Sea Shepherd in Melbourne
March 18-21, 2013

Perth | Adelaide | Melbourne

During his visit to Australia, Richard spent time in Perth, Adelaide, and Melbourne. Link to these visits above.

Richard Dean Anderson extended his visit to Australia by a few days so that he could travel to Melbourne and link up with Sea Shepherd Australia Director Jeff Hansen to welcome the victorious Sea Shepherd ships back to port.

For the past few months, the Sea Shepherd fleet of Operation Zero Tolerance had been patrolling the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary in the South Pacific to protect whales from illegal poaching by Japanese whalers. The campaign had come to a close, and three of the four ships from the fleet, including the Steve Irwin, the Bob Barker, and the Sam Simon, returned to port in Williamstown, near Melbourne, Australia. (The fourth ship, the Brigitte Bardot, remained in Tasmania.)

Click here for more information about Sea Shepherd Australia and Operation Zero Tolerance.


During the earlier part of his travels in Australia, Richard was having difficulty connecting to the internet to keep in touch. However, when he arrived in Melbourne he sent an email joking that he had finally found "civilization" in the form of a strong WiFi signal.

March 18, 2013

Oh, helloooooo.....!!

I have reached civilization, finally, and all the comforts held within. Running water, running electricity, running tabs....

I've been outfitted with not just an internet connection with a strong WiFi stream, but A KEYBOARD to boot. Not such an oddity for travelers who lug a 'mouse' around, but on the road I have gotten used to bringing my iPad, a mouseless unit, upon which it takes forever to compose! Arragh, I say.... arragh.

A comment on the events of recent days passed is easy: Australians are the most patient and polite people I have encountered in the Southern Hemisphere. That's a fairly large chunk of the earth, children, and there is another half-dome not included in this scientific study.

But I stand by my opinion.



On March 19th, Richard participated in an interview with The Age, in which he talked about his support for Sea Shepherd and Captain Paul Watson.

The Age

On March 20th, Richard was among the supporters of Sea Shepherd who waited at the pier in Williamstown to welcome home the fleet of Operation Zero Tolerance. He also participated in a press conference, again sharing his support for Sea Shepherd and Captain Paul Watson.

WA Today

Eco TV



In the wee hours of Thursday morning, as his trip to Australia was drawing to a close, Richard sent another email to share his thoughts about the events of the day and about his return home.

March 21, 2013

Today was the return of three-fourths of the Sea Shep's armada. The party was tonight, an event from which I had to part early-ish.

It has been an absolutely glorious day! Except for the fact that Captain Watson could not join us because of the political issues that keep him at sea, ostracized and country-less, (Thank you, Japanese Whaling Industry for your unlawful and maniacal slaughter of the Whales of the Australian Whale Sanctuary) the day WAS near perfect. Some of us were surprised to NOT see the Federal Police of Australia, as we expected Paul to be arrested immediately if he showed his snowy-white head. But, no show for the Federalies..... OR Captain Watson.

I should try to continue my musing when I get home. We leave later this morning, Thursday, and of course, I am not packed. (I HATE THAT!!!!) But, I've kept it simple here in Williamstown, unpacking only one small carry-on suitcase which easily housed the clothing I nearly didn't need. I've rotated four Sea Shepherd black t-shirts, three pair of sun glasses, necessities, LA Kings Stanley Cup Champions hat, and some unmentionable contraband for the family.... heh, heh....

That's my story, and I'm stickin' to it.