What would you do if RDA passed you by?

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Re: What would you do if RDA passed you by?

Post by bftlovesRDA » Thu Aug 06, 2020 2:37 pm

So you got to meet him in New Zealand?


What was the best thing about meeting him in person?

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Re: What would you do if RDA passed you by?

Post by Wathorighh » Mon Apr 19, 2021 8:43 pm

Honestly, I would probably do nothing but turn around, starring at him and watching him but letting him passing by without me screaming or asking him anything. I would definitely not invade his privacy. But that brief moment of encounter would make me smile from ear to ear.

It happened before that I met famous German actors, entertainers or politicians coincidentally in Hamburg (once an actor stood in line right before me at the supermarket check out). I just recognize them, stare and that's it. Well, my head tells me "Look, that's ..." and I probably tell others from my encounter. However, I usally leave them alone. I'm afraid I will react the same with Rick.

Although, it would be completely different when it's an official event like at the Conventions. There I'd probaly would ask something "stupid" just to get an reaction and get eye contact ;)

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Re: What would you do if RDA passed you by?

Post by Annelies » Thu May 06, 2021 9:36 pm

I remember the con in 2016, meeting Christopher Judge. He was on his way to a friend and me and my big mouth said: hey I was just on my way to you. Big smile and a pad on the shoulder.. great, there is my table, right there.. see you later, ill be back in a moment!🙈

I met Rick at the con in 2018 with a few fantastic friends i met at the forum. He was so sweet and nice. If I met him random in passing by...i dont know what i would do... I dont think I would react the same as I did with Chris... felt really ashamed then :oops:
If I knew he would be around i surely took a dog with me, haha, he would probably react on that :lol:
Lots of love,



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