10.14 Episode 208
Airdate: May 4, 2007

A village has been visited by a Prior, but when SG-1 investigates they are stunned to learn that the Prior is Daniel Jackson. Despite the danger he poses, SG-1 beams Daniel aboard the Odyssey where he is held in restraints and his Ori-given powers are suppressed by the anti-Prior device. Daniel insists, however, that he has not fallen under Adria's control, but that his appearance and his capture are all part of an elaborate scheme he has put into place. Using Merlin's knowledge still locked within his mind, Daniel intends to complete Merlin's weapon and deliver it through the supergate to the Ori galaxy. His plan, however, rests on whether SG-1 believes him.

General O'Neill arrives at the SGC and confronts his friend. Daniel's body will soon begin to revert, and both Merlin's knowledge and his Prior's powers will be lost. Time is running out, and O'Neill and SG-1 agree to take the risk, but the mission is canceled when Woolsey arrives with a directive from the IOA. Daniel Jackson is to be terminated. As Landry and O'Neill attempt to delay Woolsey's order, SG-1 makes the decision to use Daniel's information to complete his mission themselves. However, as Woolsey prepares to place Daniel in stasis, Daniel at last overcomes the effects of the anti-Prior device, escapes from his restraints, and commandeers the Odyssey.

Aboard Odyssey, Daniel and O'Neill prepare to join SG-1. On an Ori ship, Carter works to override the ship's controls as Vala completes Merlin's weapon. At the supergate, however, Adria retakes the ship. The transformation that will rob Daniel of his powers has begun, but he overpowers Adria, and as O'Neill orders Daedalus to shut down the wormhole from Pegasus that blocks the supergate, Daniel summons the last of his powers to dial the Ori galaxy. Merlin's weapon is activated, and SG-1 beams aboard Odyssey as the Ori ship slips through the gate. The fate of the Ori is unknown, but as the supergate opens again, new ships of the Ori enter the galaxy.

Story by: Robert C. Cooper and Brad Wright
Teleplay by: Robert C. Cooper
Directed by: Andy Mikita

Guest Starring: Richard Dean Anderson as General Jack O'Neill, Morena Baccarin as Adria, Robert Picardo as Richard Woolsey, Christopher Gaze as Tevaris

Reference: Adria, Ancient Repository, Anti-Prior Device, Asgard Transport Beam, BC-304, Book of Origin, Crystals, Daedalus, International Oversight Advisory, Daniel Jackson, Mark IX, Merlin, Merlin's Weapon, Naquadria, Odyssey, Jack O'Neill, Ori, Ori Warship, Orici, Origin, Prior, Prior Staff, Sangreal, Stargate, Supergate, Tevaris, Richard Woolsey



Daniel as a Prior

Ori Warship