Shadows in the Forest

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Re: Shadows in the Forest

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Oooooo - so good!!!!!!

Mega thank you for writing this section and for posting it!

Gotta have more, of course!

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Re: Shadows in the Forest

Post by JackGywer » Mon Jul 20, 2020 7:31 am

More, more, more please 😁

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Re: Shadows in the Forest

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JackGywer wrote:
Mon Jul 20, 2020 7:31 am
More, more, more please 😁
What else ? :D

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Re: Shadows in the Forest

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sorry, was planing on posting tonight but slept to long. I try tomorrow...

thanks for your comments, love then all
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Re: Shadows in the Forest

Post by Jack(s) » Tue Jul 21, 2020 4:01 pm

there you go, the next part is coming and because I am nice its a bit longer than normal. Leave a comment about your thoughts and enjoy if it is not too much trouble.

Craig Hospital, ICU, Room 101

The machines kept bleeping and so far, there was no sign if Colonel O`Neill would wake up. The Operation he had to deal with weakened his body even more and after the night visit from the Doctor on duty, there was no saying when he would wake up. The aesthetic had worn off a long time ago.

The steady rise and fall of his chest were the only sign that this shell of a human was still alive somewhere.
The nurse stepped in to check on him again and noted down the last data on the sheet at the end of his bed. She watched the figure, his eyes closed, deep lines in his face. Thinking to herself that it would be nice if someone would come and sit with him, let him know that he was loved and missed.
Startled by a knock, she turned around and blushed slightly when she noticed that she was staring at her patient. She turned around and opened the door a bit wider.

In front of her was a medium high woman with blond hair. She looked exhausted and in dire need to freshen up.
Wish a shy smile the woman began to introduce herself. “Good evening, my name is Sarah O`Neill. I am a relative of Mr. O’Neill. I would have come earlier but my car broke down and the recovery truck had taken its time to do its job.” Sarah left the fact out that she was his ex-wife just to make sure they would not turn her away and even the fact that her ex was military. She did not know what the hospital staff knew and so long they had not asked she was not willing to tell.

“This is no problem whatsoever. You can sit with him. Would you like a glass of water ma`am?” the nurse offered.

“That would be great,” Sarah smiled while looking for a chair.

Sitting herself next to the bed, she now had the time to finally take the whole picture on board that it presented in front of her.
Swallowing down some tears she hesitated to stroke his arm. What should she say? What would he understand? They had been divorced for so long and still, she never had stopped loving him. She just could not live with him anymore either.

“You can talk to him. Let him know that someone is here for him and that he is loved.” The nurse explained as she came back and saw the hesitant motions of the visitor. “I am going to place your glass over here. Feel free to stay if you want. We normally have visitor times, but I am sure it will be ok.” With that she left the room.

Sarah was wondering what that meant. How bad was the situation Jack was in? What did the nurse not tell her? She turned her gaze towards the man on the bed and whispered softly “Jack, it’s me Sarah. I am here for you. You are not alone.” Leaning back in her chair she watched his chest rise and fall steadily to the rhythmic beat of the supporting machine.



The flight for Janet was called and she arose out of her seat. The shops she explored earlier were no distraction for her brain and so she had gone to her gate in good time and waited for her flight there.

The boarding completed in record-breaking time and the plane was on the runway to take off. Janet had no eye for the beauty of the city behind the main building and just hoped that the 4.5 hours she needed to reach Colorado Springs would go by as quickly as possible.

She had phoned ahead and made sure a car was waiting for her to take her straight up the mountain to her daughter. There she would learn all she needed to know and would have a serious word with the Colonel. Never would she give her daughter in his care again. Something had happened to him Sam had told her. So that means when her daughter was back at her working place that he was not careful enough because of God knows what he was doing and had cut their holiday short.

Janet’s mind jumped to conclusions while being in overdrive the whole time. She looked out the window and saw how the plane took the first corner while in the air leaving L.A. International Airport behind.


Craig Hospital, ICU, Room 101

Sarah had fallen asleep for a couple of hours in Jacks room and as she awoke again, she struggled to wrap her mind around what was happening and where she had been. Stiff as a board, she stretched her legs and arms. Her eyes fell on the Colonel who was still as lifeless in his bed as the night before.

Walking over to the window, she saw how the sun was rising. Now she remembered that she had promised the General to notify him about his friend.
Stepping out of the room, she looked left and right as she was not able to remember which side the exit was. A nurse picked up on that and offered her assistance.



General Hammond had worked mostly all night on some files while eyeing his watch every few minutes. He was concerned about Jack`s ex-wife as she had not called him, and she did not pick up the phone either. Tired he scrubbed his hand over his face and decided to get a coffee as the phone rang.

“Hammond,” he answered, his coffee forgotten.

“General Hammond, Sarah here. I am sorry for the long wait. I only arrived after ten last night at the hospital and found it too late to call you.” The woman explained and took a deep breath afterwards.

“Good Morning, thank you for calling. I was worried. Is everything ok?” Hammond asked.

“Well, yes and no. It depends on, from which angle you look. I had a breakdown and it took ages to get to Denver. Regarding Jack, he is still in the ICU. Lots of wires, tubes, hoses and machines are attached to him.” She continued. She could hear him taking a deep breath and exhaling it ever so slowly.

“Can I be of any assistance to you? Anything you need?” the General offered.

“I will be fine, but I also will stay with Jack a while. I can ask the personnel if it is possible to get more visitors to him. We both know how much he loves his team and that they are his family now. He needs them to be there for him.” She stated

“Good, please keep me informed on any progress. I will see what I can do from this end here. Thank you again. Take care of yourself and have a good day.”

“You too, General.” With that both parties hung up.
Washing with both hands over his face, he looked up at the ceiling and sent a silent prayer to the God above.


Sarah walked back into the building and after refreshing herself she went back to room 101. On the way there she saw the morning doctor visit. Wondering what the outcome of the Colonel was, she was tempted to just ask. Remembering her manners, she just slipped back into the room and would wait till a nurse would come later.

The beeping never seemed to change. Rhythmic and steady, repeating itself over and over again. She sat on the chair next to the bed again and lost herself in good memories.


Colorado Springs

The plane landed and as Janet left the aircraft the weather was in the same mood as she was, miserable.
She found the driver fast after she had picked up her belongings and the trees just flew by while she was glancing out the window. All the way up the Norad road. Normally she had an eye for the beautiful area, not today.

Reaching the mountain, she could hardly wait anymore to take her daughter into her arms. After dumping all her stuff and reporting to the General that she was back she headed straight to the Lab of the Major as she knew Cassie would be there too.

Knocking on the door to announce herself she stepped in. Sam was working on one of her little experiments, explaining to Cass what she was doing while setting it all up. Both looked up at the knock and Cassie flew to her mum`s arms in the same second, she had recognised her.
The Doctor took her daughter in a large embrace while closing her eyes. Relief washed over her. She knew that the girl was safe and still she was

“Sam, good morning.” Janet greeted her friend.

“Good morning Janet. Good to see you. How was the flight?” she questioned

“Good, I am here.” Janet’s mood was still not much better. First, she wanted to speak with a certain Colonel.

“Where is the Colonel?” Janet looked around as if he would jump up behind a cupboard.

“Not here, Janet. We need to talk, and you need to calm down. Whatever you think you know. Just listen to what Cassie and the General must tell you. I would suggest we meet in the briefing room in ten minutes and all will be explained to you. I will notify the General if this is ok with you.”

Sam watched her friend closely. She knew, Janet had a heart of gold but also knew how she could react if it comes down to certain circumstances.

“OK, I will freshen myself up and we can meet with the General in ten minutes. Cassie, would you like to stay here or come with me?” She now faced the teenager again.

“I’ll stay here if that’s ok with you. I don’t think I can help you much to get washed up.” She grinned at her mum.

“Sure, meet you in ten then” with no further ado she left.

“Is mum ok?” cassie turned around to where the Major was standing.

“She will be. I think she was just very concerned about you and she does not know much about what had happened. I was thinking it was not the right place to tell her on the phone.” Sam replied while picking up the phone.

After notifying the General, she made her way slowly to the briefing room with Cassie in tow.


SGC, Briefing room

The General was the last person to attend the little group already waiting to start their conversation.

“Good Morning again, Major, Doctor, Cassandra.” He nodded to each of them before sitting down.

“Morning General,” Janet replied while waiting for the news to come.

“Cassandra, would you be so kind and start at the beginning of the report again so your Mother will be filled in?” General Hammond smiled encouragingly.

“Sir, where is Colonel O`Neill? Should he be not here as well?” Janet stated, noticing the absence of the officer.

“We will come to that, all in good time,” he assured her, as he regarded the eyes of his Major.

“Shall, I begin at the start?” Cassie asked with a soft tone.

“Please, if you don’t mind. But make sure you take your time. There is no rush.” The highest officer around the table stated for clarification towards the teenager.

“Ok, Uncle Jack picked me up and we had fun all the way up to a Diner. He did ask me if I was hungry. After saying yes, he took me in and got some fries and a Burger and a coke.” Cassie saw over to her mum. She knew that her mum was not a fan of fast food but kept silent.

“There came in two men who made trouble and the Colonel sent me with the food out to his truck. He dealt with it and came afterwards out to me.” Cassie took a deep breath.

“How did he deal with it, Cassie Darling?” Janet wanted to know.

“He said that he told them he did not want a fight and from what I was seeing he did not lay a hand on them. They were coming for him and he only stepped back so the men fell over. He did not do anything wrong mum.” Cassie started to get herself worked up. She did sense the hostile atmosphere of her mum when it came to the Colonel. Cassie was hoping by the end that she would be not mad at him anymore.

“We continued our journey and he showed me two beautiful lakes. He had taught me how to build a tent and get a fire going. We caught our dinner in the lake, and we laughed a lot. He told me about a cave he had found while looking for firewood and …” Cassie was interrupted by Janet.

“He left you alone?”

“Mum, there was no one around and on that stone plateau, I was perfectly safe.” Cassie stated defiantly.

“Please Doctor, let her talk and do not interrupt her. I know it is hard for you, but you must listen to the whole story. Then you can make up your mind.” The General rebuked her.

“I am sorry.” Janet looked down at her fingers she had placed in front of her. “Please continue Cassie”

“We went the next day to that cave. He looked like he did not really want to go in, but I do not know why. I did not ask him.”
Sam felt sorry for her CO that he still had issues with caves, so it seemed, and was not sure how to handle it. Should she just ask him about it when he is feeling better? Or just leave it? Time would tell. She brought her thoughts back to Cassie’s report.

“We spent all morning in there. As we came back out, there had been the two men again from the Diner. I have no idea how they found us, but they did. They held a gun up to the Colonel and started to get mean to him. One of them had bound the Colonel’s hands behind him and wrapped the rest of the rope around him. He had told them that he would go with them and they could do what they wanted with him if they left me alone and let me go.” Her voice trailed off with the memories she had. After a deep breath she continued.

“I don’t know what happened next, but I heard a gunshot and cracking wood next to me. When I turned around there was one of the men and Uncle Jack on the ground. I think he pushed him so he would miss. I believe he saved my life. They manhandled him. Pushed him all the time when he was not walking fast enough and one time, he slammed against a tree. I still can hear his scream.” Tears formed itself in the eyes of the teenage girl. It was so quiet that a needle drop could be heard.

“I followed them so I could help Uncle Jack. I waited till night when it was dark and with the help of the pocketknife I had he managed to free himself. He was in bad shape. I know he tried to hide it, but he did not fool me. So, we were on the run till he collapsed. I waited for him to wake up the rest of the night as I was far too scared to fall asleep. When he woke up, we continued our escape. We both did not know if the men would follow us. Oh yes I forgot, he had a dislocated shoulder and put it back in by himself,” Cassie smiled shyly.

“There was a cliff and the men caught up with us. Uncle Jack stood himself in front of me, but it was wet, and I slipped. He came down on the floor and pulled me up. He let me crawl over his body into safety, not once complaining about the pain he must have felt. Then the earth gave away underneath him, and he fell. When I turned around, he was there at the bottom of that cliff not moving. It was high and I was sure he was dead. So, I apologised to him and left him there. I was running before the bad men could get me. I did not even check him if he had a pulse.” Her tears ran freely now. Her accusation towards herself had begun to eat her alive.

“I ran till I found a camp where nice lumberjacks worked, and they gave me a cell phone so I could make a phone call. I phoned Sam.” her voice choked.

“It’s ok Cassie, you have done really well.” Sam praised her.

“Uncle Jack saved my life, twice. Please mum, do not be mad at him. It wasn’t his fault,” she began to defend her hero.

“Where is the Colonel now?” Janet asked meekly.

“In Denver, Craig Hospital for back and head injuries. Intensive Care Unit.” The General explained.

“How is he doing? Anything we know?” the Doctor wanted to know.

“When they had found him, he was not conscious. According to the medical team he had a surgery but never regained his sensibilities,” the General replied and added that Sarah was with him at the present time but he did not have any more news than they knew already.
Janet took the news on board and made herself a mental note to contact the hospital later to get some information.

“Thank you, General. If this is all, I would like to go to the infirmary. I have got lots to do and before you ask, yes, I will contact the hospital and try to find something out. If he is transportable, we can get him to the military hospital at Fort Carson in Colorado Springs. I will check it out if that’s ok with you.”

“It is, Thank you. The briefing is closed. I request that I will be held up to speed with all developments regarding the case and the health of Colonel O`Neill.” The General stood up and after a sign of “Aye Sir” of his staff he walked back into his office.

“Sam, I am sorry that I did wrong to the Colonel. I have known him long enough. I should have known better. I should try not to jump to conclusions as fast as I did without the information I have now.” She turned to her daughter. “If it is ok with you, can you stay with Sam please? I will try and get the Colonel home, so it is easier for all of us to visit him on a regular basis.” She stroked her daughter's cheek lovingly.

“Yes, so long as you bring him home. I want to see him and want to tell him how grateful I am and that he never will lose me as a friend and a lot more…” Tears resurfaced in her eyes.

“Sam, I hope you don’t mind.” Janet had just realised that she had not asked her friend beforehand.

“Not at all, you just bring him home where he belongs. Around his friends. That will speed up his recovery. That I am sure of.” She replied with a smile. Turning to Cassie she offered her a hand to take her to her laboratory

“Can I have a hot chocolate please?” cassie asked her friend while walking towards the elevator



Doctor Fraiser had been on the phone for the last half an hour. It took her that long to finally reach a competent person who felt responsible to deal with the matter at hand.

“I do understand that he is in critical condition. But this is not enough for me. He has been my patient for years and he trusts me, so I am entitled to by law to see his medical file. Are we understood, Doctor?” Janet was on the brink of losing her patience.

“How do I know you are who you claim to be. This hospital has an excellent reputation for confidentiality.” The doctor on the other side stated.

“What do you need as confirmation? Would an official email from the leader of this base, General Hammond, be enough?” Pulling herself together again her voice calmed down a notch.

“That would be enough, possibly with a picture of you to confirm you as a person, like from a passport or driver’s license.”

“Ok, you stay on the phone. It took me long enough to get hold of someone who knows his stuff. The email will be with you in a minute.” She put the handset to the side and with a different phone she contacted her superior, requesting the necessary email.

The Doctor stayed on the phone the whole time, as it was his breaktime and he was having a sandwich while waiting. He had listened to the one-sided conversation from the woman on the other side and how she tried to explain to her superior what she needed.

About five minutes later, he received an email regarding Doctor Janet Frasier. “Doctor Frasier, would it be ok for you if we use facetime for a second just to confirm your picture with the female voice I am talking to?”

Rolling her eyes but understanding why he had to do it this way, she swapped her email address with him.

“Doctor Franklin, nice to meet the man with the voice. I am Doctor Janet Frasier and you will see that the picture is in correspondence with my face you see here.” She smiled at him with a silent hope that she was now allowed to view the Colonel’s file.

“Nice to meet you, Ma`am. Sorry for any inconvenience but this procedure is protocol when the person is not directly at our site. I will send you a copy from Mr. O’Neill’s file via email. May I ask a question?” He was already typing something in his computer.

“Sure, If I can help. What is it?”

“What rank does Mr. O`Neill have?”

“He has the rank of a Colonel. One of the best I may add.” Her voice was swelling with pride.

“Ma`am, I am thanking you and Colonel O`Neill for your service. We will try our best to get him back in shape. But I must add, right now it does not look good for him. Time will tell along with his will to survive and get better. I will leave you now to it. The mail must be there in a minute or so.” With that he disconnected the line.

It did not take long for the email to arrive with the attachment of Colonel O`Neill`s medical status. Janet closed the door, took her coffee in one hand, and started reading. The more she read on, the more her eyes widened. By the time she was finished she had asked herself how it was possible that this man was still alive.

She had seen a lot of his injuries and how long it took him sometimes to come back from it but this time she was not sure he will work that miracle. Right now, she was not even sure if he was fit for transport. She needed to speak to the General and after that she would drive up to Denver to pay him a visit.


Sam had continued to explain to Cassie what she was doing and even gave the girl an experiment of her own. Including writing down what she learned from it and the results.

“Cassie, you are a natural. That is very good and fine work. I bet you are good in school in chemistry and physics.” Sam smiled at her.

“I like it, all the different reactions. Mum lets me watch a series about a guy who does really cool stuff and he is super clever with chemicals and all and he said in one of his episodes that every action has a reaction. I like that thought and now I pay more attention to the things that follow my actions I took and try to do the right thing. But let me tell you, that is not always possible. Look where it brought Uncle Jack.” Cassie looked down on the floor and was fighting with her tears again.

“Cassie, listen to me. I’ve known the Colonel for a long time. This is what he does. He puts himself in the line of fire to save the people he cares about and, believe me, he cares about you a lot. I have seen him and how he behaved the days before your trip. He was so excited to spend time with you together in nature. Never think of yourself that you did something wrong. You haven’t. Thanks to you the Colonel still has a chance. If you would have not been as brave as you have been and would have run off to the lumberjack camp, I think Jack would have been dead by now. It would have taken a long time to find him. You get what I am saying?” Sam looked at her and smiled.

“Yes, but why don’t I feel like I helped him?” Cassie sniffled and looked at her experiment again.

“I guess that is the part of growing up. We make memories and experiences and use them in the later parts of our life to make things different or even better.” Sam still smiled and continued, “Cass, can I ask you a question?”

“You already did.” Cassie answered and smiled to herself because of the memory she had with her Uncle Jack.

“You got that from the Colonel, didn’t you? I remember he used to say this to me when I asked him if I can ask a question. But, anyway, would you like to seek professional help? I am not really the right qualified person to talk to and you may feel better speaking with a trained psychologist about your experience.

“A shrink?”

Sam looked at her in surprise and wondered where the teenager would have gotten that word from till it dawned on her that she probably had Jack heard using it.

“It depends on who. I don’t like Dr. Mackenzie,” she stated, and her look told Sam that there was no arguing with the teenager.

“May I ask what’s wrong with him? I was not aware that you had ever met him,” stated the Major.

“I have seen him, and I don’t like his body language but I never met him. His body language tells me that he wants to help but thinks that all here in the SGC are nuts anyway. So why should I trust him?” Cassie looked Sam directly into her eyes and challenged her with that question.

“I did not know you have so much experience in the field of body language,” Sam acknowledged.

“It is a hobby of mine. I read lots of books and follow someone who is the leading expert in the world. I am not as good as he is, but I know a little bit and that little bit tells me not to trust that slime bag.” Cassie replied and made clear by standing up that the conversation was over.



The mug was empty, the file carefully studied and with that Dr. Fraiser was on her way to the General. On her way to his office she paid a visit to Sam`s lab to see how her daughter was doing when she had listened to a part of the conversation. She never meant to eavesdrop, but she did not want to interrupt the conversation either. Turning around, she headed to the office she was meant to go to in the first place.

He was on the phone by the time she arrived in front of his door and from his raised voice she could tell, this was one of the conversations she did not like to have.

It took a about another minute till she heard him slamming the receiver down. She gave him a minute to collect himself till she knocked on his door.

“Come” she heard his voice, all calm again.

“General? Is this a bad time?” she came just one step into his office.

“Doc, no its ok. Just come on in.” He waved her into his small office. What can I do for you?”

“I’d like to drive up to Denver to see Colonel O`Neill for myself. If he hears another voice he can trust then maybe it would help him to wake up. According to his file the hospital sent me, he slipped into a coma during or shortly after the surgery. There is no prognosis when he will come out of it and I was hoping that it may help him and us to see for ourselves.

“You take all the time you need. Did you get any further news of bringing him home?”

“No Sir, I think I need to have a chat with the hospital and see if he is even transportable. I know that comatose patients can be transported but there are lots of factors that need to be considered. I will contact you as soon as I have some new information. If this is all I would like to pack my stuff and head out.”

“Ok, take care. Dismissed.” With that he took another file off of his never-ending stack.


Craig Hospital, Denver

Janet Fraiser arrived just a bit more then an hour later at her destination. Taking a deep breath, she tried to shield herself for the picture she would see in a few minutes.

The receptionist was very friendly, helpful, and explained exactly where she had to go. Now she was standing before room 101 and had her hand on the doorknob.

Carefully and nearly silently she pushed the door open. Sarah was sitting on the right side of the bed where the Colonel was laying. Machines were attached to monitor everything and pipes were going into his left hand to push fluids and nutrition.

“Hello, you must be Mrs. O`Neill. My name is Doctor Janet Fraiser. I am the Doctor of the Colonel‘s at his workplace. Do you mind if I sit down?” A little smile crossed Janet’s face.

“Not at all.” Sarah looked at her with red ringed eyes.

Janet took a chair from the table at the window and sat herself to his left. She studied his features and admitted to herself that he had lost more weight since the last time she had seen him. His Face was pale and the white bandage around his head did not help with his veins sticking out from under the skin. His eyes looked even more sunken in now and Janet swallowed hard in shock without showing any signs to Sarah.

The rhythmic sound of the heart monitor was the only noticeable noise in the room. Janet followed the up and down of Jacks chest and after a moment she collected herself again. She knew it was bad and that he was supported by machines. But seeing her friend laying here like that still took something from her.

“Is he like this since you came?” Janet asked Sarah.

“Yes, no change whatsoever. The Doctor told me it could be because of the poisoned venom he got, and it took a while to get it out of him after he got the antivenom. Apparently, they could not say right now if he will have organ failure or damage or is lucky enough to heal himself completely. But for that it is important that he wakes up. The Doctor said also that right now he would not even breathe on his own - that’s why he has that thing stuck in his mouth to help him.” The answer was not more than a quiet monotone report.

“I see.” She looked at the Colonel again before leaving the room. Her mission was clear: Find the Doctor who was responsible for him and talk through the necessary steps for getting him moved to Colorado Springs.


SGC, Carters Lab

“Cassie, what`s for dinner tonight?” Sam asked out of the blue.

The atmosphere was as quiet as it gets after Major Carter learned that it does not look too good but not too bad either for her CO to return home. His condition was stable and if he still behaved himself over the next two days, the Doctors would arrange for him to get transferred to the Air Force Hospital in Colorado Springs. It was arranged for Cassie to stay with Sam over night while the Doctor had been out of town.

“I don’t know, what would you like to eat?” the teen replied and showed not really an interest in any decision-making activities.

“Nah, I asked you first. We can order take out and you choose what you like. How does that sound?” Sam tried to encourage the girl to come out of her shell again. She knew that Cass was blaming herself for what had happened. The problem was that Sam did not know how to make it clear to her that she had nothing to do with the circumstances.

“There is a new Indian restaurant, I don’t know if they make take out. We can try that one if you like.” Cassie offered, still hovering over some papers Sam had given her to read.

“Sounds good, you know the name? Or shall I just use the internet to find it. By this time, you have to tell me what you like to eat.” Sam turned on her desktop screen.

“Names Zaika Indian Cuisine. I think it’s on the way home and have an internet rating from 6.4. So it must be good. We have to check the menu online I guess.” She looked up and a smirk played around her face.

“That’s a deal. I did not have Indian for some time.” The menu card came up and both women lingered around to check what they would have.

“I like the chilly chicken with a side of mango chutney,” Cassie beamed.

“Then the chicken curry is mine; it all comes with rice. Anything else you like?” Sam questioned.

“Would love a garlic Naan with it,” Cassie stated while rubbing her tummy.

“Ok, I go with an onion pakora for a starter and a salad. We can share if you like.” She smiled and picked her phone up at the same time. “I will give the order through and we will pick it up on the way home.


Carter’s house

Sam opened the front door and placed the takeaway in the kitchen. Cassie followed her with a little bag and closed the door behind.

“Cassie? Do you remember where everything is? If so, set the table so we can eat before the food gets cold.” Sam stated while she was listening to her answer machine.

A few minutes later, the table was set, the food in the middle and with a little laughter along the way, all was eaten in no time. Cassie did not realise how hungry she was by now and finished her meal very quickly.

“What we are doing tomorrow?” Cassie asked while swallowing the last bits down.

“It’s a weekday; I assume you need to go to school. Someone from the base can pick you up if you like and you can help with the experiments again. If not, you can go home, or I will give you the key to my house and you can come here. But I will probably stay till around 6 again and you would be a while alone at home.” Sam placed her cutlery on the plate and looked at her guest.

“I don’t know yet; I have a long school day anyway so I will probably go home. You know when mum is coming back?” Cassie answered still chewing on her meal.

“Well, your mum said that she might have to stay a few days. If you do not like to come up the mountain, I think it would be better if you stayed here and I will see ya tomorrow night when I come home. How does that sound?” Sam remembered what Janet had told her.

“That is ok. I will come here then. I will do my homework and by the time you come home I should be finished.” With that she stood up and cleared the table again.

“If it is ok, I’ll get myself ready for bed and into it.” shouted the teen as she got out of the kitchen and added “It was a long day.”

“Sure, I’ll get your room ready.” Sam arose and had the room ready in a few minutes flat. “Cass, you know where everything is in the bathroom. Help yourself and sleep well later.”

The two switched places. Sam cleaned the rest up in the kitchen and the girl got herself ready and into bed.
When Cassie disappeared into her room, Sam made herself comfortable on the sofa and while watching a bit of tv she dozed off…


Craig Hospital, Denver, Room 101

Doctor Fraiser and Sarah had both been sitting next to Jack’s lifeless-seeming body. From time to time one of them would leave to get something to eat or fresh air. But never would he have been left alone. Still, after two days, there was no sign of him waking up and Doctor Fraiser knew what that meant.

The General had found a piece of paper from the Colonel where he stated that he does not want to stay more than a week on life support. Janet was desperate. She knew her friend well. She knew he never would have liked it to end up as a vegetable. Still, seeing him like that, it was hard to bear. She remembered how he behaved like a little kid when he was a day too long in the infirmary, how he always had been good when she had threatened him with her biggest needle. These ongoing jokes she missed already and wished the time back where they all had fun.

She watched the monitors how they saved and produced the data and the ventilator how it pumped oxygen into his lungs. She looked over to Sarah and realised the woman was asleep. Quietly she got up and placed a little blanked over the sleeping figure and left the room.
At the reception desk, the nightshift was already there and smiled at her. “Doctor Fraiser, what can I do for you?”

“Nothing, I just wanted to stretch my legs.” She looked at the woman in front of her. “Oh maybe you can help me. Do you have a chapel around here?”

The night nurse gave the direction and wished her all the best. By now everyone knew who the patient in 101 was and why he was here. Nobody spokes about it but everybody admired his heroism.

Janet Fraiser did not need long. The chapel room was easy enough to find and as she stepped in, her feeling changed. Kneeling in front of the big wooden cross at the end of the room, she bowed her head.

“Dear Lord, please forgive us our sins. You gave your Son so we can be saved in your light and with all your mercy. Please Lord, show mercy on Colonel O`Neill. He deserves a second chance. He has done so many good things in his life. I know he has done bad things as well, but he is a soldier. This is what he does, and you took this away. He is your child and you love him. Lord, please give him your strength, heal his soul and his wounds. Let him be a little while longer amongst his friends so he can all drive us crazy for a whole lot longer. Lord, I would not have it any other way you know. Thank you for listening to me. Amen” Janet kneeled a while longer after she finished her prayer. This room gave her troubled soul peace and that was exactly what she so desperately needed.


The next day went by with no change. Janet had heard from Cassie and that she behaved very well while staying with the Major. She had her daughter on the phone for a few minutes but was not able to tell her any good news. Jack O`Neill`s condition was not changing at all.
Sarah was out to get some fresh air while Janet was standing at the foot end of the bed looking at the man she admired and thanking him for saving her little girl’s life. The morning visit from the team of doctors had been finished and everything was arranged to transport the Colonel down to Colorado Springs. A special team was standing by and the chopper waited on the hospital roof.

“I hope you are ready Colonel. It will be a short flight. All your friends are waiting for you. You are not alone.” Closing her eyes, she took a deep breath and left the room to signal the ward outside to start with the right measurements and get the patient ready to be transported.
As Sarah came back, Jack was already on the way in the elevator to the roof. All necessary machines in transportable form had been attached around and under his bed to never interrupt the flow of the life support.

“Sarah, we should go as well. It still takes a bit for the Helicopter to have a lift off and if we hurry, we will be in the Springs before they arrive. From there the doctors of the Air Force will have something to say when they sign the papers over.” She smiled and laid her right hand on the other woman’s left forearm. Slightly squeezing it she signalled that she as a Doctor would do anything that is in her power to help her friend.

“Ok” came the short answer. More was not necessary.


Colorado Springs, Fort Carson

As Janet and Sarah arrived, the medical team had seen already to Jack. He was taken to a light big room that was specialized for all his needs. Due to Janet, both women had been allowed to see him briefly before they had to leave as the patient needed rest.

“He looks so comfortable and peaceful,” Sarah stated and investigated the pale face of the man she stilled loved.

“Yes, he does. Sarah, he will get better. You must believe that. He needs you to be strong for the both of you. I will see if I can find a doctor. I’ve got a few questions and things to clarify for myself.” With that she left leaving the two alone.


SGC, Hammonds Office

“Thank You, this is indeed great news.” He put the receiver down and smiled to himself before picking up the phone and phoning Major carter in her Lab to pay him a visit.

A few minutes later the awaited knock on the door came and he was pleased to call her in.

“Sit down Major.” He waited till the officer sat herself down.


“Major, I’ve got good news. Doctor Fraiser just called a few moments ago. Colonel O`Neill arrived safely in the Army Hospital at Fort Carson. He is settled into his room and the good doctor has arranged that his closest friends can visit him whenever they want but only so long as it’s always just one with him in his room. He still needs a lot of rest.”

“Sir, why the Army hospital and not the normal Air Force hospital?” Sam raised the question which bugged her for a long time.

“Doctor Fraiser said there is new special equipment which the Air Force does not have yet, and she wanted to give the Colonel the best possible care. When he is better and out of the woods, he still can be transferred to the Air Force Hospital.” He answered rather embarrassed.

“Ah” she smiled and stood, and when turned around and opened her mouth she was not able to say anything as the General already gave the answer with “granted”.

“Thank you, Sir” she left his office.

Checking her watch, she realised it was only early noon. It was too soon to pick Cassie up from school to see the Colonel. She secured all in her lab and locked it. Now that she knew her CO was in town she was glad that she was going to be able to see him. Her concentration was gone anyway.


Colorado Springs, Fort Carson

Sam arrived at the Hospital a short while later and searched for a car parking space. She never really was in that part of town and realised just now how much like a fort the hospital looked.

Walking over and announcing herself at the reception desk she was given the room number of Colonel O`Neill. Walking up to his room, she was seeing Sarah standing outside.

“Sarah, hey.” She smiled and held her hand out.

“Hello Major, you cannot go in right now. Something is wrong and some Doctors are in with Jack.” She sated motionless.

“What do you mean wrong? Sarah, what is wrong with the Colonel?” Sam was not prepared to hear a news like that and struggled to keep herself in check and not to show the panic she felt.

“Some white and yellow discharge came out of his mouth and blocked his tubes. He struggled to get air in. I notified a nurse and after he had a look at him all hell broke loose. That was…” she checked her watch on her left wrist “about half an hour ago. They brought some more machines in for god knows what they will do and for what they need them. I just hope that he will pull though.” Sarah sat herself on the floor unable to stand any longer. The last few days took all the energy she had and she now felt drained.

“He is a strong man. He will pull through I am sure of that. If anyone can do it, then it is him. I have seen him working miracles and I am sure he has another one up his sleeve.” Sam cleared her throat and continued, “Sarah, can I ask you a question?”


“Did you know that he had a legal signed paper which stated that he did not want to be on life support after a week?”

Sarah looked at her in surprise “He must have changed it. It was always just a day. Why now a week?”

“I don’t know” Sam stared on the floor before her. “That is a question only he can answer.”

The door opened and the team of Doctors and Nurses left the room. Among them was Janet Fraiser. She stopped as she saw Sam and after taking a deep breath she started to explain to both Visitors,

“He developed pneumonia. It was not detected in Denver and it is assumed that the transport loosened the phlegm in his lunges so his body could get rid of it. He will get a full course of antibiotics and time will tell how he is responding to it. So far he is still in a coma and needs to be on a ventilator as he is not able to breathe on his own.” She looked at Sam and after receiving a slight nod she continued, “He has three days left before he will be taken off the life support as he wished in his paper. Pray to God that he wakes up before and can breathe on his own. Otherwise there is no guarantee that he will be survive after.” The last words were more a whisper and Janet left with a nod. She still had to check some stuff over before she could give more information.

Sam went in and saw her CO the first time. He reminded her more on a Borg from Star Trek than a human being with all the necessary attachments. She could see the stand with the three bags full of liquid he needed. Medication, nutrition and saline.

Taking a chair, she sat herself down. She took his hand and in small circles she let her thumb go over the skin of the back of his hand. Taking a deep breath, she fought against the tears which were forming in her eyes.

“Sir, I just wanted to check in on you. I just wanted to tell you how much you’ve been missed among your friends and colleagues at the SGC. The General sends his regards. I bet Cassie would like to come this afternoon and visit you. She is quite anxious and with that she is not alone. You sacred us all but I think it is time to end this. Sir, the movie gets a bit boring and you should wake up now. We are all ready for the happy ending.” There was no response from the man in his bed tucked in safely while the machines did the job for him.

Sam was sitting another few minute till Janet came in and asked her for a conversation. Leaving the room, Sarah went back in.

“Janet what’s the matter?”

“I just wanted to let you know the condition of the Colonel. It is far more serious than we all first thought. As you may have learned now that the Colonel developed pneumonia. But this is not all. There also been traces of radiologic evidence of bacterial aspiration pneumonia.” She waited till the shocked face from her friend eased up a bit.

“That is meaning what exactly?”

“That means Aspiration pneumonia is caused by bacteria that normally reside in the oral and nasal pharynx. Historically, aspiration pneumonia is referred to an infection caused by less virulent bacteria, primarily oral pharyngeal anaerobes, after a large volume aspiration event. It can cause severe complications, especially if a person waits too long to go to the doctor. The infection may progress quickly and spread to other areas of the body. It may also spread to the bloodstream, which is especially dangerous. Pockets or abscesses may form in the lungs. The Colonel’s luck is, he is already in a hospital and it was detected in a very early stage,” explained the doctor.

“So, what is his treatment then and how long will it take to clear up?”

“He will get amoxicillin/clavulanate 875 mg IV every 12 hours. With treatment, the chances of full recovery are quite high. But there is still a chance that there will be damage to his body. So it will take between 1 and 4 weeks. He was in a very good shape for his age. We must wait and see. Nothing else we can do right now. Just be there for him and pray that he will wake up.” Janet gave her friend a hug and left her alone with the news. She knew that it was a lot to take in.

The Major needed fresh air. Suddenly, the walls seemed to close in on her and gave her a claustrophobic feeling. Her steps grew faster and faster and by the time she was at the main doors she was almost running.

Struggling to keep her stomach content to herself, she sat on a little wall, looked at the sky and let her tears run free.


SGC, Hammonds Office

The General was busy working trough his pile of files when his phone rang again. He listened to the voice and as he put the phone down again, he could not do more than to bury his head in his large hands on top of his desk. His CMO had just phoned him and as he had learned the news he was not sure what he wanted anymore. Was there really a chance for his 2IC to get well again? To come back and fill the base with his spirit? Walking among the walls and cracking an ironic joke a bit too often? He did not know the answer, but he knew he owed this man a lot.

Right now was not the time to get all woozy over it but he remembered quite clearly, years back when Jack helped him to get his desk job back. He was ever so grateful and how Jack had told him that one day, he might need his help to buy back his soul. As by the looks of it now there was no need for it. Releasing a breath he did not notice he was holding, he started on his paperwork again.


Colorado Springs, Fort Carson

Cassie was standing in front of the room from her friend. Sam had picked her up from school and told her that it was very serious, and no one knew what the outcome would be. She had told her that he looked nothing like she had remembered him from the joyful time they had at Dream Lake and she was asked if she was sure that she wanted to see him like this. For Cassie it was never an option to back out of it. Jack was her friend. There was no way she would not visit him when he needed his friends the most. She was one of his friends and she felt honoured that he would call her his friend.

Pressing the doorknob down, slowly, and quietly she entered his room which was large and very light with a bunch of flowers on his night table. She made a mental note to organise and create some decorations as this room looked far too sterile. She knew the childish side of Jack and she was sure he would like a bit of colour in here.

As no one was with him, she took the seat a bit closer to his bed. Looking at him, she started to tell him what she did in school. She left nothing out and it took her a long time. She also explained about the experiment in Sam`s Lab and how important she had felt when she gave all the results to the Major. How she had received the praise and felt over the moon for a short while. She even explained to him the new tricks her little dog could do by now and that she was so grateful to him for such a nice present.

The whole time she watched him and wished for a sign. But nothing came. It was the same as before. She needed to leave now. Sam had already knocked on the door to signal her that it was time.

“Uncle Jack, you have one job to do. Get well soon. I am not asking for more.” She waved goodbye and left. Outside, she took a deep breath and smiled tortured. This was not the way she wanted the trip to end.


Colorado Springs, Fort Carson, four days later

“We are ready.” Announced one of the doctors from the medical team.

“Nooo” Cassie screamed, she buried her head in the cloth from her mum. The time was here where the Colonel’s wish would be granted. The life support would be taken off. Only time would tell if he would start breathing on his own or if this was the end of him.

“Do it,” Janet demanded and tried to swallow the lump that had formed in her throat. For her it felt like this was signing the death sentence from her friend and not giving in to his wish. She looked at her daughter and asked her with her eyes if she wanted to go out. This was hardly a place for a 13-year-old girl to witness something like that. But the teenager declined. She wanted to stay with her friend till the last second.

The hoses got detached and the monitors switched off. Only the fluids kept remained in there. The tube was taken out of his lungs and as he laid there, he looked absolutely in peace with himself.

Cassie started crying even louder. She had hoped for a miracle till the last second. Now his chest was not rising anymore. It was no life was coming from him and he would be resting in peace now for eternity.

I hope everybody enjoyed this chapter. The research for the hospital stuff and medical words is taken almost all from google. If there is a mistake in it, I do apologise and it is not my intention to offend some one. thanks for understanding... Next posting will come possible Friday....
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Re: Shadows in the Forest

Post by bftlovesRDA » Tue Jul 21, 2020 9:02 pm

Awesome is all I have to say!

But oh my what a time to stop the story!!!! Dear Jack, please hang on!

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Re: Shadows in the Forest

Post by Monika » Tue Jul 21, 2020 10:23 pm

What a moving chapter. :shock:
You wanna scream : Jack come on, not now and not like that.
I am eagerly awaiting the continuation.
And nice that Cassie "MacGyver" is allowed to see on TV.
These little surprises from you are awesome. :D

From Monika with love
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Re: Shadows in the Forest

Post by Jack(s) » Wed Jul 22, 2020 4:01 am

oh I am such a happy camper to read your comment. glad you like the little hints about MacGyver 😊😊😊.

I have only 10 pages left at home, if i would post them now you guys have a really long gap till I can write more (earliest on the weekend when I am off).

sorry to let you hang like that. but it's Jack we are talking about, he will have something up his sleeves. at least I hope so 🤣🤣🤣

glad you like the story so much. for me it's fun to write it and let my imagination run wild...
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Re: Shadows in the Forest

Post by Monika » Thu Jul 23, 2020 7:04 pm

Dear Jacky,
of course we want to know how thinks are going with Jack and the SGC-Team.
Of course we are curious where you imagination takes us.
But hey, we all want to have fun.
So please don´t let our impatience take the fun out of writing.
Just no stress.
A little tension curiosity and impatience are like waiting for Christmas.
Oh, bad luck for me, I don´t like christmas. But it´s all good the way it is.
So post whenever you want.

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Re: Shadows in the Forest

Post by Jack(s) » Fri Jul 24, 2020 1:56 am

Monika wrote:
Thu Jul 23, 2020 7:04 pm
Dear Jacky,
of course we want to know how thinks are going with Jack and the SGC-Team.
Of course we are curious where you imagination takes us.
But hey, we all want to have fun.
So please don´t let our impatience take the fun out of writing.
Just no stress.
A little tension curiosity and impatience are like waiting for Christmas.
Oh, bad luck for me, I don´t like christmas. But it´s all good the way it is.
So post whenever you want.

From Monika with lov
thanks, I am having lots of fun writing and I wish I could write every day. but my family comes first. so I only write when my husband is at work and I am home.
next part will come today at some point. hope you and all the other will still like it afterwards...
stay safe
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