Point of no Return - A MacGyver FanFiction

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Re: Point of no Return - A MacGyver FanFiction

Post by bluegirl » Thu May 21, 2020 7:34 am

Monika wrote:
Wed May 20, 2020 9:44 pm
You make it really exciting.
That´s the idea of an adventure story, right? And that´s what watching MacGyver always is... so reading should be as well...

I´m glad you ejnoy it! :D
The stuff is already there. I just find a different way to use it.

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Re: Point of no Return - A MacGyver FanFiction

Post by Jack(s) » Thu May 21, 2020 5:33 pm

so, court up with the parts. Bluegirl, I love it already very much. you kept up with the good work from Breaking point and I love to see where you taking that story. well done and I am looking forward to the next part. 👏👏👏
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Re: Point of no Return - A MacGyver FanFiction

Post by bluegirl » Thu May 21, 2020 5:56 pm

Jack(s) wrote:
Thu May 21, 2020 5:33 pm
so, court up with the parts. Bluegirl, I love it already very much. you kept up with the good work from Breaking point and I love to see where you taking that story. well done and I am looking forward to the next part. 👏👏👏
Good to see, you´re back! I was looking forward to your thougths right from the beginning... :D
The stuff is already there. I just find a different way to use it.

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Re: Point of no Return - A MacGyver FanFiction

Post by Jack(s) » Thu May 21, 2020 10:25 pm

oh, sorry it took me so long. glad to make you happy... 😊😊😊
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Re: Point of no Return - A MacGyver FanFiction

Post by bluegirl » Sat May 23, 2020 6:57 pm

So, after a 'little' cliffhanger... and a 'little' conflict... How can Mac and Pete carry on...?

Part 5

MacGyver stood frozen for minutes after the helicopter had taken off. He then put down his glass on the coffee table at the same time realizing that his hands were shaking. Staring at them he suddenly felt his whole body trembling with the intensity of his feelings. Everything washed through him uncontrollable. He was sorely disappointed, downcast, hurt and furious at the same time.

The longer he stood there, staring at the folders; his emotions got even more entangled with all the hardly controlled and carefully repressed memories from the last four months surfacing. At some point it felt like the walls of the large living room were closing in on him while transforming their appearance to become the wooden walls of his dark, cold and silent cell on the mountain. Looking around in unmanageable panic he spotted the open glass doors.

I´ve got to get out of this!

MacGyver turned and ran outside, over the dimly lit patio, into the dark garden. He stumbled through the high grown grass and fell to his knees after some yards.

Pictures, memories and emotions flooded his mind; uncontrollably mixing with each other. At first he had to steady himself with his hands, but then after a few moments Mac sat back on his heels and buried his face in his hands. He felt hot, stinging tears welling up in his eyes, while his whole body was shaking with the return of anguish, sheer desperation and fear. He had no idea how long he was crouching there, crying, sobbing, allowing his bottled-up and now overpowering emotions to flow freely for the first time since his torture.

After what had felt like an eternity slowly, gradually his intense feelings ebbed away, giving his mind a chance to clear up again. His heart was still pounding, his breathing ragged, as he lifted his head and opened his eyes. MacGyver took a few deep breaths, striving to calm himself further. He brushed away the dampness on his face, feeling the cool nightly air coming in from the ocean on his skin and then ran his fingers through his hair.

All of a sudden he became aware of someone approaching him from behind through the grass and flinched. The steps stopped instantly.

“Sorry, MacGyver, I didn´t want to startle you.” He heard one of the guards say. It was Dave Harrison, one of Phoenix´s most experienced security specialists. They had worked together on several previous assignments.

Wow, Mac thought. Pete has been really picky about whom he wants to be looking over me.

“Are you all right? Can I do anything to help…?” Dave continued.

“I´m fine.” Mac cut him off with a small nod, trying to sound controlled and firm. “Thanks, Dave.” He was grateful for the darkness that concealed how disheveled his appearance must be looking at the moment. “I´ll be back inside soon.”

After a short moment of hesitation MacGyver heard Harrison turn and walk back to the house. Mac sighed deeply and closed his eyes briefly before staring into the starry sky. His mind was clear and empty now, and somehow he felt exhausted and sore. The inner pressure that had accompanied him over the last weeks had lessened a lot. Slowly he tried to understand what had just happened.

Bit by bit he recalled the last week as if observing himself. Mac tried to grasp the meaning of the frustration and anger he had felt so often and why he had directed it at Pete.

Suddenly a memory of himself, chained to the wall, popped up in his mind. Pete – the fake Pete, he reminded himself fast – was behind him, stabbing him with his own Swiss army knife. But the helpless, desperate and hopeless feeling attached to that memory instantly turned into rage. Rage against the men who had held him captive and had forced him to go through three weeks of sheer terror. The rage fired up his determination – MacGyver had to go after the guys behind all this. No one would ever imprison him like that again.

And then realization struck him. In his intense wish to be there for him, to support him and to protect him, Pete had also unwillingly put him into a cage. Even if it was an invisible one. And he had earned the same rage for it. MacGyver bowed his head with sadness and regret.

Why haven´t I seen it before, he thought. Pete doesn´t deserve this.

Then he remembered what he had told Pete this morning.

No, I will not allow anyone to ruin our friendship.

The energy behind this thought also fueled his resolve. Still, Pete´s remarks and doubts about him not yet being able to come back and do his job, of not being back to his own self had hurt him deeply. Mac would have to prove it to him, whether Pete would like it or not.

Up until a few minutes ago, Mac understood, he had been hiding from his real emotions. He had repressed them rather than face them. Because of that, he comprehended, he had nearly reached his breaking point again, only minutes ago when he hadn´t been able to control his feelings anymore. But now he was beyond that point.

He focused on his task. He would uncover the truth about the operations of the cartel. The men behind this would have to face justice. If he couldn´t be a part of Pete´s operation, he would find another way. MacGyver sighed deeply, slowly stood up and straightened himself. Looking out into the darkness over the Pacific Ocean he vowed to himself never to go back to that point he´d been so close to for the second time now.

I won´t return to this. No one will break me apart, he repeated mentally. I won´t surrender, and I won´t forget. But there´s only forward from now on.

He flexed his long fingers, ran his hands once more through his hair and over his face and went back into the house. When he looked around the living room, he saw his orange juice still waiting for him and the reports, pictures and dossiers spread out over the coffee table and the couch. It instantly set his mind into high gear.

If I am not going to be the bait, and they are not going to come to me, he thought, I´ll have to go after them. I´ll have to find the shipment they are awaiting. I´ll have to slow them down until I can call in some backup, so we can apprehend them and bring them to justice. If I can do it covert… That shouldn´t interfere with Pete´s operation…

Mac nodded to himself with newly found energy and determination. He sat down on the couch concentrating on the files. Now, where to start…?

Only a moment later he looked up, focusing into the distance.

But first I have to get out of here unseen… because I need a bit of a head-start.

All of the men Pete had summoned knew him and what to expect from him. All of them had heard about his creative solutions to tight situations. He didn´t want to harm any of them. Suddenly MacGyver smiled to himself. The beginnings of a plan were starting to form in his head. If Pete had stuck to his usual mode of operations, working shifts for his guards would be twelve hours and the next change of shifts would be around 8 a.m. Mac glanced at his watch.

Yes, this just might work…


On the next morning MacGyver got up early and started preparing for his plan. It was about a quarter to 8 a.m. and he was rummaging around in the kitchen in his sweatpants and sweatshirt when Dave Harrison came in, attracted by the pleasant smell spreading through the house.

“Good morning, MacGyver!” He couldn´t help the surprised look on his face as he saw Mac cooking. “What are you doing up and busy that early?”

Mac looked up only briefly from the two frying-pans on the stove. One held scrambled eggs, the other one pancakes.

“Good morning, Dave.” he smiled and explained. “It´s called breakfast… Listen, could you bring everyone together in here? The night and the day shift… I gotta tell all of you something… Thanks.”

Dave hesitated for a moment and eyed Mac probingly.

“Sure.” he replied slowly. “But, Mac, what´s the matter? Is there something wrong?”

MacGyver was busy with putting fresh toast into the toaster.

“No, everything´s fine.” he answered over his shoulder. “I just need all of you in here for a minute.”

A few minutes later Dave returned with his five colleagues. Mac found himself facing six expectant but also questioning looking men. In the meantime he had set up 6 plates with cutlery, maple syrup, a large plate with a pile of pancakes and a bowl with fresh, warm toast. The frying pan filled with scrambled eggs was waiting on the stove. There were also mugs and a large coffee pot.

“Good morning, folks.” Mac began. “I owe all of you an explanation. I´ve been in a really bad mood yesterday and I´ve been quite rough on you. I´m sorry for that.” He smiled apologetic at them. “I fixed you some breakfast as an apology. I know that protecting someone can be very exhausting, so please, why don´t all of you take a short break. I´m going to take a shower so I should be safe in the bathroom for a while… Please, help yourselves. There should be enough for everybody.”

The questioning looks turned into surprise and then delight. One after another nodded their thanks and took a seat. Mac stepped aside to allow them enough room and when all the men had settled in, he left for the bathroom with a short: “Enjoy the meal!”

Upon arriving in the bathroom MacGyver quickly closed the door behind himself and turned on the water at the lavatory. He changed into the fresh clothes he had prepared to wait for him there. Black jeans, a dark shirt and then he shrugged into his favorite brown leather jacket. After tying his sneakers he waited frozen close to the door, listening intensely for a moment. He turned off the water at the hand-basin and turned on the shower almost fully to make sure it would be heard from the kitchen.

MacGyver returned to the bathroom door, opened it carefully to only a small crack and listened again. He heard the men chatting and the sound of the cutlery on the plates.

They´re still enjoying their breakfast. Good…

Taking advantage of his special distraction, Mac slid out of the bathroom with practiced stealth, down the corridor to the living room and outside through the open glass doors. He stayed with his back to the wall, cautiously avoided all windows and moved around the corner. At this side of the house the garden fence and the slope behind it were quite close to the wall. He froze there for a moment, made sure everything was still quiet and his disappearance hadn´t been noticed yet.

MacGyver took a deep breath, pushed himself off the wall and ran to the fence, which he quickly climbed over and down on the other side. He hurried and skidded down the slope through the thicket and the trees, trying to get some distance and some cover between himself and the house as soon as possible. In a wide bend he carefully worked his way back to the street, aiming at the crossing way below the safe house.

Part one of his plan had worked out fine so far, thanks to Pete´s habits. Concerning part two Mac hoped that Dave also kept to his habits.

MacGyver came out of the thicket on a quiet side road, dusted himself off and casually walked along the road towards the crossing with the other one leading up to the safe house. As he got closer to the crossing he spotted the old, battered, silvery sedan he knew. Dave always parked his car away from any safe house or operation base, preferably at the next crossing.

Mac sighed and quickened his pace. Normally Dave also left the car unlocked, in order to be prepared for a hurried evacuation. Mac tried the handle on the driver´s side and puffed out a relieved breath. He opened the door and slid into the driver´s seat. Unfortunately Dave never left the keys with his car, so Mac immediately bent down and reached under the dashboard for the wires attached to the ignition lock. Only seconds later the engine roared to life, Mac put the car into gear and drove off.

Sorry, Dave, he thought. But I need to get to the houseboat fast. I´m only borrowing it. You´ll get it back unharmed. I´ll repair that ignition lock.


MacGyver parked Dave´s car next to his truck when he arrived at the marina after about half an hour. The silvery sedan was at least a little disguised by the higher truck in the bright beige and brown color. He killed the engine quickly, got out and ran off to his houseboat, hoping that what he needed was still there. He took out his keys while he was still running and hurried to unlock the front door as soon as he reached it.

Once inside he directly walked to his desk and searched through the manila folders still lying there. Mac opened the one labeled ‘satellite pictures’ and rushed through the printouts. All of them showed satellite captures of the real estates owned by the cartel and the syndicate, but Mac picked out only the one of the house and the land south of Big Sur. He scanned it with his eyes, his mind following the feeling in his gut and the research he had done yesterday evening.

A secluded house near a rocky cliff, surrounded by acres of empty land and a state park, he recalled. Way off from any bigger cities… There´s gotta be something to it. MacGyver looked up the precise coordinates and address on a list also included in the folder, wrote them down on the back side of the picture, folded it and put it into the pocket of his jacket. Then he picked up the flattened roll of duct tape he had left on his desk yesterday and shoved it into the back pocket of his jeans.

Mac turned and on his way out grabbed his binoculars and the keys for his Jeep. He locked the front door again and hurried back to the parking lot. Within moments MacGyver and his Jeep were heading north, as fast as he could without drawing too much attention in the Friday morning traffic. He had quite a drive ahead of him. He never heard his telephone ringing only a minute after he had left.


The men in the kitchen of the safe house had been enjoying their unexpected breakfast for a while. Pleased and satisfied Dave Harrison looked up at the clock hanging on the kitchen wall and suddenly realized that about half an hour had passed. Only a second later he noticed that he still heard running water from the bathroom and that MacGyver had not yet returned. An odd feeling rose in his stomach.

Dave slowly got up and walked over to the bathroom. He knocked on the door.

“MacGyver? … I just wanted to say goodbye and thank you again for the breakfast.” he said, raising his voice so he would be heard over the rushing water. “I´ll see you in the evening.”

No answer.

“Mac? Is everything all right?” he tried once more, but got no reaction. Dave knocked a little louder. “MacGyver?” His concern grew.

A few seconds later he opened the bathroom door and looked inside. His eyes needed a moment to see through the hot, damp air. Dave froze as he realized that there was nothing to see but some clothes on the floor. After a baffled second he turned off the water and rushed back to the kitchen.

“Search the house and the garden!” he shouted at the men. “He´s gone!”

Five startled guards stared at him unbelieving, not understanding at first.

“Now!” Dave intensified his order. “MacGyver´s not in the bathroom anymore! Look for him! We´ve got to find him!”

The men hurried out of the kitchen, leaving the remains of their meal behind, while Dave stood still, thinking.

I should have known, Mac. But how? Where did you go?

Then an idea dawned on him and he ran off through the front door of the house and down the street towards the next crossing. As he turned into the side road, he saw the spot where he had parked his car yesterday evening empty and stopped instantly.

“Aw, man!” he growled. “Why do you always remember all the details, Mac? And why do always know how to put them to use?”

Dave Harrison turned on his heels and ran back to the safe house, suddenly becoming aware that he was the one that had to admit to Director Thornton what had happened.


Willis was just briefing Pete and the operative assigned to conduct the mission together with the DEA about the specifics of the electronic bloodhound, as the telephone rang. Pete seemed annoyed by the interruption at first, but when he saw that the call came through on the secured line, he picked up the receiver quickly.


Willis was silent at once. He had sensed that Pete´s mood was tense and way off center as soon as he had first seen him in the morning. Willis and the operative waited quiet, while Pete was listening, and flinched both as Pete´s voice suddenly rose, and he slammed his hand down on the desk.

“He is what?!” Pete bellowed. “When?! What happened?!”

A few silent moments followed as Pete listened again.

“Harrison, I put you in charge, because you know MacGyver.” Pete said afterwards and sighed. “Never mind, now we have to find him fast. Give me a description and the license plates of your car.”

Pete picked up a pen and quickly wrote down the information.

“All right, I´ll pass this on to the police and get them to search for him. Check the house. Maybe you can find any clues to where he might be headed.”

Pete put down the receiver and picked up the paper. Willis was on high alert from what he had overheard of the conversation.

“What´s wrong?” he asked quickly.

Pete looked up from the sheet with a serious face.

“MacGyver has distracted all the security personnel assigned to protect him and escaped the safe house.” he answered dryly.

Willis face fell.

“But how…?”

“Doesn´t matter.” Pete cut him off. “What matters is where he might be going and what he has got in mind. We have to find him before he gets himself into more trouble than he probably expects. Get this description to the police at once. I´m going to try and reach him at the houseboat. If he went there… Maybe he´ll answer my call.”

Pete held the paper out to Willis. Willis got up at once, took the sheet and hurried out of the office. Pete turned to the field operative.

“Notify the DEA.” he ordered. “They should know that Mac is on the loose.”

As soon as the operative had also left, Pete picked up the phone again and dialed the number of Mac´s houseboat from memory.

“Come on, Mac. Pick it up. Be there…” he said more to himself while he listened to the ringing tone. The only reply he got came from the answering machine.

“MacGyver, this is Pete. Please answer me, if you are there. Don´t do this alone!” Pete left an urging message. “Mac, please, talk to me…”

He waited for a few seconds but got no reaction. Pete put down the receiver and frowned deeply. Now he was worried, really worried.

“Oh, Mac, what are you planning to do…?”


It took a little while until Willis stormed back into Pete´s office. Pete looked up questioningly.

“What is it?” he asked.

“The police has found Harrison´s car.” Willis said quickly. “It´s on the parking lot of the marina. But no sign of Mac anywhere.”

Pete was on his feet instantly.

“I was hoping that he would be heading home first. Willis, you´re coming with me.” he ordered. “You´ve spent most of the time with him in the past days. You´ve done most of the research. Maybe you can find a hint to where he is headed.”

Pete grabbed his jacket and rushed out of his office. He stopped for a moment at Helen´s desk.

“Helen, call Harrison at the safe house and tell him to meet us at MacGyver´s houseboat. He can pick up his car there. And I need to talk to him.”

Then he hurried on with Willis in tow.


When Pete and Willis arrived at the marina parking lot, both of them noticed that Mac´s Jeep was gone. Nevertheless Pete took off running to the houseboat and Willis followed him. Finding the door locked, Pete quickly opened it with his copy of the key and went inside.

“MacGyver?” he asked, although he didn´t really expect an answer. “Mac, are you here?”

He rushed upstairs to check the bedroom and the bathroom but returned without result. Pete hurried to the desk, picked up the phone and dialed the number for Mac´s car phone. His face darkened as he set the receiver down after a few moments.

“Nothing on the car phone.” he told Willis. “Either he has turned it off or it is out of power.”

In the meantime Willis had looked around downstairs, but also hadn´t noticed anything out of the ordinary – apart from the broken windows caused by the shooting yesterday. He had just focused on Mac´s desk and the folders on it, as he and Pete heard a knock on the open door. Both turned around expectantly, only to see Dave Harrison on the doorstep. Pete waved him in.

“Sir, I´m sorry. I lost him.” Dave started out instantly with hanging shoulders. “I know, I was in charge because I´ve known Mac for quite a while and we´ve worked together several times. I should have known that he might try something…”

Pete only nodded.

“We all know about his ingenuity.” he answered after a moment. “We all know that´s why he is the best. But right now the most important thing we have to do is find him… I need you to tell me exactly if anything unusual has happened since I left yesterday evening.”

Harrison came closer but hesitated.

“Some time after you had left with the helicopter, I found him outside in the dark garden, down on his knees.” he recalled. “He told me, he was fine, but he was obviously troubled by something. When he came back inside a little later he had settled down and seemed focused. That´s why I wasn´t too worried… Today he got up early and prepared breakfast for the whole staff. He apologized to all of us for being in such a bad mood yesterday and went to take a shower. He seemed to be back to his usual self. Nothing felt suspicious until… I realized he was gone.”

Pete was silent for moments. His mind replayed yesterday evening, how wrong the conversation had gone and the deeply hurt and disappointed look on Mac´s face. And how angry he had turned within seconds. The sheer memory sent a sting to Pete´s heart.

Pete´s silence caught Willis attention. He had been scanning through the folders on Mac´s desk but now looked up, only to see Pete´s face lined with a mixture of pain and sorrow. Willis turned to face Pete.

“Pete? What´s the matter? What´s wrong?” he asked puzzled.

Pete frowned and sighed deeply.

“I was at the safe house yesterday evening via helicopter.” he explained to Willis. “I told him about the forensics report and my decision to pull him off the case in order to protect him. He didn´t agree with that decision and we got into a serious argument.” Pete took a deep breath before he continued. “I don´t think I´ve ever seen MacGyver furious like that at me in all the years I´ve known him. I´m afraid I hurt him deeply with something I said. I´ve done him wrong… but I never expected him to react like this.”

Willis confusion turned into concern. Both men knew firsthand how hard the past months had been on MacGyver. Hearing about him being down on his knees and shaken caused them both to worry even more. An uneasy silence hung in the houseboat before Willis turned back to the desk.

“We didn´t find any clues to where he might be going at the safe house.” Harrison spoke up after a few moments. “How do we find him, if he doesn´t want us to find him?”

“I don´t know yet…” Pete replied. “We only know that his Jeep is gone…”

Pete looked around the houseboat; his eyes scanning for anything unusual. He froze as he noticed an empty space in the shelf behind the stairs.

“And so are his binoculars. Maybe he set out for surveilling something or someone.”

In the next moment he looked at Dave tense with an idea.

“Harrison, get down to the harbor district.” he ordered. “Take a few men with you. Maybe he tries to get into the offices or the warehouse of the cartel. See if you can find any trace of him. I´ll notify the police about the missing Jeep.”

Harrison only nodded and took off at once. Pete stepped closer to Willis and picked up the phone. When he was finished with giving the officer answering his call the license plates and a description of the Jeep, Willis froze.

“I think I´ve got an idea on where he might be going…” he said, still staring at the reports.

Pete was instantly interested.

“What? How?” he demanded excited.

“I´ve been through those files several times in the last days.” Willis explained. “I´ve discussed them with Mac. I put those copies together for him. I know, what should be there.” He took a deep breath. “There´s only one print missing.”

“So?” Pete got impatient. “Where is he headed?”

“This folder held satellite pictures of all the cartel´s properties.” Willis continued. “The one showing the house close to Big Sur is not here.”

“If this is our only lead on him…” Pete nodded. “I am quite sure he is trying to find a different way to get the cartel´s operations exposed. He could be after that shipment. He wouldn´t want to risk endangering or compromising our attempt to bait the cartel with the bloodhound. But it is a long shot…” Pete´s voice trailed off at the end.

“Our last long shot got him out of that mountain camp and out of the torture.” Willis reminded him.

“We were way too late… and it nearly got him killed.” Pete added with a sigh, remembering how long it had taken to find any lead then and how his double had tried to strangulate Mac. It sent an icy cold down his spine. “How far away is it?”

“Almost 300 miles.” Willis answered. “About five hours of driving if he took the Jeep.” His memory of finding MacGyver in that forest replayed in his mind. The physical and mental condition Mac had been in was still a terrifying thought. “But how do we help him without compromising him? … And how do we catch up with him?” Willis looked at his watch, calculating mentally. “We can assume he´s one and a half or two hours ahead of us…”

Pete looked directly at him, thinking, and then focused suddenly.



As soon as Pete and Willis had agreed on following Mac to the north, Pete had hurried to make some phone calls. The first one had been to Helen, ordering her to get the Phoenix jet and pilots ready on the airport and file a flight plan to Monterey. Then he had called the labs, reaching Dr. Thompson and telling him to meet him at the airport with his emergency case. About the same message had gone out to Jonas. Pete had tried to keep his mind off the scenario of MacGyver getting injured or worse… but he wanted to have his trusted men along, just in case.

The conversation with the DEA had lasted longer, as he had had to explain his speculation first to the local officials with whom he had been communicating with over the past days, and then again to their San Francisco officials. It had taken some time and serious persuading until they had given in to following Pete´s and Willis´ hunch.

Then Pete turned to Willis.

“Willis, I need you to stay here, at the houseboat.”

“I can be of help, if you…” Willis tried to object, but Pete cut him off with the raise of one hand.

“No. If we don´t find MacGyver up there, he might be coming back here.” Pete explained. “I need you here, because he trusts you… He will listen to you.”

Willis reluctantly agreed with a sigh.

“Pete?” he called after him as Pete prepared to leave. “Bring him back in one piece, will you…”

Pete stopped and nodded.

“I´ll do my best, Willis… We´ll stay in touch.”

Then he hurried off to his car and rushed to the airport.


The DEA team from San Francisco was already awaiting them at the Monterey airport when Pete Thornton got out of the Phoenix Foundation´s jet together with Jonas and Dr. Thompson. Pete was faced by several DEA agents that were looking at him expectant and suspicious at the same time. He had to win their trust. Fast.

As none of them had been part of the case so far, Pete decided to give them an overall briefing on the situation. Within a few minutes he had gained the interest of the DEA team. All of them had heard about the cartel and up here in San Francisco it had been as difficult as in Los Angeles. A lot of rumors, a lot of indications, but nothing conclusive, no way to get a handle on the Hong Kong cartel.

When Pete had finished his speech, the leader of the team, agent Coleman stepped forward.

“This seems like a huge opportunity for us, Mr. Thornton, but you´ve come here without any proof or evidence... What makes you so sure this Mr. MacGyver is on the right track?” he asked. “And why do you have no way to contact him?”

Pete sighed. How much could or should he tell them? He decided not to tell them about their argument and all the trouble that had led up to it.

“He broke contact because of a disagreement on how to proceed.” Pete tried to explain without revealing too much. “Nevertheless he is my best field operative. I am convinced, he´s trying to find a way to expose the cartel without interfering with the other plan we had set up. I´m here trying to cover his tail.”

Coleman nodded.

“Why is he so set on getting them that he takes off without backup?” he kept questioning Pete. “Does he have any personal reasons for this?”

Pete was silent for a moment, while his face grew dark.

“He does.” Pete admitted. “He has already had an unpleasant encounter with some of them. But this is classified information.”

Coleman gazed at Pete probing for a moment.

“All right. Both your names carry quite a reputation.” he said. “Can you still trust him?”

“Yes.” Pete answered without any hesitation. “I trust that man with my life.” He held Coleman´s gaze.

“That´s good enough for me.” Coleman nodded and looked over his own men. “So, we are meant to be looking for Mr. MacGyver, surround the property and, if possible, arrest the cartel members we might find there… Am I right so far?”

“That´s the idea.” Pete agreed.

“And you think there will be evidence concerning that drug and weapons deal?”

“If MacGyver thinks it is there, so do I.” Pete reassured the agent.

“The property you were referring to is quite remote.” Coleman told Pete. “It is encircled by a state park, located directly on the coast, next to the highway. The only way of getting there and surrounding it without arousing suspicion is by cars. Any helicopter approaching, as you had suggested, will be heard and seen quickly. It could support us, but it would have to wait at a distance, probably hiding behind the coastal hills. You would need an expert pilot to get there unnoticed and to handle the landing afterwards.”

“I brought an expert pilot with me.” Pete answered with a glance at Jonas. “The Phoenix Foundation´s helicopter should be ready for us soon. It should arise less suspicion than a police chopper.”

Coleman nodded slow and thoughtful.

“All right, Mr. Thornton.” he finally agreed. “All of us have a description of Mr. MacGyver and his Jeep. We will go there as fast as we can, look for him, surround the property but not move in unless you tell us to do so or we do notice some emergency. We will stay in touch via radio.” Then he turned to his men. “Let´s go. We have to catch up with a very determined man. We have about one hour to drive… I´m afraid he will reach the property before we do.”

Coleman and his men took off running to their ordinary looking sedans. Of course the engines were high end and the inside was equipped to DEA standards and needs. Pete Thornton watched them leave and then turned to his men.

“Presuming I will not have to take any detours due to the weather the flight should take about 25 minutes.” Jonas told him. “But the refueling is not finished yet.”

Pete nodded. His face was now showing his concern and worries about his best friend again.

“We´ll take off as soon as possible.”

Dr. Thompson had been quiet the whole time. Now he looked directly into Pete´s eyes.

“I am here because you´re afraid that MacGyver might be getting himself into more trouble that he can handle, right?” he asked.

“You are here as a precaution.” Pete sighed. “If he does get into trouble… but I do certainly hope that your skills won´t be needed.”

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Re: Point of no Return - A MacGyver FanFiction

Post by bftlovesRDA » Sat May 23, 2020 10:04 pm

Wow - a GREAT chapter....am on the edge of my seat to find out what's next!

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Re: Point of no Return - A MacGyver FanFiction

Post by bluegirl » Sun May 24, 2020 1:39 am

bftlovesRDA wrote:
Sat May 23, 2020 10:04 pm
Wow - a GREAT chapter....am on the edge of my seat to find out what's next!
You will find out soon, my dear...
The stuff is already there. I just find a different way to use it.

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Re: Point of no Return - A MacGyver FanFiction

Post by Jack(s) » Mon May 25, 2020 4:10 am

thanks Bluegirl. brilliant chapter. 👏👏👏 love the scene in the dark where Mac sorts himself out. so much pain and trauma going on and yet he finds a way to pick himself up and come back strong. hope we all more or less see the MacGyver we know now. but i know it is not easy to "forget" a trauma...

looking forward to the next chapter 😊😊😊
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Re: Point of no Return - A MacGyver FanFiction

Post by bluegirl » Mon May 25, 2020 7:29 am

Thanks for the applause!

I don´t know if forgetting is the right way - that´s what he has been trying to do... we´ll see in the next chapters...

The next one will air on Wednesday.
The stuff is already there. I just find a different way to use it.

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Re: Point of no Return - A MacGyver FanFiction

Post by Jack(s) » Wed May 27, 2020 12:18 am

you can't. it's always there. you just learn to live with it that's why "..."
"Dogs are my favorite people !!!"
"I've got to have fun or it's not worth it."

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