08.08 Episode 162
Airdate: August 27, 2004

Billionaire industrialist Alec Colson calls a press conference and announces to the world that he has proof of extraterrestrial life and a political cover-up. Insisting that the people have a right to know the truth, Colson gives the governments of the world 24 hours to reveal the truth or he will do it for them. Carter and Daniel fly to Seattle to meet with Colson, hoping to convince him not to go public, but neither they nor Colson's business partner, Brian Vogler, can dissuade him. After 24 hours, Colson again addresses the media and presents his astonishing proof - a living Asgard.

SG-1 determines that Colson's lab must have used Asgard DNA to grow a clone, but to put a stop to the media speculation, O'Neill calls in a favor from Thor, and instantly Colson's clone and his research vanish in a beam of light. To discredit Colson's claims, Carter appears on Julia Donovan's news broadcast and gives the world the impression that Colson's clone was nothing more than holographic special effects. Meanwhile, Colson prepares to fly to Washington, but his plane is sabotaged and forced to land. Carter proposes a new strategy, to tell Colson the truth, hoping he'll recognize the need for secrecy.

Carter gives Colson the tour of both the SGC and the Alpha Site and offers a warning about the Trust, but Colson is more determined than ever that the world should know the truth. Upon returning to Earth, Colson learns that he has been framed for securities fraud, and his corporate empire is on the verge of collapse. Even worse, it was Brian who had been blackmailed by the Trust to turn him in. Despondent, Brian commits suicide, and a guilt-ridden Colson contemplates taking his own life until Carter offers him an opportunity to enter her world of secrecy and begin his life again off-world.

Story by: Ron Wilkerson
Teleplay by: Ron Wilkerson and Robert C. Cooper
Directed by: Martin Wood

Guest Starring: Charles Shaughnessy as Alec Colson, Tom O'Brien as Brian Vogler, Kendall Cross as Julia Donovan, Chris Shields as Captain Shefield, Ingrid Torrance as Staff, Michael Shanks as Voice of Thor

Reference: Alpha Site, Asgard, Asgard Transport Beam, Chimera, Clones, Alec Colson, Julia Donovan, F-302, Holographic Projection, Inside Access, Inside Access Producer, NID, NID Rogue Operation, P4X-650, Captain Shefield, Thor, Trust, Brian Vogler



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