07.07 Episode 139
Airdate: July 25, 2003

Colonel Edwards commands the geological exploration of P3X-403 where significant deposits of naquadah have been discovered. However, when Lieutenant Ritter disappears, SG-1 and SG-3 are sent to aid in search and rescue. Daniel examines artifacts that suggest the planet was once populated by Unas enslaved by the Goa'uld, and when Ritter's body is discovered, brutally killed and strung up in a sacrificial display, it becomes apparent that Unas remain on the planet, and see the humans as intruders. Edwards and Daniel clash over the handling of the situation, and a skirmish between SG teams and Unas brings more casualties on both sides.

At the SGC, General Vidrine agrees to authorize Daniel's proposal to negotiate with the native Unas with the help of Chaka, the Unas from P3X-888. He insists, however, that if Daniel cannot reach a settlement, the Unas will be forcibly removed. As darkness falls on the planet, Daniel and Chaka are approached by the Unas leader, who calls himself Iron Shirt. Through primitive communication, Daniel learns that the naquadah mine rests on sacred land. Uneasy negotiations proceed, but when a soldier mistakenly kills another Unas in the forest, violence erupts again. Hundreds of Unas converge and surround the SGC encampment.

Iron Shirt approaches the humans alone, and Daniel urges Edwards to save his people by showing respect and bowing in submission. Hopelessly outnumbered, Edwards reluctantly agrees, and orders his men to kneel. Iron Shirt is appeased, and agrees to negotiate a compromise. To prevent the desecration of their sacred ground, the Unas will work the mine themselves and turn the naquadah over to the SGC. In doing so, they will assist the humans in defeating the Goa'uld and bring honor to their dead. Edwards grudgingly admits that O'Neill was right about Daniel. He is a pain in the ass, but worth it.

Written by: Peter DeLuise
Directed by: Peter DeLuise

Guest Starring: Michael Rooker as Colonel Edwards, Steven Williams as General Vidrine, Alex Zahara as Iron Shirt, Kavan Smith as Major Lorne, Patrick Currie as Chaka, Gary Jones as Technician, Michael Shore as Lieutenant Menard, Dean Redman as Lieutenant Woeste, Kirk Caouette as Lieutenant Ritter, Sean Tyson as Unas, Wycliff Hartwig as Unas

Reference: Chaka, Colonel Edwards, Iron Shirt, Major Lorne, Lieutenant Menard, Naquadah, P3X-403, Penhall, Lieutenant Ritter, Torture Device, Unas, Unas Language, General Vidrine, Lieutenant Woeste