Shadows in the Forest

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Re: Shadows in the Forest

Post by Jack(s) » Mon Aug 10, 2020 5:16 am

yep, I would have loved to see something like this. Jack loves cake like I do do.

I read many FF from other fans and would have loved to see some of them as part of the series.

working already on a new FF. got about 5 pages in. so will not take to long till the first part comes. hope that is quick enough for you Monika 😁😁😁
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Re: Shadows in the Forest

Post by Monika » Mon Aug 10, 2020 9:19 pm

Jack(s) wrote:
Mon Aug 10, 2020 5:16 am
yep, I would have loved to see something like this. Jack loves cake like I do do.

I read many FF from other fans and would have loved to see some of them as part of the series.

working already on a new FF. got about 5 pages in. so will not take to long till the first part comes. hope that is quick enough for you Monika 😁😁😁

Oh Jacky, please don´t stress.
A little tension and curiosity has not harmed anyone.

From Monika with love
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Re: Shadows in the Forest

Post by Jack(s) » Wed Aug 12, 2020 4:08 am

Here comes the last part. Thank you all for reading and go along with that story. Thank you to B and Monika for reviewing every chapter. It's amazing and much appreciated. If you like, let me know in a comment after what you think.
I got another FF from last year which I could post for you here to get the time shortened till my new FF is a bit progressed. let me know if you like to read it as well. enough talk. The last chapter comes up right now. Enjoy...


Fort Carson, three weeks later

“Jack today is the day. You have done very well over the last few months. I believe your muscles are strong enough again and your spine looks healthy again. The last test pictures have shown no sign of anything anymore so there is no reason for you not to try and make your first step again.” Lucas explained to Jack while standing in front of the physical therapy bars. “Ready?”

Jack looked at him curiously. Lucas had told him four weeks. But of course, he was ready, he was a Colonel of the USAF. He was born ready.

“Show me your stuff; show me what I have to do.” Jack smiled but hesitated. He didn’t know why, maybe because he had fallen before. But now he was safe, Lucas would take care of him.

“Wheel yourself to the start and pull yourself up.” Lucas instructed.
With a deep agonising groan, the Colonel stood between the two bars a few seconds later. Sweat was already dripping from his face.

“Try to move your right food” Lucas encouraged him.

Jack had to concentrate very hard to get his leg moving but he did it eventually. His right leg moved a couple of inches and right now it was the happiest moment in his life. He would walk again. He never doubted it but seeing it now happening was still a miracle to him.
Jacks legs buckled already under the weight they not been used to and Lucas steadied him straight away.

“You like to sit down Jack?” Lucas offered

“No, my left leg needs to move as well. I don’t like that they may get jealous of each other.” He grinned and concentrated again. With the support of his therapist he eventually managed to shuffle his left foot forward.

“You did it man. You are a genius.” Lucas was cheering him on.

“Yeah, it feels pretty good” Jack laughed and did another two steps before he had to admit that he could do no more. But what he had achieved today gave him the much-needed confidence he needed for the rest of his therapeutic way to go.

Over the next few days, he had a combination of exercises that involved, walking, water therapy and dry therapy on the floor. He realised how strong he had grown.

“Jack, no barrs today. This is a medical walker. We will do it slowly, but you need to learn to walk with one of those now.” Lucas presented him a silver shining frame with two wels and two gummy nobs attached at the end.

Slowly, jack got himself up in a standing position out of his wheelchair. Lucas steadied him with his hands on his back and stomach and guided him straight forward. The Colonel managed to walk a few steps and in comparison to when he had done his first steps again, he was racing by now.

“Colonel, I am very impressed. I do see your stay here coming to an end. I can’t say that I will not miss you. It was such a pleasure to work with you, Sir,” Lucas admitted and was close to shedding a tear. Jack had grown on him and even though he was very happy for him to walk again he would lose a good patient and friend.

“I am not gone yet, and we can stay friends, meeting occasionally for a beer if you like,” Jack suggested and walked another few yards.

“I would like that” Lucas smiled


Cassie had continued to visit him every day but the fact that he could walk again, he had kept from her. Today was the day when he would show her. He was sitting in his room, reading a book Carter had gotten for him, waiting for her to arrive.

The knock on the door came and he suddenly grew all excited. What would she say? Would she be happy? Of course, she would be happy for him. He had been here for about half a year now and was more than ready to go home.

“Hey Uncle Jack. How is it going?” Cassie slammed her bag into a corner and gave him a hug.

“Very good Cass, yourself?” came Jack’s response promptly.

“Excellent. I got two A`s on two resent tests which makes me very happy,” she announced.

“Maybe I can give you another reason to be even more happy…..” Jack looked at her while wheeling himself near the bed frame.

“Huh? Whatcha doing?” Cassie was not sure what she should think of the idea she had in her head as she saw the Colonel move his position.

“Watch,” he advised and put his hands on the frame. Pulling himself up, he was standing in full length. “Look.” and with that he started to put one foot in front of the other till he reached the end of the bedframe at the other side.

Jack looked at her. Cassie was not a girl which was at loss of words very easily, but he had managed to do just that.

“Whatcha think?” he asked her, pulling her out of her trance.

“Uncle Jack” she nearly screamed! “When did that happen? Does Lucas know?” Jumping out of her chair where she had taken camp, she was with him in no time.

“Course he knows. We were working on it for the last week.” He turned around and walked all the way back to where his wheelchair was standing.

“This is amazing. I am so proud of you. Can I tell mum, or would you like to tell her?” she bubbled.

“You can tell her, I just wanted it be a surprise for you as a thank you for coming every day. You didn’t have to do it, you know?” His face showed a special boyish shyness she wasn’t used to seeing in him.

“I know, but I wanted too.” She assured him. “Not much longer and we can race together.”

“That will still take a while Cassie.” Jack seated himself again and took a deep breath. It had cost him a lot of his energy, but he also was a very happy camper. The progress he made satisfied him.

Talking the whole afternoon, the time just ran through their hand. When Cassie finally checked her wristwatch, she jumped up in surprise. “Eight already. I have to go before mum sends a search party out. if you like I will not tell her but try to get her to visit you in the next few days with the Major and then you can show them for yourself.” She grabbed her jacket and bag in a hurry.

“That’s fine by me. Take care sweetheart.” Jack smiled and waved her goodbye.

After the teen was gone, he got himself ready for bed but was sitting a bit by the open window enjoying the cool air of the evening.


Another two weeks went by. Jack was already walking with a walking stick. He continued to improve in a rapid speed and Lucas was amazed by what he saw. The exercises the Colonel continued to do, needed to be adjusted nearly every day as the Colonel’s muscles became very strong again and for that he was pushing himself to his limits every day.

His goal was to be out before Christmas. He had promised last year to play Santa in an orphanage and intended to keep his promise. The Colonel could walk for quite a distance now and he intended to keep the speed up in his recovery.

Cassie had told him he would send her mum to visit him so he could show her herself, but she never came. That meant for him that she was very busy. He would love to go back to work, missing the action and his team so much.

Every night after Cassie left, he collapsed in his bed. Exhausted but happy. He still felt some needles in his legs but not as strong as before. Sometimes he wondered if they ever would go or if he had to live with them for the rest of his life.

The next day came and he got through his usual routine. Breakfast, therapy, nap, lunch, reading and fresh air. By now it was getting cold outside and if he wanted to sit in the fresh air, he had to take a jacket. The garden area was almost deserted now and as he enjoyed the peace. He wished it could last forever. Checking his watch, he realised it was almost five again. Cassie would be here any minute. Getting up and walking slowly back to his room, he just made it in time to sit on his bed when the awaited knock came.

“Come in,” he shouted.

Cassie came in with a big grin on her face. In tow she had Janet, Sam and Daniel. Seeing the surprised look on her friend’s face, she spread her arms as wide as they would go and shouted a big “Happy Birthday!”

Jack was astonished. How did they know? He never told them when his birthday was and then it dawned on him, Janet must have the information from his medical file.

“Hey, come on in.” He spread his left arm and waved into his room. There is enough space for all of you. Thanks for the nice gesture. I wasn’t expecting that.” His smile was shy.

“Hey, Jack, happy birthday,” Daniel greeted his friend.

“Thanks Danny” Jack acknowledged his friend.

Janet was next and last was the Major. The chatting began and the laughter which followed filled up the room in no time. Sam had brought a little cake with a candle and Jack had to blow it out much to the excitement of Cassie.

“Uncle Jack, we have a little birthday gift for you as well.” Cassie beamed even more.

“You do?” The shy little boy was back; he didn’t need any presents. He only needed his friends and they all came.

“Yes Sir, here. It’s just a small little thing.” Sam gave him a little box, nicely wrapped in sparkly red gift-wrapping paper.

“What is it?” Jack was shaking the box close to his ear.

“Uncle Jack, we can’t tell you. You have to open it!” Cassie explained in an all-knowing voice.

“Oh, I have to open it?” Jack grinned and Sam laughed.

It did take the Colonel a bit to open up the present as he did not want to destroy the paper. He liked it and was thinking of what he could do with it.
As he was finally ready to open the box, he was thinking about stalling the moment but let the thought drop as he wanted to show them something as well.

Carefully, he opened the box and found a bar of soap in it. As he took it out, he discovered it wasn’t just any bar of soap. It was in the colour and form of one of his favourite comic characters Homer Simpson.

“Cool,” he stated and checked the soap out from every angle.

“Thanks guys, that’s a very cool gift.” He put it to the side as it was now his turn to ask a question.

“Guys, can I show you something?” Jack ask out of the blue.

“Sure, what is it Jack?” Daniel was the first to reply.

Cassie knew already what was to come and put a big smile on her face. It was hard for the teen not to say anything over the last two weeks, but she had managed it very well.

Jack put his feet on the floor and with the help of his bed, he pushed himself off, standing before his teammates. Grabbing his walking stick, he walked through the room and back. He looked at three astonished faces and one big smiley one.

“And? What do you say?” He wanted to know after he sat himself back on his mattress.

“Colonel, this is amazing. You can walk again. I can’t believe it.” Sam burst out

“Isn’t it?” Jack smiled.

“How long, Jack?” Janet wanted to know. She knew as a doctor that from how good he was already on his feet that this did not happen overnight.

“For about two weeks,” Jack replied looking at Cassie.

“You knew?” Sam asked the girl.

“Yes, he showed me two weeks ago. I tried to get you guys here to visit him, but you all have been so busy. Uncle Jack told me I could tell you all, but I figured it was so special that you have to see it for yourself,” the teenager explained putting a seed of guilt in the three remaining adults for not visiting their friend earlier.

“Never mind. You saw it now. It will not take long according to Lucas and I am allowed to go home. I still have to do a lot of exercises and he wants to see me once a week but if all goes well, which I don’t have a doubt, then I am out of here in a few days. This place drives me crazy.” Jack stated.

“Sir, I just can’t believe that you had not told us sooner.” Janet rubbed her eyes in disbelief. Turning to her daughter she added, “And well done you. You kept this secret well with you. It is indeed a big surprise.”

They stayed a little while longer. The jokes came flying and the responding laughter was heard as far as the reception desk. After they left, Jack fell in his bed already half asleep. He smiled at the memory of their faces. A surprise well done. But the first surprise was on him as they showed up for his birthday. He would never have expected that. And soon the day would come when he was about to leave.

The next two days came and went. It was the same as always. Get up, have breakfast, have exercises, have lunch, have a nap, have visitors, have dinner, have a good night’s sleep. Repeated on a daily basis.

But today it was different. Lucas told him yesterday that he will discharge him. He had sorted all his paperwork out yesterday and, with Daniel, he had arranged himself a lift home. He so couldn’t wait for his own four walls.

Sitting outside, his packed bag next to his left and his cane to his right, he watched the people come and go, the busy car park and the ambulances come and go. He had found it very entertaining and could sit here for a while.

Not a minute too early or late, his friend Daniel arrived. Stopping the car right in front of him, the young archaeologist jumped out of his car, opened the door for his friend and stuffed the pack in the boot.

“Hey Jack, how is it going?” Daniel asked with a smile.

“Hey Daniel, good. Its about time that I got out of here!” Jack sat himself in the passenger seat, closed his eyes for a second and took a deep breath. He was free at last.

“Would you like to stop by the SGC or go straight home?” Daniel wanted to know the destination they would be heading.

“Home, I miss my house so much. If you have time you can pick me up tomorrow and we can go to the SGC.” He had opened his eyes again.

“Home it is,” he cleared his throat. “Gentlemen, this is you pilot speaking. My name is Daniel. On behalf of the whole SGC I welcome you aboard Airline Dannyboy. We will have a nonstop service form the hospital to Colonel O`Neill`s house. Our drive time will be around 20 minutes depending on the traffic. We will be driving at zero altitude with an approximate speed of 30 miles per hour. Please fasten your seatbelt and enjoy the ride.” He grinned at his friend and started the engine.

“How long did it take you to get that one right?” a surprised Colonel asked with a grin.

“Not long, just read it last night somewhere,” Daniel replied and took the road home.

Couple of minutes later, they arrived at their destination. Daniel jumped out of the car and opened the door for his friend but did not dare to offer his assistance out. Instead he got the bag and opened the front door.

“Come on in, your house has missed you too. I am sure of it.” Daniel held the door open and closed it behind himself after jack had entered his house.

The Colonel just stood there. Looking around and taking the scenery on board like a sponge soaks up some water. It’s been six months till he was here the last time. Six months he wasn’t in his own bed. Six months since his incident. He couldn’t believe how fast the time had gone by.

“I restocked your fridge. I figured you would love a beer tonight, so I put you some Guinness in the door,” Daniel started to explain. He wasn’t sure if

Jack would love the idea that his team would come tonight. Teal’c was finally back from Chulak and Sam had nothing to do. It was her idea in the first place.

“Thanks Daniel.” He let himself drop onto his sofa.

“Anything I can do for you while I am here? Or would you prefer your privacy?” Daniel questioned.

“You can stay if you like. I will just take a short nap if that’s ok. I am just so damn tired all the time. Give me a few minutes, will ya?” Jack stretched himself out on his sofa and closed his eyes. It took him not a second to fall asleep.

“You just rest my friend,” Daniel whispered while looking at his sleeping CO.

Walking into the kitchen and prepping a coffee, he grabbed his book and settled into one of Jack’s chairs. Time needs to be used. He had plenty of it.

Occasionally he checked up on his sleeping friend, texted with Carter and sipped on his coffee. Sam, Teal`c and himself concluded that it would be best for Jack to have some friends around tonight. First night at home and alone could be overwhelming.

Daniel didn’t need to wait long. The Colonel started to stir again and came back from his half an hour nap. Confused he looked around. It took Jack a few seconds to realise where he was. As he stared at the archaeologist, his memories slowly came back.

“Jack, hey. Feeling better?” Daniel beamed.

“Yep, sorry to fall asleep on you like that.” Jack looked around as if he were searching for something.

“No need to apologise. What ya say, team night tonight? We have missed a few over the last few months,” Daniel suggested.

“Sure, so long as it’s here and I don’t have to go anywhere again today,” Jack agreed with his condition.

“Perfect, Sam is coming around seven and bringing Teal`c with her,” bubbled his friend.

“You guys had it planned already, didn’t you?” he realised and gave a smirk as an answer.


“What do we need to do for it then?” Jack asked as his brain got clearer from the fog by the minute.

“We? Nothing. You sit and relax, watch some hockey or the Simpsons or what else you like to watch. Me? I am doing some preparation in the kitchen so don’t worry about a thing.” He grinned and walked off towards the kitchen.


It was soon 19:00 and the doorbell rang. Jack has done as his friend had requested and watched tv all afternoon. Now he walked slowly to the door and opened it, happy to do this for himself.

“Hey Carter, Teal’c. Come on in. He moved a bit to the side and gave away some space for his friends to enter.

“It is a pleasure for me to see you home at last O`Neill,” Teal`c stated.

“I agree with Teal’c. It`s good to see you back home. How are you feeling?” Carter dropped her bags into the kitchen where Daniel still busied himself.

“Feeling great. Didn’t do anything. Wasn’t allowed to. Dad here in the kitchen told me to watch hockey, so I did. I am a good boy.”

“That’s good. I knew we could count on Daniel to get you to sit and have a rest,” Sam established.

“Am I allowed to do something now?” the Colonel wanted to know.

“Yeah, Jack. Sit yourself somewhere comfy and entertain us with some stories.” Daniel shouted from the kitchen to the very great amusement of the Major.

“There are no stories, Danny Boy. Only facts,” Jack replied, took his bottle of Guinness and planted himself near the kitchen counter where his friends worked.

“Oh, that’s sounds dangerously wise,” Daniel grinned “Dinner is ready in a few seconds.”

“Good, I am starving. What did you make anyway, Daniel?” Jack wanted to know.

“Homemade pizza. 4 corners, so we all got what we like the most.” He explained while taking the tray out of the oven.

“I brought some garlic bread with extra garlic and a salad” Sam explained.

“Oki Kids sit yourself around the table. Let’s eat. Everybody helps themselves to what you like to drink. I have no idea what’s in the fridge,” Jack announced happily. His team, his family was here. He was home, finally.


The next day came, Sam had brought Teal`c home the night before or was it early this morning? Daniel had slept in Jack’s house and the Colonel himself enjoyed his first night back in his own bed. The four of them had a great deal to laugh. Stories had been told and jokes had been made. Everybody was so relaxed. Nobody could have wished for more.

As Jack woke up and checked the time, it was just after six in the morning. He only had a few hours’ sleep by now. Why? He didn’t know himself. Placing his feet on the floor, he stretched his arms in all directions.

As he got himself up, he walked over to the open window. Jack closed his eyes and took a deep breath of the crisp morning air which was so clear he couldn’t believe it.

He took his time to get ready for the day. A hot shower was the absolute necessity for him this morning. He would have a little breakfast, perhaps some cereals. Knowing his friend on his sofa, he would only have a strong coffee.

It took Jack quite a deal to get into the shower. He was not very good with walking steps yet, but he knew it would come. Just alone standing under the hot shower, feeling the water droplets running down his skin, made him feel alive. If it would be up to him, he would never have gotten out again. That was just too nice and relaxing.

After he got dressed, he walked as quietly as possible into the kitchen. Daniel was still snoring on the couch and Jack did not risk it and stepped with his cereal bowl out into his garden. The fresh air played around his face again. Closing his eyes for a few seconds, he listened to the birds singing their morning song.

Later on in the day, Daniel would take him to the SGC. He wanted to say hello and see the General for some other reasons.
Sitting himself on his bench, Jack realised life just couldn’t be better at the time.


SGC, 2 hours later

Sam was in the gate room and directing the decorations balloons and buntings being already attached to the grey walls. The welcome back present had a big red ribbon with an even bigger bow around it. The cake was ready on the table at the side and champagne in the ice coolers next to it.
The Major checked her watch. Another hour or so and the Colonel would be here. She could not wait to see him again. To see his face and what he would say to his present. The whole base had put their money together to get what they needed.

General Hammond was in his office working on some paperwork when a knock disrupted him a few minutes later.


“General, Sir.” Sam followed the call she received.

“Major, what can I do for you?” The General had put his pen to the side while asking.

“Daniel just called. They are on they way,” the Major informed the base commander.

“Thank you. Are we ready with everything? I am down in a minute.” Hammond stood up behind his desk, cleared the top up into a neat stack. Taking his jacket he followed the Major down to the gate room where the celebration would be held.


Daniel just arrived with Jack on the top of the mountain’s carpark. Checking in, the young officer at the entrance gave Jack a textbook salute as he saw him coming.

“Welcome back, Sir” he greeted him sharply.

“At ease, I am not at work yet, just here to say hello.” Jack declared with a smile.

The SF eased up and put a smile on his face, happy to see the second in command of the base returning.
Daniel walked slowly with Jack to the elevator. The offer for a wheelchair Jack had declined. He was walking to his workplace to say hello or he would not come at all.

Arriving at the ground level, Daniel led Jack into the gate room under the pretext that they had something new he needed to see.
As the door opened and Jack stepped into the hall with the Stargate in the background, the whole staff of the SGC was there and cheered him on with a big and loud “Welcome Back!”

The Colonel stood there like a lost little boy with his walking stick. He was literally speechless and didn’t know how to handle the situation. Looking at Daniel, he just stood at the entrance.

His friend was now standing next to the Major and the General. The applause for him from all the staff continued for another minute or so. Hammond was the first one to walk up to the Colonel and patted him on his shoulder. “Good to see you, son”

“Thank you, General.” Jack tried to be friendly but inside he felt uncomfortable with all the attention he got right now.

The queue seemed endless as everybody wanted to welcome the Colonel back for themselves. Jack never realised that he was so popular at the base. Daniel, Teal’c, Janet and Sam had been the last four in line to congratulate him back.

“Sir, before you go, we have something for you” Sam announced and spread her arms as wide as she could to show him that the whole personnel was included.

“What?” Jack had enough. The standing did cost him a lot of his energy and he just wished that he could sit down.

Daniel had gone already to bring in Jack;s welcome back present. He had to push hard as the machine was very heavy.

“Jack, in the name of the whole SGC, welcome back. This is for you. We all hope you like it.” Daniel came to a halt in front if his friend.

Jack looked curious. In front of him was now standing an old motorcycle. As he looked closer, he was sure that this one was a rare 1959 Harley-Davidson Sportster XLH. He looked at his friends again in sheer disbelief.

“What is that?” He finally managed to press out.

“This is a motorcycle, O`Neill” Teal`c helped his friend and caused amusing laughter by all the personnel who had heard it.

“Thank you, Teal`c.” he cleared his throat, “I mean, how did you guys know that I’ve got a license for it and love old bikes like that?”

“Sir, a long time ago when you had been at my place to pick something up, you had seen my Indian. That’s where you told me that you have a license as well but have not had a motorcycle for ages. We just figured that you are more the type for old bikes than for the newer ones.” Sam explained and hoped they had chosen the right vehicle.

“This is just perfect. But why?” Jack ran his fingers over the pearl black tank and had a closer look at the same time.

“Because we are all happy that we have our second of the base back. Sir, you have been missed more than you may ever realise.” Janet made herself clear and in a very soft voice she added, “and because you saved my daughter’s life.”

“Thank you all so very much. I will cherish her till I can’t ride her anymore. Have some cake and have fun and whatever else you normally do.” He waved them all off. Never would he have imagined calling a bike like this his own.



Jack continued with his exercises and brought some fun, laughter and joy to the kids in the orphanage at Christmas. It took him another 3 months till he was allowed back on the mission rotation for light follow up missions.

Thats it. I hope you enjoyed it...
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Re: Shadows in the Forest

Post by bftlovesRDA » Wed Aug 12, 2020 1:29 pm

Did I enjoy it? I'll say I did! Awesome is all I can say about the whole Shadows in the Forest FF but also about this last chapter.

Thank you so much for putting so much into this story - all the details were fantastic and made the story so real.

I would have loved for this story to be "on screen".

Thanks again!

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Re: Shadows in the Forest

Post by Monika » Wed Aug 12, 2020 6:38 pm

Hello Jacky,
Thank you so much for the fantastic FF.
It was fun to read. So much attention to detail
Today the last fantastic part. That fit exactly.
Now I´ll never forget when Jack´s birthday is. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Thank you

From Monika with love

(If you have the time and inclination, post more)
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Re: Shadows in the Forest

Post by Daicy » Fri Nov 06, 2020 7:13 pm

Hi Jack(s)

Very nicely written story. I read with enthusiasm and tense from beginning to end.
Daicy :)

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Re: Shadows in the Forest

Post by Jack(s) » Fri Nov 06, 2020 11:06 pm

Happy camper here all the way
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