06.21 Episode 131
Airdate: March 14, 2003

The inhabitants of P4S-237 are a poor people who labor in the naquadah mines to pay tribute to Ba'al through his emissary, Lord Mot. However, the leader, Ellori, tells of an ancient prophecy that states that one day strangers would arrive through the chaapa'ai to slay the gods and free the people. While visiting the planet, Jonas begins experiencing strange precognitive visions that come true. He collapses and is rushed to the SGC where medical tests reveal a rapidly growing brain tumor that may be directly related to Nirrti's experiments with genetic manipulation and Jonas's experience in the DNA device on P3X-367.

SG-1 makes the decision to launch an attack against Lord Mot and free the people of P4S-237. Meanwhile, Jonas struggles to find a way to control his precognitive abilities in the hope of offering tactical intelligence. When his vision shows Carter wounded on a mission, Carter remains behind as a precaution, but his vision still comes true when Carter is injured instead on the base. On P4S-237, Ellori offers his support against Mot, but Chazen, still loyal to the Goa'uld, reveals their plans to Lord Mot, and SG-1 is captured. At the SGC, Jonas's tumor has become critical, and he is rushed into surgery.

In one final vision, Jonas witnesses an ambush of SG-1 on the planet, and an attack of the SGC through the gate. Acting on Jonas's vision, Hammond tries to warn SG-1, but the message is intercepted by Chazen, who sounds the alarm. Ellori's daughter frees SG-1 and kills Mot as the alarm provides warning of a possible ambush, and SG-1 successfully secures the gate. Meanwhile, the surgery on Jonas is successful, and the strange precognitive visions cease. SG-1 had altered the events of Jonas's visions, suggesting that the future is not predetermined, yet in doing so they fulfilled an ancient prophecy and freed the people of P4S-237.

Written by: Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie
Directed by: William Waring

Guest Starring: Thomas Kopache as Ellori, Victor Talmadge as Mot, Tom Scholte as Chazen, Gary Jones as Technician, Rob Lee as Major Pierce, Teryl Rothery as Dr. Fraiser, Sarah Edmondson as Natania, Johannah Newmarch as Sina, Karin Konoval as Dr. Van Densen, Karen van Blankenstein as Nurse, Brendan McClarty as Sendear, Dan Shea as Sergeant Siler

Reference: Chazen, Communication Device, DNA Resequencer, Ellori, Hok'tar, Mot, Natania, Nurse, P4S-237, Colonel Pierce, Jonas Quinn, Shock Grenade, Sergeant Siler, Sina, Tok'ra, Sandy Van Densen, William Waring