07.08 Episode 140
Airdate: August 1, 2003

Warrick, the Serrakin encountered on P2X-005, arrives at the SGC with an intriguing proposition. He offers access to an ion propulsion engine in exchange for a naquadah generator and Carter's assistance to win the Loop of Kon Garat, a spaceship race on his home planet of Hebridan which awards a lucrative contract to the winner. Carter jumps at the chance, and Hammond approves a "diplomatic mission." On Hebridan, SG-1 meets Warrick's brother, Eamon, who has helped to refit his ship, the Seberus, for the race. They also learn of Warrick's competition, racing legend Muirios, beautiful La'el Montrose, and Jarlath, an arrogant ex-con.

The race begins, with full broadcast coverage, and Warrick and co-pilot Carter negotiate the attack drones with ease. As they enter the sun's coronasphere, an explosion in the power diverter suggests sabotage, but Carter's repairs keep them in the race. Jarlath's ship has also been sabotaged, and despite his refusal to accept assistance, he is rescued when Warrick diverts the Seberus to take him aboard. Meanwhile, Eamon discovers that his supervisor, Del Tynan, has accessed his computer. Suspecting that he is behind the sabotage, Eamon and Teal'c break into his office to search for proof, but they are apprehended by Tynan himself.

Del Tynan reveals that he has rigged the race in the interest of racial purity so that Muirios, a full-blooded human, will defeat all Serrakin opponents. Tynan contacts Warrick and threatens to kill Eamon and Teal'c unless he drops out of the race. However, when O'Neill and Daniel arrive in the office with Miles Hagan, the company president, Tynan is taken into custody, and Warrick is free to pursue the race. Too far behind to win, Jarlath instead sends a transmission that disables Muirios's ship, giving the victory to La'el Montrose. La'el offers Warrick a partnership in her winning contract, and Carter looks forward to kicking butt next year.

Written by: Damian Kindler
Directed by: Andy Mikita

Guest Starring: Scott MacDonald as Golon Jarlath, Alex Zahara as Warrick Finn, Patrick Currie as Eamon Finn, Terence Kelly as Miles Hagan, Allan Lysell as Del Tynan, Hillary Cooper as Receptionist, Colin Murdock as Ardal Hadraig, Peter Kelamis as Coyle Boron, Ben Ayres as Muirios, Nick Misura as Taupen, Lindsay Maxwell as La'el Montrose

Reference: Coyle Boron, Samantha Carter, Eamon Finn, Warrick Finn, Ardal Hadraig, Miles Hagan, Hebridan, Hebridans, Ion Propulsion Engine, Golon Jarlath, Loop of Kon Garat, La'el Montrose, Muirios, Murray, Naquadah Generator, Receptionist, Seberus, Serrakin, Tech Con Group, Del Tynan