06.18 Episode 128
Airdate: February 21, 2003

SG-1 discovers the wreckage of an alien craft, and three armed survivors. Aden Corso introduces himself as the captain of the Seberus, from the planet Hebridan, and explains that he and his crew, Reynard and Pender, had been blown off course by an asteroid storm. Suddenly, humanoid creatures open fire from the woods, but as they are driven away, Reynard is wounded. Corso describes the creatures as savage natives who have been hunting his crew, and he asks SG-1 for help. Jonas returns to the SGC with Reynard for medical treatment, as Carter cooperates with Corso in an attempt to make repairs to the ship.

As Jonas searches historical records for ties to the Hebridans, he grows suspicious of Reynard. She is anxious to learn all about the stargate, and when she is left alone in his office, she finds that she has access to secret computer files and gate addresses. Carter makes the disturbing discovery of a recorded distress signal identifying the Seberus as a prison transport vessel, and O'Neill and Teal'c also begin to doubt the Hebridans' story as they track the alien creatures. When they finally apprehend one of the elusive humanoids, he makes the startling claim that he is Warrick, the true captain of the Seberus.

Warrick explains that Corso and his accomplices were his prisoners who had overpowered his crew and taken his vessel. When Jonas and Reynard return to the planet, Reynard tells the others what she has learned on Earth, and entices them with the riches beyond the stargate. Realizing they have been found out, the Hebridans hold Jonas hostage and attempt to make an escape as Reynard dials the gate. However, the address she acquired had been planted, and the prisoners step through the gate into the SGC where they are taken into custody. With his ship repaired, Warrick returns to Hebridan with his prisoners.

Written by: Damian Kindler
Directed by: Andy Mikita

Guest Starring: Martin Cummins as Aden Corso, Dion Johnstone as Warrick, Sarah Deakins as Tanis Reynard, David Paetkau as Lyle Pender, Rob Lee as Major Pierce, Trevor Jones as Alien, Bruce Dawson as Crewman

Reference: Athea, Aden Corso, Warrick Finn, Hebridans, Ion Propulsion Engine, Naquadah Generator, P2X-005, Lyle Pender, Colonel Pierce, Planets, Tanis Reynard, Seberus, Serrakin, Stasis