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Welcome to the New RDA Forum

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Our original RDA Forum had 1940 members and over 140,000 posts, but sadly it reached the end of its life when the software was no longer able to be upgraded or supported. Consequently, when the RDA website moved to a new server, the Forum got a fresh start and a new life.

For the moment, the old Forum is still accessible here: http://rdanderson.com/phpBB/index.php

It is cranky, and often a link must be clicked twice or refreshed to get it to load, but for now the older posts can still be viewed. Eventually these will fade away, so if there is something you hope to preserve, you are invited to save it or copy it to the new Forum before the old Forum vanishes.

In the meantime, you are welcome to join this new Forum and continue the conversations here. Simply register as a new member and I will activate the new accounts.

As long as the conversation remains active here, I am happy to continue maintaining the Forum.

Welcome to our new home! :D