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Posted: Sun Oct 25, 2020 11:53 am
by bftlovesRDA
Oh, I love this chapter. Finally Jack is where he can be helped. THANK you, thank you, thank you for posting this chapter.

Can't wait for more!

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Posted: Sun Oct 25, 2020 8:14 pm
by Jack(s)
Good to know that you still love it. Makes me happy...

I do hope that you all don't have to wait so long again till the next chapter

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Posted: Mon Oct 26, 2020 12:35 am
by Monika
HI Jacky,
there is no need to apologize.
Family first!!! I hope everything is fine now.
Thank you for taking the time to post another chapter.
It was exciting to read on and it makes you want more.
Thank you so far.

From Monika with love

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Posted: Mon Oct 26, 2020 6:47 am
by Jack(s)
Thanks for your kind words...

I am a very happy camper when I read that you are enjoying the story still. Thank you it's very encouraging 😍

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Posted: Tue Nov 03, 2020 5:19 am
by Jack(s)
Next part comes right now, enjoy and have fun...

Jack’s vision cleared from minute to minute and after a few blinks, his brain caught up as well. Looking at the nurse who was still talking to him, he just couldn’t figure out what she was saying. The mouth was moving, and noises came out but so far it didn’t make any sense to the General.

“That’s it, take your time, General. We’ve got plenty of it.” the nurse praised him as she realised that his eyes were following her. “My name is Ruth by the way. Your chart tells me that you are a General in the Air Force. I promise you, Sir. We will take good care of you. Thank you for your Service. It is really an honour to help you through this. I will contact the Doctor now and he will come to see you in a few minutes. You don’t have to speak. You can show me with your finger that you understand me.” She was looking to his hands, but nothing happened.

“General?” She looked at him and saw that he was starting to be unfocused again. “That’s ok. Sleep and after you wake up, we will see what we have to do.” Dimming the light, she left his room to wake Doctor Sully.


An Hour later and SG1 was standing in front of the main entrance to the small hospital. The weapons securely stoved away in the backpack, they walked into the reception area.

“Excuse me.” Daniel cleared his throat and gave the receptionist some time to acknowledge him before continuing. “We are looking for a man. He was admitted last night via helicopter. We are his friends and would like to see him.”

“And you are?” The woman behind her desk squinted her eyes.

“We are his friends. We’ve been looking for him for a few days now and a Doctor Townsend from a village told us that he had sent him to this hospital.” Daniel explained and tried very hard to stay nice and friendly. All he wanted right now was to go to his friend and reassure himself that all was fine and that Jack was on the road to recovery.

“Everybody could say that. You got an ID?” she requested to see something.
Sam stepped forward and showed the receptionist behind the desk her ID where it was stated that she was a Colonel of the USAF. Seeing the woman blushing slightly, she hoped that they finally were getting somewhere.

“I am not sure you can see him as he is in the ICU but I can send you to Doctor Sully. He should give you some information to the questions you may have.” She pointed the trio in the right direction while talking.

“Thank you, Ma`am,” Daniel said before leaving with his friends.

Just a couple of minutes later, Sam, Daniel and Teal`c had been standing in front of a big white door with milky glass. In big red letters was written on the door that behind it the ICU section began.


Jack stared at the door; he couldn’t explain what let him wake up, but he had a feeling that someone would come.

His senses became a bit clearer now and he felt better as before. The drugs which he had received to keep him calm and let his body rest seemed to wear off. With it came the pain. First just a numb sensation, slowly stomping in the background, later as if a whole company had a field day.
Closing his eyes, he tried to block out the discomfort. Sam appeared before his inner eyes and he so wished she would be with him right now. He felt lonely and it just would be so nice to hold her hand.

The door opened and three people came in. Jack was too lazy to check out who the visitor was as he just felt to groggy.

“That’s him. Hurry up” one of them hissed.

“Careful, he is still injured,” another one said.

Jack tried to open his eyes but failed. Everything went black and he slid away into the land of the dreams.


Daniel had found out the room number and after convincing the doctor it was ok that they could visit the General, all three walked up to the room.

“Boy, it's quiet in there, I hope that he is really ok,” Daniel remarked. Pushing the handle of the door down after he had recognized the nods of his teammates.

“Hey Jack, we….” Daniel walked into the room and was stunned. “Where is he?”

The IV lines still dripping, Sam took the picture in and rushed to the window. He couldn’t be far. She knew that Jack was one of a kind and that he hated any kind of infirmary, but she didn’t want to believe that he would just leave. If he were in the ICU, he just could not walk out of it.
She saw a black van driving away but was not able to see the license plate. In that time, Daniel was already at the reception desk to ask about his long-time friend, but nobody seemed to know anything. The only thing he was told that General Jack O`Neill was in no shape at all to leave the hospital on his own.

Teal`c went down onto the street to investigate the tire tracks. He gone around and looked for any kind of witnesses but did not have such luck. Nobody seemed to have seen the black van which was parked there just a few minutes ago.

As he went back to see Colonel Carter, he spotted a little boy, hiding behind a corner. Casually as possible, he walked over. He knew he had to be careful, not just that he was an alien on this planet, he knew how fragile human kids could be.

“I`ll greet you, my friend,” he started the conversation from the other side of the corner, hoping that the kid was still on the other side and would hear him.

“I am not your friend, I am nobody’s friend.” a calm, soft child's voice answered.

“Ok, I do apologize for making such an assumption” Teal`c bowed his head slightly even though the boy couldn’t see him.

“What do you want?” the kid asked.

“Just if you happened to see a black van here about fifteen minutes ago” Teal`c replied, no noticeable fluctuation in his voice.

“Yes, I have seen it. What’s up with it?”

“It is under suspicion to have kidnapped my friend.”

“What the car? How does a car do such a thing? You need people to do so,” the kid explained with a wide grin on his face.

Teal`c thought about it for a moment. “Indeed, have you seen the nameplate of the van?”

“You mean the number plate? Maybe, what’s in it for me?” The boy questioned and stepped around the corner to face the Jaffa.

“You could save the life of a very honourable man. Where I come from, that is more than enough reward.” Teal`c replied.

“We are not at your place; these are the streets. I can’t buy myself anything from honour when I am hungry.” The boy replied with a straight face. No muscle moving now.

“I do not have your currency on me. You need to come with me to my friend.” Teal`c started walking forwards the back entrance of the hospital where he came from. After a second the kid came after him.

Sam was still in the room with Daniel. Notifying the security of the hospital and watching the interesting tapes, didn’t bring any news to the surface which could help to find the missing General.

“Colonel, I have found a witness. He might be able to help but not for free.” Teal`c spoke quietly to Colonel Carter. “He said he wants money to buy food as he is living on the streets.”

Sam nodded quietly and then turned to the kid, who was standing in a corner watching his surroundings.

“Hey, I am Colonel Carter. And you are, young man?” Sam smiled to take the edge off as she had seen his face by the word Colonel.

“Name`s Felix. The big dude said you need a number plate from a black van.” He tilted his head slightly to the left and chewed on his gum.

“That would be perfect. Sergeant Murry had told me that you would like some money for food for that information. Is that correct?” Carter questioned with a straight face.

“Yes, Ma`am.” He was looking at the floor while replying.

“Ok, here is the deal…” Sam told Felix what she was thinking and after a few minutes chat, a handshake was done, and he had told her all that he knew.


“Careful, we still need him in one piece.” A deep voice called out after the van drove through a pothole.

“He is out anyway. I just hope it stays that way a bit longer. We don’t have any medication for him. He looks a bit banged up if you ask me.” The driver peeked in Jack’s direction.

“Don’t care, just drive. It’s not far to the airport anyway. I hope the plane is ready,” grumbled the man in the passenger seat.
Indeed, it didn’t take long for the van with their precious cargo to reach the small airfield. A charter plane was standing at the ready. The stretcher with Jack on it was moved into the cabin space of the Lear jet. Soon the doors had been closed, the jet started to move towards the runway, ready for take-off.

Another couple of minutes and the bird was in the air. It would have been romantic with the sunset all orange and pastel blue sky around if the situation would have been not so life-threatening for a certain General.


Sam had the best specialist working already on finding the black van. With the help of street cameras, the hunt led them in the direction of some abandoned airfields not so far from the hospital.

“Colonel, there are three airfields which are abandoned. The problem is that in that area are no cameras. We don’t know which one of those they will take,” a young officer informed Carter with the news.

“Do we have a satellite photo from each of the airports from the last hour? They would have a bird already standing by. This is a planned operation. Whoever these guys are, they leave nothing to chance.” Daniel questioned as he had heard the disturbing news.

“I`ll check Doctor Jackson. Just a minute.” The same officer spun around to his computer again and was busy typing something till he had found what he was looking for.

“I have printed you the only option possible on paper.” He gave a piece of paper to half of SG1.

“Gila River Memorial Airport, E Airfield Ln, Chandler, AZ 85249, United States” Daniel read out loud.

“Get someone to that address. Yesterday if possible.” Carter barked her orders around and people jumped up and were running like little ants.

“We take our own car I assume?” Daniel looked at his friend questioningly.

“No, if I am right. They are already gone. Those are professionals. It is not easy to steal a high ranked officer from a hospital. Especially if it was not made public what had happened to Jack. All the news ever knew was that he was shot down. That tells me that someone has connections to get what they want.” Carter explained her train of thoughts.

“What next?” the archaeologist wanted to know.

“I will contact General Landry. Maybe he knows something and if not, I will try to get into contact with an old friend. I heard rumours that he is still in the loop on most things around here and just in the neighbourhood right now. He always knows something.” Carter explained while staring into the distance.

“But I was under the impression the NID is sorted? You think they could be behind this?” Daniel’s eyes widened by that thought.

“I don’t think anything Daniel. But I do like to rule things out. That the General had taught me. Never assume, follow up on the breadcrumbs you find along the way.” She tried to explain and bit back some tears in her eyes. `Jack, wherever you are, hold on. We will find you. I will find you’ she thought but had not mentioned it. In that moment she made a promise to herself, not resting till she had found the love of her life.

It didn’t take her long to make the phone call to the head of the SGC. “General Landry was shocked according to his words and tone of voice as he had learned the news. He had assured me to do a bit of digging and try to find something out. He wanted to call me back as soon as he had found something.” Sam explained to a waiting Teal`c and Daniel as she came back from her call.

“We should find out who the van belongs too. We still got the license plate number. Maybe something will come up. And what kind of deal did you make with the kid? What was his name again?” Daniel babbled in a speed that seemed faster than light.

“I promised him to get him off the streets. He is interested in the military and I told him that I will try to get him into a good academy. He looks bright enough to become a good officer.” Sam explained her arrangement with Felix.

“This is awesome.” Daniel grinned.

“That will be most pleasant for the boy,” Teal`c acknowledged, commenting on something for the first time in a while.

“I have checked the number plate from the black van. It was registered as stolen.” A young officer came to report to the Colonel.

“So, we don’t have anything to go by at the moment,” Daniel stated resignedly.

“Is there anything at all on CCTV we could use? Faces or tattoos, anything at all what might help us?” Sam`s voice was a mix of desperation and anger.

“I will check again Ma`am. But it doesn’t look good. Those guys knew where the cameras were.” The officer replied and hurried away.

“I can’t believe that. How could they know where the cameras are? Jack was not even long enough in that hospital. What’s going on?” Sam felt like screaming. “What do they even want of him? What is so special about him?”

“A lot,” Daniel replied. “Sam, Teal`c, stay with me on that one for a moment. We know that Jack is special. He has that ancient gene in him, and we know the NID wanted their hands on it for a very long time. What if, they just waited. What if that whole alien attack thing was just a plot to get to him. He works in the pentagon right now and it is probably hard to get to him by now. We all have asked what that was about with the aliens. There was not enough firepower behind them to make real damage. Why would they attack us? Earth is a level five planet. This planet and the defences are known in the whole galaxy by now. But I may be wrong. That sounds actually pretty stupid now.” After he finished, he found his shoes suddenly very interesting.

“I do not believe so, Daniel Jackson,” Teal`c agreed with him.

“It doesn’t sound stupid at all. We have seen weirder things in our career. The question now is, how do we proceed. We need to find a way to get behind all this.” Sam stated and picked up her phone again.

Slowly she walked into another room where it was quieter and listened to the ringtone in her ear. It seemed like it took forever till the person she wanted picking up.

“Hello, Colonel Carter here. I have a request and you can help me.” She introduced herself and started to explain her inquiry.

After several minutes, Sam joined her friends again. A bit more cheerful than before. “He is helping us,” was all she said and still her teammates knew of whom she was speaking.

hope you enjoyed it. stay tuned for the next part. thanks for reading

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Posted: Tue Nov 03, 2020 8:19 am
by bftlovesRDA
Good morning, Jacky.

Love this chapter - such a surprising turn of events!

Hoping for more soon!

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Posted: Tue Nov 03, 2020 10:24 am
by Jack(s)
Hey B,

Glad you liked the turn, the FF is not over yet as you may have guessed. Makes me such a happy camper that you still enjoy it, even the parts coming quite slow. Sorry for that btw.😊😊😊

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Posted: Tue Nov 03, 2020 6:18 pm
by JackGywer
Oh yes ...... very good, as always :oops:
Finally able to enjoy your latest creation :D

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Posted: Tue Nov 03, 2020 6:33 pm
by Jack(s)
Hey JK. Thanks for the praise. So nice to wake up to it. Smiling my face off right now to know that you enjoy it too. Happy camper all the way here in the UK.... 😊😊😊

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Posted: Tue Nov 03, 2020 9:42 pm
by Monika
Hi Jacky,
What a shock, Jack kidnapped. :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:
You have what it takes to make us curious about the sequel. :lol: :lol: :lol:
Who the hell are these rascals? :evil:
I am so excited and looking forward to more.

From Monika with love