National Enquirer
May 11, 2015

On April 22nd, shortly after returning from the StarFest convention in Denver, Richard was spotted by photographers doing his grocery shopping at a Malibu market. The paprazzi pictures quickly made the rounds of the press, both national and foreign, both print and online. The National Enquirer, more complimentary than most, commented on his jovial smile and lack of the MacGyver mullet.

The image ran in the May 11th edition of the National Enquirer on page 3 with the following caption:

MacGyver on a mission... minus the mullet!

Are those groceries or is "MacGyver" planning something new? Richard Dean Anderson - star of the '80s hit about the government agent who seemingly could make a flamethrower out of toothpaste and a paperclip - was spotted loading his Subaru with supplies outside a Malibu market, and gave fans a jovial smile and a wave. The 65-year-old actor has traded his mullet for a mustache, but we suspect he's still packing that Swiss Army knife!


Additional photos from the internet appear below.