08.04 Episode 158
Airdate: July 30, 2004

The President is due to visit the SGC in five days, and recently promoted General O'Neill has his hands full. Personnel files, bunting samples, and menu items demand his attention, Mark Gilmor, a new administrative aide, arrives at the base, as do quarrelling delegates from Amra, an alien plant from P6J-908 has been brought back for study by Dr. Lee, and SG-1 proposes a mission to P2X-887, which may hold weapons technology. O'Neill delays SG-1's mission, investigates the seedling in Dr. Lee's lab, locks the bickering Amrans in a room for a "time out," and, overwhelmed, begins to draft a letter to General Hammond.

It's four days to zero hour, and SG-1 and SG-3 embark for P2X-887, but shortly after SG-1 rings into a secret facility, SG-3 comes under attack by an alkesh. Meanwhile, Dr. Lee's plant has grown to enormous proportions, and even a machete and a blow torch fail to hold it at bay. As O'Neill orders backup for SG-1, Ba'al appears as a hologram, claiming to have captured SG-1, and offering to exchange them for Camulus. Camulus is willing to leave Earth, and offers a gate address for his freedom, an address that leads to a ZPM. Suddenly, the base loses power as the encroaching alien plant infiltrates the walls, and O'Neill's letter becomes a resignation.

Zero hour approaches, and Dr. Lee eradicates the plant using gamma radiation, which also reveals an anomaly in the ZPM. It has been booby trapped and could have destroyed the planet. O'Neill sends Camulus through the gate to Ba'al, but the exchange is made and SG-1 is not returned. Suddenly SG-1 dials in under fire. They had never been Ba'al's prisoners, but had been trapped in the secret lab. Once they are safely returned, the SGC prepares for the President's arrival, and Gilmor confesses he has come to respect O'Neill's leadership. O'Neill leaves for the ceremony, having completed his letter of resignation: "Never mind."

Written by: Robert C. Cooper
Directed by: Peter F. Woeste

Guest Starring: David Kaufman as Mark Gilmor, Cliff Simon as Ba'al, Bill Dow as Dr. Lee, Eric Breker as Colonel Reynolds, Steve Bacic as Camulus, Gary Jones as Technician "Walter", Colin Cunningham as Major Davis, Pierre Bernard Jr. as Sergeant O'Brien, Dan Shea as Sergeant Siler, Michael Ryan as John Prior, Jesai Jayhmes as Amran Delegate, James Ashcroft as Amran Delegate, Ken Kirzinger as Jaffa

Reference: Amra, Ba'al, Camulus, Davidson, Paul Davis, Mark Gilmor, Holographic Projection, Bill Lee, Sergeant O'Brien, Jack O'Neill, P2X-887, Planets, Plant of P6J-908, John Prior, Prochaska, Radio, Colonel Reynolds, Sergeant Siler, Symbiote Poison, UTD, Zero Point Module



Plant of P6J-908