manoeuvres and pull some G`s. He knew the F-22 Raptor could pull up to 9 G`s before taking permanent damage to some parts of the jet. He was told that the X 304 could take up to 11 G`s.

Jack had a green G- suit on and he knew he could take quite a lot of G`s without blacking out but he also knew that he would not take the aircraft to the complete maximum on its first flight. This was reserved for some later test flights.

Reaching his playground, an empty field with no soul around for miles, he contacted the Radar again to let them know every single step he would take. The Blackbox, which was located near the tail, would also collect lots of data which all the mechanics and engineers could play and toy around with.

Jack enjoyed every minute of it. The plan was to test the X 304 for about an hour before he had to return. He tested the cobra manoeuvre, which relies on the ability of the plane to be able to quickly change the angle of attack (alpha), which momentarily stalls the plane without overloading the airframe. Jack tested till around 6 G`s as he found it quite enough for the first time.

All the instruments got tested and even alone, he simulated a dog fight and was pushing the X 304 nearly to its limits, even with not hard trying, he reached a speed which let him break the sound barrier very easily.

The whole time he stayed in contact with Nellis Air Base. Some data was transported already into the command centre and if something was unclear, he was asked to do a specific manoeuvre again.

The hour was gone so fast that he didn’t realise it at all. If it was going after his mind, he would have been up there for far longer than he was allowed to.

Coming near the Air Force base again, he contacted Nellis Radar. “Charlie Cobra, overhead Wadebridge, 3000 feet, request joining instructions.”

“Charlie Cobra, join right base, runway three zero, QNH 1014” the radar replied.

“Join right base, runway three zero, QNH 1014,” Jack confirmed.

“Charlie Cobra contacts Newquay Tower on 134.375,” came the request which swapped the conversation back to Nellis Air Force tower.

“Contact Newquay Tower, 134.375,” he confirmed and switched the frequency again and continued with “Nellis Tower, Charlie Cobra, positioning for the right base, runway three zero.”

“Charlie Cobra, Nellis Tower, join right base, runway three zero, QNH 1014,” the Tower requested.

“Join right base, runway three zero, QNH 1014” Jack also confirmed and got himself lined up for landing.

“Charlie Cobra, right base, runway three zero, to land,” Jack announced.

“Charlie Cobra, report final.” the Colonel listened to the tower and replied with a short “Report final, Charlie Cobra.”

“Charlie Cobra, final.” the Tower confirmed again and with that, the tower personnel who were free were standing at the window to see the X 304 land. “Charlie Cobra, runway three zero, cleared to land, surface wind 290/8 kt,” came some additional information through the radio to Jack.

“Cleared to land, Charlie Cobra.” He confirmed and saw the runway ahead.
It took another five minutes to land the aircraft safely. The Colonel touched the tarmac surface with the wheels so gentle that he almost didn’t feel it at all.

“Charlie Cobra, request taxi to Hangar two.” The Colonel made one of his final requests in the long line of conversation to bring him home safely.

“Charlie Cobra vacate right and taxi via Charlie and Alpha to parking,” the Tower announced, and Jack could hear clapping and cheering in the background.

“Vacate right and taxi to parking via Charlie and Alpha, Charlie Cobra.” He announced with a bright grin on his face.
Reaching the Hangar, he stopped the aircraft just in front of the big heavy doors. A ladder was rolled to his cockpit immediately and a young officer was with him in no time opening the golden cockpit capsule from the outside.

After unstrapping, a very happy camper got out and down the to solid ground. Major Sanders could hardly wait to hear all about it but was professional enough not to show his excitement.

“Major Sanders,” Jack approached the waiting officer.

“Sir,” Sanders greeted Jack with a textbook salute.

“You got a very nice piece of equipment here. A lot is better than in the X 302. I will write my report on it and we can have a meeting whenever it suits best. I think the General would like to join the conversation to receive an update first-hand,” the Colonel suggested with a professional voice.

“Sounds good to me. I will notify General Corcoran and will send someone to let you know when the meeting will be held,” he replied looking past Jack to the new aircraft.

“Sir, can I tell you something off the record?” the Major wanted to know.

“Sure, fire away” O`Neill smiled reassuringly.

“I am glad you like the new bird. Lots of people will be very happy and to see her fly for the first time was better than I ever would have imagined it. I hope she was really as good as she looks.” He grinned von one ear to the other.

“Off the record, let me tell you. She performs amazingly. But you will have to wait till the meeting to get the full report. Till then, Major, have a good day. Maybe I will see you later in the day.” Jack glanced at his watch and realised it was already early afternoon.

His stomach started to send a violent message that he would like to be filled. With that, the Colonel was heading to his quarters to take a shower. After that, he would grab something to eat in the canteen and would work on the report. He knew already that it would be several pages long, so he better get started.

Several hours later, Jack was sitting at the table in his room over the report he had to write as someone knocked on his door.
Torn out of his thoughts, he opened the door. A young officer was standing in front of him, stiff and the hand on his temple to salute the senior officer.

“At ease, Sergeant.” Jack granted after replying to the salute.

“Colonel, Sir. I am here to tell you from General Corcoran, the meeting with your report is tomorrow morning at 09:00 in the briefing room. He set it for two hours and at 12:00 your flight is ready to take you back to Colorado, Sir.” He repeated the message like a robot.

“Thank you. I will be there. Have a nice evening.” Jack was just on the way to close the door as he heard a noise from outside. Opening the door again he saw the Sergeant still standing there, now with a shy face.

“Was there anything else?” Jack looked at him in surprise.

“Sir, excuse me but I have a question.” The young man looked past Jack for a second and then focused on the Colonel again.

“What?” Jack couldn’t help himself. He was getting irritated and wanted to get the report over and done with.

“Sir, how did the flight go?” his face changed the colour from normal to red in a split second.

“Why don’t you just wait till tomorrow. My report is waiting behind me to get finished and I will discuss everything in the meeting tomorrow at 09:00.” Jack smiled encouragingly.

“Thank you, Sir,” disappointed but realising that he would not get an answer, he turned to leave.

“Good night, Sergeant,” Jack said goodbye to the young man. Closing the door behind him, he looked at his desk. On the right side were a few pages already written and on the left side plenty of paper waiting to be filled with ink. He ran a hand through his hair, let out a deep sigh, and sat down to get on with his work again.

It took him another two hours and seven pages to get everything on paper that he had to say, pros and cons, what could be better and what was already a gem in this aircraft.

Jack looked at his work. He collected all the pages, stacked them into a tidy stack and let them slide into a paper folder ready for the morning. He checked the time on his watch. It was almost 20:00 and he decided it would be the perfect time for a night walk.
Walking around on base, he felt how his neck hair started to rise. Knowing that signal all too well, he looked around. It was too dark to see anything, so the only logical possibility in his eyes was to ask.

“Anyone there?” Jack shouted into the darkness, not expecting a reply.

“Death,” came a dark voice out of the shadows.
Jack ducked the same second when he saw the muzzle flash of a handgun. since he couldn't hear a bang, he assumed that the weapon was equipped with a silencer.

A sharp pain shot in Jack's leg as he fell ceremonially to the ground. Sweat started to form on his forehead and the breathing became very rapid. Groaning, he tried to peek into the darkness. As he couldn’t hear anything, he wasn’t sure where to look. Closing his eyes, he relied completely on his ears.

Steps, he could hear steps. The little stones crunched under the heavy boots from the person who came nearer now.

“And now you will die” Jack looked into the muzzle of a dessert eagle when he felt the second shot, and all went black.

that's all for now, hope you enjoyed it. I am not sorry for the cliffhanger at all :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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Re: Flames over Phoenix

Post by Monika » Mon Sep 28, 2020 10:40 pm

Thank you Jacky,
As always a wonderful story, with a bang at the end. :shock: :shock: :shock:
I´m curious about the sequel.

From Monika with love
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Re: Flames over Phoenix

Post by Jack(s) » Wed Sep 30, 2020 2:54 am

Thanks Monika, I am glad you like it so far. Next part coming soon...😊
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