08.18 Episode 172
Airdate: March 11, 2005

The victorious Rebel Jaffa have claimed Dakara, with its formidable Ancient weapon, as the new homeworld of the Free Jaffa Nation. Elsewhere, Daniel enters a familiar diner where Oma Desala appears as a waitress and explains that he is on another plane of existence. He must make the choice between ascension and death, however he has no memory of why he chose to reject ascension once before. The only patron in the diner to acknowledge Daniel is Jim, a personable businessman who cautions him with the news that Anubis's grand design is to retake Dakara and use its weapon to destroy all life in the galaxy.

At the SGC, Carter and O'Neill face personal issues. O'Neill's romantic relationship with Kerry Johnson is gently ended when she realizes that his heart lies elsewhere. Meanwhile, Carter begins to have second thoughts as she prepares for her wedding to Pete Shanahan, and she learns that Selmak is dying, and her father, Jacob, will die with him. Jacob quietly slips away, and Carter cancels her wedding to Pete. In the diner, Daniel finally learns the terrible truth, that Oma Desala had been the one to help Anubis ascend, and her punishment is to watch powerlessly as he wreaks havoc across the galaxy.

As Anubis conquers Dakara and prepares to activate the weapon, Daniel makes another horrifying realization: Jim is Anubis. At last, Oma makes the decision to interfere. She confronts Jim as glowing energy, and they are both engulfed in radiance, locked in battle for all eternity. In that instant on Dakara, Anubis vanishes and his forces are easily overcome. At the SGC, the inexplicable victory becomes even more puzzling when Daniel suddenly reappears, naked once more, and in human form. With the galaxy saved, SG-1 retires to O'Neill's cabin for a relaxing afternoon of fishing, even though there are no fish in the pond.

Written by: Robert C. Cooper
Directed by: Andy Mikita

Guest Starring: Carmen Argenziano as Jacob Carter/Selmak, Tony Amendola as Bra'tac, David DeLuise as Pete Shanahan, Clare Carey as Kerry Johnson, Gary Jones as Technician, Cliff Simon as Ba'al, Isaac Hayes as Tolok, Mel Harris as Oma Desala, George Dzundza as "Jim", Rik Kiviaho as Anubis

Reference: Ancients, Anubis, Ascension, Autodestruct Sequence, Ba'al, Bra'tac, Jacob Carter, Samantha Carter, Dakara, Dakara Weapon, Delmak, Goa'uld, Daniel Jackson, Jaffa, Jim, Kerry Johnson, Oma Desala, Jack O'Neill, Others, Rebel Jaffa, Selmak, Pete Shanahan, Silver Creek, System Lords, Tartarus, Teal'c, Tok'ra, Tolok



Rebel Jaffa

Higher Plane of Existence


Oma Desala