Legend on Twitter

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Legend on Twitter

Post by Anne »

The Legend section on the forum is really treated badly :P

I want to try and change that - which goes together with Ducky and me trying to get the show on DVD. We've been working out a twitter account for Legend and we'd like you folks to follow us and RT and spread the word or let us know if you like it. We are still trying to get ppl to vote, but apparently it's gonna be a long and windy road to success, which is sad because the show may not be everyone's favorite, but it's RDA's faovorite and voting really doesn't take much time.

Of course we can't be sure that Paramount will hear us and bring Legend out on DVD, but as a fanbase we could try standing together and make it happen.

So, if you like Legend at least a little bit or if you are curious about what's going on on Twitter, please come out and follow us here...


I'm also going to post this on the other Legen topic, just in case.

I hope you all had lovely holidays...

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Re: Legend on Twitter

Post by EileenR »

What a nice idea! And a DVD of the series would make RDA collections feel a little more 'complete'.

Have followed your Twitter page and will keep an eye out for your posts for RTs :)

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Re: Legend on Twitter

Post by tvero80 »

I went as far as I could go.I won't go any further sorry.
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Re: Legend on Twitter

Post by Kti »

The hope dies last!! Thanks for your and .....'. untiring efforts.
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