10.05 Episode 199
Airdate: August 11, 2006

To escape the pressures of saving the galaxy, General Landry has arranged for SG-1 to join him for some R&R at O'Neill's isolated Minnesota cabin. Landry and Mitchell are the first to arrive, and they make an awkward attempt at relaxing, but the rest of the team has been delayed by an offworld crisis. On P9J-333, a large monstrous creature is responsible for the grisly deaths of several villagers. Teal'c and Vala join Colonel Reynolds and his team to investigate, and they too come under attack but are able to kill and capture the alien creature. However, an autopsy reveals a leech-like parasite still very much alive within the carcass of the dead alien monster.

With roads and phones cut off by a storm, Landry and Mitchell contend with their own crisis. A hunter has been killed and badly mutilated in the woods, and the sheriff and anxious hunters gather to search for the predator. At the SGC, autopsy results reveal that the alien creature was once a docile herbivore whose DNA was drastically altered by the parasitic leech. When similar gruesome deaths occur on P2R-866, the team realizes that the common element among the planets seems to be visitations by stealth SG teams using Sodan cloaking technology. The Sodan devices are recalled and tested, and a mysterious leech materializes within the invisibility field.

Tests of the Sodan device suggest that adjustments to the radiation level have allowed parasitic creatures to bleed through from another dimension and enter indigenous hosts, causing horrific mutations. When Mitchell discovers a wounded Trust operative using the Sodan cloak near the cabin, it becomes apparent that the parasites have also been released on Earth, and SG teams arrive to join Landry and Mitchell. As night falls, the teams search the woods and converge on not one, but two hideous creatures, bringing them down with heavy gunfire. With no further signs of alien mutants, SG-1 at last retires to the cabin for some poker and relaxation.

Written by: Damian Kindler
Directed by: William Waring

Guest Starring: Keegan Connor Tracy as Dr. Redden, Eric Breker as Colonel Reynolds, John Murphy as Sheriff Stokes, Jason Bryden as Trust Operative, Jodie Graham as SG-25 Leader, Biski Gugushe as SG-11 Leader, Brock Johnson as Hunter, James Caldwell as Hunter

Reference: Alternate Dimension, Inter-Dimensional Parasites, Invisibility, Hank Landry, P9J-333, Dr. Redden, Colonel Reynolds, Silver Creek, Sodan Cloak, Wade Stokes, Trust, UTD



Silver Creek, Minnesota

Inter-Dimensional Parasites